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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    - In Cheban's six years of living in his apartment, he's never used the kitchen
    - His favorite Kardashian aside from Kim is Kourtney
    - Also really likes Blac Chyna because they're both foodies
    - To get the perfect picture or Snapchat, sometimes he'll make waiters come back and bring his food "with more enthusiasm"
    - Only sees Kim once or twice a month, and mostly while filming
    - "I feel like the 'Jonathan Cheban is Kim Kardashian's BFF' title is so dated. That was my thing years ago. But that’s not really what I'm known for anymore."
    - Got the nickname Foodgōd from Kanye
    - Visits "a dermatologist who uses a machine that works out abdominal muscles"
    - "There's a network of top doctors that normal people don’t know about. That's just the perks of being famous, because you get first access to special places like this."


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    -Melanie Field (right) will play the HBIC Heather
    -Brendan Scannell (middle) will play Heath(er) Duke
    -Jasmine Matthews (left) will play boring Heather

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    • Bumdiddily Candysnatch, who is neither reptilian nor our future overlord, admits that he doesn't know how to use social media

    • In a charming display of self-deprecation, he confesses he would go over the character limit and wouldn't be able to produce a purposeful pattern of human "colloquial speech"

    • Finds the idea of social media just as toxic and hard to handle as the sulfuric acid rain on Kalliope I


    Do you plan on seeing Doctor Strange?

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    SURVIVAL — When the Legends discover a time aberration in 1863, they find themselves fighting for survival during the Civil War with Confederate soldiers who have been turned into zombies. With the Civil War outcome hanging in the balance, Jax (Franz Drameh) must participate in a daring mission by going to a slave plantation with Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). Meanwhile, Sara (Caity Lotz) begins to feel the burden of the decisions she has to make as the leader, and Ray (Brandon Routh) struggles to find his purpose on the team. Victor Garber, Dominic Purcell and Nick Zano also star. Michael Allowitz directed the episode written by Marc Guggenheim & Ray Utarnachitt (#204). Original airdate 11/03/2016.

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  • 10/27/16--19:16: Supernatural 12x04 promo

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    "Is this still on?", "I stopped watching years ago lol", "beatingdeadhorse.gif", etc.

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    Milauna Jackson sits down with TV Fanatic and talks about her character ADA Rene Atwood, who has this season been butting heads with Annalise Keaton and sleeping with Annalise's ex Nate Lahey:

    What was it like to go head-to-head with Viola Davis’ ‘Annalise?'
    Initially it was intimidating. The Annalise character alone is a force. But after I overheard Viola speaking about how it is okay to be humble, but as artists we also must recognize when we deserve it. That encouraged me to see beyond the allure. I did the prep work and I wanted to showcase it. As a result, we really began to play. She is such a giving actress and I appreciate her.

    How will Annalise react to Rene bedding Nate?

    As if Renee needed to give AK any other reason to despise her! Annalise probably would never let Renee see her sweat. She broke up with Nate and because of his investigative work in the parking garage, we connected. So technically, she should not be upset. All is fair in love and war. Right? Cheers to that.

    How long will Rene be sticking around?
    I think the audience enjoys seeing Annalise squaring off with Renee, so that will be explored for more episodes. But only Pete Nowalk and the Shondaland fairies know that answer for sure.

    How do you like/dislike ADA Atwood so far and are you still sad about Bonnie and Frank?

    Viewing/Discussion post - S3E6: Is Somebody Really Dead?


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    • David Leitch is the current favorite to direct the Deadpool sequel after Tim Miller's exit

    • Previously made "John Wick", "The Coldest City"

    • Was involved in script process

    • Still looking for actress for female lead Domino (Lizzy Caplan, Sienna Miller, Mackenzie Davis among being considered)


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    Gibson spoke with Variety Awards Editor Kristopher Tapley about his newest project “Hacksaw Ridge.” While on the show, he opened up about his July 2006 DUI arrest in Malibu.
    mel gibson arrest jpg?w=670&h=377&crop=1

    “It was an unfortunate incident,” he said. “I was loaded and angry and arrested. I was recorded illegally by an unscrupulous police officer who was never prosecuted for that crime. And then it was made public by him for profit, and by members of — we’ll call it the press. So, not fair. I guess as who I am, I’m not allowed to have a nervous breakdown, ever.”

