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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    A while back, Hannah New spoke to Fathoms Deep podcast about her character Eleanor Guthrie, bisexual queen of thieves, on Black Sails.

    Notes and Timestamps!

    6:30 Eleanor doesn't allow the audience to see her vulnerability until very late in the story; she's ego-driven and determined because she believes that realizing her vision will heal the trauma she experienced during the Rosario raids, which saw her mother killed by the Spanish. When her mother told her that Nassau wasn't a place for a girl, little Eleanor didn't understand what she really meant and defiantly decided to become „the girl that makes sure no more women die the way [her] mother died.“

    8:25 Flint's story of Odysseus in S1 was „the catalyst for everything she does“, and he's the one she trusts doubtlessly to carry on her vision for Nassau. She's only ever known conflict and his tale of finding peace deeply resonated with her. Flint represents a quality of mercy to her, which he shows when he grants her that last moment of peace before her death. Hannah feels that Flint is able to step outside of himself & his own ego at times unlike the other pirates.

    12:10 Flint is a sort of father figure to Eleanor, but at the same time they had a moment (the infamous straight-bait scene in 107) in which they might have tipped into a destructive, ill-considered intimacy that Flint thankfully rejected. „With all her daddy issues, I'm sure Freud would have a lot to say[.]“

    16:10 Eleanor is driven by so much fear of abandonment that she could never allow herself to truly love or be loved; and the relationship with Rogers is a last attempt at that. Simultaneously, she ended up dedicating herself to the idea of Rogers, ignorant of the truth of who he is.

    17:30 London fundamentally changed her; she endured public humiliation, stared death in the face, and had to witness for the first time British society at its root. The experience of „the might of facing a court“ was traumatizing, even if it was a court she refuses to recognize as legitimate. She was ready to martyr herself for piracy and would have been a nightmare for her defense counsel: „Yeah, I did that. And I did that. And this.“ -“Shut up! Just shut up!“ Getting a second chance from Rogers completely blindsided her, „her moment of surrendering herself to what the universe was presenting in front of her.“

    23:00 Luke Roberts' scripts were full of notes and everyone else would try extra hard to measure up to that immense prep-work. Hannah praises how intensely nuanced his performance is; how even early on there was actually a lot of darkness that she didn't catch, just like Eleanor didn't.

    28:40 Set-design: Eleanor's office. The birdcage is symbolic of her status in Nassau. Hannah states that it's something left by her mother, and how meaningful it is that there is never a bird in it. Eleanor's little golden cage; she carries the keys around at all times and locks herself in to sleep at night, essentially hoarding the most valuable loot of the day right there with her. She keeps many objects from all over the world because she's essentially living at the hub of globalisation while never having left Nassau. An eternal mystery to Hannah is a stuffed ferret that set-dressers put there.

    34:00 Eleanor pouring leftover drinks back into the pitchers & selling the dregs back to the pirates. Shows her everyday life as a businesswoman and pragmatist.

    35:50 Hannah and Hakeem Kae-Kazim are very close; he became a paternal mentor and she's close with his whole family.

    39:00 Eleanor's death is symbolic of her way of living, grappling with what's at hand to deal with the immediate situation. She's not a warrior; her only way of surviving and achieving things is to be cunning and manipulative. Eleanor still kept asking the showrunners for a sword; eventually the weapon department designed a dagger to go in her boot; unfortunately, that was after S2, and in S3 she doesn't wear boots anymore. She did get to handle a sword during her last fight though, and Jessica Parker-Kennedy finally got to ride a horse in the same season after asking for it all the time.

    44:55 Other characters have singular moments of backstory being told; Eleanor doesn't. She personally never shares it, and she doesn't have the awareness of the moments that defined her forever. It's childhood memories whose power she can't truly understand until much later.

    45:15 Eleanor tried forever to get her father's approval, even she knew he didn't love her; then his death took that opportunity forever away. This fuels her anger at Vane; he's arrogant enough to presume that his approval and validation would be enough for her, that he can simply swoop in and give her what her father always denied her. She eventually decides to kill him as a matter of survival; not only out of revenge, but because she realizes he was bleeding her dry and taking away all the validation she gets from elsewhere.

    50:15 Hannah wasn't convinced of Eleanor at first, would people believe this boss-ass woman in that historic world? Then she researched the women that never made it into history books but that crucially kept everything running since forever; read up on Ching-Shih, Grace O'Malley, found out that women were running most taverns and keeping society running while men were out murdering each other.

    52:55 Piracy greatly influenced globalisation, creating certain amounts of trade hubs, while also hindering empires from branching out without hindrance. Goes on to talk of imperialism; you can't roll up somewhere and invade and exploit a country, then expect to never hear back from those places.

