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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    2x17 "Welcome to Storybrooke" March 12th
    2x18 "Selfless, Brave and True" March 24th [August ep.]
    2x19 "Lacey" April 21th [Belle alter ego ]
    2x20 "The Evil Queen" April 28th
    2x21 "Second Star to the Right" May 5th [in this ep. Dr Whale'll return]
    2x22 "And Straight On 'Til Morning" May 12th [ep. about Hook's past + new char. for S3/important ep. for relationship Rumplestiltskin and Bealfire]

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    Jasika Nicole (Fringe) has booked a guest-starring role on ABC's hit drama Scandal, said showrunner Shonda Rhimes last night on Twitter.

    "We have Jasika Nicole (Fringe's Astrid) guest starring on ep 219 of @ScandalABC. Which makes me go totally fan-girl with excitement!"

    She didn't give any further details on what role exactly Jasika will play, but did add that it'll be "very surprising." Episode 219 suggests season 2, episode 19.

    Tonight's episode of Scandal will be another repeat (sorry fans! what ever will you do?). The show returns with all-new episodes to wrap up the season, next week, March 21.


    I'm guessing she is going to related/formerly married to Harisson.

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    Taylor kicked off the Red tour in Omaha, Nebraska last night! The 23-year-old musician had eight wardrobe changes throughout her set! What do you think of Taylor‘s outfits? Taylor also performed “Everything Has Changed” with tour mate Ed Sheeran.


    1. State of Grace
    2. Holy Ground
    3. Red
    4. You Belong With Me
    5. The Lucky One
    6. Mean
    7. Stay Stay Stay/Ho Hey mash up
    8. 22
    9. I Almost Do
    10. Everything Has Changed with Ed Sheeran
    11. Begin Again
    12. Sparks Fly
    13. I Knew You Were Trouble
    14. All Too Well
    15. Love Story
    16. Treacherous
    17. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

    Couple of performances

    RED Tour Welcome

    Everything Has Changed

    Holy Ground

    All Too Well (fav)

    Breakdown during 22

    Sources: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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  • 03/14/13--08:04: Celebrity Good Samaritans

  • While some argue that celebrities are put on a pedestal, many stars have gone above and beyond to earn their accolades—and we're not just talking about doing their jobs well (although that's great, too!) In honor of Good Samaritan Day 2013, we want to take a look back at all of the celebs who have sprung into action during times of need.

    Playing a heroine on- and offscreen, the Hunger Games star comforted a woman who had passed out on her lawn until paramedics arrived.

    This superhero has many powers and most certainly isn't afraid to use them. The actor reportedly rescued a little girl from a coyote at a Los Angeles park and resuscitated a 50-year-old woman

    Oh, the power of words. After one of the actress' Twitter followers posted suicidal thoughts, Demi cautiously and sweetly replied. Her response gave police enough information to locate and help the distressed girl.

    Man overboard! While in Venice promoting Burn After Reading, Brad Pitt pulled a fan out of the water after he had tripped and fallen in. Although shocked and scared, the boy left happy and unharmed with an autograph.

    Talk about a slippery slope! While filming an episode of Man vs. Wild, the funnyman saved adventurer Bear Grylls' life after he fell off an ice cliff near the Arctic Circle.

    see the full list of celebrity acts of kindness @ the source

    do you have any Good Samaritan stories, ONTD?

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    Nicki Minaj is nearly make-up free on the cover of Elle magazine’s April 2013 issue, on newsstands March 26.

    Here’s what the 30-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag:

    On her make-under for Elle‘s shoot:“When I saw myself with barely any makeup at, it was such a… like, I’m so, so attached to my pink lipstick, it’s hard. I feel that it’s become a part of me. To go in front of the camera, without pink lips or big ol’ crazy lashes- you know, nothing – I felt naked. It was scary! So this photo shoot was a real accomplishment in my eyes.”

    On advice to women on how to command respect:“My advice to women in general: Even if you’re doing a nine-to-five job, treat yourself like a boss. Not arrogant, but be sure of what you want- and don’t allow people to run anything for you without your knowledge. You want everyone to know, Okay, I can’t play games with her. I have to do right by this woman. That’s what it’s all about.”

    On world domination:“My goal in the beginning was to buy my mother a house. Now I realize, Okay, if I really focus and become a key player in business, then I can build an empire. I’m thinking of a legacy that I can be proud of and wealth that my grandchildren can use to go to college. So world domination- in terms of providing for my family – is absolutely my goal.”

