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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    - PhiPhi and Adore are not in the congratulations video

    source: 1 | 2

    The reunion will probably be pretty tame without PhiPhi.

    Favorite All Stars 2 moments?

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    An intruder hopped a fence and broke into Miranda Kerr's Malibu home.

    The guard was stabbed in the eye reportedly while the intruder was shot several times by him. Both are expected to survive.

    More details to come. Miranda was NOT at home at the time.

    Check source for images...warning, kinda sorta graphic.


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    The actor who earned a Tony nomination for originating the role of George Washington in Hamilton is exiting the Broadway production, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. His final performance will be Nov. 13.

    “Being a part of the Hamilton family has been the most thrilling and rewarding experience of my career,” says Jackson. “I will forever be indebted to Lin, Tommy [Kail] and our amazing producers and creative team for the trust they’ve shown me onstage and off. I look forward to the next chapter.”

    Nicholas Christopher, who has played George Washington throughout the summer, will assume the role through the end of 2016, beginning Nov. 15.

    source: 1/2

    crying because he was my fav :(

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    (follow-up to this post)

    Just last week, it was announced that the Trump episode would air on October 26, i.e. before the election. Shortly after that announcement, several women came forward, accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. Today, NBC decided not to air the episode before the election (if they air it at all).

    Apparently, the episode goes soft on the Trump-esque character (played by Gary Cole), making him appear more sympathetic (if not straight-up innocent!). It is suggested that some cast members and writers had issues with that, which resulted in the episode being rewritten and rescheduled several times.

    As of now, the episode has no airdate and no one knows when we'll get to see Gary Cole's Unforgettable Performance.

    I was really hoping Carisi would get to say this to Not-Trump


    ONTD, WTF? Something in the milk ain't clean.

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    ...Seth Meyers!

    • Seth Meyers roasted Trump during the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011, not aware that Trump was also the focus of President Obama's quips

    • it has been speculated that the ridicule and humiliation of that night made Trump want to run as an actual candidate, to prove everyone wrong

    • Seth Meyers offers his sincerest apologies

    Some of the jokes from that evening:

    Barack Obama: Now, I know that he’s taken some flak lately, but no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than The Donald. And that’s because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter — like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?

    Seth Meyers:Donald Trump has been saying he will run for president as a Republican — which is surprising, since I just assumed he was running as a joke.

    Seth Meyers:Trump owns the Miss USA Pageant, which is great for Republicans, because it will streamline their search for a vice president.

    Seth Meyers: Donald Trump said recently he’s got a great relationship with ‘the blacks.’ Unless the Blacks are a family of white people, I bet he’s mistaken.

    Donald Trump later said that he was having a great time and felt honored to be the subject of President Obama's jokes. About Meyers, he said: “I thought Seth Meyers, frankly, his delivery was not good — he’s a stutterer and he really was having a hard time. I didn’t like his routine. His was too nasty, out of order.”



    Source: 123

    Well. That's an unusual suspect.

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    -Amy and Jeremy talk about their director
    -Chris talks about his movie
    -Niall talks about Ireland and performs his new song


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    - talks about her struggles being trapped under her former label
    - couldn't release new music bc of internal conflict
    - explains about the process of how she wrote the songs on the album
    - discusses police brutality, racism, & says/acknowledges that white privilege exists
    -talks about jill stein + stricter control on police
    - talks about her dad's passing due to addiction + conflicts/relationship w/ her mom
    ....and more @ the source!


    i've been listening to her album for the past 2 days, it's amazing....make sure to stream it on spotify & buy it on itunes y'all, it's seriously one of the best albums this year....what's your favorite track, ontd?

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    Ava DuVernay

    on the importance of representation - Growing up as a film fan in Compton, Calif., DuVernay also had been disappointed by the lack of tales about people of color. There were a few notable exceptions — chief among them “West Side Story.” “I was mesmerized by the scope and the scale and the beauty of the brown people in the film,” says DuVernay. “To see Rita Moreno doing her thing and looking like friends who lived in my community — I remember that being a real formative image.”

    Helen Mirren

    on changes for women in the industry -"I have witnessed such a huge change. The biggest change for me, and the best change, is to seen women on the set, in the crew. It wasn’t that long ago I saw my first female electrician. And to me, that’s really exciting. That’s a really big change, because that was such a macho, male world."

    Laverne Cox

    on why it's important to have trans people playing trans roles -I was in a conversation with my acting teacher today about casting trans people in trans roles. We understand in the entertainment industry that there are so many political and business decisions around who gets cast. Movies have to get funded; people have to have a name to bring in box office. My dear friend Jen Richards made this beautiful point about the general public, when they often think about trans people they might think about — as brilliant as Jeffrey Tambor is in “Transparent” — they might think about Jeffrey Tambor accepting his Emmy. And they think that underneath it all, a trans woman is really a man. And her [point] was that when straight men are attracted to us, they haven’t worked through their own internalized stuff and this societal misconception that trans women are really men. And when men specifically play trans women, it perpetuates that idea, and it perpetuates violence against us. And there’s something to that argument.

