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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    With 17 million watching the October 23 premiere to discover who Negan would kill and 10.7 million among adults 18-49 for an 8.4 rating, the zombie apocalypse blockbuster had a very good night as the No. 1 show on broadcast and cable.


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    Bruno Mars stopped by WKTU for a chat with Cubby & Carolina Bermudez! Bruno did NOT hold back when discussing his experience when working with Adele on her song "All I Ask."

    Bruno says, "There was a moment when she was singing in the booth and I'm not exaggerating at all and the water was vibrating...like you know that scene in Jurassic Park..... She's got some pipes on her, and she's just a superstar."

    But Bruno said it did NOT start that way! "She walks into the studio she's got all this attitude, she's a diva, she's like, 'I don't want to do this. I don't like that.....' And then as soon as we uh hit a couple chords that she liked, we started rolling, and that's where we got that song from." Even so Mars still expressed he would want to perform the song with her, "I don't know what she's waiting on man I'm like come on Adele.. like send an email, let me know!"

    More at the SOURCE http://ktu.iheart.com/onair/cubby-and-carolina-in-the-morning-55161/interview-bruno-mars-talks-working-with-15237148/#ixzz4O7yxKSfF

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    Whats your favorite horror movie from the 90's??

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    Shavaughn McKenzie, Kendall's stalker was found guilty of trespassing and not guilty of stalking. The jury consisting of seven women and five men returned the verdict Monday.

    Kendall's lawyer claims McKenzie stalked Jenner for 15 months to track down her location. He arrived on her driveway in August when Jenner reported that McKenzie followed her up the driveway of her home and “repeatedly banged” on the window of her car. “I’ve never been so scared in my life,” Jenner said.

    He faces six months in jail for the trespassing conviction.


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    She was in Rome today shooting the new Fendi campaign which Kendall was previously the face of

    Gigi via Fendi's snapchat pic.twitter.com/9udIZKwPWn

    — Gigi Hadid Daily (@gigihadidaily) October 25, 2016

    Gigi via Fendi's snapchat pic.twitter.com/sMQHCPoKI7

    — Gigi Hadid Daily (@gigihadidaily) October 25, 2016

    She designed some ugly boots for Stuart Weitzman, the commercial was directed by James Franco

    She also stayed classy while clearing up some rumors:

    it's supposed to be in response to this:

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    - Beatty is the first American to win Man Booker, the award had previously only been open to Commonwealth, Irish, and Zimbabwean citizens
    - "The Sellout" is a stinging satire of race and class in the United States
    - Beatty was selected from among six finalists, which was scaled down from 155 submissions


    What are you reading, ONTD?

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    • Perrie and Luke start going out in August after they were introduced by a mutual friend.

    • She ended the relationship because she can't commit right now because of Little Mix's busy schedule and because there wasn't a spark between them.

    • She prefers to focus on her work with the girls right now.

    • Luke unfollowed Perrie on Instagram after the breakup.

    • JoJo loves Shout Out To My Ex and Little Mix were freaking out because they're huge fans of her.

    • The girls were on Jonas & Van Geel, a Belgian show.

    • They played a game in which they had to guess who the other three guests were.

    • They performed Shout Out To My Ex.

    sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    Me to Luke after this news: Should've known you was trouble from the first kiss. Had your eyes wide open, why were they open?

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    • Trainer Brittany Perille found her Instagram account locked down for “nudity” after sharing a new workout video in which she is visibly pregnant.

    • Perille says she was confused and shocked to see her account suspended.

    • Doesn't understand how her video was violating Instagram's 'no nudity' guideline as she didn't bare more skin than in her other pics and videos.


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    • The moment we've been waiting for: David Cameron will write an autobiography

    • The book will encompass the Brexit referendum and all the steps that led up to it

    • No word yet on whether Cameron's fated cross-species liaison will also be featured


    Source: 12

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    Will Ferrell brings back his Harry Caray in honor of the Cubs, throws pretzels at audience, and calls Jimmy's homerun as Vin Scully could never.


    who you got?

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    • "There's something about America's sweetheart and America's bad boy, that juxtaposition is what everyone desires. Prior to this it was 'Bonnie and Clyde' from Jay and Beyoncé, going back further you have Romeo and Juliet."

    • The "instantly catchy collabo, climbing hit"debuted at No. 80 on the Billboard Hot 100

    • MGK is confident "Bad Things" is the song that will help him go supernova, and teases that it's just one aspect of a much larger picture he's painting on the in-process follow-up to last year's General Admission.

    "that juxtaposition is what everyone desires. Prior to this it was 'Bonnie and Clyde' from Jay and Beyoncé"

    source: twitter

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    - The new couple were seen leaving Commissary at The Line Hotel. They left in the same car after having dinner with her friends.

    - "She struggled when she dated Chris Martin and seemed very stressed out. With Darren, it will probably be different. He does not attract attention like Chris does. He does not seem like a person who enjoys being a celebrity."


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    ..because it's almost Halloween bwhaha😈 (evil laugh) love pranking my girls - stay tuned

    "I'm staying right here." we now know Normani would survive a horror movie by simply minding her own business. thatsmygirl.mp3
    and you ontd, how would you react in a scary situation? would you survive a horror movie?

    source: twitter x instagram

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Robin Lord Taylor went on Twitter today to talk about Oswald's storyline in last night's episode of Gotham.


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     They switched release dates. Incredibles 2 is now out at June 15 2018 and Toy Story 4 comes out June 21st 2019.

    tweet source.

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    In the scene filmed today, a cured Jorah is seen saying goodbye to Daenerys and leaving Dragonstone with Jon, Davos and Gendry.

    This confirms the leak that said:

    "Jon, Davos, Gendry and Jorah travels to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea by boat. On the way they pick up The Hound, Beric, Thoros, Tormund"

    As to what they will be doing according to leak:

    "They go via boat up the east coast to Eastwatch on the Wall and go through there. Davos waits there while a party of Jon, Jorah, Beric, Thoros, The Hound and Gendry go Wight hunting. Most of that episode is concerned with catching the Wight and then defending themselves from NK's army. Oh, and there will be a battle with a Wight Polar Bear. This is what kills Thoros (although he takes hours to die). They get surrounded on an island on a frozen lake, and are nearly overcome when Dany and her dragons show up. She flies everyone bar Jon back to Eastwatch - he gets left behind, and is almost killed when Coldhands/Benjen arrives and sends him off on his horse while he fights the horde. Jon sees Benjen become swamped by the wights as he rides to safety half-dead."

    But we'll have to wait for filming info and promo to see if thats true.


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    Star Trek: Voyager's Robert Picardo will play Mr. Stoughton, no details are known yet about the character.

    Marilyn Manson interviewed for Den of Geek, the link in the tweet is broken, HERE is the actual link. There is a lot of weird and wonderful info there about Manson, a few excerpts from the interview about his character:

    * Brannon Braga claimed nothing truly bizarre happened on the Salem set until Manson came along. Braga described his character, Thomas Dinley, as a cross between Vidal Sassoon, Jack the Ripper, and Sweeney Todd, and that he'll provide some comic relief that the show has been lacking.

    * Dinley is a barber who doubles as a surgeon, an apothecary and drug dealer, an alchemist motivated by gold. Manson describes the character as a “childish sort of sociopath who, when looking at a body, live or dead, was curious about what was inside."

    SOURCES: #1, #2, #3

    Friendly reminder that Salem has moved to Wednesdays and season 3 starts next week, November 2nd.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Camilla just announced she's expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Matthew Alan, in spring 2017. Her Grey's Anatomy co-star, Caterina Scorsone, is also pregnant (with her second child).


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