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    In a statement posted to Instagram on Thursday, Justin Bieber laid into the media (and Lindsay Lohan) about claims that he is entering rehab, adding that despite what others are advising, he's no longer out to "keep the press happy."

    Posting the rant with little punctuation or grammar, Bieber begins by saying: "I'm tired of all the countless lies in the press right now. Saying I'm going to rehab and how my family is disappointed in me. My family is beyond proud."

    The 19-year-old Baby singer adds: "If Anyone believes i need rehab thats their own stupidity lol I'm 19 with 5 number one albums, 19 and I've seen the whole world. 19 and I've accomplished more than I could've ever dreamed of, i'm 19 and it must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning. I know my talent level and i know i got my head on straight. i know who i am and i know who i'm not My messege is to to believe."

    This statement comes after Bieber's rough 19th birthday week. The teen heartthrob's London party never happened, he had a health scare during one of his concerts and he lunged at a paparazzi. Needless to say, media outlets were on hand to report on all the instances.

    "I honestly don't care if you don't believe in me because I believe in me, and look where that's gotten me so far.. I'm writing this with a smile on my face and love in my heart," Bieber continues on about the rehab rumors. "Letting u know first hand how I feel rather than have these story linger. I'm a good person with a big heart. And don't think I deserve all of this negative press I've worked my ass off to get where I am and my hard work doesn't stop here. i'm growing up finding myself while having people watch me and criticise me everyday i think im doing pretty damn good."

    However, Bieber couldn't just leave it at that. He had to end his rant by taking a dig a Lilo. "And to those comparing me to Lindsey Lohan," he writes. "Look at her 2012 tax statements."


    He posted this, deleted it, and reposted without the lindsay dig.

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    A Justice League movie has already been announced that will no doubt star the most famous heroes from DC Comics like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. With DC’s New 52 reboot came the Justice League International series about a group of superheroes put together by the U.N. to protect the world. If they ever decide to make a film with these characters, here are the people we’d like to see in it.


    Ryan Kwanten as Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter)
    Booster Gold is an American hotshot superhero who enjoys being in the public eye and getting plenty of attention. He has power through a suit that gives him super strength and force blasts. Kwanten may be from Australia but his performance on True Blood shows he can play the cocky American pretty boy perfectly.


    Danai Gurira as Vixen (Mari Jiwe McCabe)

    Mari Jiwe McCabe grew up in the fictional African nation Zambesi. She has the power to mimic any ability of any animal that has lived on Earth. Danai was born in the US but her parents are from Zimbabwe. She plays Michonne on The Walking Dead, a character famous for her fighting skills and tough-as-nails attitude, which I believe proves Danai has what it takes to play a superhero.

    Konstantin Khabenskiy as Rocket Red (Gavril Ivanovich)
    Russian superhero Gavril Ivanovich’s power comes from his armored battle suit and “forced evolution”. Konstantin Khabenskiy is a Russian actor known for his roles in Wanted, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Night Watch.

    Alice Eve as Godiva (Dora Leigh)
    Dora Leigh, or Godiva, is a British socialite and superhero with the power to control her hair’s movement as if they were her limbs, providing a high level of superhuman strength and dexterity. When thinking about this superhero we need a beautiful blonde flirt from the UK. Alice Eve not only fits that description but she can act too.

    Donnie Yen as August General in Iron
    The August General in Iron is a member of an elite Chinese spec ops unit trained for encounters with aliens. He has superhuman strength and skin covered with iron-like plates. Donnie Yen is a Chinese actor who specializes in action movies such as Hero, Blade II, and IP Man. His penchant for martial arts and stunt work would come in handy for a superhero role.

    Alice Braga as Fire (Beatriz da Costa)
    Beatriz da Costa is a Brazilian supermodel turned government agen with the power to generate green flames. Alice Braga is a Brazilian actress popular for her roles in I Am Legend, City of God, and Predators. She has experience in action movies and would make a great candidate for this role.

    Michael C. Hall as Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)
    Guy Gardner grew up in Baltimore, United States and later became a Green Lantern. American actor Michael C. Hall is famous for playing Dexter on the hit Showtime show. He’s talented enough to bring dimension to the hot-blooded hero that is Guy Gardner.

    Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Ice (Tora Olafsdotter)
    Tora Olafsdotter is a princess of an isolated tribe of magic-wielding Norsemen with the natural ability to create and manipulate ice. Ingrid is a Norwegian actress with roles in Chernobyl Diaries, Cold Prey and Cold Prey 2. Her role in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters called for action work, something that would come in handy when playing a superhero.