    1:06:00 After Silver spent an episode chained to Eleanor's couch, Hannah could never look at the couch the same way again.

    1:06:45 Talks about Silver's missing leg and Luke Arnold's physical commitment to the role. He was in constant pain from having to work with the crutch. He and most of the crew also stopped eating for a while preparing for the doldrums (303), which drove others batty because they'd get incredibly grumpy on-set. „Oh bloody hell, just eat a boilt egg, you're driving us nuts!“ Toby Stephens gave it a go and couldn't be bothered, is simply too talented to need all that.

    1:08:30 Gushes about Toby Stephens being amazing: „Jesus, I've seen someone at the pinnacle of their game.“ He set the bar for everyone and elevated everyone's performances; nobody dares to bitch and moan around him.

    1:09:55 The one person who really „saw“ Eleanor was Max. She was able to understand her and emulate her in a productive way. Praises Jess's ability of Max being incredibly stoic and flat on the surface; she never lets on to her true feelings but calmly presents what she's been mulling over in the depths for a long time. Max is very self-analytical and hard on herself, whereas Elenaor never questions herself or apologizes. There are two major events that force her to look outside herself: her imprisonment in London and her pregnancy.

    1:15:35 Vane adored an idea he had of her; whereas Max saw her for herself and loved her. Eleanor understands Max acts for her own survival but never to control Eleanor; there's an equality in their relationship that is never present with Vane. (Although she says there is a „purity in the passion“ she has for Vane.)

    1:18:35 Vane/Eleanor sex scenes were always very specifically choreographed for every move to have a meaning; they're jockeying for a position even during sex; during sex with Vane she always assures that her own pleasure is prioritized rather than being passive for him. She learnt from Max to find comfort in and take charge of her physical experience. Max is very nurturing, whereas Vane/Eleanor is all about „I can take what I want, because I know you'll also take what you want, we both can take it.“

    1:25:10 When Eleanor crawls towards Madi she already knows she's dying; but she has seen the way Madi handles herself, the pirates, Eleanor, she knows that Madi must live and lead. They were very similar in personality but Madi grew up with a mother, which Eleanor always lacked after their separation. It's no coincidence that she tells Vane he is “all that lacks a mother's love“ in prison, projecting her own demons onto him. By contrast, Max has also suffered abandonment but is still incredibly capable of being loving, giving and maternal. „Each individual backstory of Eleanor's lovers tells you a little bit about her less and her inability to be humane. Because there's similarities and contrasts in every single one.“

    1:28:30 Her relationship with Rogers is Eleanor's attempt at creating a, idealized, perfect marriage, something she never had modeled for her in her formative years after losing her mother.

    1:36:00 Most of the time the episodes went way overtime and had to be cut back significantly. Hannah rewatched each episode to see how much actually made it. There was a lot of detail and background work that was prepared and acted, but simply never made it to the screen because of time constraints. Hannah praises Black Sails for its slow burn quality; the slow build makes the payoff much more rewarding. It rewards careful attention to detail and rewatching. Many shows hit their peak in S1 or 2 and fizzle out because their story is already finished, whereas Black Sails keeps building steadily.


    Crew, have you ever obliterated a man with the mere sound of your judgmental knitting? And how shit is your taste in men, anyway?

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    - Seven black Fox News employees will be joining a pre-existing lawsuit alleging blatant racial discrimination and harassment from Fox News bosses

    - Former comptroller Judy Slater treated payroll employees to years of racially based insults. She was finally fired in February when the lawsuit became public.

    - The seven new members of the lawsuit are calling for the firing of accounting director Tammy Efinger, who allegedly supported and participated in the racially based harassment

    - Lawsuit members allege that both Slater and Efinger forced black employees to engage in arm wrestling matches for their amusement

    - Efinger allegedly bragged about "fighting" black employees


    Would you work for a racist company, ONTD?

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    • Rashida Jones is guest starring in one of next week's two episodes of Black-ish as Santamonica.
    • Santamonica arrives just after filming a stint on a reality show.
    • she's joined in her visit to the Johnson household by her brother Johan (Daveed Diggs) and mother Alicia (Anna Deavere Smith)


    More pictures @ the source

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    Lorraine accuses Mel of defamation, libel, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
    • said Mel b portrayed her as a "homewrecker, prostitute and extortionist".
    • said Mel b "seduced" her, a "naive and curious 18-year-old foreign exchange student...with alcohol, fame and casual sex.
    • said her "sexual and employment relationship" with Mel "continued for approximately seven years."
    • said she got pregnant from a one-night stand with a man she met at a bar.
    • said Mel b "advanced the cash" for the abortion.
    • claimed she "is not in possession of any of the alleged sex tapes or compromising materials".
    • believed Mel made her statements "with knowledge of their falsity or with reckless disregard of the truth".