    The “Passion of the Christ” director acknowledged that he had already apologized for the behavior and that people should move on from the incident.

    “…for me it’s a dim thing in the past. But others bring it up, which kind of I find annoying, because I don’t understand why after 10 years it’s any kind of issue. Surely if I was really what they say I was, some kind of hater, there’d be evidence of actions somewhere. There never has been,” he added. “I’ve never discriminated against anyone or done anything that sort of supports that reputation. And for one episode in the back of a police car on eight double tequilas to sort of dictate all the work, life’s work and beliefs and everything else that I have and maintain for my life is really unfair.”


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  • 10/28/16--10:46: Pitch 1x06 Promo
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    “That is the only sequel that I’m considering doing, and it’s because first of all the story is so amazing—much better than the original film, and I loved and loved the original film—and second of all, it’s a sequel that’s a prequel.”


    Collider is guessing that means the film will take place on Cage's first day meeting Rita as the new timeline goes terribly wrong.

    This OP thinks the timeline somehow goes wrong and Cage gets shoved to Rita's Full Metal Bitch era and BOTH will have the power to restart the timeline.


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  • 10/28/16--10:47: ONTD Roundup
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    Courtney Stodden did a photoshoot in clown makeup that left little to the imagination.

    She also did a video as the clown.


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  • 10/28/16--11:37: Grey's Anatomy 13x07 Promo

  • "Why Try to Change Me Now" - The arrival of a new consultant puts all of the doctors on edge, especially once she starts stepping on toes in the OR. Amelia and Owen bring their personal problems into the hospital, while April explores some uncharted territory, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Thursday, November 3rd on ABC.


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    Lady Gaga wrapped up her promotional Bud Light Dive Bar Tour on Thursday night at The Satellite in Los Angeles. She hit the stage to perform songs from her week-old album Joanne, which is expected to debut at no. 1 on next week's Billboard 200 chart.

    Backed by two dancers, Gaga kicked off her set walking through the crowd singing the fan favorite "Come to Mama." She also performed the new singles "A-YO" and "Million Reasons," as well as a choreography-filled "John Wayne." She went on to perform "Angel Down' and "Joanne," before ending with lead single "Perfect Illusion."

    Watch Gaga's performance below.

    If the youtube video is taken down, watch here on Facebook
    Performance begins at the 30 minute mark

    Source + Source

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  • 10/28/16--11:38: Kid Cudi Claps Back...

  • Kid Cudi has responded to Drake calling his battle with depression "a phase".


    Are you team Drake or team Cudi, ONTD?

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    Mariah to James Packer:

    Pay Me $50 Million for My Troubles

    --He 'owes her' for uprooting kids from New York to Los Angeles

    --- He made various financial promises to her.

    --Singer still sporting $10 million engagement ring


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    Just in case anyone is unaware of the connection, Jeffrey Dean Morgan played John "Sir" Winchester (Sam and Dean's father) on Supernatural's first season and currently plays bat-wielding villain Negan on The Walking Dead.


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    This American Life set Bareilles the assignment of writing a song about the current US election as seen by President Obama, expressing what he might be thinking but can't express publicly about Republican candidate Donald Trump. It is sung by Tony Award winner Leslie Odom Jr.


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    Schumer wrote an essay for Medium:

    - is a big Lemonade fan

    - it's not a parody but about "women celebrating each other"

    - she had the approval of Bey&Jay&Tidal

    - she won't let any hashtag stop her mission of empowering women

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