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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    • The film is called Tupperware Party, and Gillan is writing, directing, and starring.

    • It's being financed by a new independent outfit called Mt Hollywood Films that is working with women and minorities.

    • It's being filmed in Scotland.


    She's a triple threat! Excited to see this and the other films coming from this production company. 

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    - Emma Watson has a online feminist book club; this month's pick is Maya Angelou's Mom & Me & Mom
    - she's left around 100 copies of the book around various London tube stations with handwritten notes

    Source: BBC
    Source: Emma Watson's Instagram

    what books would you leave for a stranger on public transportation to read ONTD?

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    - No word what she's peforming or if it'll be with another singer

    - Logically it will be Daddy Lessons and maybe she'll sing it with the Dixie Chicks since they had performed a cover of it earlier this year.

    - CMAs air tonight at 8 pm.


    Joanne is slacking - why isn't her neo-country azz performing?

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    Hyde, is the lead singer of the legendary Japanese rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel and the rock band VAMPS. Hyde debuted his Harley Quinn costume at his band VAMPS’ annual Halloween event last weekend in Tokyo and the previous weekend in Kobe, Japan. Vamps kick off their North American tour later this week in San Francisco.

    Cv3Vg48UsAA7RGq.jpg large
    CwGvn_cVIAI1IM5.jpg large
    CwG0GCcVIAAUiOv.jpg large
    Cv3I8F2VMAAbcEI.jpg large
    CvhGpHZUIAAWxvL.jpg large

    swing2 (1)

    VAMPS North American Tour 2016
    Dates + Links:
    Sunday, 11/6 - San Francisco, CA
    Monday, 11/7 - Los Angeles, CA
    Thursday, 11/10 - Mexico City, Mexico
    Sunday, 11/13 - New York, NY
    Monday, 11/14 - Toronto, ON
    Tuesday, 11/15 - Chicago, IL

    Some of the articles at their source:

    Other sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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    Get a good look at the blood, guts and gore of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series in this Best Kills Compilation.


    let's talk about that finale

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    Shaky relationship on the verge of a breakup?

    meekmill DONT ACT LIKE YOU PLAYED APART IN NOTHING I GOT GOING ON WHEN IM DOING MY THING.... BECAUSE MOST LIKELY I HAD A BAG B4 I MET MOST OF YOU INDUSTRY CATS!!! When it was time to crucify me... you couldn't really find nobody speaking on my behalf!!! EXCEPT MY REAL ONES! Everybody remained quiet! Shoutout to the ones that stayed down! THANKYOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT IF YOU ROCKING WIT ME! RIP DADDY I KNOW MY "DAD" and family think I'm the shit! #RIPDAD



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    - They ask Rachel McAddams what would happen if Regina from Mean Girls became Doctor Strange.
    - Bananahamock Gottacatchemall plays Walter White, Ralph Wiggum, Anakin Skywalker, Mario Bros and Willy Wonka (trigger warning for BingoBongo Cocacola's face here tbh)
    - They play 'Character from Doctor Strange or herbal supplement for menapause'?
    - They try to make Benedict Wong laugh.
    - Bumblebee Pringlecock is asked to choose #TeamCap or #TeamIronman?

    Source: Screenjunkies & Benedryl Candycrush

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  • 11/02/16--18:50: The Worst Witch Preview

  • The CBBC's new take on Jill Murphy's book series is set to air in January 2016, first images and clips have been released. Sadly, non-UKers will have to make do with this short preview on youtube, people in the UK can also watch a longer sneak peek on the BBC iPlayer.


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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on hiatus until November 29th. What did everyone think of Ghost Rider's origins? I know it's not going to happen but the mere implication that the Nic Cage Ghost Rider movies might be canon is enough to make the fanboys heads explode.

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    Michaela was blindsided by her alliance, voted out 4-2 over Bret

    Source: TV/CBS

    Please put unaired spoiled discussion under an lj-spoiler cut!

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    Pretty much the entire main cast is in Seville right now (with the exception of Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Isaac Hempstead Wright and Aidan Gillen), Spain right now to film an important scene and all the Spanish fans are stalking them.

    Nikolaj Coster Waldau (Jaime Lannister) and Pilou Asbek (Euron Greyjoy) with a fan.

    A view of the Spanish fans outside the cast's hotel.


