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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 10/23/16--17:19: Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Negan
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    12 year old pop star Justin Bieber threw yet another tantrum, probably making it the 115th this year alone, and stormed off the stage in Manchester last night.
    He said earlier in the show "I just thought I could have a moment to say something. I can cut [it] if you want. I'm trying to engage but if you guys don't want to, I'll play the music." He then stopped talking and played. Shortly after, he told the crowd to stop screaming while he's singing ....and when they booed he threw the mic down and stormed off.

    He reportedly did return on stage afterwards and didn't speak to the audience at all for the remainder of the show.

    Have you ever felt like you just weren't being heard?

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    At the Oakland stop of his tour, Kanye West took a moment to talk about the Grammys and how the Recording Academy makes exceptions for some of their rules, using Lady Gaga's 2010 Grammy performance as an example.

    "[Gaga] wasn’t nominated for Best New Artist, right? But they wanted her to perform at the show; they wanted her to open. So the Grammys secretly changed something about the nominations in order to nominate her, in order for her to perform in the show. Now, Frank Ocean, on the other hand, is very vocal that his album wasn’t nominated for the Grammys, right? Since he’s vocal, no one wants to say nothing about it. No one wants to do nothing about it. And I’m saying this to y’all, because a lot of people try to make a scene, like, ‘I’m so self-centered.’ But the album I listened to the most this year is Frank Ocean’s album. And I’ll tell you this right now: If his album’s not nominated in no categories, I’m not showing up to the Grammys."

    Some background: Gaga's debut album earned her 5 noms @ the 2010 Grammys, where she performed with Elton John and took home awards for Best Dance Recording (Poker Face) and Best Electronic/Dance Album. The Fame was released on October 28, 2008, and then re-issued as The Fame Monster in 2009, with 8 songs added. The Fame Monster wound up getting nominated at the 2011 Grammys. Her lack of a Best New Artist nomination in 2010 forced the Recording Academy to go back to the drawing board on those eligibility rules, too.

    To sum up West's commentary: The Grammys basically made an exception for Gaga based on her rise in popularity and might of The Fame, and Ocean should get the same consideration. Boos rang out in the arena towards the end the speech. "As artists, we gotta come together to fight the bullshit they been throwing us with. All we need is a fair shot. Let the album lose. Let whoever win or lose."


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    Remember the Laughter to be released on November 18th. He's also released the lyric video for "Take the World".

    Due to the injuries sustained from the bus crash in Australia last week, Frank Iero's band has cancelled all further shows in 2016. Their album Parachutes is still set to be released on October 28th. They've also released a new song called "Oceans".

    Gerard Way has kinda released the collab he did with Ray Toro, a song for one of his comics!

    And Mikey Way is having a kid with his wife! Not with the wife he cheated on or the girl he cheated with, but with his new wife.

    source 1, source 2, source 3, source 4, source 5, source 6, source 7

    What's your fave song off The Black Parade, ONTD?

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    Now Amy sis...

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    Today the scene in which Jon and Davos arrive in Dragonstone was filmed.

    You can see videos of the scene at SOURCE

    These photos and videos confirm yet another part of the leak. The leak said "Jon and Davos arrive at Dragonstone. Tyrion meets them on the beach, and the Dothraki take their ship."

    That is word-by-word what was shot this morning.


    fixed it mods

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    Ryan Lochte may be putting on a front about how he's over the crimes he committed in Brazil, dancing with the stars and getting engaged, but behind the scenes he is still employing lawyers to get Brazilian justice off his back.

    The creative story-teller, through his Brazilian lawyers, petitioned a judge to dismiss his criminal case, claiming his conduct was not a crime, because Ryan initially had not gone to the police, but talked "only" to the international media about his "robbery". It was the police who, alerted by the news, began their investigation and came looking for the American swimmers to check on them, get their statements and see if they wanted to file police reports. (Which Ryan and James Feigen did).

    Basically, Ryan claims it was the police's fault for looking into a "crime" that was being reported all over the world :(

    The judge was not having it. She also pointed out that in Brazilian jurisprudence, the police can start investigations because of news reported by the media. The case is now with the prosecution.


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    • Karidja Touré is best known for her debut film Girlhood.

    • 4 years ago a picture of a black female equestrian began to gain prominence on tumblr. The picture was from the French Ministère de la Culture and depicted a woman later identified as Selika Lazevski about whom little is known. The movie The Adventures of Selika will be about her.

    • Writer/director will be Sybil H. Mair who previously directed a short called The Equestrian. No word yet on if the film is a short or feature length film.

    source 12

    HFT. Did you go through a horse phase as a child?

