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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    A hit-making icon and feminist force of nature, Madonna has created a legacy of shimmering dance-pop since getting her start in New York.

    Here’s an insight to the Queen of Pop beyond her unwavering drive and famous reinventions.

    1. Contrary to her rebellious persona, Madonna was a straight-A student and cheerleader as a teenager at high school in Bay City, Michigan. Her first aspiration was to be a nun, viewing the ones who taught her at school as “superstars”. She remembered them as “superhuman, beautiful, fantastic people”

    2. Madonna has referred to arriving in New York at nineteen-years-old with only thirty-five dollars in her pocket as the “bravest thing I’ve ever done”. However, she would get robbed in her dodgy Corona neighbourhood and worked many tedious jobs, including at Dunkin’ Donuts where she was sacked “for squirting jelly over all of the customers”.

    3. Her first band was dance-rock act The Breakfast Club in 1979, where she began playing drums. When they started getting gigs at legendary rock club CBGB’s, she would beg to get up and sing one song. After convincing them to do so, she got “a standing ovation” and soon became the lead singer.

    4. Madonna was paid five million dollars (two and a half million pounds) for a sentimental Pepsi advert featuring ‘Like A Prayer’ which only aired twice because of the music video’s religious overtones. She explained to Interview magazine in 1989 before the controversy: “It’s probably going to touch a lot of nerves.”

    5. Her former record label Warner Bros. only gave her permission to release her provocative Sex book on the basis that there were no photographs depicting bestiality, religion or children. However, Madonna “broke two rules” to prove her power over the executives, with “tongue-in-cheek” photographs of her straddling a dog and tied to a cross-shaped table.

    6. Madonna famously called David Letterman “a sick ****” on his chat show in 1994 for constantly talking about her “sex life”. While it gave Letterman his highest ratings, she later explained that she was “extremely angry” and “lashed out” in response to negative press attention. She has said since: “I’m not particularly proud of it.”

    7. Although known for her liaisons with directors and musicians like Warren Beatty, Lenny Kravitz and Ingrid Casares, her most intriguing one was with John F Kennedy Jr in 1988. He later asked her to appear as his mother, Jackie O, for the cover of his magazine George in 1996.

    8. When she was five-years-old, her mother, also called Madonna, died from breast cancer. Finding it hard to grasp at the time, Madonna has blamed her self-disciplined, uptight persona on her childhood pain and referred to it as “one of the hardest things I've faced in my life”.

    9. A New Yorker at heart, Madonna found it difficult to adapt to British life after marrying Guy Ritchie in 2000. However, she became fascinated with English history, coming up with the subject matter of transatlantic love for her screenwriting and directing venture W.E. (2011). She admitted to The Advocate in 2012: “Like Wallis Simpson, I felt like an outsider.”

    10. Controversy has always played a part in Madonna’s tours. During the Paris show of last year’s MDNA tour, Madonna superimposed a swastika onto the image of French far-right Front National leader, Marine Le Pen’s forehead. After the political party threatened to sue, Madonna changed the swastika to a question mark.


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    There comes a time in every boy’s life when he turns away from watching cartoons and diverts his attention to the opposite sex. Unfortunately, the tricky topic of love and girls wasn’t a subject taught in school, and one too awkward to discuss with our parents.

    That’s when live-action TV shows came in to save the day, with sitcoms, dramas, and even the Power Rangers letting us see the ins and outs of love for ourselves. With the influx of teen programming on TV during the ‘90s and early '00s, we saw couples slightly older than us figure out romance right before it was our turn.

    Whether they lived happily ever after or went their separate ways, these 25 teen TV couples you idolized growing up taught us about love.

    Pacey Witter and Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek
    Played By: Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes

    The creek may have been Dawson’s, but to everyone’s surprise, Joey’s affections ended up belonging to the annoying, wise-cracking, troublemaker Pacey. This was when we realized there's hope for us all.

    Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts on The O.C.
    Played By: Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson

    With their quirky chemistry, Seth and Summer made being nerdy look cool. They dressed up for each other, but with Spider-Man and Wonder Woman costumes. Instead of dirty talk, their conversations consisted of witty banter. Their relationship was so awesome that we're still trying to keep track of it.

    Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life
    Played By: Claire Danes and Jared Leto

    It only took one season of this grungy teen drama for Angela and Jordan to become the poster couple for ’90’s teen angst. Their relationship wasn’t always perfect, but it will remain as one of the realest on TV.

    George Michael Bluth and Maeby Funke on Arrested Development
    Played By: Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat

    George Michael’s crush on his cousin Maeby would be incestuous, if she wasn’t a test-tube baby. This couple made all the others that actually progressed from the awkward stage of their relationship look so damn boring.

    Buffy Summers and Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Played By: Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz

    Even though Angel was of the bloodsucking variety, he still managed to woo TV’s hottest vampire slayer, giving us hope that a girl will one day accept our own inner demons.

    more at the Source.

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    Colin Farrell is super suave as he makes a surprise appearance on the red carpet at the 2013 Gasparilla International Film Festival on Thursday (March 21) in Tampa, Fla. The 36-year-old actor stepped out to support his pal Ante Novakovic’s shorts premiere at the festival.





    Thank you for your time.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    'Iron Man 3' star Robert Downey Jr. meets some friends for a business meeting in West Hollywood, California on March 22, 2013. Robert is carrying a small black pelican case, is he hiding some secret new Iron Man technology?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    Lena Dunham and Selena Gomez are officially best friends now! Okay, maybe not. However, Lena did seem to be quite fond of Selena’s new movie Spring Breakers and certainly didn’t mind sharing her opinion with the world.

    Lena took to Twitter to write,

    Although many critics have been singing the film’s praises recently, Selena seemed particularly interested in Lena’s comment and retweeted her in no time.

    She responded:

    Even though Lena seemed to have liked the film, many have questioned some of Spring Breakers's material and believe the film may have gone too far, according to Time. Vulture was one of the many critics that came down particularly hard on the film and called it “one of the perviest movies ever made” in their review.

    Either way, it’s certainly nice to see two leading ladies getting along, since there has been so many female feuds recently.

    Spring Breakers hits theaters Friday.


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    Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn put two decades of Britpop animosity behind them tonight (March 23), when they performed together at London's Royal Albert Hall for a Teenage Cancer Trust gig.

    Former Oasis man Gallagher once famously claimed that he wished Blur's Albarn would "get AIDS and die", while Albarn had retorted: "I can't make up with Noel. Britpop would be over and heaven forbid that we'd ever admit we'd all grown up!" But the pair have been meeting up over the past few years, and were happy to pose together at the Brit Awards last month.

    And tonight the thawing of their relationship was complete, as Gallagher joined Albarn on stage for a performance of Blur's 'Tender' at around 8:30pm (GMT).

    Gallagher has curated this week's series of shows at the grand London venue, and it had long been rumoured that he was set to collaborate with his former rock rival. But tonight's joint performance still drew surprise from the audience at the sold-out show, as Albarn started saying "Noel? Noel?" during his scheduled performance with Blur bandmate Graham Coxon, Paul Weller and American author Michael Horowitz.

    Gallagher then emerged to cheers as he played guitar for a performance of Blur's 'Tender' with Albarn on guitar and vocals, Coxon on guitar and vocals and Weller on drums. The ex-Oasis man had joked to NME the night before that he wanted to play 'Tender' with Albarn because it was "easy" to play on guitar.


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    And another one of our Hollywood favorites does something wonderful! Actress Jennie Garth is supporting a great cause by partnering up Lindt and Autism Speaks in the Lindt Easter Program.

    Every time you buy a Lindt Gold Bunny from now until March 31st, 10 cents will be donated to the Autism Speaks cause. That is definitely a delicious and easy way to give back to an amazing cause and organization. Jennie says that up to $100,000 will be donated!

