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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Porsha confronts Kandi but then runs off when Kandi shows her who's boss.


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  • 01/18/17--20:56: Reign final season promo

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    This show has always been of questionable quality, but it was usually entertaining (except for season 2). I'll miss it when it's gone.

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    Alanis Morissette's business manager has admitted to wire fraud and filing false tax returns for failing to report more than $6.5 million that he stole from his celebrity clients and will plead guilty to the charges, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday.

    As part of a plea deal, Jonathan Todd Schwartz admitted that he stole the money - including $4.8 million from Morissette alone - between May 2010 and January 2014. The additional $1.7 million was stolen from two other clients who were not named.

    When confronted about the theft, prosecutors said, Schwartz lied and claimed that he had invested it in an illegal marijuana-growing business on Morissette's instructions.

    Morissette sued Schwartz in civil court last year but dropped the lawsuit. He had been facing up to 23 years in federal prison, but his plea deal calls for a sentence of four to six years.


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    Mods, this is a new trailer just released today with new scenes.

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  • 01/19/17--06:30: Logan | Trailer 2
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    The cougar-themed 400th episode of SVU aptly titled "Motherly Love" (lol) will air on February 8th (so in a couple of weeks, there's a small hiatus).

    Also, here's a cute BTS pic of our underused faves:

    youtube, twitter

    ONTD, did you watch last night's Trump/Cosby/Berlusconi episode? It was pretty decent imo. Bob Gunton slayed. And Barba was back!

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    Van Jones brought his insight onto Conan. He discusses the problems with the election, how he knew Trump would win, & how he saw more drugs done at Yale than any black community.

    Van has constructive criticism for Democrats, namely: "You never win the championship criticizing the other team." Says that we need to stop calling each other names, because that just pushes people away.

    Van saw more drugs being done at Yale University than he ever saw in any black community, but those kids never went to prison.

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    - when you flop faves hit a follower milestone, they post a screenshot of some smarmy message of gratitude they mindlessly wrote on apple notes while sitting on the toilet
    - however, when the the mogul-supermodel-megastar broke 11 million, she not only expressed her appreciation for her followers but also gave them a reason to be grateful — by writing "11 m" on her chest and clutching her breasts for a racy instagram shot
    - the striking black-and-white photo is just one of the many reasons why ontd loves rita

    source / source2

    how many instagram followers do you have??

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    Tonight was one of the most flop award shows! Let's see who won what. Joel McHale hosted btw.

    Favorite Movie - FINDING DORY
    Favorite Movie Actress - JENNIFER LAWRENCE
    Favorite Movie Actor - RYAN REYNOLDS
    Favorite Family Movie - FINDING DORY
    Favorite Thriller Movie - THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN

    Favorite Action Movie Actress - MARGOT ROBBIE
    Favorite Action Movie Actor - ROBERT DOWNEY JR
    Favorite Action Movie - DEADPOOL

    Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor - TOM HANKS
    Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress - BLAKE LIVELY (LMFAO, FOR WHAT!?!?)
    Favorite Dramatic Movie - ME BEFORE YOU

    Favorite Comedic Movie Actor - KEVIN HART
    Favorite Comedic Movie Actress - MELISSA MCCARTHY
    Favorite Comedic Movie - BAD MOMS

    Favorite Female Artist - BRITNEY SPEARS
    Favorite Male Artist - JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
    Favorite Group - FIFTH HARMONY

    Favorite Breakout Artist - NIALL HORAN
    Favorite Pop Artist - BRITNEY SPEARS
    Favorite Hip Hop Artist - G EAZY
    Favorite R&B Artist - RIHANNA

    Favorite Album - BLAKE SHELTON's "IF I'm HONEST"
    Favorite Song of the Year - JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's "CAN'T STOP the FEELING!!!!"

    Favorite TV Show - OUTLANDER
    Favorite Animated TV Show - THE SIMPSONS

    Favorite New TV Drama - THIS IS US
    Favorite TV Drama Actress - PRIYANKA CHOPRA
    Favorite Dramatic TV Actor - JUSTIN CHAMBERS
    Favorite Network TV Drama - GREY's ANATOMY
    Favorite Cable TV Drama - BATES MOTEL
    Favorite Premium Drama Series - ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK

    Favorite Cable TV Actress - VERA FARMIGA
    Favorite Cable TV Actor - FREDDIE HIGHMORE

    Favorite Premium Series Actor - DWAYNE JOHNSON
    Favorite Premium Series Actress - SARAH JESSICA PARKER

    Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor - SAM HEUGHAN
    Favorite Actress in a SciFi/Fantasy TV Show - CAITRIONA BALFE
    Favorite Cable SciFi/Fantasy TV Show - THE WALKING DEAD
    Favorite Network SciFi/Fantasy Show - SUPERNATURAL
    Favorite Premium SciFi/Fantasy Show - OUTLANDER

    Favorite Network TV Comedy - BIG BANG THEORY
    Favorite Comedy TV Actress - SOFIA VERGARA
    Favorite Cable TV Comedy - BABY DADDY
    Favorite TV Comedy Actor - JIM PARSONS
    Favorite Premium Comedy Series - FULLER HOUSE
    Favorite New TV Comedy Series - MAN WITH A PLAN

    Favorite TV Crime Actor - MARK HARMON
    Favorite TV Crime Actress - JENNIFER LOPEZ
    Favorite TV Crime Drama - CRIMINAL MINDS


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    - Career nobody and world #117 Denis Istomin beat #2 Novak Djokovic 7-6 (8); 5-7; 2-6; 7-6(5); 6-4 in the second round of the Australian Open.
    - Six-time Aus Open champion, twelve-time Grand Slam winner, and favorite for the title Djokovic hasn't lost in a GS R2 since 2008
    - Novak hasn't ever lost to a player outside top 100 at a Grand Slam
    - One of the biggest mens tennis upsets
    - Bottom half of the draw is now wide open for Nadal, Dimitrov, Raonic, and even bloody Gasquet


    Who are you rooting for?