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    "At the end of the day, it’s really hard to get all of those casts together. For The Defenders, it was difficult to get everybody together. People are busy! There are so many times where I really want it to happen. I really wanted to do a cameo on The Punisher, but it doesn’t always work that way.”


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    Follow up to "Don't Kill My Vibe", debut EP comes out in May.


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    Sources 1 and 2.

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    Trisha Pastas talks about celebs who body shamed her and called her fat. But then she discusses working with Eminem and how he told her "she looks amazing", called her "perfect" and made her comfortable on set.

    She talks about him at 21:00

    Happy Sunday ONTD!!!

    source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIxNpoAx2ls&t=1281s

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    Jack and Ashi overcome a series of dangerous physical and spiritual tests in order to recover Jack's sword.

    So many great callbacks in this ep! Thoughts on the episode and the backstory/new design of Ashi? And finally what did you think of that one line? Haha!


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    - Chinese Road Pictures acquired the rights to German Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run) to make a Mandarin-spoken version of it

    - Zhu Zhu is going to direct and play the main part

    - production and premiere dates unknown

    - Zhu worked with German director Tom Tykwer on Cloud Atlas, so maybe that's where she got the idea?


    Which European movie should get a Chinese remake next, ONTD? I can't wait how the Dutch New Kids Turbo would look, tbh

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    • Anonymous sources close to Ed claim that he might be quitting music after his tour

    • He wants to be a normal 22 year old a more normal life

    • If he gets married he might take a 5 - 10 year break (Adele's impact)

