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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 02/03/17--05:41: Supernatural 12x11 Promo
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    Listen to the full new version of the 1991 classic covered by Ariana Grande and John Legend. Originally sung by Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson for the soundtrack and Angela Landsbury for the animated film.


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  • 02/03/17--05:43: Grey's Anatomy 13x12 Promo

  • It's a battle of wills between Dr Grey, Dr Bailey, and Dr Minnick (who I just realised is Scott Foley's wife [I saw her name in the guest credits but didn't know what character she played]).

    yes, 13 years, it's still on

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    to give more options to women with natural hair
    “I want women with textured hair to have great hair days. I went through a phase where I would leave my relaxer on so long, thinking the longer I leave this relaxer on, the straighter it’s going to be. Cut to lesions, like open wounds in my scalp, trying to chase something that was unrealistic, and eventually probably in my mid- to late-20s I decided to give up my relaxer, and I went natural. By natural I mean underneath the weaves, extensions, clips and the hair color was my natural hair — thriving.”

    to help other women embrace themselves
    “You want what you don’t have. You want what other people are getting praised for…You want that light. You want that shine. You want that attention, and I just never got it. Not for what I looked like. [People were like,] you’re so smart, and you’re so funny, which is awesome and great, but, sometimes, you want to be objectified, dammit. I’ve had a long journey of self-acceptance and boosting my self-esteem. A lot of that comes from education and from life, but now that I’m on the other side of 40, I want pride to come from every part of my life.”

    one person’s pride doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s
    “A lot of people like to think if you wear extensions or weaves, you’re full of self-hatred and, if you wear natural hairstyles, your sense of self and your sense of community and culture is at an all-time high, Sometimes that’s the case. Sometimes it’s not. I just look at it as each person has their own hair journey, and they’re all amazing, valid, worthwhile and beautiful, no matter what.”


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    Zoe Saldana will star in the action-thriller Hummingbird as a female black-ops assassin.

    John McClain wrote the script.

    The Swedish directing team of Marcus Kryler and Fredrik Akerstrom are helming.

    Described as in the vein of Lucy, the story follows an assassin whose latest mark forces her to confront her true identity.


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    A group of women in full niqab burst into song and dance about men who suffer mental "illnesses" with a cutout of 45 (he who shall not be named but was elected by 25.4% of the US as imbecile in chief) on a stand.

    Source: http://www.npr.org/2017/02/01/512895766/saudi-women-stunt-hard-and-dis-men-in-a-music-video-gone-viral

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    • According to Zach, this was the first time a guest brought so many crew members to the studio. There were 18 people from Little Mix's crew in the studio. Perrie said that they're like a little family.

    • Jesy thinks that they got lucky when they got put together because they're really similar.

    • Leigh said that if they didn't get along they wouldn't be together right now.

    • Jade thinks that the key to their friendship is having a laugh and just laughing everyday.

    • Power is about how powerful a vagina is and just how strong women are in general.

    • They like empowering women through their music and encourage them to stand up for themselves.

    • Perrie and their stylists pick the ugly corset from Touch, so she's cancelled. Leigh mentioned that Charli XCX tweeted about loving the outfit.

    • They're really involved in the creative process of everything they do and take a lot of decisions. If they didn't, what they put out there wouldn't be really them.

    • The only creative differences they have is about songs because they have different taste in music. Jesy and Leigh are more into r&b and hip-hop, Jade is more into pop and Perrie is more into rock.

    • They pick songs based on how they make them feel. If they don't like a song in the first listen, they won't use it.

    • Their label made them record a country song on their first album, even though they didn't want to do it, and of course they hated it. Jesy said that what they learned from that experience is that when they don't like something they're not going to do it.

    • They kept talking for a bit about how they pick songs for their albums.

    • They named their album Glory Days because they're living their glory days right now. They accomplished a lot in the past year, and they really think that they're living their best days right now and want to remember this era when they're older.

    • They went through a lot last year, and that made them stronger as a friendship and as a group. They also think that it was the best year of their careers.

    • They think music in the US is cooler than in the UK. The US is more r&b while music in the UK is more pop. Zach thinks that British music is deeper than American music, and the other hosts also think that the UK has better music than the US.

    • They were asked about Trump's visit to the UK, and because they didn't want to go political during the interview, Jade just threw a little shade and said that they welcome visitors in the UK.

    • When asked about what they think about people always criticizing them for how they dress during their performances and videos, they said that people will always have a reason to criticize them, so now they just ignore them because they can't win. They will wear whatever makes them feel comfortable because it's their body.

    • The older they get, the less they care about what people think about them, and you just have to love yourself and forget about everyone else.

    • The best part about their lives right now is each other and what they do. They feel more solid as a group now, and they're stronger together.

    • They're excited to tour with Ariana Grande, but Jade thinks that they haven't had enough rehearsals.

    • The worst part about their lives is being away from their families, but they think that it will be worth it in the end.

    • They like living on a tour bus.

    • Jade said that their boyfriends will visit them while on tour, before Leigh and Perrie told her that only hers will do it because theirs aren't in the US.

    • Leigh said that her friends are positive that her boyfriend is going to surprise her and show up at one of their tour dates, but she doubts that it's going to happen.

    • They finally confirmed that everyone but Jesy are in relationships.

    • Jesy said that she's loving life now that she's single.

    • Apparently, Jesy and her ex Jake are still friends. She has found a lot of independence now that she isn't in a relationship anymore, and she likes that she's learning a lot about herself now that she's single.

