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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    In a clip released from Sunday nights KUWTK episode, Kim is seen barging around Scott Disick's hotel room in Dubai in search for women. She is filmed shouting at a woman who she finds in the washroom, throwing slurs such as whore, groupie and tramp. Kim shouts at the woman to "get the fuck out".

    According to news reports when this episode was filmed, Kourtney and Scott were not together.


    ONTD, have you ever shouted at a random women for potentially having sexual relations with your sister's ex boyfriend?

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    Sexism cost her Oscar nominations for “Yentl” and “The Prince of Tides”, Streisand’s name was left off the director’s short list

    * men and older people don’t want to see a woman director.
    * jealousy and competitiveness are partly to blame for women turning on one of their own gender.
    * female critics were harsher than their male counterparts to “Yentl.”
    * being overlooked focused attention on discrimination towards women.
    * Was hurt by the snubs, and didn’t want to direct for years.
    * Not enough women are directing now.
    * wanted to just focus on acting and recording but decided to direct because she couldn’t be heard.


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    filmmakers Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus defended their series after complaints that the documentary series features sex workers who did not consent to their inclusion.

    * The narrative has kind of become hijacked.
    * Filmmakers did not put them in danger because they never told the World that they were sex workers.
    * Filmmakers never promised a porn actress that she would not be featured in the series.
    * Sex workers identified themselves as sex workers. No one knew who they were and no one would have known.
    * all performers filmed for the series, signed a release form and never expressed to filmmakers a desire to be cut out of the final product.
    * “Nobody was coerced,” “All of those allegations are false.”
    * Filmmakers Say that sex workers are feeling the pressure to stand in solidarity with the porn industry.


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    Untitled 1fghjk

    Untitled 2

    Untitled 3

    Untitled 4

    Did Lush Cosmetics fuck up or were people reaching?

    Sources: 1 - 2 - 3

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    the hacker group also claims to have unreleased eps of: New Girl, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Portlandia, The Catch, Celebrity Apprentice, NCIS Los Angeles, Breakthrough, The Arrangement, Bunk’d, Bill Nye Saves the World, Win It All (Netflix’s movie), and A Midsummer’s Nightmare (Lifetime’s movie)

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    Kingdom returns for season 3 on Wednesday, May 31 at 8 p.m. ET on DirecTV’s Audience Network, AT&T U-Verse, and DIRECTV NOW

    Source 1, 2

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    - Producer and DJ Mano tweeted about pop singer Katy Perry calling him the N-word back in 2015

    - The tweet was somehow disregarded by the media and recieved barely a 100 retweets at that time

    - Following the backlash related to Katy's supposed "wokepop" era and her comments comparing her black hair to Obama, Twitter users uncovered the Tweet which is now making rounds on social media


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    After a year of rotating co-hosts, Kelly Ripa is set to announce the replacement for Michael Strahan. Ripa posted the following video on Instagram, reminding viewers to tune in to the show tomorrow (May 1st) for the big reveal.


    Who do you think it will be, ONTD? Who would you like it to be? My faves were Chris Hardwick, Jeffery Dean Morgan and Anderson Cooper, but I feel like it will be either Christian Slater or Jerry O'Connell. Here is a gif I made of my fave trivia dancer ever.

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    -Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen are in talks to voice Tmon & Pumbaa.
    -Lion King comes out July 19, 2019

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    source 12

    Long live evil, ya'll.

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    -Mysteriously parted ways~
    -Has been their stylist since 2007
    -All of them have unfollowed her on Instagram
    -Monica Rose has hired lawyers to keep some stuff out of the headlines.
    -Gigi Hadid has also parted ways with her.
    -Kendall has hired Beyonce's stylists, Marni Senofonte.


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    Mr. Wednesday begins recruitment for the coming battle; Shadow Moon travels to Chicago with Mr. Wednesday and agrees to a high-stakes game of checkers with the old Slavic deity, Czernobog.

    Creators Neil Gaiman, Bryan Fuller, Michael Green, and actors Yetide Badaki, Ricky Whittle, and Ian McShane, sat down for a Q&A (going to place the highlights in parts to save on post space) :

