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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Walter Scott was an unarmed black man who died in April 2015 after he was shot 5 times in the back while fleeing from a South Carolina police officer after a traffic stop. The officer involved, Michael Slager, was charged with murder after a video of the incident was released & contradicted his intial report. Slager originally radioed a dispatcher saying Scott grabbed his Taser; the video shows Scott 15-20 feet away from Slager when the first shot was fired, and show Slager dropping a Taser beside Scott's body.

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    -Julia Roberts is set to play the lead in a new movie about a Southern Californian PTA mom, Kelli Peters, who was framed by an affluent couple for no real or apparent reason
    -The story is based on a 6-part LA Times crime series about the incident (here)
    -The saga has everything: bored housewives, drugs, sex, swedish women, cheaters, cucks, divorce, self-published novels, and police sting operations.
    -Julia is repped by CAA which is shopping the movie around to studios currently
    -No word on who will play the couple found guilty of the setup, Jill and Kent Easter

    source: 1

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    - Kanye's apparently out of hospital and being treated in outpatient
    - They “plan on taking the rest of 2016 off and spending time as a family.”
    - Kanye is stable, and his kids and Kim played a big role in his treatment
    - He's "fine" but needs time to come back to the spotlight/work


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    Out of the longlist of eligible contenders, AMPAS announced a shortlist of 15 feature documentaries. Members will vote on these 15 and on January 24, 2017 they will announce the 5 actual nominees along with the rest of the Oscar nominations.

    Command and Control
    The Eagle Huntress
    Fire at Sea
    Hooligan Sparrow
    I Am Not Your Negro
    The Ivory Game
    Life, Animated
    O.J.: Made in America
    The Witness
    Zero Days


    Favourite documentaries?

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    Basically, Tom was spotted in North London with the following artwork painted on the side of a mailbox:

    Pap Picture at Source

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this.

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    1. Kanye West
    In 2009 when he was promoting his book Thank You And You're Welcome, Kanye said, "Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed. I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book's autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books. I like to get information from doing stuff like actually talking to people and living real life."

    2. Victoria Beckham
    Victoria says she ain't got time for that. "I haven't read a book in my life. I don't have the time. I prefer listening to music, although I do love fashion magazines."

    3. Courtney Stodden
    Stodden set the record straight on whether or not she's writing a book with this: "I don't have a book coming out. That's a rumor. I don't read or write."

    4. Meghan Trainor
    In an interview Meghan said, "I don't read books. I read On the Road in high school, and that was awesome, so I guess that's my favorite book. To Kill a Mockingbird, even though I didn't read it, that's the greatest story. SparkNotes came in when I was in high school, and that was the greatest invention. Reading is too soothing for me: No matter what time of day, if I'm reading a book, I'm going to fall asleep. I wish I read books because they help with talking. I want to say something in a cool way, and I can't think that fast, especially in interviews. And if I get nervous, I stutter. If I read this and it sounds stupid, I'm going to be pissed."

    5. Tomi Lahren
    You might be surprised to learn that Republican troll Tomi Lahren isn't big into reading books. "I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not a reader. I don’t like to read long books. I like to read news. So I couldn’t tell you that there was a book that I read that changed my life."

    sources: 12345

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    Sources:Inside 3x09, Sneak Peak #1

    Merry Midseason Finale Viewing Post, ONTD Flash Fam! 🎁
    (Mods please accept before 8/7c! Thank you!)

     photo ontdflashfamxmas_zpslzo8ezm7.gif

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    - rita ora has once again treated us to a scintillating sexy festive video for the second year in a row
    - in 2015 we got an insanely hot video of rita singing along to jingle bell rock
    - meet the divine miss r, margerita and conceita as the mogul-supermodel-megastar dancing along to the andrews sister's classic 'boogie woogie bugle boy of company b'

    source / source2

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    And it's something, alright...


    ONTD, if you had a calendar, what theme would you pick for the photos? Who would you have shoot it? Why is it not Terry Richardson?

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  • 12/06/16--19:00: Variety's Actors on Actors

  • It’s actors interviewing actors while getting deep (and not so deep) on their struggles, techniques and awards thirst! Some old friends, complete strangers, flawless and trash pairings below the cut.


    Tom Hanks & Viola Davis
    Fences; Sully

    - Tom Hanks kinda overstates TV’s diversity, Viola talks about how limited black roles usually are;
    - Is that how you pronounce biopic? (I had no idea);
    - Viola talks a lot about how playing a character on tv that gets to escape those confines is important to her;
    - Full Video

    Natalie Portman & Michelle Williams
    (aka Jonathan Safran Foer’s loves)
    Manchester By The Sea; Jackie

    - It’s Jackie & Marilyn (they talk about how challenging it was playing these breathy-voiced iconic figures that were so known and present in the larger consciousness);
    - Michelle’s first agent was also an undertaker, they’re very protective of kids they work with;
    - Natalie’s dad wanted her to go to grad school or law school until she was 25, she partially thinks that motivated her to direct something more serious instead of a romantic comedy for example;
    - Full Video

    Amy Adams & Andrew Garfield
    Arrival, Nocturnal Animals; Hacksaw Ridge, Silence

    - Andrew struggled with the whole machinery around Spiderman, Amy in a very polite manner complains about how underdeveloped Lois is in the new Superman movies;
    - Talk about the importance of regret;
    - They gush about Tom Ford & Mel Gibson;
    - Full Video

    Taraji P. Henson & Ryan Reynolds
    Hidden Figures; Deadpool

    - Talk a lot about the movie they did together;
    - Ryan auditioned for the Coen brothers and got turned down, Taraji lost out on Scandal to Kerry Washington;
    - Full Video