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    - The You Spin Me Round singer died on sunday after having a heart attack;

    - It was posted on facebook in the Dead or Alive official group by his manager

    "It is with the greatest sadness that we have to break the tragic news that out beloved Pete Burns of (Dead Or Alive), died suddenly yesterday of a massive cardiac arrest.
    All of his family and friends are devaststed by the loss of our special star.
    He was a true visionary, a beautiful talented soul, and he will be missed by all who loved and appreciated everything he was and all of the wonderful memories the has left is with.
    We have no more words, we will make a further statement when we have had a chance to come to terms with our devastating loss.
    He will live forever in our memories.

    Sending you all our love.

    X Lynne, Michael, Steve X

    Steve Coy - Manager - Dead or Alive
    faob - Pete Burns
    Versatile Management Group IT
    BRISTAR Records

    - Boy George commented about his passing on twitter

    - He was the creator of this beautiful gem

    boy george

    Can you still handle 2016, ONTD? I can't with these deaths anymore

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    Blub from the ad: “Our culture teaches us that if a woman wants to be taken seriously, then she is not supposed to care too much about her appearance. So for a while, I stopped wearing makeup and hid my high heels and I became a false version of myself,” Adichie said. “But then I woke up and I saw in full colour - full confidence again. Because the truth is makeup doesn’t actually mean anything, its simply make up. It’s about how I feel when I get it right, what makes me happy when I look in the mirror, what makes me walk ever so taller. It’s about the face I choose to show the world and what I choose to say.”

    Discussing the launch of the ad campaign in an interview with Vogue, Adichie also, said “I love make-up and its wonderful possibilities for temporary transformation. And I also love my face after I wash it all off,” she said in a statement. “There is something exquisitely enjoyable about seeing yourself with a self-made new look. And for me that look is deeply personal. It isn’t about what is in fashion or what the rules are supposed to be. It’s about what I like. What makes me want to smile when I look in the mirror. What makes me feel slightly better on a dull day. What makes me comfortable.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    source, 2

    ONTD, has your fave ever been randomly chosen to front a major ad campaign?

    ngl, I'm going to be walking into Boots and asking for one of everything she has on.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hair post? What is your hair doing rn ONTD?

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    and not just any popcorn, gourmet popcorn!

    “It has been a dream of mine and my family for several years to bring our favorite American snack to our favorite European City!”

    “I am so excited to introduce Yummy Pop, a labor of love and Epicurean enthusiasm. My hope is for Yummy Pop to become a Parisian snacking staple and a symbol of friendship between my two most beloved cities, Paris and New York.”

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    Will you be gathering for whiskey and cigars on November 11th, ONTD?

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    image host

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    - On if Joanne is the only time she's written about herself/her life:"Well, no I've wrote about me. I wrote about me on Born This Way and growing up feeling bullied in school and really connecting with my fans in that way, really seeing myself in my fans. And with The Fame & The Fame Monster, TF was more about living on the lower east side and figuring out 'ok how am I going to precieve my music into the world, this thing that is fame is so fascinating.' This was when tabloids, Paris Hilton & all of that was kind of the 'big thing.' And then TFM was about my experiences with fame and the fears that came along with it. So I have written about myself, it's just always been maybe in a more conceptual way."

    - On the second single:"I'm not approacing putting out this record in the same way that I've ever put out a record before. I'm gonna perform it, and sing the music and make music videos... old-school style."

    - Doesn't have respect for singers who use pre-recorded vocals.

    - Will never be on trend because she does not want to be a manufactured performing doll

    - Her mother keeps all the memorabilia from her career and Gaga has an archive called "The Vault" with all her props and costumes from the past decade. She said she's hardly visited because it might make her too sad and feel like "a funeral."

    You can listen to the full hour-long interview @ the Source

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    Let the Right One In / Låt den rätte komma in

    Book: Låt den rätte komma in, written by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

    About: It is autumn 1981 when the inconceivable comes to Blackeberg, a suburb in Sweden. The body of a teenage boy is found, emptied of blood, the murder rumored to be part of a ritual killing. Twelve-year-old Oskar is personally hoping that revenge has come at long last—revenge for the bullying he endures at school, day after day.

    But the murder is not the most important thing on his mind. A new girl has moved in next door—a girl who has never seen a Rubik’s Cube before, but who can solve it at once. There is something wrong with her, though, something odd. And she only comes out at night....



    Book: Carrie, written by Stephen King.

    About: Carrie knew she should not use the terrifying power she possessed... But one night at her senior prom, Carrie was scorned and humiliated just one time too many, and in a fit of uncontrollable fury she turned her clandestine game into a weapon of horror and destruction...



