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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Prepare to let the speculation over the Marvel movie universe’s future run rampant. With Iron Man 3 the first of the post-Avengers films, how it will lay the foundations for the rest of Marvel’s cosmic properties has been a question asked by most fans of late.

    Rumors have recently surfaced of Iron Man 3‘s final moments leading directly into the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), and the newest leaked concept art from the film promises not just a deep-space-expedition for Tony Stark, but much, much more.

    Most of the speculation has been tied to the white and grey-themed Space Armor, leaked through Iron Man 3‘s accompanying toy lines (it’s not the only leak, either). The newest concept art leaked (courtesy of CBM) offers a peek at the stellar armor that isn’t fan made, but claims to be pulled from the film directly. On top of the Space Armor, a new design for a live-action Hulkbuster Armor presumably planned for Iron Man 3 has also arrived.

    Whether both designs were scrapped, or Marvel is exceptionally skilled at keeping secrets, the designs speak for themselves:

    The Space Armor is more than expected to be seen at some point in the film, since there’s enough smoke to believe fire is brewing somewhere. How it will relate to the plot, and whether it was merely planned but ultimately cut are questions that only Marvel and Disney can answer (they won’t). At this point, there’s little else to say besides this armor being a slick design that we’d be more than happy to see in the films at some point.

    The Hulkbuster Armor has our attention for far more reasons, not the least of which being the complete lack of any evidence that the Hulk will be appearing on screen soon, let alone this summer. Have a look at the new take on the classic armor below:

    The fact that there is no sign of Hulkbuster – or the crazed rage monster after which it’s named – appearing in Iron Man 3 can be taken one of two ways: either disappointment at the idea that the Hulk won’t be included in the proceedings, or a statement that Iron Man 3 doesn’t need to feature the character, after Mark Ruffalo’s performance as Dr. Banner/Hulk was one of the most widely- praised aspects of The Avengers’ team-up. More praised than Marvel may have expected, perhaps?

    Given Marvel’s decision to use Iron Man 2 as the first major building block of the larger Avengers universe, it would make sense they’d attempt to do the same with Iron Man 3. But fans were lukewarm about Tony Stark’s franchise being used in the past, and Marvel has apparently learned their lesson.

    With the second crop of Marvel movies well underway, perhaps the studio has decided that each film is best left to stand on its own, at least until the potentially-cosmic Avengers 2. Or perhaps even more promising, Marvel may not be so convinced that the days of Hulk-based properties are completely over.

    Much has been made of the rumors of “World War Hulk” or “Planet Hulk” being adapted into live-action films, possibly even after Thanos is dealt with in ‘Phase Three.’ We won’t say that this leaked concept art lends any particular credence to Marvel’s plans a decade down the road, but they’ve certainly shown that they’ve got a plan. Who knows: comic book fans might see a hunched-over Hulkbuster after all.

    For the moment, we’d take these leaked concept designs as little more than a sign of what Marvel may have been considering in Iron Man 3‘s early stages of development. The Space Armor design holds more water, but with a Hulk-less immediate future being supported by nearly everyone involved at the studio, the odds of seeing the Hulkbuster Armor anytime soon are particularly slim.

    So what do you think of the designs? Do they fit at home in the live-action universe than their comic book counterparts, or do you wish these armors stick to their original versions (if we see them at all)? Most importantly, does anyone know a good chiropractor Tony can visit after extended sessions in that Hulkbuster get-up?

    Iron Man 3 releases May 3rd, 2013.


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    "Dexter" is getting ready for season eight. On Thursday, Feb. 21, Spoiler TV shared new photos of Jennifer Carpenter from the set. Fans also see a glimpse of Michael C. Hall.

    The final season of "Dexter" is currently in production, and things could get exciting for Dexter and Deb before the series comes to a close on Showtime. The network has pushed up the air date of season eight, so fans do not have much longer to wait for this series to return.

    Michael C. Hall spoke about his role and the series in a new interview shared by Metro UK on Thursday. The actor said the following about working with his ex-wife Jennifer Carpenter on the series:

    "I think it’s a testament to our commitment to the show and to our work generally. Also, our relationship was initially contextualized through our relationship at work and that’s never changed. We have been through quite a journey personally but, thankfully, there remains a fundamental friendship and respect."

    A possibility of a ninth season has not been ruled out completely by Showtime, but season eight has been planned as the final season.

    "Dexter" returns on Sunday, June 30th.

     photo dexter1_zps6db5976b.jpg

     photo dexter2_zps1d920c93.jpg

     photo dexter3_zps6bda2ab4.jpg

     photo dexter4_zpsa902a1bb.jpg

     photo dexter5_zpsc1728766.jpg

     photo dexter6_zps2b464e48.jpg

     photo dexter8_zpsd7a75e85.jpg

     photo dexter7_zpse8e76075.jpg

     photo dexter10_zps51a803c0.jpg

     photo dexter11_zps9853fc9c.jpg

    WTH is up with Deb's hair and outfit? That's some Kstew realness right there... do you think she's on the run? And who is the guy in the tragic camo shorts? I can't tell if he's crew or an actor.