    Merveille Lukeba as Batwing
    David Zavimbe is a former child-soldier who was recruited by Batman to become Batwing, a member of the Batman Incorporated. Like Batwing, Merveille is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is perhaps most known for his role as Thomas in the UK hit show Skins.


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    And here's a trio of short synopses for the final episodes of the season:

    Episode 3.14 - Prey

    The Governor chases a fleeing dissenter; while the Governor is gone, a traitor tries to sabotage his plans.

    Episode 3.15 - This Sorrowful Life

    Rick and the others learn that if they want a truce with the Governor, they must make a sacrifice.

    Episode 3.16 - Welcome to the Tombs

    Rick and the others consider the defense of the prison as the Governor's impending attack looms.


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    me rn


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    Miranda Kerr has been left wearing a neck brace following a car crash on Monday.
    The Australian model was seen attempting to cover up the injury with a scarf as she was pictured out with a friend in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.
    The model unveiled the results of her injury following the crash on Monday, which saw her vehicle 'rammed' by another car on the motorway in the city.
    She is believed to have suffered back injuries in addition to whiplash.
    It is understood that mother-of-one Miranda was in the car with her assistant at the time of the incident, which may lead to the driver of the other vehicle face charges for reckless driving.
    Following the crash, Miranda had to have several MRI scans to assess the extent of the damage to her neck.
    Miranda's Sydney-based spokesperson Annie Kelly told Australia's 9 News: 'She is in a lot of pain, but really we are just glad it was not more serious.'
    And Miranda is now being looked after at home by her British actor husband Orlando Bloom, who is also taking care of the pair's two-year-old son Flynn.
    Kelly added: 'He’s taking very good care of her. He’s an amazing husband. Luckily, Flynn wasn’t in the car.'
    Miranda has yet to make any comment on the incident via her Twitter page and, apart from commenting on the weather in Los Angeles, has remained notably quiet on the social networking site since the crash.
    The model is expected to be restarting her professional commitments in the next couple of days.
    Miranda's next scheduled commitment will see her return to her home country of Australia next month to unveil the new uniforms for airline Qantas, designed by Paris-based designer Martin Grant.
    The incident isn't the first time Miranda's life has been affected by a car collision.
    When she was 15, the death of her boyfriend Chris Flynn through a crash saw her sink into a deep depression. Miranda later revealed that she had chosen to pay tribute to Flynn by naming her son after him.
    The reason I want to why your special opinions is, users at Daily Mail and Just Jared, (aka websites that post about her like 5 times a day) don't believe she had an accident because of many reasons. One reason is she is photographed like 20 times a day but this incident wasn't known of whatsoever till the third day when her PR team gave the news to some Australian news site (or something like that) and at which time the paps caught her wearing neck braces.
    Others say the location of the accident (in a freeway) might mean it was pre-planned since no one can question why the paps or any witnesses weren't around. And the exact location of the accident and the name of the hospital she was admitted to remain unknown. A few were saying because she was wearing wedge heeled sneakers in those pictures, she doesn't have back pains. And Orlando fans claim Orlando couldn't have been with her because he was spotted somewhere going inside a hotel the day the accident happened. The car involved in the accident remains unseen.
    I personally don't think she could seriously be faking this. All to get fame? That would be out of hands.But.... she does do several things that reek of nothing but publicity stunts and attention seeking to get her name out there. Most memorable for me was when 'leaked nudes' of her surfaced on the internet. It was hardly anything buzz-worthy because the 'leaked' pictures (although nude) could have be found in any legit high fashion magazine and they were taken by a professional photographer. It was tastefully done and she's done similar shoots time and time again. Yet it was reported as this exposing, raunchy nudes. I would say that was the work of her PR. I don't think it's the same with the accident.
    So what ya'll think?

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    Demi Lovato has really dedicated fans and KDWB's Big D asked her on Wednesday why they are so dedicated to her. The answer he got had a little surprise at the end! Demi says that she actually interacts with her fans and doesn't just "flaunt around a boyfriend to sell a couple albums". Is Demi taking a dig at Selena Gomez or maybe Taylor Swift? Seems like the most logical singers to target for this. Was Selena just with Justin Bieber to sell albums? Was Taylor just with Harry Styles to sell albums?

    Listen to what Demi had to say here

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    Full article here

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    The 'Domino' singer says goodbye to her famous locks as she took part in the Comic Relief stunt.

