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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    • "So Good. I hate coming up with titles for things because it's hard - you're supposed to take all of the songs and kinda summarise it in one word and I just thought So Good was easy because the album is so good."

    • Lush Life, Ain't My Fault, I Would Like will be featured on the album


    ONTD, have you accepted Zara as your pop saviour yet?
    Or do you believe in false prophet Karla instead?

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    Lena, other 'Girls' cast members, and some of the show's execs discussed how 'Girls' came together, their experiences on the show and how it feels to wrap the project up. As part of this conversation, they talked about the reaction the show got initially, the nepotism accusations, and the immediate criticism the show got for not being diverse at all.

    Lena:The race stuff blew up first. [The series was criticized for having an all-white cast.] The second night we aired was the first time I met my boyfriend [musician Jack Antonoff]; we were on a blind date. I had been metabolizing the criticism all week, and I made a really, really dumb joke that I'm perfectly fine to repeat now 'cause I was f—in' 25. I said, "No one would be calling me a racist if they knew how badly I wanted to f— Drake." He said, "Don't say that in public; that's not going to help you."
    BLOYS: We knew we were doing something that was provocative, but I was still surprised [by the criticism]. There was the diversity stuff, the charges of nepotism [all four lead actresses have famous parents in the arts and media world, including Dunham, whose mom is a renowned photographer], which never made sense. … I think some of it had to do with the fact that Lena represented a new generation breaking through, and that can be unsettling for people, especially because she was a woman and she was someone who was comfortable not being a rail-thin actress.


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    • Kylie has signed a new record deal with BMG

    • New album is expected later this year

    • "We want to make a great, big, classic Kylie pop record. Thirty years she's been in the business, and she's better than ever before." "There's so many different opportunities and with our reach into multi-media the possibility of making a documentary or book with her - it's all possible. She's just the ultimate artist." -BMG President Alexi Cory-Smith


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    - Executive Producer says "we might see her in Episode 22" also teased she would be the "launching point" for the central plot of season 4

    - "You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time. So we always reserve the right to sort of do that as well,"

    - "We don’t want to give too much away but it will definitely be someone connected to the Joker cult world that we have set up. But it’s down the road, later in Season Three right now."

    Many fans theorize that Barbara Keane will eventually become Harley.

    Or even Doctor(Har)Lee Thompkins

    Source 1
    Source 2

    Do you think it's someone we've already met or will someone be cast?

    My theory - Season 3 closes with a scene of Jerome meeting Dr. Quinzel in Arkham. Gotham has a pretty rad opportunity to explore that relationship evolving in Arkham and eventually down the road when Ivy's mind has grown up, the relationship of Harley/Ivy

    Fixed Source Mods!

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    • Leigh said that they're just normal girls who do and wear what they want.

    • Perrie said that they're very grateful for every bit of success that they have got the last few years.

    • Now, they're more driven and determinated to have success in the US, and they want to work as much as they can these three months that they're going to be touring with Ariana Grande.

    • Perrie has been a fan of Ariana since she was in Victorious and posting covers on YouTube. During their first-ever studio session, she told the rest of the girls to check out Ariana's videos on YouTube because her voice was insane.

    • According to Jesy, Glory Days is different from their previous albums because they knew since the beginning what they wanted to do with it, so they put their hearts in it and that made it more honest.

    source / source

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    Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn will re-team to star in “Dragged Across Concrete,” a crime thriller about police brutality directed by “Bone Tomahawk” filmmaker S. Craig Zahler.

    Gibson and Vaughn will play cops who are suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics gets wide attention. They then descend into the criminal underworld to exact vengeance.


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    Blondie's 11th LP "Pollinator" is coming out this spring. A collaborative record featuring tracks penned by Sia, Charli XCX, Dev Hynes, Blood Orange's Devonté Hynes and others.

    Listen to the first track from album

    Source 12
    Such a fun disco track!

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    • Malese Jow will play Mareth

    • Vanessa Morgan will play Lyria

    • Desmond Chiam will play General Riga

    • Gentry White will play Garet

    • Caroline Chikezie will play Queen Tamlin

    • Season 2 will set a year after the last season finale. The new antagonists are The Crimson who are hunting people who use magic.


    Jow will play Mareth, the aforementioned young woman who's both volatile and unpredictable -- and possesses magical abilities. Sharp, brash and independent to a fault, Mareth gets what she wants on her own terms (and by any means necessary). Jow is best known for her recurring roles as Linda Park and alter ego Dr. Light on The CW’s The Flash, as Anna in The Vampire Diaries, and as a series regular on Star-Crossed. She also guest starred in the first season of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious.


    Morgan will portray Lyria, a beautiful and mysterious young woman who's romantically linked to Eretria. She's no stranger to MTV, having played party girl Bird on Finding Carter; other credits include her series-leading role on Disney’s hit My Babysitter’s a Vampire and the Golden Globe-nominated Frankie & Alice. Morgan also just wrapped a lead role in the independent drama PIMP.


