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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Bella Hadid has unfollowed Selena on IG after pics of her making out with the Weeknd came out. It's not one of those "she wasn't following her in the first place" instances, as you can see below that she was. She's still following her ex, Weeknd.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    You can check to see that she stopped following her.

    src: 1 2
    Do you think Bella will actually retaliate in any way *Cough* Justin ?

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    • Bjorn slept with Astrid as a way of proving a point to his mom. She never shared her idea of taking Kattegat, but now he's stuck with the consequences of it. So sleeping with Astrid was him sending a message that he's not going to just silently obey her, he's going to take what he wants.

    • Lagertha knows she's in danger from the Ragnarssons, which is why she is trying to find allies among them. She's reaching out to Ubbe because he seems the most like Ragnar and Lagertha hopes that he won't be like Ivar and insist on killing her right away. She's sort of fatalistic about it and accepts her fate, but she's still trying to be a good Queen in the meantime.

    • On the negative fan reaction to Lagertha shooting Aslaug in the back: "If you’re brought up on Westerns, you don’t shoot someone in the back. It’s just the unwritten code, you know? And they’re applying it to the Viking period."

    • It's true that Lagertha didn't have to kill Aslaug, but she did it because pride was a huge thing in Viking culture and for the sake of Lagertha's pride, she couldn't let Aslaug walk away after everything she did to Lagertha. Aslaug had to die because of all the humiliation and hurt she'd heaped on Lagertha.

    • There's going to be an amazing pay off in episode 19 and 20 from everything they've built up now.

    • Apparently, History and MGM sometimes ask Hirst to cut down on the Saxon plotlines a bit and have more Viking stuff; Hirst doesn't listen to them.

    • Hirst writes Judith as a sort of prototype feminist and he's really proud of the lines where she tells off her father.

    • Floki is trying to figure out who he is.

    • Rollo is still a part of the show, we haven't seen the last of him.

    • We shouldn't forget about Harald's vow to become King of Norway.

    Source: Video + Interview

    please ignore the previous submission, I forgot to add tags, sorry about that!

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  • 01/12/17--09:43: The Weekend - Party Monster

    - hot on the heels of his new romance with Selena, the Weeknd has released the video for his single party monster
    - does not feature Selena though there is a clip of the other Selena


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  • 01/12/17--09:54: ONTD Roundup
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    1. J. M. Barrie, creator of Peter Pan

    Someone close to the author once said of him, "I don't believe that Uncle Jim ever experienced what one might call 'a stirring in the undergrowth' for anyone—man, woman, or child. He was an innocent—which is why he could write Peter Pan." This came as a response to suspicions that the author was a pedophile from Nico Davies, one of the many young boys he liked to associate with.

    2. Edward Gorey, picture book author

    The writer who did illustrated books such as The Gashlycrumb Tinies & The Doubtful Guest attributed the sexlessness of his works to his asexuality. He never married and had little interest in romance.

    3. Paula Poundstone, author of There is Nothing In This Book That I Meant To Say

    Though she had been charged with three counts of lewd acts upon children under 14 for alleged actions against her three adoptive and two foster children, comedian Poundstone maintained that the allegations were not true. In her own life, Paula Poundstone has identified herself as an asexual.

    4. Keri Hulme, author of The Bone People

    This Booker Prize winner identifies as a aromantic asexual and atheist, a choice of words leading to her "triple A rating."

    5. Morgan Bell, author of Sniggerless Boundulations

    The short story writer also describes herself as "triple A," except hers are Australian, asexual, and atheist.

    Sources: 12345

    the earlier peter pan post inspired this

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    - Women comprised just 7% of all directors working on the 250 highest-grossing domestic releases in 2016, a decline of two percentage points from the level achieved in 2015
    - Women made up 24% of all producers working on the top 250 films of 2016

    source: 1

    what female directed film did you recently watch?

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    Chargers owner Dean Spanos announced the decision in a letter released by the team while informing his staff about the move Thursday morning.

    "After much deliberation, I have made the decision to relocate the Chargers to Los Angeles, beginning with the 2017 NFL season," Spanos wrote. "San Diego has been our home for 56 years. It will always be part of our identity, and my family and I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for the support and passion our fans have shared with us over the years."

    Shortly after the announcement, the Chargers revealed the 30,000-seat StubHub Center on the campus of Cal State Dominguez Hills in Carson will serve as the team's temporary home until the stadium it will share with the Rams in Inglewood is built.

    In November, San Diego voters rejected a ballot measure that would have raised hotel occupancy taxes to help pay for a proposed $1.8 billion downtown stadium project. Ultimately, Spanos, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and other city and county officials failed to agree upon a stadium plan that would have kept the franchise in San Diego.

    The Chargers also revealed a new logo.

    Source 1
    Source 2
    Logo source

    I am so, so devastated right now. I grew up in SD. When I moved away, I rooted for them from across the country. They're basically going to be LA's third home football team. Dean Spanos can go straight to hell. Also, the new logo is ugly af. I hate everything.

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    Kendall published a blog entry on her app saying the following:

    "When I deleted my Instagram back in November, people were saying, 'Kendall deleted her account to have full facial reconstruction.' I think they might have been referencing the day Kylie and I did a livestream for our book. We had to hurry, so I let Ky do my face. I never wear lip liner or lipstick unless it's the occasional obvious red—and when I say never, I mean even when I'm doing a nude lip, it's basically just gloss!