    Jessie J has tonight (15th March) shaved off her hair for charity.

    The 'Domino' singer star performed the stunt on live TV as she raised money for Comic Relief.

    The singer was first seen with half of her head shaved as Lenny Henry pleaded with the star to back out of the cut.

    Speaking shortly after the head shave too place, she said: "It's the weirdest feeling."

    "It feels so liberating, but it isn't really about this – it's about donations," she added.

    Earlier this week, a Jessie lookalike also performed the same head shave in a bid to raise money and gave the singer an insight into what she would look like.

    Source 1,2,3

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    Beyoncé is a "slut." She "gyrated her pelvis," "humping the air for 13 minutes." She "dressed like a stripper" dancing in "erotica fashion." Her "breasts protruded out, her butt almost completely showed." She "showed her vaginal area to all the world." Some people had very different reactions to the Super Bowl than the rest of us.

    If you get enough Americans in one place, it's a guarantee that some of them will find something to be offended about. We saw it last year, as viewers bombarded the FCC with complaint after complaint about the halftime show, which featured M.I.A giving the camera the middle finger. Would would this year bring, in a strange Super Bowl that saw an extended blackout, Joe Flacco dropping an F-bomb, and Beyoncé? To find out, Deadspin has obtained viewers' complaints via a FOIA request.

    An estimated 108.7 million people tuned in to watch the Ravens beat the 49ers. According to Arthur Scrutchins of the Federal Communications Commission, which handles viewer complaints, the FCC received "thousands of letters." The vast majority of those, however, were part of an organized letter-writing campaign. Outraged by Flacco's profanity being picked up on the broadcast, the Parents Television Council, a conservative advocacy group, urged its followers to complain.

    We did not receive those, because they are essentially identical form letters. But we do have 48 individual complaints from Americans frustrated with, by and large, the sexualized commercials and the sexualized Beyoncé. All complaints can be found in the PDF at the bottom of this post. We'll pull out some of our favorites:

    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.00.26 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.00.33 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.00.41 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.01.56 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.02.03 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.02.09 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.02.58 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.03.05 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.03.11 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.04.00 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.04.07 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 5.04.21 PM

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    "TJ Waggs, a high school student living in the small town of Buhl, Idaho, carries the burden of a terrible secret on his shoulders. And he’s not the only one having an off-day: A local fish farmer confronts a selfish neighbor that has carelessly poisoned his crop, the shifty county sheriff neglects his duties and uses his patrol car for his own personal gain, and a mom is too busy fussing over the family dog to notice her missing daughter. To make matters worse, two preschoolers playing in the fields have chosen an unusual playmate—one who is the common thread linking all these characters together.

    Writer-director Jaffe Zinn’s atmospheric vision is a ruminative look at a bored and numbed town on the verge of a wake-up call. His keen voice also speaks profoundly to the disconnection of community and the decline of morale in a struggling recession-worn American society. Paced and shot with restrained elegance, highlighting a standout performance by rising talent Kyle Gallner, Zinn’s Magic Valley strives to capture who and where we are before the next defining moment happens.”

    –Genna Terranova, Senior Programmer, Tribeca Film Festival


    source: MovieWeb
    Summary courtesy of MagicValleyFilm

    Damn thing won't embedd. Worth the click though.

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  • 03/15/13--14:27: Noel Gallagher Interview

  • For a man who sang No1 single The Importance Of Being Idle, Noel Gallagher hasn’t half been busy recently. As a two-year tour to promote his solo album was finishing up, he got a call from Roger Daltrey. The Who icon realised he’d be on tour during the 2013 Teenage Cancer Trust shows, which he usually curates, and unable to be “on the bloody cellphone for eight hours a day” sorting stuff out.

    Fortunately Gallagher, who had guested with The Who at the first TCT show 12 years ago, returned with Oasis in 2002 and played some of his first ever solo shows in 2007, was the perfect replacement.

    And so the 45-year-old has spent his time gathering old friends, enemies-turned-friends and bands his daughter likes for a special run of shows, starting on Tuesday. And it sounds as though he’s had fun doing it…

    How has booking a week’s worth of gigs been for you? Stressful?

    Well, I did most of the work last year, because I was out at festivals, so I tapped most of the bands up then. But to go and knock on dressing room doors of some of the biggest bands in the world and ask if could they possibly [do it], would they be noble enough – it brought out a side I don’t like.

    What acts are we talking about?