    There will be seventeen confirmed characters present at the massive Dragonpit scene in King's Landing that will take place in the Season 7 finale: Queen Cersei Lannister, Ser Jaime Lannister, Qyburn, Ser Gregor Clegane, Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, King Euron Greyjoy, Queen Daenerys Targaryen , Tyrion Lannister, Ser Jorah Mormont, Missandei, Varys, Theon Greyjoy, King Jon Snow, Ser Davos Seaworth, Brienne of Tarth, Podrick Payne and Sandor Clegane.

    once again according to leaks this is what's going on this massive scene with almost the whole cast:

    In the last episode of the season, Jon an Dany have meeting at the Dragonpit to show Cersei the wight/white walker and demonstrate the reality of the white walkers to the South in general. Cersei commands the Mountain to try to chopsup the wight/white walker and it keeps moving. Cersei freaks out and loses it when it tries to kill her. Jon shows them the only way to kill it is with dragonglass or fire. Cersei agrees to send forces to help Jon and the Unsullied to defeat the undead, but admits to Jamie she was lying and wants the undead to thin out as many of her enemies as possible. Jaime doesn't like this, so he abandons Cersei and heads North. After everyone has gone North and Cersei is all alone in King's Landing, at night she wakes up in a bed of blood having suffered a miscarriage and begins to scream.

    Euron essentially says 'FUCK THIS' after seeing the Wight in the Dragonpit. Paraphrased dialogue:

    Euron "Can they swim?"

    Jon "No"

    Euron "Good. I'm going back to Pyke then.

    Also a NEW spoiler is that Cersei will be dealing with the Iron Bank in Season 7

    Tycho Nestoris, played by Mark Gatiss, will make a house call to King’s Landing and warn Queen Cersei that their debt to the Iron Bank is due. Cersei’s way of dealing with the debt will have substantial ramifications in the story.

    according to leaks, the Lannisters raid Highgarden of jewels, gold and money so that is probably how Cersei deals with paying the Iron Bank.


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  • 11/02/16--19:15: Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?

  • OK! Magazine has an exclusive scoop on Taylor's rumored pregnancy w/ their cover today: “[Taylor Swift] Shocker! Pregnant! Who’s The Dad?” According to the magazine’s report, the "Moment I Knew" singer is expecting a baby and dealing with baby daddy problems!

    Apparently she's not sure who it is because she's had so many boyfriends but friends have a hunch that it is Calvin Harris' child.

    Taylor, who has been single for a few days has been recently caught mingling with Drake and is currently recording w/ him.

    “[Taylor Swift] friends aren’t even sure who the father would be, though their money’s on Calvin Harris. The timing fits for a late-summer reunion with him, which could have prompted her to dump Tom [Hiddleston]. That would put her a few months along.”


    what kind of Rosemary's Baby situation... I wonder if she'll copyright the baby.

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    • You can download the song for free if you have a SoundCloud account because these charitable queens love us.

    source / source

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    - franco endorsed clinton for the upcoming election last week. now the actor and filmmaker is back – and this time shirtless – to once again tell us to “vote wisely my fwends”
    - once again spoofing the famous dos equis “most interesting man in the world” campaign, he gives viewers more reasons why hillary clinton is his top pick


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    In a follow-up to this post, the movie Leonardo DiCaprio made for National Geographic, Before The Flood is available in full here for your viewing pleasure.
    So gather round with your organically sourced vodka in your BPA-free tumblers made of sustainabily harvested bamboo and using your tiny ecological footprint power up that solar generator and watch by the oxygen-reduced camp-side fire app on your new MacBook Pro that you needed a dongle to hook up to your iPhone7's AT&T coverage.

    About this great achievement (taken directly from YT because it is apt):
    Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens, captures a three-year personal journey alongside Academy Award-winning actor and U.N. Messenger of Peace (when did this happen? receipts?) Leonardo DiCaprio as he interviews individuals from every facet of society in both developing and developed nations who provide unique, impassioned and pragmatic views on what must be done today and in the future to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet.

    Also do your part by using the hastag #BeforeTheFlood across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram between October 24 – November 18, and 21st Century Fox and National Geographic will together donate $1 to Pristine Seas and $1 to the Wildlife Conservation Society, up to $50,000 to each organization. (which I mean that is not enough but whatever do it anyhow)

    Source: YT

    This message brought to you by Volt, better than a Prius obviously.
    In other news The Great Barrier Reef has collapsed. #RIPGaia.