    Emma Stone & Molly Shannon
    La La Land; Other People

    - Emma had a signed headshot of Molly on her bedroom wall growing up;
    - Molly gushes about Emma in La La Land, says she identifyed a lot with her character;
    - They talk about difficulties they had when auditioning;
    - Full Video

    Matthew Mcconaughey & Jeff Bridges
    Gold; Hell Or High Water

    - They’re basically the same person, lol
    - Talk about Wooderson (Dazed & Confused) and The Dude (The Big Lebowski), and the specific fans of those roles;
    - Jeff talks about working on Iron Man;
    - Full Video

    Annette Bening & Naomie Harris
    20Th Century Women; Moonlight

    - They both play characters that represent their director’s mothers;
    - Talk about how vulnerable acting can be;
    - Naomie rejects the stereotype of actors as prima donnas, finds it the opposite, actually;
    - Full Video

    Adam Driver & Michael Shannon
    Paterson; Nocturnal Animals

    - They both saw an of Steel & Star Wars as socially relevant films in their own way;
    - Michael wants Jabba the Hut to wear a Donald Trump hat in the next movie;
    - Michael hadn’t watched A Single Man before signing up for NA
    - Full Video

    Casey Affleck & Nicole Kidman
    Manchester By The Sea; Lion

    - Reminisce about To Die For, Nicole says him and Joaquin were their characters, lol;
    - She worked less after getting married and had trouble getting that role;
    - Nicole acted like the character off screen to convince the screenwriter she could play it, flirted with the 64 year old;
    - Full Video

    Greta Gerwig & Mahershala Ali
    20Th Century Women; Moonlight

    - Greta gushes about Moonlight, they spend a lot of time on it;
    - Mahershala talks about the frustration of playing the great, classic roles in grad school (Chekov, Shakespeare, etc), but how those types of roles just aren’t available for black actors once they enter the market;
    - He would love to play more leading man types, Greta talks about surviving on indies only;
    - Full Video

    Dev Patel & Octavia Spencer
    Lion; Hidden Figures

    - Octavia was excited about the possibilities after The Help, but ended up mostly getting maid role offers;
    - She turned to newbie directors after that;
    - Dev says seeing Octavia win meant a lot to him;
    - Full Video

    Hailee Steinfeld & Sally Field
    The Edge Of Seventeen; Hello, My Name Is Doris

    - Both kids from the Valley, got into acting really young; (is Hailee getting Sally’s references? Who knows…)
    - Hailee talks about how she still had to deal with a lot of normal teen drama despite having skipped high school;
    - Sally was very depressed while playing The Flying Nun, and another actress helped her by taking her to the actors studio, which gave her more of a sense of purpose;
    - Full Video

    Hugh Grant & Colin Farrell
    Florence Foster Jenkins; The Lobster

    - Hugh used to be very demanding on set and about every detail involving his movies;
    - Both feel like fatherhood made their work/life better;
    - Prefer smaller films, but understand the need for commerce;
    - Hugh Grant thinks actors shouldn’t forget that they’re there to entertain people, and that sometimes they can disappear up their own asses;
    - Full Video

    Sources: Variety; YouTube: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

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    Lisa Vanderpump: “The crown is heavy, darlings, so just leave it where it belongs.”

    Kyle Richards: “I’m an expert on luxury, and I can always spot a fake.”

    Eileen Davidson: “I speak no evil, but I see and hear everything.”

    Lisa Rinna: “My advice to you: Don’t hustle the hustler.”

    Erika Girardi: “I may be two people, but I’m not two-faced.”

    Dorit Kemsley: “When you travel the world, you can speak in any accent you want.”

    Video @ Source
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    RHOBH returns tonight at 9pm

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    The Chanels are overwhelmed when their TV idol, Dr. Scarlett Lovin visits the hospital; Hester calls a Green Meanie summit as the killer(s) put their final kill plan into effect. (Airs Dec. 13)


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    • Sturgill Simpson's "A Sailor's Guide to Earth" was the outlier in the AOTY nominations, which featured huge commercial successes: 25, Views, Lemonade, and Purpose

    • Sturgill has said that he is humbled by the nomination, but would have liked to see Frank Ocean's "Blonde" nominated instead

    • Frank Ocean decided not to submit any of his work for nominations because of the grammy's shortcomings in honoring black artists

    • Sturgill respects Frank's decision, but thought "Blonde" was "really groundbreaking"

    Source: Twitter

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    Congrats to the beautiful couple

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    10. Carlton Banks - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    6. Samuel 'Screech' Powers - Saved by the Bell
    5. Britta Perry - Community
    3. Toby Flenderson - The Office


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    Honorary Lesbian David Ehrlich's Best 25 Films of 2016


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    Yesterday, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Ray Allen, Maya DiRado, Craig Campbell, and Jim Karol visited troops stationed in Turkey. Today they continued on the USO holiday tour with a visit to an air base in Qatar. Warning: content heavy post.

    source: craig campbell. james garamone. matthew jewell. ashley hatfield. dave starkey. jay estores. fix the exchange. kyle vanyo. chris evans fr.

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    Post reads: Congrats and all to @badgalriri and all for her 8 Grammy nods but tbh fuck them because they snubbed her for Song of the Year and Album of the Year. Like how my nigga!? I think they didn't want her tied or passing someone else *cough cough* 🍋. Cause if they wouldn't have played her she would have been in the lead with most Grammy nods. Fuck u Grammys, ANTI did amazing things this year and y'all played her. I think y'all shook!

    Rihanna liked the above picture on a fanpage and the BeyHive have invaded Rihanna's comments with bee and lemon emojis. Was Rihanna trying to be slick or is the BeyHive doing the most (the answer is always yes)?


    I love a good, quality stan war.

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