    • Zach will try to get Jesy different men in some of the cities that they're going to visit while on tour. She doesn't mind being pimped out, and she really wants to flirt with American guys.

    • They talked about the type of guys that Jesy likes.

    • Zach warned Perrie about American radio hosts because he knows that a lot of them are going to ask her about Zayn during interviews.

    • They talked about what they normally do when they get asked about him: they usually just change the subject or shut it down, but if the interviewer doesn't get it, they just tell them that they don't want to talk about it.

    • They were asked if they were happy about Camila leaving Fifth Harmony because now people will stop calling it "pulling a Zayn" and will start calling it "pulling a Camila."

    • The girls didn't even know that phrase existed.

    • They were shocked when they found out that Camila had left Fifth Harmony, but if she wasn't happy in the group it's good that she left so the other four can continue without her.

    • They think Fifth Harmony will do well without Camila and they wish them the best because they love them.

    • They can't see themselves as solo artists because they're too used to being together and do everything together.

    • They don't get how some people don't believe that they're actually friends because they think that it would be too hard to fake a friendship. It's not until people hang out with them that they realize that their friendship is genuine.

    • The only drama they have in their lives is because of men, but all those boy problems bring them closer together.

    • They pretty much get paid to be each other's best friends.

    • They pick who is going to sing which verse in a song since the moment they listen to a demo because their voices and tones are too different and they have to think about harmonies and all that since the beginning.

    • They know what each of them brings to the table, and that helps them balance things out.

    • There are no egos in the group and they're really supportive of each other. There's not jealousy between them.

    • They don't care about who has more followers or gets more likes on social media because at the end of the day they're a group and they're making the same amount of money.

    • They're very lucky to have each other.

    • Zach thinks that the girls should make America their bitch and wished them the best of luck because he has been a fan of them for years and he thinks that they deserve all the sucess in the world.

    • The girls performed an acoustic version of Shout Out To My Ex.

    source / source

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    'Process' is out and it's getting amazing reviews!

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    In a post on his official Facebook page, Josh Thomas announces to fans that Please Like Me has officially ended after the conclusion of Season 4. In an excerpt from his post, he says:

    The other producers and I have decided that Season 4 of PLEASE LIKE ME is the last. We decided this because we are really happy with what we’ve made and feel like it is complete.

    I want to thank everyone who has watched the show and sent me a friendly note. This show is so intensely personal, it recreates the most intimate moments of my life and lays them out for anyone to watch. Seeing how people have connected with this show has been tremendously confidence building for me and I’m really grateful for that. Thank you.


    I'm gonna miss this show so much. =( Was one of my favourite gay shows ever. Loved the awkward charm and how it dealt with mental health issues. S4 had a few episodes that just made me bawl.

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    James Corden challenges Adam Lambert to a front Man Battle


    Adam is really hot damn

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    This is the fifth single released from her upcoming second and international debut studio album "So Good".


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    this is a few weeks old but i don't think it was ever posted. her debut album comes out the 10th feb.

    this song sounds pretty dated but they sound nice together.

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    On Friday, singer Michael Bublé posted a Facebook update about his three-year-old son Noah's ongoing treatment for liver cancer:

    "We are so grateful to report that our son Noah has been progressing well during his treatment and the doctors are very optimistic about the future for our little boy. He has been brave throughout and we continue to be inspired by his courage. We thank God for the strength he has given all of us.

    Our gratitude to his doctors and caretakers cannot be put into words.
    We'd like to thank the thousands of people that have sent their prayers and good wishes to us. As we continue this journey we are greatly comforted by your support and love."

    Noah began chemotherapy back in November and is nearing the end of the of his 4-month treatment cycle. Bublé canceled all work engagements in the wake of the diagnosis in order to be with his son.


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    March issue of Women's Health, featuring the Being Mary Jane star on the cover.

    "Of course, as I've aged, everything on my body hurts! My hips, back, shoulders—lots of aches and pains. I get asked all the time how I look so young. I don't like needles. I'm not going to rule out Botox, but the idea of putting a needle in my face—I'm not there yet."

    "My best anti-aging tip is the ability to say no, no, and hell no. We run ourselves ragged saying yes to every freaking thing, whether it's to our family, spouses or careers. I sleep eight hours a day and don't let myself stress out. A lot of people call it selfish, but I don't have any wrinkles."

    "I have pretty oily skin, I drink a lot of water, I don't smoke, and I don't have a hard life."
    "I dye my hair and people say 'You look young,' but my gray hairs are saying, 'She's old as f--k!'"

    "I've learned to be kind to myself. I'm not obsessive about food, like 'Oh no, I ate badly, so I have to stay in the gym for two hours!'. At the end of the day, did I enjoy that meal? Hell, yes! Am I going to stress out about it? Hell, no! and magically, the world doesn't end because of what I ate."


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  • 02/03/17--09:45: TV Ratings for Thursday

  • source

    Riverdale dips even more to a 1.14 mil/0.4

    Powerless premiered to an ok-ish 3.1 mil/1.1

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    Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier

    Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh

    Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Uris

    Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben Hanscom

    Jack Grazer as Eddie Kaspbrak

    Chosen Jacobs as Mike Hanlon

    Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough

    Sources: 1234567

    Are you excited? Now that I've finally finished the book (itsbeen84years.gif) I feel like I can talk about the new adaptation lol. idk how I feel about Richie's and Bill's casting tbh but I guess we'll have to see.

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  • 02/03/17--10:06: ONTD Roundup

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