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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 04/14/17--16:00: Free For All Friday

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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  • 04/14/17--19:48: noah cyrus x "stay together"
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    Tinashe doesn't think she's famous! During an interview with Rick Morton at Z90.3, the potential global star Tinashe were asked if she think she's famous. You can watch the full interview or check that part's transcription below it:

    Rick Morton: Would you call yourself famous?
    Tinashe: Eh... Depends on who you ask.
    RM: ...I'm asking you. *laughs*
    T: *laughs* To myself, no.
    RM: You're not gonna walk around and be like *points at self* "uuuh famous"
    RM: But there's obviously degrees to it, right?
    T: Right.
    RM: Like Muhammad Ali, one of the most famous. Would you say right now you're famous?
    T: *laughs* You think I'm at Muhammad Ali's level? *cackles*
    RM: No, no *laughs* Would you...
    T: No, no. If that's the bar we're using to measure famous, then no.

    Tinashe got in studio with producers Bobby Brackins (wrote "2 On"), London On Da Track (did "Sneakin'" by Drake feat. 21 Savage) and Nizzy J Beats. Below, their tweets and a video with them working together + snippets that sound like what they made together:

    Karrueche Tran got mistaken for Tinashe and recorded the moment:

    Tinashe earlier today going to Coachella:

    source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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    Trinity Taylor

    Charlie Hides' Corpse


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    Archer tries to escape from jail with the help of a crazed heiress and a dysfunctional jazz quartet.


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    Covet Fashion is a popular mobile fashion game aimed at adults. It features clothing from real-life designers and has collaborated with celebs, such as Emma Roberts and Vanessa Hudgens.

    Players are given multiple styling challenges a day that are voted on by other players for chances to win in-game prizes. The challenges can be anything from styling a look for the office to styling a fairytale character and often takes inspiration from current events for challenge ideas.

    Today, they decided to release a challenge based on the recent assault of a doctor on United Airlines.

    Soon after the challenge was released, players took to social media to vent their outrage and Covet changed the challenge and issued an apology.


    This is not the first time Covet has been accused of insensitivity and gross ignorance regarding their events. Some previous controversial events include:

    - an event about a dinner party during an unexpected flood in March of 2016 when massive flooding in the Southern US devastated many.

    - "Conga in the Congo", an event about a wealthy white woman who throws a Congo-themed party for her wealthy friends after vacationing in the Congo (a war ravaged nation known as the rape capital of the world).

    - an event about celebrating Kwanzaa which featured a photo of white women in the challenge description

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    During his speech, he seemed completely out of it as he swayed back and forth while trying to convey clear thoughts. During the 5 minute speech rambling, he compared the 7 prisoners (link to their information) to the false imprisonment of the West Memphis 3, forgot where he was, and didn't successfully say a single sentence that made sense.

    For a clearer version, see the link in twitter. For more information on the reason for the rally, see link in sources.

    1 - 2 - 3

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  • 04/14/17--21:14: Tyrese apologizes to women

  • tyrese My mother taught me better than this..... lesson learned in life you will learn that It's not always "what" you say, it's the "how" we choose to say it. For the record I'm far from a misogynist, a male chauvinist or flat out mean..... My intentions were there but my delivery fucking horrible.... And clearly all the way off.... And for that I sincerely apologize to all of the ladies... Even after this apology.... Some may likely decide to NOT forgive me.... Time and consistency heals all wounds.... Although I've been consistently for years speaking on these topics and some of the same words in my message, I have never experienced what I am experiencing right now. - I've been getting dragged and feel the heat from my poor choice of words and approach to my messages, trust me..... Please accept this as my sincere apology for my poor choice of words - Shit gets real when it goes from a social media dragging to my own wife giving me the side eye and coming at me, even she's not happy with the way I've conducted myself.... it's crazy how non-public figures can say and do some really dumb shit and it will stay amongst your family and friends or local in your hood.... When you have been an entertainer for 15+ years the whole WORLD is literally watching you grow up & learn, bump your head, make mistakes and evolve as the world watches.... This is a real lesson learned... This is not just a regular IG post for me. I want to truly say that I'm sorry, I'm not APOLOGIZING in an effort to be politically correct, I apologize as a man first for the things that I've recently said about choices women have the right to make, for the terms that I've used and the way I've come across. I was raised to think and feel certain ways, and I'm learning new things that combat those messages. I am not perfect or all knowing, nor am I the one to claim to be. I've learned things through experience which I share, and through these last couple of weeks, I've learned a lot through this well deserved internet dragging...... This is about a man owning up to his actions, taking responsibility, recognizing how to do better, and actually doing better. Ladies you deserve better...