    "Leading up to a holiday that is centered on family, it feels great to be part of a program that encourages us all to give back to an important cause. Autism affects so many families, and as a mother of three daughters, I am happy to lend my support to help generate awareness for Autism Speaks through the Lindt Easter program. It is really easy to give back to Autism Speaks this Easter season," says Jennie

    To learn more about the program that Jennie has partnered up with, visit LindtGoldBunny.com

    Will you buy a Lindt Gold Bunny to support the cause? Tweet your answers @OKMagazine and leave a comment below.


    Why AS is controversial

    Cadbury's>>>>Lindt. I'm going to get cavaties from their chocolate eggs, I just know it.

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    Remember Justin Bieber’s “worst birthday” a few weeks back? It seems quite a few people owe the pop star an apology after a recently surfaced amateur video backed up his version of events.

    To recap: much ado resulted when Canada’s biggest export tweeted that his highly anticipated 19th birthday celebrations were the worst ever.

    According to Bieber, when he and his friends turned up at London nightclub Cirque Du Soir on March 1 the club’s security manhandled his fans. Once inside, the chaos forced the star to leave the club after only five minutes.

    Fast forward to the 19-year-old’s “worst birthday” tweet in the wee hours, and hoards of Beliebers storming Twitter to trend “#BeliebersHatePaparazzi.”

    Subsequent media reports had a field day. Most accused Bieber of attempting to get “underage” friends — actor Will Smith’s 14-year-old son Jaden Smith and 17-year-old rumored gal pal Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke — into Cirque Du Soir.

    Yet, as most pop culture watchers will already know, Jaden Smith has since said he was nowhere near Cirque and had in fact attended a Kanye West gig that night.

    Throw in the new footage — which clearly shows a not impressed Bieber taking a dim view of what he would later describe as a “weak a** club,” before deciding to get out of dodge — and Cirque’s story lacks credibility.

    His disastrous birthday preceded a now legendary “rough week” in the British capital. And by legendary, this writer means it’s probably wise not to believe everything you read.

    video won't embed, watch at the source

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    ATLANTA — An arrest warrant has been issued for Gucci Mane after a fan accused the rapper of hitting him in the head with a champagne bottle at a downtown Atlanta nightclub.

    Authorities say 32-year-old James Lettley, of Fort Hood, Texas, tried making conversation with the rapper – whose real name is Radric Davis – in the VIP section of Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge on March 16.

    Police department spokesman Sgt. Greg Lyon says the rapper is accused of hitting Lettley in the head, causing a gash on the man's head. Police say Lettley was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

    Lyon says a warrant has been issued for aggravated assault. Calls to numbers listed for Lettley and Davis were not returned. It's unclear if the rapper has an attorney.


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    As the weeks tick down to the birth of Kim Kardashian’s first child, father-to-be Kanye West has been busy coming up with names for the little one. From the sound of things, this may not be the best idea.

    According to Metro, the rapper came up with a list of potential names while at Paris Fashion Week last month, and has already identified his favorite so far: North. And yes, that would make the child’s full name “North West”. That seems to be part of the plan.

    Whether West’s choice sits well with the Kardashian clan is currently unknown. While it continues the trend of unconventional celebrity names, it doesn’t fit with the Kardashian family tradition of names beginning with “K”. Kim, of course, has siblings and half-siblings called Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall. Who knows what mum Kris would make of Kanye’s plans?

    When not busy jotting down baby names, Kanye’s mind has been turning to his art. Apparently, the rapper is keen to call his next album “I Am God.” A source told The Sun:

    Kanye’s ego is something else, so he’s quite serious about the title. He also has a sense of humor though and knows how his self-indulgence is seen by the general public. It’s half tongue-in-cheek, half what Kanye probably feels is true.


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    Nicole Scherzinger has confessed that she is not sure what to make of Beyonce's new song 'Bow Down'.

    The 'Crazy In Love' star surprised the world this past week with the unveiling of the track, but the former Pussycat Doll told Capital FM that although the track "humanizes" the star – it's something she's not used to hearing.