    I’d talk to Ed Sheeran and Mumford & Sons thinking, “I’ll just f*cking do the seven nights myself; what the f*ck am I asking these people for?” And I got let down a lot. Everybody says yes to your face. Everybody. And then the agent will call, and their management will call and then their PR will call and say, “Ah, they’re going to be in Australia at the time.” Really? Well they never said that to me. What’s interesting is all the working-class bands said yes straight off the bat, no f*cking inkling of when it was. The middle-class bands said yes and wriggled out of it. I dunno what that means, but it must mean something. It was an interesting summer. But I will say, if the people that blew me off but said they’ll do it next year actually do it, it might be the greatest event since Woodstock.

    Who did you ask who isn’t doing it?

    Symbolically we wanted to get Jake Bugg, because he’s a teenager. And for a teenager to be helping teenagers would have been a massively symbolic moment, I think. But he can’t do it because he’s on tour. Metallica: they’re another band who have promised to do it next year for the last couple of years, but we’ll get them eventually.

    I know Lars: I call him from time to time and he texts me. He’s a f*cking dude. He’s a nutcase. I love him in Some Kind Of Monster and he’s just exactly like that, but he’s great. Of course, people always go “You and Lars? What the f*ck is all that about?” But I’m like, “Look man, he’s my f*cking mate, leave him alone.”

    Speaking of mates, you’ve got Paul Weller and Kasabian on. That must have been straightforward.

    I just called Serge and said “Look, I’m f*cking doing it, so you’re doing it.” They were first to confirm, actually. Paul had done it last year, but I thought it’s a bit rude not to ask him seeing as he’s my f*cking neighbour. And I thought to myself, a man who’s got twins, he needs to be out doing sh*t soon. So he’s got Palma Violets on, and I think he’s going to be coercing a few people [to get] up on stage with him. So it should be good.

    Do you like the much-hyped Palma Violets?

    Yeah, I do like them. I don’t dislike them, let’s put it that way. It’s all right listening to bands on iTunes or watching them on YouTube, but I can only make a decision when I see them live. But for next year, there’s a whole raft of new bands such as Temples or Tame Impala, who [won’t be able] to sell out the Albert Hall. So what we are going to try, in the week leading up to the Albert Hall [gigs], is take over a smaller venue, such as the 100 Club and let young bands do a week. Because I think if we bring it to a younger audience, it will be better for the charity in the long run.

    This year, though, you have, er, Rizzle Kicks and Labrinth on.

    Yes, and Rita Ora that night as well.

    Is that your daughter’s influence?

    Well, Damon [Albarn] had taken Rizzle Kicks on the African Express tour and he said, “They’re surprisingly good.” I don’t know anything about them or anything by them. But the promoters, because pop’s not my thing, they come in and say, “These bands are available.” And then I go to my daughter, “Out of these lot, who’s the best?” She’ll say “Rizzle Kicks” and then I’ll pick up the phone and say, “Rizzle Kicks.” That’s it, really.

    Were there any nights that were particularly difficult to arrange?

    The opening slot for Primal Scream was difficult, because the people that were available Primal Scream hate. Well, they pretty much f*cking hate everyone, and the people they like are either dead or unavailable. Someone came up with the bright idea of asking Echo And The Bunnymen and I was like, “No way are they going to do it.” But we asked Ian McCulloch and he said yes. And now, for me, that is the best night. Never mind me, Damon and Graham [Coxon].

    You sharing the bill with half of Blur is what people are talking about most, though. You must have known that would be the case when you booked it?

    The idea was to get tickets on sale before Christmas, when people aren’t skint. So we thought, “We need something that’s a proper jaw-dropping bill.” And then I thought, “Well, Blur have never done it, so I’ll ask them.” As luck would have it, I was on tour with Graham, so I asked him then. He said Blur had been put to bed for the time being, but he’d ask Damon. So I have Graham to thank for this. It was quite a moment when I got the call saying, “They’re definitely going to do it.” I wanted them to headline, with me going on [before them]. But I don’t think they were comfortable with that, so the night before the announcement we switched the billing. I don’t know what they’re going to do, actually. I was speaking to Damon at the Brits and he was a bit coy, but he said it’s going to be something “unique and special”. I just think it will be one of those nights where people can say they were there.

    How was your night together at the Brits? You shared a table, didn’t you?

    Yeah, we were both guests of War Child. We both got f*cking roaring drunk and told One Direction to f*ck off in unison, which was funny. It turns out that after 20 years of slagging each other off, we’re quite genial fellows. It’s incredible what age and fatherhood does to your head.