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    In a move attempting to mirror Trump's success (ugh) in the States, Kevin O'Leary, an entrepreneur known for Dragon's Den (Canada) and Shark Tank (US), is trying to be the next reality TV star to enter politics. After months of speculation, O'Leary entered the race to become the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. (For Americans, Stephen Harper, our last Prime Minister, was the last leader of the CPC and now the party is holding an election for a new leader. Generally to be the Prime Minister of Canada, you must be the leader of the party that gets elected with the most seats in Parliament*.) He chose to enter the leadership race immediately after the French language debate was held, presumably because of his lack of French speaking-skills. "The 13 other candidates — many of whom, like O'Leary, aren't bilingual — were forced to answer eight questions entirely in French at an event where no translation was provided."
    Like Trump, O'Leary has said a variety of controversial things already, such as unions are "evil" and, in a radio interview recently, that Canadians are known as peacekeepers not warriors and “there is nothing proud about being a warrior.”

    Arlene Dickinson, another one of the Dragons on Dragon's Den, who's worked with O'Leary for 7 years, has spoken out about his bid for political leadership, saying:

    "...[O'Leary is] an opportunist. He doesn't do anything that doesn't offer a path to power, fame or fortune — and that should have us all afraid.

    He's the business community's worst spokesperson. Why? Because he represents capitalism in its very worst form — a soulless system that bases decisions solely on dollars and cents, profit and margin"

    Dickinson also writes about the time a group of Nova Scotian kids came on Dragon's Den to pitch for their not-for-profit gardening/salad dressing business and every Dragon gave the kids $10,000, without royalties, except self-professed billionaire O'Leary because there was nothing in it for him.

    The vote for CPC leadership will be held on May 27, 2017.

    *Technically there's more to it, like really it's the person who has the confidence of the house as decided by the Governor General, who's the representative of the Queen, but, yeah, that's the basics.


    So, ONTDers, what do you think about the Trump Effect creeping its way up into Canada?

    Edit: Tried to fix the image as it wasn't showing up

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    “Good Omens” or, more fully, “Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch,” is a comedic take of the coming of the apocalypse. It centers on the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley, who attempt to short-circuit the End Times, and the Antichrist who, because of a mixup at the hospital, is a seemingly normal boy raised by English parents.

    - Based on the 1990 Fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett
    - Targeted for 2018 for a six-episode adaptation with Gaiman as writer and showrunner
    - Pratchett gave his blessing before his passing in 2015
    - BBC Studios, Narrativia, and Blank Corporation will be co-producing for Amazon Prime Video and the BBC
    - Gaiman says, “Almost thirty years ago, Terry Pratchett and I wrote the funniest novel we could about the end of the world, populated with angels and demons, not to mention an eleven-year-old Antichrist, witchfinders and the four horsepeople of the Apocalypse,” Gaiman said in a statement. “It became many people’s favourite book. Three decades later, it’s going to make it to the screen. I can’t think of anyone we’d rather make it with than BBC Studios, and I just wish Sir Terry were alive to see it.”

    One of my most favorite books back in the day, I'm looking forward to this =) I'm glad Gaiman will be working on it as well. With American Gods coming this year and now this, I'm pretty stoked! So, who is your fancast? And how many nipples do you have, ONTD?


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    This week the couples had their first getaway challenge called Love Stinks the guys are blindfolded and tied up while the girls who are also blindfolded have to choose and untie their pick only based on their smell.
    The winners this week
    Andre & Alicia
    Hannah & Tyler
    Kari & Joey

    The Truth Booth

    The Match Up Ceremony

    Total of Correct Matches: Zero it's a blackout
    The tears started falling as these couples had their hearts "broken" and lost $500 000

    The Probability of a Perfect Match

    Looks like they're back to square one

    This mess, I love it
    and holla at Ryan Devlin for always replying to my tweets <3


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  • 01/19/17--07:58: Logan - Trailer #2
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    Describing his upcoming role in "Adolf the Artist", Iwan Rheon commented "[Being typecast] is something I massively have to look out for. But it's a short film. You get offered to play Hitler in a half-hour satirical view of him trying to be an artist and you can't really turn it down. But I think I have to be very wary now of not playing too many baddies."


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    Manning, a former Army intelligence officer, had a 35-year sentence for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks. She had already served six years in prison and will now be released in May.

    source 12345678

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    The end is nigh. The two other viewers left- what did you guys think of the episode?

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    The Harlem rapper posted on Facebook that she “would love to perform at the inauguration” and says the rest of the lineup is not up to par for the historic event.

    Saw the entertainment line for the inauguration it made me very upset. This is an EPIC moment in modern history and it should def be celebrated in style. I would love to perform at the inauguration.


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