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    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend
    TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
    1 1 The Fate of the Furious Uni. $38,682,095 -60.8% 4,329 +19 $8,936 $163,578,315 $250 2
    2 2 The Boss Baby Fox $12,750,000 -20.4% 3,697 -46 $3,449 $136,991,870 - 4
    3 3 Beauty and the Beast (2017) BV $9,973,000 -27.2% 3,315 -277 $3,008 $471,097,384 $160 6
    4 N Born in China BV $5,147,000 - 1,508 - $3,413 $5,147,000 - 1
    5 5 Going in Style (2017) WB (NL) $5,005,000 -20.4% 3,038 -38 $1,647 $31,765,843 $25 3
    6 4 Smurfs: The Lost Village Sony $4,850,000 -27.8% 2,737 -873 $1,772 $33,387,985 $60 3
    7 N Unforgettable (2017) WB $4,805,000 - 2,417 - $1,988 $4,805,000 $12 1
    8 6 Gifted FoxS $4,500,000 +45.6% 1,986 +840 $2,266 $10,714,792 - 3
    9 N The Promise (2017) ORF $4,064,860 - 2,251 - $1,806 $4,064,860 $90 1
    10 28 The Lost City of Z BST $2,147,379 +1,849.1% 614 +610 $3,497 $2,296,792 - 2
    11 N Phoenix Forgotten CLF $2,000,006 - 1,592 - $1,256 $2,000,006 $2.8 1
    12 7 Get Out Uni. $1,692,710 -43.3% 965 -459 $1,754 $170,330,855 $4.5 9
    13 9 The Case for Christ PFR $1,580,000 -42.7% 1,247 -139 $1,267 $11,356,709 - 3
    14 10 Kong: Skull Island WB $1,510,000 -44.2% 1,203 -815 $1,255 $163,933,946 $185 7
    15 12 The Zookeeper's Wife Focus $1,471,990 -27.3% 1,029 -28 $1,431 $13,236,140 - 4
    16 8 Power Rangers (2017) LGF $1,380,000 -51.0% 1,292 -879 $1,068 $83,067,052 $100 5
    17 N Free Fire A24 $1,039,612 - 1,070 - $972 $1,039,612 - 1
    18 13 Logan Fox $950,000 -51.0% 754 -661 $1,260 $223,378,262 $97 8
    19 11 Ghost in the Shell (2017) Par. $900,000 -63.5% 913 -1,222 $986 $39,131,504 $110 4
    20 17 Colossal Neon $584,461 +28.7% 224 +126 $2,609 $1,357,566 - 3
    21 19 Their Finest STX $555,000 +60.0% 176 +124 $3,153 $1,139,334 - 3
    22 16 Life (2017) Sony $475,000 -24.9% 730 +125 $651 $29,348,510 $58 5
    23 15 The Shack LG/S $275,000 -58.0% 374 -674 $735 $56,705,689 - 8
    24 25 Hidden Figures Fox $185,000 +19.3% 160 -34 $1,156 $168,832,514 $25 18
    25 30 Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer SPC $136,818 +37.9% 18 +13 $7,601 $272,253 - 2
    26 20 Split Uni. $122,615 -56.4% 119 -9 $1,030 $137,975,995 $9 14
    27 24 John Wick: Chapter Two LG/S $111,000 -32.3% 181 -27 $613 $91,957,388 - 11
    28 29 La La Land LG/S $88,000 -16.2% 148 -71 $595 $151,047,530 $30 20
    29 22 T2: Trainspotting TriS $80,000 -65.9% 160 -171 $500 $2,211,870 $18 6
    30 39 A Quiet Passion MBox $78,000 +70.2% 13 +7 $6,000 $155,417 - 2
    31 23 Tommy's Honour RAtt. $75,500 -63.9% 89 -78 $848 $406,605 - 2
    32 31 A Dog's Purpose Uni. $73,765 -21.0% 122 -27 $605 $64,132,815 $22 13
    33 26 Frantz MBox $55,500 -59.9% 58 -48 $957 $706,107 - 6
    34 32 Kedi Osci. $51,000 -42.1% 48 -39 $1,063 $2,461,468 - 11
    35 33 Lion Wein. $49,600 -39.7% 82 -65 $605 $51,621,470 - 22
    36 36 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story BV $41,000 -38.7% 71 -50 $577 $532,132,909 $200 19
    37 43 Truman FR $40,000 +31.2% 18 +9 $2,222 $109,579 - 3
    38 N Citizen Jane IFC $33,760 - 2 - $16,880 $33,760 - 1
    39 35 The Belko Experiment BH Tilt $32,275 -55.1% 47 -41 $687 $9,645,020 $5 6
    40 38 Sing Uni. $29,105 -52.9% 89 -43 $327 $270,281,425 $75 18
    41 N Jeremiah Tower Orch. $24,068 - 2 - $12,034 $24,068 - 1
    42 53 Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary Abr. $23,989 +44.3% 3 +2 $7,996 $50,485 - 2
    43 48 Before I Fall ORF $23,959 +4.5% 70 - $342 $12,231,003 - 8
    44 41 Moana BV $20,000 -39.6% 37 -28 $541 $248,754,321 - 22
    45 51 Graduation IFC $19,992 +11.2% 14 +7 $1,428 $66,902 - 3
    46 34 Personal Shopper IFC $17,160 -76.3% 33 -52 $520 $1,225,468 - 7
    47 47 Raw (2017) FCW $12,065 -47.9% 17 -15 $710 $485,834 - 7
    48 27 Spark: A Space Tail ORF $11,713 -90.0% 85 -280 $138 $187,386 - 2
    49 - I Called Him Morgan SD $8,544 - 9 - $949 $97,711 - 5
    50 75 Finding Oscar FR $4,000 +69.1% 4 +3 $1,000 $6,467 - 2
    51 65 All These Sleepless Nights Orch. $3,231 -21.5% 4 -1 $808 $17,314 - 3
    52 60 Neruda Orch. $2,753 -67.7% 6 -8 $459 $932,311 - 19
    53 83 The Eyes PDF $1,690 +30.0% 3 +1 $563 $5,230 - 3
    54 81 Donald Cried Orch. $994 -25.4% 7 -2 $142 $60,816 - 8
    55 - The Dark Below PDF $900 - 1 - $900 $6,200 - 5
    56 78 Tim Timmerman, Hope of America Purd. $380 -77.7% 1 - $380 $97,649 - 8
    TOTAL (56 MOVIES): $107,796,489 -36.0% 39,182 +2,117 $2,751
    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend


    source 12

    What did you watch this weekend, ONTD?

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    After their first date, Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn "broke" into a house she was having renovated. The police, being the police, investigated the break in and found them having sex in one of the empty bedrooms. After they got caught, they moved the party to a hotel room and I guess the sex was bomb cause they've been together for 34 years!


    Oblig, you fucking on the first date ONTD?

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    &apos;Black Mirror&apos;

    If you like: Black Mirror

    Then you should read:

    Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang

    Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

    &apos;The X-Files&apos;

    If you like: The X-Files

    Then you should read:

    National Geographic Tales of the Weird: Unbelievable True Stories by David Braun

    A Vision of Fire by Gillian Anderson

    &apos;Orphan Black&apos;

    If you like: Orphan Black

    Then you should read:

    Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

    Nemesis by Brendan Reichs

    &apos;Star Trek- The Original Series&apos;

    If you like 'Star Trek: The Original Series

    Then you should read:

    The Essential Ellison by Harlan Ellison

    Redshirts by John Scalzi

    &apos;Stranger Things&apos;

    If you like Stranger Things

    Then you should read:

    Firestarter by Stephen King

    The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey


    Book Post??