    - On the parallels of the book's premise and the current social and political climate surrounding a divided America, Gaiman states that it's "Peculiar." That for a book he wrote 17-18 years ago, and Bryan and Michael wrote scripts for two to three years ago, and that they filmed one year ago is now "Ridiculously prescient and appropriate and like a political statement. When, when I was writing it, I didn't think stating that this was a country of immigrants, and that was a good thing, was actually a political statement. I didn't think that having a racially diverse cast of characters in my book, that represented and reflected America, was a political statement. It just seemed like, the kind of thing that looked pretty damn obvious." They didn't set out to make a political statement with the show at first, but now they are.
    - In regards to addressing the synergy of current events and the show itself, if there were any changes or such on the show that they did in response to that, Fuller states there weren't much changes just that they were more aware of what they had gotten themselves into. He recalls a story regarding Orlando Jones (Mr. Nancy). The opening scene of Episode 2 finds Mr. Nancy, on a slave ship, addressing the black men in the slave hold, just what is awaiting them in America (Gaiman adds, "And for the next few hundred years"). That after the scene was finished, the black actors playing the slaves gave Jones a standing ovation.
    - It turns out Ian McShane was originally set to play Czernobog, having had a past working relationship with EP Michael Green on the short-lived NBC show, Kings (OP : JUSTICE FOR KINGS GOD DAMN IT) but Ian felt "A load of actors could play this better than me." When Ian inquired about Mr. Wednesday, Michael was surprised thinking Ian wouldn't be interested in working on a TV series again with that big a role. In the end, Ian was happy with the change since Peter Stormare is "Fucking amazing as Czernobog".
    - On Yetide's character, Bilquis the Goddess of Love, she's asked about Bilquis's need for worship and her source of power being sexuality - "Well, I'd say it's more about deep human connection and a great need to be seen, and to see each other fully, but yeah (laughs)". Fuller chimes in, "A *REALLY* deep human connection". Moments earlier, Ricky warned Bryan to behave.
    - Yetide, having grown up in Nigeria, was asked about her experience there as well as how it helped her to approach such a character. She states that depending on the generation (pre-colonialism), there were varying views regarding sexuality and one's own body. She herself, growing post-colonialism, there was a much more conservative view on these subjects.
    - Recalling the conversation she had with her stepmother, who is very conservative : "She's like, 'Okay, walk me through this, what are you about to do?'""You might want to sit." Michael Green jokingly adds.
    - Yetide continues "But then it turned out to be an hour-long phone conversation, where we talked really frankly about intimacy and sexuality and what it meant to me and what it meant to her. And I remember putting that phone down, very calmly, after that conversation, and realizing that is the first time in my life that I've ever had that conversation with my mother. And that was a profound moment for me, and made me think if this is the kind of conversation that can happen on any level after this viewing, I would feel very lucky to be part of that."
    - Michael Green praises Yetide's performance on the role, stating she brought "Depth, sensitivity, integrity to the role". It's also revealed that that scene was actually Yetide's audition scene (!!). "What we saw there was vulnerability in a role that people have taken as just cheek, and we could see years with this character as a result."
    - It was revealed that the hardest casting was Shadow himself, and Neil shares that he found out that he had only seen half of the 1200 applicants that tried for the role. Ricky went through 16 auditions or so in five months. "I felt like I was in American Idol, every week I sang a different tune"
    - Ian shares a story about his kissing scene with Cloris Leachman's Zorya : "When I kissed her she said, 'Was that it? (laughs) No tongues?'"
    - On the subject of expanding the roles of Laura and Bilquis, Neil shares that in the novel, it was from Shadow's point-of-view so readers didn't get a glimpse as to what Laura's life was outside of her scenes with him. The show allowed them to explore that more, to build up her character as a proper co-star. In regards to Bilquis, Neil says that was all Bryan and Michael's idea and that he absolutely loved what they came up with and hopes, network willing, that they can explore that more in the seasons to come. "I just love that we have more and more Yetide on the screen."♥ (OP : It seems this Q&A was held prior to the news that S2 was already green-lit!)

    - S2 will begin with House on the Rock. Neil talks about the attraction, and how it houses "The biggest carousel in the world, and you're not allowed to ride on the biggest carousel in the world, except they let me. And several years later, they let Bryan. And the photographs of us, on the biggest carousel, show the happiest men in the world."
    - Ricky and Yetide share their stories about how they felt, not just acting out these scenes from the book, but after being able to watch a few episodes, were just in awe of how the show lifted these scenes from the pages and onto the screen. There will be all those moments you love about the book and more, for both fans of the novel as well as those new to it.
    - Regarding the Coming to America vignettes that were found in the book, this was the one thing that Bryan and Michael would not budge on and strongly pushed to keep in the show. There was a lot of push-back from the network on this subject, even going as far as asking Neil whether or not this was a good idea, and he'd always say yes, and that after they've watched what the show did, the network always loved it. A very asking the other parent situation.