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    The first one is called"Sober" based on her NYT interview, the other includes the lyrics "Oh how fast the evening passes, cleaning up the champagne glasses". (it might be the album title track, if it even exists)

    source 12

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    20 episodes reportedly ordered by Netflix.


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    This week Bryan is fully invested in Radish season, while Erin shares a fight with her grandfather as to why he isn’t watching Feud. Also, The New York Times has uncovered that Bill O'Reilly has paid out millions to settle claims of sexual harassment and the now Russian owned LiveJournal has officially banned political speech and pro-LGBTQ content in what they call “Political Solicitation”. Plus, Guest Michelle Collins is here to discuss Mama Junes weight loss, game shows, and her new job hosting the Little Women: LA live after show.

    I love Bryan and Erin. Everyone watch their new show on TV Land so they can make $$$ and keep doing their thing. Follow the source to listen to the show.

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    What do you wear to bed ONTD?

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    Dogma (1999)

    About: A fantasy comedy film starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as two fallen angels exploiting a loophole in the Catholic dogma in order to reenter Heaven.

    Controversy: The film was controversial before it was even seen. Catholic League denounced it as blasphemous, other religious groups staged protests outside movie theaters.

    The Passion of the Christ (2004)

    About: Directed by Mel Gibson and starring Jim Caviezel as Jesus, the film covers the last twelve hours of JC's life according to the four canonical gospels.

    Controversy: The biblical drama was a box office hit, but recieved heavy criticism for its extreme violence and anti-Semitism.

    Submission (2004)

    About: The Dutch short drama film tells the story of four fictional Muslim women who have been abused. The four characters are played by a single actress who has her naked body painted with three verses from the Quran.

    Controversy: The film was praised for openly questioning practices under fundamental Islamic law, but also criticized for critiquing the Islamic canon itself. The director was publicly assassinated.

    Monty Python's Life Of Brian (1979)

    About: This legendary British satirical comedy tells the story of a man named Brian Cohen who gets mistaken for the Messiah as a result of being born on the same day as, and next door to, Jesus.

    Controversy: Protested and banned in many countries, condemned as blasphemous. One of the most criticized scenes was the final crucifixion scene, as many Christians believed it to be openly mocking of JC's suffering.

    Water (2005)

    About: Set in 1938 and written & directed by Deepa Mehta, the film explores the lives of widows at an ashram in India. It deals with subjects such as misogyny and ostracism.

    Controversy: The sets in India were destroyed by people who found the movie "anti-Hindu".

    Rest at the source.

    source1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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    Caitlin Blames Ellen For Her Alienation From LGBT+ Community

    Caitlin feels Ellen's interview with Howard Stern where she admitted to being confused by Jenner's indifference towards LGBT community's fight for marriage rights made Caitlin come off looking bad.


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    If you're out of the loop, the giraffe that has been watched by thousands over the last couple of weeks has finally popped out her baby! Rejoice!


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    I'm not ready for this show to end :(

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    On her Michael Kors dress:"I actually got cupping the other day, all the way down to my back - I love it! But it's a little scary to the eye, so I made sure to cover up today [laughs], to not scare anybody."

    On her new album, 'Places':"I come from New York, performing on Broadway, so there's a real theatricality to this album. And it's a little scary for me because it's sort of something that I don't think a lot of people are doing, and it doesn't sound like anything else..."