    "I don't know what to make of it quite yet," she declared. "I'm probably Beyonce's biggest fan. I love Bey, I think she's Queen Bey for sure, nobody can touch her, but I don't know.

    "I think there's going to be really great music hopefully to follow – but I'm not used to the song yet."

    Nicole continued: "It just humanizes her because obviously she's going through stuff and she's just kind of being honest – whether or not we want to hear it through her music."

    Some of the lyrics in the explicit Beyonce track see the singer attack other females and the 'Boomerang' star said doing something which "isn't perfect" is admirable.

    "You feel kind of an angst with it, she's saying a couple of lyrics, like 'I'm not just his girl', so obviously she's going through her own internal stuff and it really humanizes her," she added.

    "She doesn't have to be perfect all of the time and like 'I'm singing everything always perfect. It's cool, a real fan, you got to roll through this."

    The X Factor judge also added that the track bares a resemblance to one of her own tracks and she pondered with the idea of releasing it.

    "Actually my choreographer who worked with us both said we should have released your song 'Lean Like Me' because Bey's releasing this song and it sounds like the same club track," she said.

    "I'm hoping some great music [will] come out – she never disappoints. I'm just not used to this."

    capital fm

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    This week, we learned that director Harmony Korine cast a woman who could balance “three or four Coke cans on her ass” in his debauched Spring Breakers. It also turns out that star Gucci Mane couldn’t stop smoking weed long enough to successfully perform a sex scene with her in the movie. Vulture interviewed Korine, who revealed that the rapper-actor — who plays a rival drug lord to James Franco’s Alien — fell asleep during his big sex scene. “As he is getting f*cked, I start to hear snores,” said Korine. “He had literally passed out!” It’s an amusing anecdote, but it left us wondering how actors and directors handle those moments on the big screen. Do they really enjoy them? Is it always awkward? Check out the on-screen sex confessions of film and television’s finest past the break.

    Lena Dunham

    Lena Dunham’s sex scenes in HBO’s Girls have been forthright and intentionally awkward, raising questions and conversations about female body image issues, relationships, and more. Sadly, the graphic scenes have also sparked a wave of fat-shaming. The actress writes, directs, produces, and stars in the series — and by her own admission, she creates the challenging and intimate scenes herself. She told Conan O’Brien: “I will be lying there, kind of being slammed by a naked body, thinking, ‘I want out of this bed. I want out of this scene. I want out of this life. Who did this to me?’ And I realized, I’m my own boss. I’ve written it. I’m directing it. I’m the person holding myself in sexual slavery.”

    Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams

    Derek Cianfrance’s film about a crumbling relationship contained one of the most realistic sex scenes ever put to film. The MPAA tried to brand the intimate moment between Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling unsuitable for an R-rating. Gosling called them sexist, reminding them it was a married couple making love, and the NC-17 rating was successfully appealed. That controversy wasn’t the only thing that grabbed people’s attention. Interviews with the actors revealed an intense, emotional on-screen relationship. Gosling talked to Wmagazine about how he approaches filming a sex scene: “Actors become very professional and proficient about watching out for each other’s light and not stepping on each other’s lines. All of these things are artificial, and you have to strip that away if you’re going to achieve a sense of intimacy. In real life sex is messy… “

    When asked if shooting sex scenes made her nervous, Williams admitted they’re difficult, but don’t necessarily shake her: “When I work I’m not nervous. Work is this fabulous free zone. There’s no judgment. My problems arrive when I’m not working. At a photo shoot, for instance, I feel like a sham. I feel like they’re trying to cover up what’s wrong with me. It’s probably not true, but just my dirty mind at work.”