    Miley Cyrus

    on why inequality still exists for women in Hollywood -"A lot of it could be changed if we had a female president. That would give us a subconscious boost. I think people will have to realize they’re looking really dated. For example, there’s a show called “Supergirl.” I think having a show with a gender attached to it is weird. One, it’s a woman on that fucking billboard — it’s not a little girl. Two, what if you’re a little boy who wants to be a girl so bad that this makes you feel bad? I think having a title like “Supergirl” doesn’t give the power that people think it does."

    Scarlett Johansson

    on where her sense of empowerment comes from -I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years. My experience has been that with every risk, there’s a loss and gain. You hope that you learn something. I get a lot of power from taking risks and bracing myself for the outcome.

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    Anthony Hopkins revealed at a press conference that he hasn't watched any of 'Westworld' as he doesn't own a television: "I have my own Mickey Mouse theories that we have alienated ourselves in the world watching television all the time. We get all our information from that. So I stopped watching it. I don't watch it, I don't want to know... It's like obesity. It's like being told, 'Well, if you eat all this junk food, you're gonna get fat, you're going to die of heart disease, diabetes' or whatever. So you turn on the television. If you watch all that, you're going to poison your brain, your psychology, your outlook on life. You could become a cynic, miserable, a nihilist. So along come these great visionaries (who say) 'I'm going to change your life, I'm going to change everything for you'."

    He also revealed that he doesn't even remember much about working on Westworld; "I have a delete button in my brain and I don't remember the past very well. I can't remember - we started two years ago. Just watching it now I'd forgotten I was in some of those scenes."


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    The contestants were divided into two teams and had to pitch their collections to the judges investors, who were to allocate $3k in cash for Mood. Everyone decided to come for Theory's crown and design for a working woman. The judges decided to fuck over one team, and here we are:

    Losing Team

    Team Unity: Cornelius Ortiz, Nathalia JMag, Mah-Jing Wong, Roberi Parra, Alex Snyder, Rik Villa
    Cash: $800

    AUF'd: Alex Snyder

    Winning Team

    Team Button Bag House of Bouton: Dexter Simmons, Brik Allen, Erin Robertson, Laurence Basse, Jenni Riccetti, Tasha Henderson
    Cash: $2,200

    WINNER: Dexter Simmons


    I died when Tim set up his goodbye as a save.

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    source 123

    I applaud Rose for becoming more and more outspoken.

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    In your OhNoTrumpDidn't news of the day: Last night, the Daily Beast ran an article where staffers on the 2013 season of All Star Celebrity Apprentice claimed that while filming a segment where Lil' Jon donned an Uncle Sam costume as a promotional gimmick during a challenge where contestants had to advertise hair-care products, Trump took to calling the rapper/producer 'Uncle Tom.'

    Lil' Jon took to Twitter today to confirm:

    Absolutely no one who has been paying attention to the news was surprised by Trump's appalling lack of racial sensitivity.

    sources: original daily beast article, Lil' Jon's twitter

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    Nyle DiMarco also responded -

    Source 1 and 2

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    New pics and video show pics from the Italica filming location in Seville region of Spain. This set will be used as dragonpit in King's Landing.

    Itálica, escenario de la serie "Juegos de Tronos" https://t.co/Jm2lGu5rFipic.twitter.com/qYdA4H0mGW

    — CanalSurNoticias (@CSurNoticias) October 14, 2016

    Now there are some spoilers going around that might be true because they gave some CORRECT spoilers before they were found out by legit GOT sources*

    so far this spoiler source has been right on these spoilers :

    -Arya reaching winterfell in episode 4
    -Theon reuniting with Jon in the south
    -Dany meeting with Davos and Brienne in King's Landing.

    all of these spoilers have been confirmed by this SOURCE

    the rest of the spoilers are:

    -Jon meets Dany at E03.He is summoned by Dany,who wants him to bend the knee,but he refuses.Eventually,with the help of Tyrion,he swears fealty in exchange her help in the war against the WW.Gradually they grow to admire each other and they have sex at the end of episode 7.They will be together for most of the season.

    -Sansa realises she's being played by LF(he tries to set the two sisters against each other) by the end of the season with help from Bran.LF won't survive this.Arya will be the executioner.

    Both Sansa and Arya will survive.

    -Arya has become a "killing machine". First thing she does this season is kill all the remaining Frey sons. After that she heads towards Winterfell and she encounters Nymeria. She arrives at WF at E04.

    Dorne will be out of the way in the first couple of episodes.

    The Wall will fall at the end of the season, while Jon and Dany have sex.

    Jon won't find out his true parentage this season. Bran and Sam will piece it together though.

    Dany is going to Dragonstone first. This will happen at the end of E01.Viserion will die at the Night's King hand and be reborn as his mount.