    Chiam will play General Riga, a former top dog in Eventine's army who's now responsible for all the havoc in The Four Lands. So why'd he go turncoat? After watching his people slaughtered in the War of the Races and fighting the Dagda Mor in the War of the Forbidding, Riga became convinced that the source of all problems in The Four Lands was neither good or evil but magic itself -- and hence became leader of The Crimson. Chiam is an actor and writer with credits including NCIS, Bones and Con Man; he's also appeared in Australia's Neighbours.


    White will play Garet, a skilled, sly, and charismatic bounty hunter known throughout The Four Lands as “The Weapons Master.” Wise-cracking and virile with a roguish charm, the only thing Garet likes more than money is a good fight. White is best known for his role as Romeo on season two of Lifetime’s UnReal and can also be seen on AMC's TURN: Washington's Spies. He also had roles in Furious 7 and the Netflix original film XOXO


    Chikezie will portray Queen Tamlin, the powerful and cunning ruler of Leah, the only human kingdom in The Four Lands. A ruthless weapons manufacturer with a strategic mind and a talent for manipulating people, Tamlin uses her royal clout to solidify a political alliance with the elves. Chikezie was recently seen opposite Salma Hayek in Everly and just wrapped the upcoming feature Mayhem, in which she stars opposite Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead).

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    - In a recent interview with Ruth over her Loving role, she spoke briefly about her TV gig on Preacher as Tulip O'Hare
    - Says she had to sign a contract, pre-screen test, for a potential commitment of seven years (!!)
    - Decision was made easier by the fact she was working alongside Dominic Cooper [her partner in real life]
    - “It’s perfect because you’re working with your best friend,” she says. “No one likes to hear actors moan about the lonesomeness of a shoot, but it can be quite lonesome actually. Maybe if you’re staying in a hotel and it’s not like you’ve got friends to call around because you’re in the desert in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes, it can leave you feeling quite adrift, so one also has to be very careful about keeping your sanity.”
    Apologies, mods, I replaced the image with a gif, hope that works! And thanks to everyone who helped get us our Preacher tag! News has been a bit quiet in the past few months regarding the show's production, but hopefully this is a sign of things to come =) I wanted to add some Joseph Gilgun news as well, but there's not much other than his name being among some of the front-runners from bookies on the coveted titular role on Doctor Who...but that's a bit out there, innit?


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    Source | 1

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    Morgane Polanski, actress from "Vikings", posted this tribute to her father on her Instagram:

    "To the most amazing father a girl could wish for, who better than your own daughter to be the witness of the wonderful man you are. Only those who don't know you and haven't done the research on what they are talking about will have a bad word to say about you. To us, privileged ones to have you in our lives, we are here supporting you forever and always. I am not saying this because you are my dad: you are the most amazing human I have ever met. An inspiration, a role model and an example to us all. If one day I could be half of the human you are , that would be enough. I wish everyone could see you through my eyes, but most people probably don't deserve you. Thank you for inspiring me everyday, teaching me the morals and values I have today. I owe it all to you and Mum. I love you to the moon and back, your Morgie ❤"


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Reportedly, the Mission:Impossible – Rogue Nation star took a liking to his co-star Rebecca Ferguson.

    A source told OK Magazine : “It’s rare to have a character return to an M:I film, but Rebecca made a big impression on Tom.”

    Reportedly, she even had a bit of a thing for Tom when she was younger. “He was my one crush,” she said in an interview back in 2015.


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    So I was able to get my hands on the novelization for the film. Things may change, but this is how the story looks come March 17th.

    Belle: BELLE IS NOT AN INVENTOR. The only thing she 'invents' is a washing machine for the town fountain. She wants to get her laundry done and she takes a horse, a bucket and leads the horse around the fountain to 'churn' the water and rinse her laundry. In this film she is very 'I need to get out of this castle' instead of hanging out. At one point she tries to escape out the window of the tower she is being held in. She longs to know what happened to her mother since her father took them away from Paris when she was a baby.

    Maurice: Maurice builds music boxes. There isn't much to him besides the fact that he knows Gaston is an ass and does not want him to mary Belle. He also apparently wants Belle to stay home, in the village, because he is protective of her. (The story is that her mother died of the plague and he whisked them out of the Paris so that they would not come in contact from it... )

    Gaston: Gaston has been out of the war for twelve years but continues to wear his uniform because it gives him noteriety. He has a short temper and this temper causes Maurice to deem him unfit for Belle. He also likes bragging about the war every chance he gets. He is armed with a gun and arrows in this film.

    LeFou: He is a fanboy and is the second half to their 'Le Duo' (the most obnoxious thing that is referenced in the film). He is apparently a good guy underneath because he does not want to side with Gaston when it comes to ridiculing Maurice and causing him any sort of harm.