    You were first photographed together at the Brits last year. But pictures of the two of you together still cause a bit of a stir, don’t they?

    People go on about it, but when somebody comes over and says, “Can I take a picture?” I don’t particularly think of the consequences of it; I don’t really give a f*ck. We had people coming over to the table and going, “Ooh, fancy seeing you two together,” but I’m too old for all that now. We’ve gone through that; we’re out the other end of it. And you look round at the room of all the ‘bright lights’ of the British music industry and all the flavours of the month and the hot new sh*t of the moment, and you think, “We had something different.”

    There was use of the word ‘boring’ in the context of the Brits this year.

    I think the Brits has now reached a tipping point. Something needs to be done. It’s a sh*t thing for a middle-aged man to say – “Well, it’s not as good as it was in my day” – but, you know, I’m still switched on enough to think, “It was better.” The best album category in 1996 was The Verve, Oasis, Blur and Radiohead or something [it was actually Blur, Pulp, Radiohead and Paul Weller]. And you look at the best now. Paloma Faith? Do me a favour. Who’s f*cking decided she’s a star? Emeli Sande? That is f*cking music for grannies. I don’t get it. And then you have the other side of the coin: One Direction. Prancing up and down singing a Blondie song and getting an award for it. Nice lads though they might be, f*ck off. Which is exactly what we told them. It’s turning into the grand finale of The X Factor, which is exactly what Simon Cowell wants.

    And here’s another thing: I must have been asked to write songs for people about 20 times. “Hey man, we should write some songs together.” F*cking write your own songs. I spent 46 years busting my arse to get here, slaving over a line in a song for a month. So no, I won’t f*cking write a song with you, you little prick. F*ck off! It just annoys me.

    What about you, Damon and Graham, though? Might you do something together on the night you’re playing together?

    We talked about it. I spoke with Graham about it. I talked with Damon about it at the Brits, but to be frank we were plastered and I forgot what was said. I think it was a case of, “We’ll just work it out on the night.” I’m easy. I can see us all on stage at some point, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. There’s plenty of sh*t for people get their teeth into.

    You’ve played with most of the other acts at some stage. Will you be joining in on any of the other nights?

    Weller’s asked me to get up. Actually, I’ll rephrase that: Weller’s told me I’m getting up. To be honest, nearly everybody’s asked me to go on with them. Ryan Adams is mithering for me to get up. I’ve got to introduce every band, every night. And no doubt there’ll be a guitar knocking around, so you never know. And on my night, as well as Damon and Graham, there’s Gruff Rhys from the Super Furry Animals, so hopefully there might be a bit of We Are The World at the end

    What about the comedy night with Russell Brand? What’s this about him playing an answerphone message you left him at his shows?

    That was after he brought the Olympics to a shocking close with his rendition of I Am The Walrus. “A junkie in a top hat, on a bus, murdering the Beatles – hmm.” The message went along those lines. But he’s been [playing it to the audience] on his world tour. His night is an improvised thing with Noel Fielding called ‘The Goth Detectives’. And me, Russell and Matt [Morgan, Brand’s writing partner] are doing a three-hour radio show on Xfm the Friday before it starts, which is just going to be music with me and Matt destroying Russell’s Hollywood persona in between.

    How is Russell? We had him on our cover recently, posing as Jesus…

    Yeah, all that’s becoming tedious now, isn’t it? Hare Krishna this, f*cking Jesus malarkey that. And all the yoga. He’s mithering me for all sorts of sh*t. I’m doing a TV show with him on Thursday night. He’s got an American TV show called Brand X – the ratings must be going through the floor, so they’ve asked me to do it live from London. But last time I saw him, he was looking good. He’s behaving like an Englishman in LA: in other words like a ludicrous buffoon.

    Finally, there’s your own set. Will you be doing any new songs?

    I might do one brand new one, and then I’m doing one or two solo ones I’ve never done before live. And a couple of Oasis tunes I’ve never done before. These nights at the Albert are special, so you’ve got to do something different. I did 11 gigs in London last year, all told, so I can’t do the same set again.

    And then are you done for this year?

    Yeah, I’m not doing anything for a while. It’s been nice rehearsing knowing there’s just one gig, rather than another year on the road. I’m not ready for that yet. It’ll probably be next year when I start doing sh*t again, I guess. To be perfectly honest, I’ve just ordered some beautiful garden furniture and I intend on sitting in it all summer.


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