    - The first fan question asks to the entire panel, what about this project/material drew them to it? Neil reveals he wrote this because he was an immigrant, and he had thought for years that he had an idea of what life in America was like due to absorbing things from TV and films, and writing about America and whatnot. But after finally living here, he concluded "I have no clue. This place is weirder than I ever imagined."
    - Yetide : "Just the idea of a female agency there, there was such a power in Bilquis. And such an ownership and no apologies about the intimacy and about the sensuality which I thought was really great."
    - Bryan : "I was transported by this novel, sixteen years ago. And I love at its core it is about religious equality, and religious tolerance, and the beauty of the immigrant story to be a stranger in a strange land."
    - Second fan question asked if there was anything they were able to experiment or go in a different direction in translating from page to film. Fuller : "We were mostly fidelitous to the novel, and there were slight flourishes that we were allowed, just in the translation. I'm excited for people to see the Salim-Jinn story, and the beauty of that sex scene. Which was not a small feat for two gay Muslim characters to have a beautiful, sophisticated, sexual experience. And what it's like for us visually to give you an idea of what it's like to take a God inside you. Felt like it was a wonderful metaphor. "
    - Ian chimes in, reminding Michael what Mousa Kraish (the Jinn) said in regards to the scene : "'When you're doing the special effects just give me a beautiful cock, okay?'"
    - Third fan question asked was what the conversation was like when they first began in making the transition from book to film. What decisions were made about what to keep in, to leave out, and what to bring new to the series.
    - Michael : "I think we just started with, what do we love and what do we want to see, and what do we need to see. Some of it was, let's get it in the first season in case there's only one. And just how can we best tell the story."
    - Neil shares how during a recent interview, Bryan described things such as exploring more of Laura's story as being able to write "fan-fiction" for the show. And even when the interviewer tried to say Bryan is more qualified than that, Bryan just repeated "I'm a fan, this is fan-fiction."
    - Fourth fan question is in regards to the Gods added for the series such as Vulcan and Jesus that were new to the story or given more of a role for the show, and how did that decision come about with the writers.
    - Neil : "There were stories that I told Bryan and Michael about, that didn't get in. Things that I wanted to do that there just wasn't room for." One of the things we can expect more of : more Coming to America vignettes that were cut from the book ♥
    - Final fan question was in regards to their approach to expanding more on the female characters and that side of the story that wasn't present in the book.
    - Neil : "It was genuinely frustrating that I had these amazing women characters, and then we didn't get to spend much time with them. So I was so thrilled, that, particularly I think with Laura, just that we got to go and live in her head, and we got to go see what she was thinking and who she was."
    - Turns out, Episode 4 is an entire retelling of the show from Laura's perspective.

    Next week, the Goddess, Gillian Anderson, finally graces our screens once more ♥ Still heartbroken she won't get official promo material...

    Happy 91st birthday to Zorya Vechernyaya herself, Cloris Leachman! Perfect birthday cake for an icon.

    Cast photoshoot at SXSW ♥

    Concept art for the Bone Orchard =)


    Loved the premiere =) Thoughts, likes/dislikes, and whatnot on "The Bone Orchard"? What are your hopes and expectations for the season? I already want more.

    Spoiler-tag for those who need it :

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    Taping has officially begun for Raven's Home, starring Raven-Symoné and Anneliese van der Pol.

    More info about the show here


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    • She has given up alcohol: "I'm trying to surround myself with better people and be the best version of myself possible. I know it sounds obnoxious to hear people say that, but why not?"

    • On her new haircut: "I’m almost 28, but … I think I only just figured out who I was a year ago,” she said. “I know it seems silly because it’s just hair. But at a point, I was like, ‘Why don’t I just own that I’m different?’ I guess cutting my hair was like me finally saying, ‘I don’t give a f--k.’”

    • Is embracing a more low-key lifestyle, which icludes playing with her dog, bingeing TV, and listening to the S-Town podcast.

    • She has been going to SoulCycle regularly. "I went through a phase that was almost like my freshman 15. It’s so weird to see your weight fluctuate on a TV show."


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    Noora: how did it go last night?
    Noora: Will it be an honor killing? Ehehe
    Sana: lol yea. It’s planned a bit later today. So thanks for everything
    Sana: just kidding. Everything was sorted out
    Noora: that’s good
    Sana: what did you guys do?
    Noora: I went home
    Noora: The others tried to join a rulling*. Don’t know how that went.
    Sana: cool
    Noora: wanna hang out tonight?
    Sana: I think I’ll take it easy
    Noora: ok
    Noora: Coffee and a walk tomorrow?
    Sana: yeah. Maybe
    Sana: We’ll chat
    Noora: :*
    *= party on a russebuss


    Source: 1, 2& Google Translate

    For the crowd who missed this morning's 403 post. Quick shout out to u_know for last week!

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    -Kandi/Porsha battle it out over the rumors that Kandi is a lesbian

    -Andy asks why Phaedra, who initially alluded to the lesbian rumors, didn't speak up earlier in the season, Phaedra goes all lawyer "I did not say she was a lesbian so...."

    -The reunion ends with Andy bringing up Porshas allegations that Todd/Kandi were going to drug her and Porsha reveals that Phaedra told her last year that they had planned on drugging her.

    -Chaos ensues next week for the final reunion special as the revelation sends shock waves across the room.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Do you consider yourself a journalist ONTD?

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    He also went off on snapchat but I will spare you the horror


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    • Yik Yak "allows people to create and view discussion threads within a 5-mile radius (termed "Yaks" by the application). It is similar to other anonymous sharing apps such as Nearby, but differed from others such as Whisper in that it is intended for sharing primarily with those in proximity to the user." [1]

    • Users would share posts like this:


    • Started up only four years ago. No official reason as to why Yik Yak is shutting down. Bullying and harrassment issues may be a partial reason, but that is just speculation.

    • Square has acquired some of the team from Yik Yak.


    Have you ever used this app before, ONTD? What are your favorite Yik Yak posts?

    Secrets post?

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  • 04/30/17--21:04: Veep 6x04 "Justice" Promo

  • Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her team attend the funeral of a Supreme Court justice. Amy (Anna Chlumsky) works on securing a location for Selina's library. Dan (Reid Scott) tries to maintain his upswing with Jane (Margaret Colin), his co-host. Jonah (Timothy Simons) finds an issue.


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