    On what she looks for in a man, superficially:"I like tall people! I really like tall people, that's important to me."

    On her workout:"First and foremost, I like to be outside, so I like to hike. I was really into spinning for a while - and I still do it - but I like to switch it up. I went on a trip with some of my girlfriends and we did some yoga paddleboard, like in the water, and that was incredibly difficult! But also really fun. I hike, I do hot yoga, I like to switch it up, I like to incorporate my friends, and do different things so [I] won't get bored."

    The Queen of Loving Herself kicks off a mini tour in the US, starting May 1st, and talks about what her concerts will be like; "there's really no smoke and mirrors here. I put together a really great concert - I did a couple of shows in January - just to kind of get it in my body and get it all worked out. It's just me and my band, I tell some stories, I talk a lot about where the inspiration from the songs came from, and I do a couple of songs from Glee as well, so I tell really great Glee stories."

    On which Glee songs she will be performing:"It's been really exciting trying to pick what songs would be good to do in the show. I think my favourite as a group was when we did Somebody To Love. I do My Man in my concert, I do Make You Feel My Love, and now it's been so great because fans will Tweet and be like, "do this song!" and I'll be like, "I can't believe I never remembered doing that!""

    On keeping in touch with the Glee cast:"I just actually got a text from Amber because I'm going to London, so I have to go and see Dream Girls while I'm there - if I can sort of squeeze it in. Everyone's killing it right now and doing incredible; Heather is in Dancing With The Stars. [...] All you have to do is watch, I think it was 'Slave 4 U' that she did on Glee, it's like... the girl won Dancing With The Stars. This is just to remind everyone of how insanely talented she is, especially now as a mother of two, so. I love her."

    On naming her album:"When you're on Broadway, you get a 30 minute call, a 15 minute call, a 5 minute, and then they go, "places, everyone! To the top of the show!" And so that means it's showtime."

    Promo day for #PLACES album and tour ✨

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4
    she's v well spoken, i love ha almost as much as she loves haself tbh

    health post?

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    The American Gods series focuses on Shadow Moon, a man serving three years in prison. With only days remaining in his sentence, Shadow is given an unexpected early release after his beloved wife Laura is killed. Shadow finds himself next to a man named Wednesday, who offers Shadow a job. Wednesday appears to be nothing but a con artist who needs Shadow as a bodyguard, but is in fact the god Odin. Wednesday is making his way across America, gathering all the old gods, who have now incorporated themselves into American life, to confront the New Gods, including Media and Technology, who grow stronger.

    New featurette with the cast and crew discussing the series. Some new scenes included!

    Take a trip back to Reykjavik with Neil Gaiman, as he reveals the origins of his epic story.

    "American Gods is a novel about America, but it's also a novel about immigrants and immigration. It's an immigrant novel because I was an immigrant."

    Clip won't embed here, but check the link above for a scene of Shadow getting some good advice from his prison mate.

    Gillian Anderson spoke with EW to discuss her role as one of the New Gods in American Gods as well as her friendship with Bryan Fuller and time on Hannibal.

    - Discusses Media and how this goddess came to be as well as her rise to power in the new world
    - The challenge of portraying and embodying extraordinary and iconic characters was what drew her to the role
    - She had trouble with figuring out how to play Judy Garland
    - Discussed her time on Hannibal as Bedelia Du Maurier and shared that Bryan would deliberately write paragraphs for her that were run-on, impossible sentences because he got a kick out of watching her try to figure out how she'd make sense of them (Fuller trolling Gillian like this is so wonderful)
    - “And oh my God, the stress over some of those. Like, what is she saying? Why is she saying it like this?” --Gillian on Bedelia's unique way of speaking

    Gaiman provided this handy guide for those wondering where and when they can watch American Gods in their respective regions.
    Have a Happy Easter! American Gods premieres April 30th on STARZ


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    Actor Josh Hutcherson attends H&M Loves Coachella Tent during day 1 of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival (Weekend 1) at the Empire Polo Club on April 14, 2017 in Indio, California.


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