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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    J'aime les français, ils sont très amusants pour passer du temps avec.

    After posting this photo to Instagram, the DailyMail reported that the shoot was for Chanel. According to her manager, she also had a fitting at Dior. Paris ~officially~ declared her modeling/acting career last year on Instagram and followed it up w/a shoot for Flaunt magazine. She was also supposedly talking with Lee Daniels about acting projects.

    Fittings #dressup #paris #fashionweek

    #whenpariscomestoyou ❤️ ...talking talking talking
    sourcesource 2source 3source 4source 5

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    Amber seems to have her eyes on 45-year-old billionaire Elon Musk.

    The actress, who's been rumored dating billionaire Elon Musk, is reportedly now "smitten" with him.

    The source says: “They are already planning a lot of adventures together and she’s relieved she can move on with her life. It’s an exciting new chapter for both of them,”

    Heard and Musk met back in 2013 after the two worked together on the film Machete Kills.


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  • 01/18/17--13:26: Sir Patrick Stewart is Poop

  • Sony officially announced that acclaimed Shakespearian actor Sir Patrick Stewart will lend his talents as a cartoon piece of poop in the upcoming film 'Emojis'.


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    zayn apparently filmed a cameo for ocean's 8 yesterday

    hailey baldwin was also there. apparently they are recreating the met gala so a bunch of celebs are making cameos, including kim kardashian and kendall jenner.

    he also got papped earlier in the day, revealing he got a new tattoo on his left knuckles reading 'love':

    and the night before he went out with some friends:

    source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    who else would you like to see cameo in ocean's eight, ontd?

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    Footage from the making of the upcoming film A Dog's Purpose was recently obtained by TMZ. The above video shows an animal trainer on set trying to force a scared and very unwilling German Shepherd into a tank of turbulent rushing water for a scene. The person filming the clip keeps mentioning that the water is warm (though this was filmed outside in November in Manitoba so it's still probably not a pleasant experience) but clearly the dog is freaked out and not having any of it. Once the dog finally gets into the tank he ends up completely submerged against the currents and crew start frantically trying to reach the dog as they're yelling to cut the scene.

    Since the footage released today many are accusing the director of cruelty to animals as well as drawing comparisons to the 1986 film The Adventures of Milo and Otis which filming allegedly resulted in the deaths of an undisclosed amount of puppies and kittens.

    Amblin and Universal have since issued a statement that they have seen the footage and are investigating the incident.

    Source 1 and 2

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    -Centers around one of Mexico's most influential families
    -There will be 8 one hour long episodes and Gael will direct one of them
    -Filming will start in the first half of this year
    -Part of Fox Networks Group Latin America


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    The Graduate

    About: Ben has recently graduated from college, with his parents now expecting great things from him. At his "Homecoming" party, Mrs. Robinson, the wife of his father's business partner, has Ben drive her home, which leads to an affair between the two. The affair eventually ends, but comes back to haunt him when he finds himself falling for Elaine, Mrs. Robinson's daughter.


    Sunset Boulevard

    About: In Hollywood of the 50's, the obscure screenplay writer Joe Gillis is not able to sell his work to the studios, is full of debts and is thinking in returning to his hometown to work in an office. While trying to escape from his creditors, he has a flat tire and parks his car in a decadent mansion in Sunset Boulevard. He meets the owner and former silent-movie star Norma Desmond, who lives alone wit her butler and driver Max von Mayerling. Norma is demented and believes she will return to the cinema industry, and is protected and isolated from the world by Max, who was his director and husband in the past and still loves her. Norma proposes Joe to move to the mansion and help her in writing a screenplay for her comeback to the cinema, and the small-time writer becomes her lover and gigolo. When Joe falls in love for the young aspirant writer Betty Schaefer, Norma becomes jealous and completely insane and her madness leads to a tragic end.


    Y Tu Mamá También

    About: Julio and Tenoch are two teens ruled by raging hormonesand a mission to consume exotic substances. But one summer, the boys learn more about life than they bargain for when they set off on a wild, cross-country road trip with seductive, 28-year-old Luisa. Both boys taste forbidden fruit as Luisa schools them in the finer points of passion, but will their mutual desire for her destroy their friendship forever?


    How Stella Got Her Groove Back

    About: Stella is a highly successful, forty-something San Francisco stock broker who is persuaded by her colorful New York girlfriend Delilah to take a well deserved, first-class vacation to Jamaica. As she soaks in the beauty of the island, she encounters a strapping, young islander, Winston Shakespeare. His pursuits for her turn into a hot and steamy romance that forces Stella to take personal inventory of her life and try to find a balance between her desire for love and companionship, and the responsibilities of mother and corporate executive.


    The Piano Teacher

    About: Erika Kohut is a pianist, teaching music. Schubert and Schumann are her forte, but she's not quite at concert level. She's approaching middle age, living with her mother who is domineering then submissive; Erika is a victim then combative. With her students she is severe. She visits a sex shop to watch DVDs; she walks a drive-in theater to stare at couples having sex. Walter is a self-assured student with some musical talent; he auditions for her class and is forthright in his attraction to her. She responds coldly then demands he let her lead. Next she changes the game with a letter, inviting him into her fantasies. How will he respond; how does sex have power over our other faculties?