    Michael Fassbender

    Michael Fassbender’s role as a sex addict in Shame found him vulnerable and often naked in front of the camera. It wasn’t his first time at the rodeo, however, and his experience has made him a sensitive partner. “Sex scenes can be quite awkward. As a guy, the first thing you want to do is make sure you’re not taking advantage,” he told PopSugar. “You don’t want the girl to feel like you’re getting a free feel or something. I try to make a fool of myself in one way or another to lighten the mood and then just go for it, because you don’t want to be doing take after take.” He elaborated on his approach to sex scenes in an interview with Vulture, again stressing the importance of making his partner comfortable:

    “The most important thing is to say, ‘Let’s talk about this.’… You have to say, ‘What lines do you have that you don’t want me to cross? Do you mind if I touch your breasts? Do you not want me to do that? Can I kiss your breasts? Just so you know, I’m not taking advantage here and taking the piss out of this scenario. You let me know what boundaries you’re comfortable working within.’… Yeah, you tell jokes on set and try to make things as relaxed as possible, because to be honest, you want to get in there and go for it immediately. Then it’s going to be over quicker!”

    Woody Allen

    The on-screen seductions in Woody Allen’s films stem from the neurotic charms and quick wits of his characters (most often, himself), but the director did have some things to say about shooting sex scenes in an interview with the New York Times:

    “If you have no limits, it does become more difficult because there are so many options. Years ago, you had no options, so you had to come up with a few sophisticated ways to show sex. Now you can virtually do what you want to do, and it becomes more of an esthetic decision, and it becomes tougher… Because you can’t hide behind the fact that they’ll censor you, and you’ve got to come up with something that is ingenious or esthetically pleasing, and you really have no limits to what you want to show.”

    Martin Scorsese

    In the same interview as Woody Allen, the Last Temptation of Christ director referenced the gritty films of the ‘70s, noting the boldness and intensity of cinema’s sex scenes during the turbulent decade. Scorsese also admitted that he really isn’t sure how to approach sex on film anymore: “In the ‘70s, sex was tougher, stronger, I think. Certain things were very powerful, and I mean movies like Five Easy Pieces or Drive… They were so strange. Now, to a certain extent, with the exception of Crash, which I think is an extraordinary movie, and the very powerful way that Breaking the Waves goes about sexuality — there is a kind of scrubbed-clean quality that is not even sensual anymore. They are fake images and fake bodies. How do you shoot a sex scene? What would you do? I personally don’t know how anymore… It really is tougher.

    Amanda Seyfried

    We love Amanda Seyfried’s attitude about sex scenes with her male and female co-stars. “Sex scenes are great. A lot of my co-stars have been sexy guys my age, and so, why not? I’m not going to pretend it’s not fun,” the Les Misérables said. She’s also been up front about the uncomfortable emotions those moments can inspire. “Any kind of intimacy is strange,” the actress noted.

    Justin Timberlake

    “It’s actually kind of annoying, you’re there for 12 hours, it’s exhausting.”

    Angelina Jolie

    The Academy Award-winning actress has shared sexy screen time with numerous leading men, including husband Brad Pitt. When it was her turn to go behind the camera for In the Land of Blood and Honey, Jolie admitted she approached the sex scene between stars Zana Marjanović and Goran Kostić a bit too “prudish.” The experience gave her a new perspective. “You kind of suddenly feel this strange thing of asking people to participate in anything like that because they’re not a real couple,” she told USA Today. “You find out how strange this is to ask anybody to get naked together and put a camera on them.

    a few more @ the source

    sex post?

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    Columbia Picks Up Movie Rights to YA Novel 'Seeker' (Exclusive)

    Mark Gordon, the producer whose credits include "Speed," "Saving Private Ryan" and "Source Code," will produce the adaptation.

    Columbia Pictures has preemptively acquired the rights to Arwen Elys Dayton’s upcoming YA novel Seeker, with the Mark Gordon Company attached to produce the adaptation.

    The novel, from Delacorte Press, is described as a mix of science fiction and fantasy and is the first of an intended trilogy.

    The story, according to the studio, focuses on a young girl named Quin Kincaid “who has been put through years of brutal training for what she thinks is the noble purpose of becoming a revered 'Seeker.' Only when it's too late does she discover she will be using her new found knowledge and training to become an assassin.” The events take the girl around the globe, from a remote estate in Scotland to a bustling, futuristic Hong Kong.