    The Beast: The Prince is the most backstoried person in the whole film. Apparently as a child he was raised by his kind mother who died when he was a young boy. The King, who then became a nasty person, raised him to become just as nasty. He dies and leaves the Prince the castle. The objects raise him but they don't seem to do jack shit. Anyway, his transformation takes place at a ball and he calls the old woman/Enchantress ugly and deems her unfit to hang out at his soriee (because only beautiful people can attend yo!). Belle finds out about the curse, and wishes to help the castle remove it... but the trick is they do not tell her how, because Mrs. Potts' believes that Belle should fall in love for him naturally. He is given the rose, the magic mirror and a magical atlas that allows someone to go wherever they wish to go when the page is touched.

    The Objects: They remain the same. However, backstory on Audra and Stanley's characters - they are husband and wife, and an opera singer and the piano player from Italy that come for the party. They, their pet dog, and the servants are the only people left at the party when the Beast gets changed (everyone else runs away). Mrs. Pott's also has a husband! (which shoots down that lol-zy rumor about the Beast fucking Mrs. Potts' and creating Chip), which leads to....

    The Curse: The Curse has been a bit more explained. It appears that the land surrounding the castle (the village) is in on the curse too. Their memories are wiped (hence why Mrs. Pott's husband doesn't remember having a wife and kid, but he seems to feel that he is missing something). The land is also enchanted, since the village is in the summer and the castle grounds are in a pepepetual winter. The objects also tell Belle that if they don't break the curse before the last petal falls they become inanimate.

    Those are the big spoilers. I can answer any details in the comments about certain scenes. But that's the big parts that I think everyone should know.

    (I want to thank the mods for being patient with me - took me forever to upload this.)

    Source: Me; my kindle; amazon

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    Lupita Nyong'o, Emma Stone, Dakota Johnson and the rest of the 2017 VF Hollywood Issue share what movie plot-line they'd like to live #IRL. pic.twitter.com/cyADhBkNxH

    — VANITY FAIR (@VanityFair) January 30, 2017

    • Dakota Fanning - Legally Blonde

    • Janelle Monáe - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

    • Lupita Nyong'o - Now You See Me

    • Natalie Portman & Elle Fanning - Roman Holiday

    • Greta Gerwig - Shakespeare in Love

    • Others @ source.


    What film plot-line would you like to live in real life, ONTD? TYFYA!
    productsBG (4).jpg

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    Starring Ice Cube, Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan, and Jillian Bell!


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    It's not one of THR's infamous "Brutally Honest Oscar Voter Ballot's", but this one is also... a lot.

    - thinks La La Land is overrated
    - is voting for Hell or High Water
    - is voting for Viggo Mortensen
    - doesn't like any of the nominated lead actresses
    - won't vote for Viola Davis bc they are not here for category fraud

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    • B*zzf**d posted an in-depth on Taylor Swift's victim complex.
    • "[Kanye] went on to say that the MTV judging panel gave Swift the award in a bid to fill the gap of “young white pop star” left by Britney Spears..."
    • "a reflection of what the world has been conditioned to see: the “threat” of an “angry” black man terrorising the “innocent” white woman."
    • "In the early days, Swift adhered to the markers of white feminine fragility, presenting herself as a modern-day ingénue figure."
    • "It's [Better Than Revenge] about a girl who stole my boyfriend. I think she probably thought I forgot about it.” Slowly turning her head and side-eyeing the camera, she confirmed: “I didn’t."
    • Some details were wrong. Mean was actually about a man who wrote a negative review over her performance with Stevie Nicks. At the iHeartRadio Festival, she said "Vegas, it's your turn!" not "Jake, it's your turn!"
    • Apparently Swifties are upset because same author was also sucking up to her during 1989, isn't being a good feminist, and didn't get all her facts straight.

    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    so sorry mods, the video should work now? it's showing up in the preview

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    • Octavia was talking about how the Ensemble Award is the best one to get @ the SAGs because it meant everyone was essential to the making of the movie and then she wanted to pass the mic to Kirsten Dunst.

    • After admiting to be jet lagged, the sis was asked how she handled having to say so many mean things in the movie to what she answered: "I just pretended my character was very frustrated because she was in love with Octavia. I turned it on its head, so, yes, it's very uncomfortable, and Octavia was like, "Just do it, just do it baby, just do it." and I was like "Oh my God, ok, I love you, here you go."

    • Taraji P. Henson added that they would joke a lot on set because they knew that it was a delicated subject and it would help them to not be so saddened about how these women had no agency back then:"What I admire most about them, and it makes me think about being in the industry: Do not focus on the problems, focus on the solutions. Wallowing amok and talking about the problem is not moving us. What are we going to do to get past this? And I think that's why this film is so timely, because...interestingly enough, it's 1962 again, almost, right?"

    • But Taraji managed remained positive about her world views: "The beautiful thing about where we are today in 2017 is that the majority of humanity is on the right side of history. So we have to celebrate that, and fear not, fear not. Because if you have faith—fear and faith cannot coexist. You've got to choose your side, pick your battles. I choose faith."She concluded before dropping the mic.


    Have you ever be mean to someone you were in love with, ONTD? Know any racists who are in a relationship with POC? Do you think the majority of humanity are on the right side of history? TYFYA!

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  • 02/01/17--15:22: Tabloid Cover Wednesday
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    -She will play an intimidating social media guru


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