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     photo zaynmalik1.jpg

    Zayn Malik has strongly hinted in his latest interview that he did NOT write the statement released when leaving 1D. When the statement was read to him, he had this to say:

    I’m going to ask you a question now — do you think I wrote that? Like, look how it’s worded. I’m not a 35-year-old lawyer. I don’t write like that,

    Also in the interview he says:

    1. How he and Gigi met at the Victoria's Secret party last year and NOT at Kylie Jenner's birthday party like the media initially reported.
    2. How the majority of fights he got in as a kid were due to race.
    3. How he believes racism is formed from an older time period and the way someone was brought up.
    4. He talks about his loving parents
    5. He was brought up feminist
    6. Says his lack of eating was due to lifestyle of 1D.

    "ZAYN" the new book that promised fans to give an inside look at the #Real Zayn, has had excerpts leaking all over the internet. In one part, Zayn discusses his enormous respect for women.

    "I've been accused of misogyny in the past, for relationship stuff that's been twisted in the press and for bullshit that gets said, and that gets to me because I've always had a huge amount of respect for women."

    1. He wishes for more women to be in powerful positions.
    2. Says women in both his professional and personal life will agree he has nothing but respect for women.
    3. Women in his life have their emotional lives sorted in ways men don't.
    4. Finds the macho world of male aggression and insecurity to be difficult.
    5. Is more drawn to the company of women than men.

    Leaks of Zayn allegedly sketching Perrie and lyrics for his song "It's You"

    New leaked personal photos of Zayn's graffiti art on his property.


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    Wednesday, Dec. 14:

    8:00-9:00 PM EMPIRE (Fall Finale)

    9:00-10:00 PM STAR (Special Premiere)

    Sunday, Jan. 1:


    8:00-8:30 PM THE MICK (Special Premiere)

    8:30-9:00 PM BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (Winter Finale, Pt. 1)

    9:00-9:30 PM BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (Winter Finale, Pt. 2)

    9:30-10:00 PM FAMILY GUY (encore)

    Tuesdays, beginning Jan. 3:

    8:00-8:31 PM NEW GIRL (Time Period Premiere)

    8:31-9:01 PM THE MICK (Time Period Premiere)

    9:01-10:00 PM BONES: THE FINAL CHAPTER (Season Premiere)

    Wednesdays, beginning Jan. 4:

    8:00-9:01 PM LETHAL WEAPON

    9:01-10:00 PM STAR (Time Period Premiere)

    Thursday, Jan. 5:

    8:00-10:00 PM HELL’S KITCHEN (special two-hour episode)

    Fridays, beginning Jan. 6:

    8:00-9:00 PM ROSEWOOD (Time Period Premiere)

    9:00-10:00 PM SLEEPY HOLLOW (Season Premiere)

    Thursdays, beginning Jan. 12:

    8:00-9:01 PM HELL’S KITCHEN (Time Period Premiere)

    9:01-10:00 PM MY KITCHEN RULES (Series Premiere)

    Sunday, Feb. 5

    10:00-11:00 PM ET/ 24: LEGACY (Series Premiere, Part One)

    7:00-8:00 PM PT

    Mondays, beginning Feb. 6

    8:00-9:01 PM 24: LEGACY (Series Premiere, Part Two)

    9:01-10:00 PM APB (Series Premiere)

    Thursdays, beginning Feb. 9

    8:00-9:01 PM MASTERCHEF JUNIOR (Season Premiere)

    9:01-10:00 PM MY KITCHEN RULES


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    The Skin I Live In

    The Skin I Live In (2011)

    Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

    About: In honor of his late wife who died in a flaming car accident, scientist, Dr. Robert Ledgard, is trying to synthesize the perfect skin which can withstand burns, cuts or any other kind of damage. As he gets closer to perfecting this skin on his flawless patient, the scientific community starts growing skeptical and his past is revealed that shows how his patient is closely linked to tragic events he would like to forget.

    Black Swan

    Black Swan (2010)

    Genre: Drama, Thriller

    About: A committed dancer wins the lead role in a production of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" only to find herself struggling to maintain her sanity.


    Dogtooth (2009)

    Genre: Drama, Thriller

    About: Three teenagers live isolated, without leaving their house, because their over-protective parents say they can only leave when their dogtooth falls out.


    Cube (1997)

    Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

    About: Six different people, each from a very different walk of life, awaken to find themselves inside a giant cube with thousands of possible rooms. Each has a skill that becomes clear when they must band together to get out: a cop, a math whiz, a building designer, a doctor, an escape master, and a disabled man. Each plays a part in their thrilling quest to find answers as to why they've been imprisoned.

    Being John Malkovich

    Being John Malkovich (1999)

    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

    About: A puppeteer discovers a portal that leads literally into the head of movie star John Malkovich.


    What movie ''fucked'' with your mind????

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    do u post selfies when u r thirsty for attention, ontd?

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