    The book won’t be published until 2015, but Columbia execs are already quite high on it.

    “Arwen has created a cast of characters and world that transcends the Young Adult genre and offers a rich cinematic opportunity,” said president of production Hannah Minghella. “The best science fiction and fantasy stories are a metaphor for a grounded universal truth and Arwen perfectly captures the emotionally complex awakening all young people have that the world is not black and white, parents are not perfect and ultimately we all have to be Seekers of our own truth."

    The movie deal comes on the heels of the publishing deal, which went down last week. Delacorte picked up the rights in a competitive environment, sealing it up for high six-figures.

    Minghella will oversee the production for the studio with Rachel O’Connor and Eric Fineman.

    Michele Wolkoff, Mark Gordon Co. executive vice president of production, who recently came over from Timur Bekmambetov's Bazelevs Productions, will oversee for the shingle. Wolkoff was instrumental in the acquisition, according to insiders.

    Gordon is exec producer behind shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds; feature-wise the veteran producer’s credits range from Speed and Broken Arrow to Source Code.

    Santa Monica-based Dayton previously wrote Resurrection, an adult sci-fi / fantasy novel that hailed from Amazon’s 47 North imprint and became a Kindle best-seller, hitting No. 2 on the overall chart. Seeker is her YA debut.

    Dayton is repped by Kassie Evashevski of UTA and Jodi Reamer at Writer's House.


    Is it worth noting that the author is married to a hardcore Scientologist worth $250 million (founder of EarthLink and some other stuff) and repped by the same super agent as John Green and Stephenie Meyer?Doobeedoobeedoooooo.

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    According to Tr3s, chatter has been growing around the reggaeton heavyweight’s sexuality – and it’s been all over the place.

    One day, it was rumored that the 36-year-old artist “came out” during a press conference. Another rumor circulated that El Cangri was spotted in a gay establishment.

    The Boricua artist decided to clear the air; he told his fans recently that he’s “100 percent straight.”

    The rumors apparently pushed Daddy Yankee to bring his message to Twitter – as other celebs have done before. “Remember that the Internet is where lies become truth and the truth is a myth,” he tweeted in Spanish several days ago in a two-part tweet.

    And if that wasn’t enough to get his message across, El Big Boss tweeted the same quote the following day, addressing “once again, you ignorant people.”

    Will said ignorant people finally leave the man alone?


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    For the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” opening on Broadway this week, the production tried to bring in one secret surprise guest: the ashes of late author Truman Capote.

    Reps for the show — starring “Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke, and based on Capote’s 1958 novella — even offered complimentary first-class round-trip airfare for the ashes and their owner, Johnny Carson’s ex Joanne Carson, to travel from Bel Air to New York and appear at an Edison Ballroom after-party.

    But given people’s past predilection for trying to steal Capote’s remains, it was too risky.

    “[Joanne] Carson was Capote’s closest confidante in his later years,” said a source, “and she keeps a portion of his cremated remains in an urn in her Bel Air home, in the room in which he died in 1984.”

    The ashes were infamously stolen from Carson’s house during a 1988 Halloween party — along with $200,000 in jewels — and then the remains were just as mysteriously returned in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, Capote’s late, longtime lover Jack Dunphy openly disputed whether the ashes Carson kept were even Capote’s at all.

    Adding to the intrigue, the same ashes were the target of another thief years later, when Carson brought them to a bash she hosted for a play about Capote, “Tru.” That culprit, says a source, was caught “before he could make it out the door” with a piece of the acclaimed novelist.

    “We did try to get him here,” confirmed a “Breakfast” rep of Capote’s ashes. “Joanne says he always wanted to [see] Holly Golightly open on Broadway, and we thought it would have been poignant for the entire company. I think ultimately the risk of theft was just too high, but he was certainly there in spirit.”