    Book: Audition, written by Ryū Murakami.

    About: Documentary-maker Aoyama hasn't dated anyone in the seven years since the death of his beloved wife, Ryoko. Now even his teenage son Shige has suggested he think about remarrying. So when his best friend Yoshikawa comes up with a plan to hold fake film auditions so that Aoyama can choose a new bride, he decides to go along with the idea. Of the thousands who apply, Aoyama only has eyes for Yamasaki Asami, a young, beautiful, delicate and talented ballerina with a turbulent past. But there is more to her than Aoyama, blinded by his infatuation, can see, and by the time he discovers the terrifying truth it may be too late. Ryu Murakami delivers his most subtle and disturbing novel yet, confirming him as Japan's master of the psycho-thriller.



    Book: It, written by Stephen King.

    About: To the children, the town was their whole world. To the adults, knowing better, Derry, Maine was just their home town: familiar, well-ordered for the most part. A good place to live.

    It was the children who saw - and felt - what made Derry so horribly different. In the storm drains, in the sewers, IT lurked, taking on the shape of every nightmare, each one's deepest dread. Sometimes IT reached up, seizing, tearing, killing . . .

    The adults, knowing better, knew nothing.

    Time passed and the children grew up, moved away. The horror of IT was deep-buried, wrapped in forgetfulness. Until they were called back, once more to confront IT as IT stirred and coiled in the sullen depths of their memories, reaching up again to make their past nightmares a terrible present reality


    The Ring / Ringu

    Book: Ring, written by Kôji Suzuki.

    About: A mysterious videotape warns that the viewer will die in one week unless a certain, unspecified act is performed. Exactly one week after watching the tape, four teenagers die one after another of heart failure.

    Asakawa, a hardworking journalist, is intrigued by his niece's inexplicable death. His investigation leads him from a metropolitan tokyo teeming with modern society's fears to a rural Japan--a mountain resort, a volcanic island, and a countryside clinic--haunted by the past. His attempt to solve the tape's mystery before it's too late--for everyone--assumes an increasingly deadly urgency. Ring is a chillingly told horror story, a masterfully suspenseful mystery, and post-modern trip.


    Book Post??

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    No details have been given regarding their roles, but they're supposed to play a big part in the next season

    Clarkson previously worked on TV on 'Six Feet Under' and Scott’s TV work includes 'Royal Pans' and 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll'

    No release date yet for Season 5 but should be in Feb or March like the previous years


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    Empire Online have interviewed new Season 2 Showrunner Todd Slavkin about he and writing partner Darren Swimmer (of Smallville, Melrose Place, Alphas, Dominion, Defiance, etc) coming on board and taking a more ‘adultish and cinematic approach’.

    Todd talks the issues he felt Season One had, and how they are making Season Two bigger, darker, more visceral, and more character-driven.
    And how although they 'respect' the tone of the source material... they are writing all new content that is basically just better (for television, and in general).

    -Felt season one moved too fast, show was plot-driven not character-driven. Is slowing things down for season two and thinks "the characters could have more depth... there could be a more resonant emotionality in the show."
    -Has brought on director/producer Matt Hastings from The Originals to make the show darker, and the action "more powerful and more visceral".ALL the visuals upgrading in big ways.
    -New production designer to make the sets bigger and better, also massive improvement in stunt quality.
    -New student coordinator, new weapons, actual swords instead of 'lightsabers' (lmao) "it’s much more of a martial arts approach." More wire work. Trying to elevate the quality of the action.

    -Says of season one that the "show felt a little young" and in season two "some of that tone needed to be made a little bit more adult."
    -Starting the Malec relationship from the beginning and slowing it down now they’ve had the kiss, they said ‘what now?’ Now showing the evolution of that relationship.
    -Plan is to focus less on the adventures and events, but more on the emotions and aftermath on the characters personally.

    -Slavkin and Swimmer respect the tone of the books but writing their own different material for the TV show, understand it has to evolve as the medium is different.
    -Nearly all the directors this season are new to the show, very few people from season one still doing the show as Matt Hastings wanted to "make the show more cinematic and give the show more scope and more depth."
    -The cast all loving life and really excited! ❤️

    Sources:EmpireOnline Twitter, Teaser Trailer #2, Cast Support Spirit Day.

    Anti-CC and Pro-Show ShadowFam Lovefest post! Haters and CC fans (lol) need not apply!❤️

     photo tumblr_oe7plfmUSA1s1k9eko1_r1_540_zpshfsox03e.gif

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    ONTD, which characters do you with would team up?

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