    Anyway, I left all of the makeup on because we were so rushed and I went out and did my thing. I LOVED my makeup. I never say this, but I just felt so pretty. All of a sudden, photos of us came out with headlines like, 'OMG Kendall got her lips done and got full facial reconstruction—look at her cheekbones, look at her nose!' I was like, this is CRAZY. I didn't even address it at the time. Because if I address it, people are going to be like 'Oh, so she's defending herself—she must be guilty.' Kylie saw it all unfold and felt bad, so she went on Snapchat and took the blame.

    It's all so exhausting. As a model, why would I have my face reconstructed? It doesn't even make sense. It's crazy because sometimes I feel like people just want me to lose.

    People forget that they're talking about real people who have real feelings and actually live their everyday lives (for the most part) just like everyone else."


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    Tom is an average teenager whose world is turned on its head when a violent encounter with local thugs leaves fragments of his shattered smartphone embedded in his brain. He wakes from a coma to discover that returning to normal teenage life is impossible because he has developed a strange set of superpowers. With these new powers he sets out to seek revenge on the gang, who also assaulted his best friend Lucy.

    iBoy is a Netflix original film starring Bill Milner, Maisie Williams, Miranda Richardson and Rory Kinnear and is available on Netflix globally from January 27th, 2017.


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    What do you think of Joseph as Michael?

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    The expected trio of Damien Chazelle, Barry Jenkins and Kenneth Lonergan are joined by Garth Davis (Lion) and Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) in the main category. The DGA most commonly goes 4/5 with the Academy's picks, though it's gone lower and higher on occasion.

    Garth Davis was also nominated for Best First Feature, so one expects he's got that prize sewn up, though I'll hold out hope for Kelly Fremon Craig (The Edge of Seventeen). And hey, a consolation prize for Nate Parker; I guess they were feeling generous.

    Elsewhere, we've got the Costume Designer Guild Award nominations:

    Source #1
    Source #2

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    So far, showrunner Marco Ramirez has only revealed the name of her character has been released; Alexandra.
    He also revealed that the 4 "defenders" meet when they arrive separately at the offices of Midland Circle, get trapped in the middle of a corridor and must fight their way past a group of enemies.

    source 1, 2

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    Toddlers are finally being added in a new FREE update after over TWO YEARS of sim fans requesting them. They have their own traits as well.


    Vampires come in a game pack and comes with different vampire-exclusive traits and a new neighborhood, Forgotten Hollow. They can also turn into bats. What kind of vampires will your sims be? Te game pack wil be released January 24th.


    What's going on in your sims' lives, ONTD?

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    Feud: Bette and Joan premieres on March 5th on FX.


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    source: avex

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    Priyanka Chopra gave an interview to BBC (watch here)

    About pay disparity in BOLLYWOOD: "Yes I don’t like the fact I get paid much less than the boys, even though I work as hard as them. Yes I don’t like the fact that the disparity is so massive. But it is a mind-set thing; it is people looking at women differently than boys. Boys are heroes. Girls are heroines but they are not heroes. When you see male actors and the business their films do – I’m talking about India and not America but even like the west is the same – they will make about, you know, $40m or $50m for their films in box office and our films just about touch 10, 15m, I mean female-led films, just a female lead. So when we are able to deliver, when the audience is ready to watch a female led film with a woman on a poster and make it into a $40m film we will get paid for it."

    About whitewashing in HOLLYWOOD: "Whitewashing has nothing to do with just Asians, it has to do with every other race out there as well. Global entertainment needs to see representation of all kinds of races; diversity is the need of the hour. And I’m really glad that that representation has started with me on a TV show. There is no precedent of an Indian actor ever, whether it’s TV or movies, playing lead characters. But you have Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari, Kunal Nayyar there’s so much representation when it comes to South Asian talent that is getting there but yes it will take time to go main stream and people will have to watch it as well."

    sources 12tweet

    Please dial it down sis. Mindy was the star of her own show before you.

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    Ed Sheeran stopped by WKTU's 'Cubby & Carolina In The Morning' to promote his upcoming album today! Sheeran talked about the Mariah Carey drama that went down in Times Square ... And he was clearly 'Team Mariah!'

    Sheeran said, “I feel like that could happen to anyone. That’s happened to me before when the in-ears just didn’t work.” The singer said in defense of her botched performance. “She’s in the middle of Times Square with no monitors. It’s really difficult. You can’t sing in time for that. I know people are watching that and poking fun at her, but that’s a really, really horrible situation to be in. You’re just there, powerless.” He even revealed that this happened to him while he was performing with his BFF Taylor Swift, so at least he didn’t have to deal with that crisis alone.

    MORE at the source http://ktu.iheart.com/onair/cubby-and-carolina-in-the-morning-55161/ed-sheeran-talks-mariah-carey-on-15464342/#ixzz4Va1IqHXC%3C/a

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    • points out how white women voted for him. ('White Women are not sisters. We hate each other.')

    • Anderson's monolouge impressed a lot of people

    • 'No matter who won, most black people didn't expect things to change'.

    source: 1

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    Anyone here still watching the show? Just me then?

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