    Joanne has said of Capote, “His ashes were my sanity for . . . years. Truman often referred to me as his very own Holly Golightly come to life. He always told me you could be anything you wanted but, whatever happens, never be boring.”

    The star-studded black-and-white-themed after-party for “Breakfast” was hosted by Debbie Harry and Interview magazine.


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    The actress has apparently morphed from a self-proclaimed sporty girl into a fashionista since she married Justin Timberlake.

    Sources say Biel is spending $20,000 per week on designer shoes and bags from New York City department stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys NY.

    "She can't resist anything from Chanel, Prada or Valentino," a source revealed to US magazine Star.

    [Jess's closet was so] overstuffed, she had to rent a storage unit to house her new goodies!"

    The 31-year-old Total Recall actress married Timberlake in October 2012 at a ceremony held in Italy. The singer is known for being a dapper dresser and his recent single Suit & Tie is a reference to his high regard for fashion and style.

    Timberlake is reportedly keen for his wife to mirror his interest in clothes. It has been alleged that Biel has been funding her new designer wardrobe with her husband's credit card as a result.

    "Justin can afford it, but he's still a little taken aback by how voraciously she's spending," the insider laughed.

    Jess's recent fashion overhaul has been noticed by her long-time stylist and friend Estee Stanley. In February Estee told People that the star's new red carpet confidence is thanks to a certain accessory she's been sporting on her wedding ring finger.

    "I definitely think any woman changes after [she gets] married," Estee noted. "I feel like she feels more secure and safe on the planet having found her partner."

    The source is Star so you know it's not the greatest in the world. Still I couldn't imagine spending that much on clothes a week.

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    by Jordan Mallory Writer RSS on Mar 23rd 2013 2:30PM

    Original voice actors return for DuckTales Remastered

    The full voice cast of the original DuckTales cartoon will reprise their respective roles for the newly announced nostalgiapocalypse DuckTales Remastered, Capcom senior vice-president Christian Svensson revealed in a Capcom Unity forum thread yesterday.

    "We have ALL the original voice actors from the show," Svensson said, including Scrooge voice actor Alan Young, who "still came into the studio and did his thing like a pro. The voice work really adds a lot to the package."

    "Scrooge's voice actor," as a quick aside, is a man named Alan Young, who's been in the entertainment industry since the 1940s. Before he endeared himself to the hearts of millions as a penny-pinching old duck, Young's original claim to fame was as Wilbur Post, the star of Mister Ed. We wonder if Young knew at the time that talking animals would become a running theme for his 70-odd years in show business?

    Update: Joystiq has been contacted by a representative for Alan Young, who clarified the details of Mr. Young's entertainment career.


    Too many feels right now !!!! 

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    Blondeney is back!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Britney’s Low Profile Friday Night At One Drop

    Britney kept a really low profile at Cirque du Soleil’s One Drop performance at the Bellagio in Las Vegas on Friday.
    Before the show, Brit, her boyfriend David Lucado, managers and Caesars Entertainment execs dined at Nobu inside Caesars. Afterwards, they made their way to the O Theater inside Bellagio for the show. She made a quick entrance to her seats (third row from the stage) right when the show started, and left before the finale to avoid any photographs. It was a success, not one has popped up onto the Internet.

    She wasn’t here for a media circus, reports VegasDeluxe‘s Robin Leach. But her Vegas trip isn’t for just pleasure. “Britney wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t a done deal,” a source tells Leach.

    Tonight, she’s expected to attend Shania Twain’s show at the Collosseum inside Caesar’s Palace. The venue is considerably larger, so it’ll be harder for her to hide from nearby shutterbug fans, however Shania’s show is a no-camera zone, so she just might cruise this trip completely off the radar.

    Britney Attending Shania Twain's show

    Britney attended the One Drop performance at Bellagio in Las Vegas on Friday, and is scheduled to be Shania Twain’s special guest at her performance tonight at the Colosseum inside Caesars Palalace Saturday evening.
    Let’s see if it’ll be another low profile event! Or not.

    First Pic of Vegasney

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