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    - At Variety’s Power of Women luncheon in New York City on Friday, Vanessa Bayer introduced the speakers (including Chelsea Clinton), saying, “And they all have one thing in common. None of their moms are president.”

    - Clinton later responded, “Vanessa, we may be able to say in this room today that no one’s mother is currently president, but someday, someone’s will be.”

    - Clinton's tweets have also been receiving a lot of attention.

    source + source + source + source

    are u enjoying chelsea's new outspoken era, ontd?

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    - She's in Australia filming, he is visiting her with his kids or whatever (he has 6 kids?).
    - There's been rumors for a while.
    - Amber Heard's dad recently said "One of the things they want to do is settle down and have a family"

    SOURCES: 1 and 2

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    - A Rihanna fan tweeted this idea for a movie based on a picture and it's taken on a life of its own...

    With Issa Rae as the writer...
    ...and Ava Duvernay out there liking tweets about directing.

    Source 1234

    Would you see this movie, ONTD?

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    image host

    Remember when we discovered Djimon Hounsou was in En Vogue's Hold On and in Janet Jackson's Love Never Will Do Without You videos or before he was known just as Drake, Aubrey Graham/Jimmy Brooks appeared in Chrisette Michele's Epiphany video as a cheating boyfriend.
    So the following list consist of celebrities (either before or after they were famous) who are love interests in some well-known R&B/Rap music videos.

    Stacey Dash

    Known best for: Mo'Money (1992) , Renaissance Man (1994), Clueless (1995), Clueless (1996-1999), Single Ladies (2011) & Contributor to Fox News (2014-2017)

    Love Interest in these video: Talk to Myself– Christopher Williams, Emotional – Carl Thomas, All Falls Down, Favorite Girl– Marques Houston, Super High– Rick Ross &That Girl - MJG

    Mekhi Phifer

    Known best for: Clockers (1995), Soul Food (1997), I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998), O (2001), Carmen: A Hip Hopera (2001), 8 Mile (2002) Paid in Full (2002), Honey (2003), ER (2002-2008) and The Divergent Series (2014-2016)

    Love Interest in these videos: The Boy is Mine– Brandy & Monica, Don't Let Go – En Vogue and Nobody– Keith Sweat featuring Athena Cage

    Garcelle Beauvais

    Known best for: Models Inc (1994 -1995), The Jamie Foxx Show (1996-2001), NYPD Blue (2001-2004), Franklin & Bash (2011-2012), Flight (2012), Grimm (2015), The Magicians (2016-2017)

    Love interest in these videos: Down Low – R. Kelly, Take You Out– Luther Vandross, and Come With Me– Sean Combs

    Derek Luke

    Known best for: Antwone Fisher (2002), Friday Night Lights (2004), Glory Road (2006),Miracle at St. Anna (2008), Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Sparkle (2012), Hawthorne (2011), The Americans (2013), and Empire (2015)

    Love interest in these videos: Teenage Love Affair– Alicia Keys, So Gone &Knock Knock– Monica and Take Care of U– Shanice

    Kerry Washington

    Known best for: Save the Last Dance (2001), Ray (2004), She Hate Me (2004), The Last King of Scotland (2006), Miracle at St. Anna (2008), Lakeview Terrace (2008), For Colored Girls (2010), Django Unchained (2012), Scandal (2012-Present) and Confirmation (2016)

    Love interest in these video: I Want You– Common and Bad Habit – Maxwell

    Honorable Mentions
    Taral Hicks: Think of You– Usher &Put That Woman First– Jaheim; Omar Epps: Before I Let You Go– Blackstreet &Sentimental– Deborah Cox; Nia Long: Iggin' Me – Chico DeBarge & Baby – Ashanti and Terrance Howard: Be Without You– Mary J. Blige &Foolish– Ashanti

    Bonus: In the majority of her videos (starting from The Diary of Alicia Keys era), Alicia Keys has had many famous guys (musicians and actors) for her love interest in her videos. Below are 5 gifs of her love interests from 5 of her videos, can you name the video and the guys?

    IMDb: A|B|C
    Wikipedia: 1|2|3|4|5
    YouTube: a|b|c|d|e|f

    Sorry about that mods, I was practicing some formatting earlier and sent in a post on accident

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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