    What's your favorite movie with a "big" age gap??

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    Could the beloved NBC sitcom THE OFFICE be returning??

    Well, Steve Carell (aka Michael Scott/Michael Scarn/Michael Klump) tweeted this out earlier today:

    He later tweets:

    In which the world reacted:

    sources: 1234


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    -It will once again be based off a book by Jeff Toobin (who wrote the book that the OJ season was based off of). A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President frames it all as a legal thriller surrounding Paula Jones, Kenneth Starr, and Monica Lewinsky.

    -The second season of the award winning show will focus on Katrina but will not air until 2018

    -The Versace murder case will follow soon after as it seems like the two seasons are in production at the same time

    -Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are executive producing, and the showrunners from the first season aren't coming back so keep those expectations very low as Murphy will most likely end up pissing away all the good will that came from the first season


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    Haven't actually seen it yet, but feel free to discuss.

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  • 01/18/17--16:59: Tabloid Cover Wednesday
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    • When it comes to be a wife and mother, the 31 year old actress said: “I’ve never been excited by anything more in my life. And ready.”

    • About her upcoming wedding with the recently divorced (and her baby daddy) Thomas Sadoski: "I don’t want to be the centre of attention. I get to go to premieres and get dressed up all the time. I went to the Met Gala last year in a wedding gown designed by Riccardo Tisci; I’ve played a bride a billion times.”

    • She has previously expressed her wish of a less traditional ceremony by stating that she won't wear a white dress: "I got married so many times in my life — onscreen! I don’t want a white dress! I’ve worn so many of them. You know what I mean? The fact is, that kind of stuff is less about the ceremony and more about the commitment”


    Are you ready to get married and have babies, ONTD? Do you want to be the center of attentions in your wedding? Do you think Amanda's wedding will last considering the shady ways in which her relationship started? TYFYA!

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    Source: 1 + 2

    Mods, if you could please post this by 9 pm EST that would be wonderful

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    • Arrived at the set of 'Fargo' season 3 before the rest of the cast because the dialect coach was there and he needed him since the southern accent was the hardest he have ever done. "And I’ve done Dutch once!” he added after mentioning that he doesn't know if it's harder for him as a non-american.

    • It was not the first time he struggled with an accent, he also had a rough time trying to master his French accent in order to voice Lumière in the new 'Beauty and the Beast' live action movie. (yeah, we noticed, sis)


    What do you think of Ewan's accent skills, ONTD? Are you excited/worried about 'Fargo' S3 and/or 'Beauty and the Beast'? TYFYA!

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    - She agreed to perform but wanted to keep it a secret out of fear of backlash.
    - She was supposed to perform with three other unknowns but two declined the offer
    - Questlove offered to pay her not to perform.


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    • Good evening, America. It has recently come to my attention that Chloe Sevigny and her boyfriend have put on a PDA show in New York and the paps managed to capture the lovebirds not being able to keep their hands off each other.

    • You can see the duo seving tongue and butt-grabbing pics @ the source.


    Are you up for a PDA wank post, ONTD? Are you into it? Or do you despise people who practice it? TYFYA!

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    Walking Dead executive producer Gale Ann Hurd acknowledged that producers toned down the violence in episodes of the show that had not yet been filmed due to the negative response of fans to the season premiere, in which fan favorites Glenn and Abraham were graphically beaten to death with a baseball bat.

    Speaking at a conference of the National Association of Television Program Executives on Wednesday, Hurd said “We were able to look at the feedback on the level of violence. We did tone it down for episodes we were still filming for later on in the season.”

    She added "This is not a show that is torture porn” and that after the response to the premiere, they gave strong consideration to making sure "we don't cross that line".

    OP's note: Only the final five episodes of the season - which have not yet aired - had yet to be filmed when the premiere aired in September.


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    1. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia available May 19 [Nintendo 3DS]

    2. Fire Emblem Warriors available Fall 2017 [Nintendo Swtch + Nintendo 3DS]

    3. Untitled Fire Emblem game available in 2018 [Nintendo Switch]

    4. Fire Emblem Heroes available February 2 [Android, later on iOS]


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    • But no matter how successful I was, how much self-improvement was made, or how aware I was that stereotypes are not facts, there were times I thoroughly believed that no one wanted anything to do with me. I told myself that it was all a lie, but the structural emasculation of Asian men in all forms of media became a self-fulfilling prophecy that produced an actual abhorrence to Asian men in the real world.

    • That’s why this Steve Harvey episode is so upsetting. He speaks openly about issues facing the black community, he is a man of God, and he has a huge platform to speak from. Unfortunately, he’s also the type of guy who orders Krug champagne for himself and Cook’s for every one else. For his own personal profit, he’s willing to perpetuate the emasculation of Asian men regardless of how hypocritical it is. He isn’t the only one doing this in 2017, but as I told myself on New Year’s, I’m not drinking anymore of this Cook’s they’re trying to pour, and neither should you.

    Sources 1,2, 3, 4

    the ep was boring :(

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