    Jon's real name is Aegon. He doesn't want people to know that he was resurrected. So he stops Davos from telling Dany.

    Gendry is at KL making weapons. Davos makes a joke about him "still rowing" when he sees him.

    Olenna aknowledges that she was behind Joffrey's assassination.

    Varys doesn't want the throne. He's genuinely acting out of a desire to have a king or queen rule that will look out for the interests of the people of Westeros rather than just their own

    Beric Dondarrion will be killed by the WW

    Benjen will make a cameo

    The "Northern girl" will be Alys Karstark.

    We'll get a flashback from Rhaegar and Lyanna's wedding.

    Jorah won't have any scenes at Essos next season. He will be cured at Oldtown by Sam. He reunites with Dany by E05.

    Bran will cross the Wall during E01.He will arrive at WF by E03.

    The Lannisters take on the Martells and the Tyrells pretty easily during the first couple of episodes. Jaime turns out to be a great commander. It seems that Dany and co have an unsuccessful siege of KL.

    Jon needs to provide proof that the Undead are real. So he goes beyond the Wall with the Hound,Beric,Thoros and Tormund to capture one. They succeed but Beric and Viserion die in the process. They bring the undead to KL(they have a temporary truce with the Lannisters) and they show him to Cersei at the Dragonpit. She loses her shit. She agrees to unite their armies against the WW.But at the last moment,she betrays them and doesn't send troops,so that the WW will thin out their forces. Jaime is mad and leaves her. He rides North to join the armies.

    Cersei is pregnant with Jaime's baby again.

    Cersei does some heavy scheming and doesn't die in season 7.

    Euron's fleet destroys Yara's, kills 2 of the Sand Snakes and captures Ellaria. Theon abandons Yara. The ironborn finally lose all respect for him. He has a small reunion scene with Jon. Jon tells him that he won't kill him because he saved Sansa.

    Mel has only a few appearances through the season.

    Dany burns a few rules who didn't bend the knee, including the Tarlys. Tyrion and Varys worry about her turning into a Mad Queen.

    Tyrion and Jon have a few scenes together.

    Meera heads back home after she delivers Bran at WF.


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    Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville has tweeted that she is "back to being a lesbian again" after her latest failed romance. In a series of tweets, she revealed that she is "single yet again." Brandi's ex-boyfriend apparently took another woman on vacation with him to Cabo when Brandi couldn't make it. She finally tweeted that "all guys suck" and because of this, she is "back to being a lesbian again."

    Source: 123

    Have you ever gone back to being gay/lesbian?

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    I actually really like the show so far. Aside from a messy first episode, it feels like it has a lot of potential.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Olivia announced the birth of their second child, Daisy Josephine - she was born on October 11th and joins brother Otis, 2.


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    Kev recently did an interview where he talks about fame. He surmises that fame isn't real (good), that it's fleeting (good), but then went on to add that what happened to Britney Spears, his words "Going crazy", would never happen to him.

    "She shaved her head, goddamn! You can't allow yourself to be put in that position. You're not going to see me go crazy. I'll tell you that right now. Y'all can kiss my ass if you think I'm going to go crazy."

    Kevin ignores that he found fame much later on in life so he's better equipped to deal with it. Nobody chooses to "allow themselves" to have a mental illness and/or addiction issues. That the media has a history of tearing down famous vulnerable women. $$$


    will mental illness ever not be stigmatized?

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    no title

    - To recap, Peter David, noted Marvel writer, went on a racist tirade last Friday when asked about the way Marvel writes it's Rromani characters. He claimed that Rromani parents mutilate their children for monetary gain, something told to him by his Romanian tour guide. Several people pointed out that in Romania (and Europe in general) most Rromani have limited access to basic healthcare, and the healthcare system is slated against them (in Czechoslovakia, for example, women were unknowingly sterilized until the 1970s to reduce the population of the Rromani, and incidents of sterilization still occur in Eastern Europe).

    - But he wasn't totally racist against them, though! One of the things he's best known for is the "nuanced" way he writes Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver, a Rrom superhero. He claims that if he were REALLY racist against the Rromani, he wouldn't have written Quicksilver so well!

    - He apologized eventually, after days of showing his ass, by admitting what he saw was more likely severe cases of polio. Why he never bothered to look this up in the twenty three years between his rant and the actual incident is unknown.

    - Comicsalliance brought in Vicente Rodriguez, the guy who was verbally abused by David, who stated that he brought up the topic of Rromani characters on an LGBT panel because "there is no space for Rromani people to raise their voices in American pop culture."

    More at the source, including video of the incident!


    I meant to write this the weekend it happened, yikes@me. he also stated on his blog that he never intended to write the Rromani in any positive manner, so for the MCU stans who like to claim how there was never any mention of his Rromani background in the comics so it's totally okay to hire white ppl to play him and his sister in the movies, spoilers: this is why.

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