    FYI we need a Jennifer Carpenter tag please! :)

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    It seems like a video game based on the 1988 John Carpenter film They Live is in the works.

    "Rowdy" Roddy Piper recently posted on Twitter: "Just Rocked a new Video Game from They Live! Your going to love it!"

    -- Maryse tweeted the following on Friday morning, confirming that her real-life boyfriend The Miz proposed to her:

    feb 21, 2013 is a date i will always remember, what beautiful day and night @mikethemiz im the happiest girl in the world!!

    Sooooooooooo happy!!!!!!! #engaged ❤❤❤❤❤

    love my baaabbyyyyyy @mikethemiz

    If you're interested, you can click here to view the engagement ring he gave her.


    Somejuan go check on mrcelebrity plz

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    The upcoming Major Lazer album, "FREE THE UNIVERSE," has been been kidnapped by General Rubbish and we all must embark on an epic journey to upset his evil plan so Major Lazer can free the universe as planned with the album.

    Major Lazer sends the following message:

    Our fans are the most important part of what makes Major Lazer what it is. It is with that consideration that "FREE THE UNIVERSE" will not be released this month as previously scheduled. We never want to disappoint our supporters but circumstances out of our control have made us unable to keep the intended date. For anyone disappointed, we are truly apologetic and we promise that this hiccup has only made what we have planned for the album stronger. We tried extremely hard to keep the date but it was ultimately decided that rushing the album would have been unfair to you and everyone who worked so hard on it. An iTunes exclusive pre-order in the US will launch next Tuesday, 2/26 which will feature an instant grat download of the forthcoming Major Lazer single "Watch Out for This (Bumaye)."

    In the mean time, please download LAZER STRIKES BACK Vol. 1.
    We will be putting out 3 volumes of rare/unreleased music on-line until album release. Major Lazer's FREE THE UNIVERSE WORLD TOUR starts next week.

    1. Major Lazer & Flux Pavilion - Jah No Partial (Jack Beats Remix)
    2. Major Lazer - Get Free feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors (Yellow Claw Get Free Money Remix)
    3. Major Lazer - Original Don feat. The Partysquad (DGRC Remix)
    4. Hot Chip - Look At Where We Are (Major Lazer Extended Remix)

    soooooo just some remixes of songs we already have...

    source (also from official ML email)

    this is such shit. everything about this release is completely disorganized and a complete mess. how are they just putting up a pre-order when Diplo himself took a photo of the mastered CD? ugh.

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    Kendra Wilkinson Baskett couldn't wait to do "Celebrity Wife Swap." Then she found out who she was swapping with: Kate Gosselin, single mom to eight kids.

    Kendra, who's appeared in "Playboy" and on "The Girls Next Door," is married to former NFL-er Hank Baskett and lives with him, their four-year-old son Hank IV, and a fulltime housekeeper and nanny, Rosa. Hank is very involved around the house and likes to cook for Kendra and set up her girls' nights.

    When we spoke to Kendra, she sounded positive about the experience, saying she "got so excited" about going on the show, because "I love the feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something off. I think that's the way to live your life, is to be thrown off a little bit." She was into the idea of living "in someone else's life" for a week; she's "all about the social experiments."
    But as experiments go, a week with eight children is practically the Manhattan Project, and when Kendra found out whose house she was headed to, she "lost it. I wanted to run out."

    She wasn't the only one, evidently; Kendra reported that "there was some tension and drama" between Kate Gosselin and Hank. She didn't want to speak for them, because she wasn't there, but it sounds like Kate doesn't entirely approve of the Basketts' laid-back lifestyle, or what Kendra describes as her "Southern California" attitude. (Or, we're guessing, of Kendra herself, who laughed that Kate didn't get "why a woman like me deserves a man like that.") We'll have to find out whether Kate passed any judgments, but we know Hank didn't sell Kendra out. "All I know is, my husband said, 'I stuck up for you.'"

    Meanwhile, back at the Gosselins', Kendra was determined to make a good impression. Calling that time a "whirlwind," she told us her goal for the week: "I truly, truly wanted those eight kids to really respect me." Not to think of Kendra as a second mom, necessarily, but it took "a lot of work" to get the kids to trust her.

    She's a fighter, though, she says, and she kept at it. She wanted the experience to be good for everyone, and she wanted "these kids to know me, and to know my heart" -- not least because of the trash-talk they might have heard about her posing nude, "'she's stupid,' you know, all that bad stuff that's about me."

    All this emotional stuff -- while trying to adhere to Kate's militarily-precise routine for her children. "Every minute on the dot is something that they have to do," Kendra told us. "I was just thrown into the deep end ... like, 'Here, go cook for eight kids, now! Go, go!' I'm like, 'What? What? What do I do, where do I start?'" But she learned a lot, and she says we'll "like the outcome."

    But Kendra doesn't sound quite as psyched about "Splash," the celebrity-diving competition she's in on ABC (it premieres next month). That's "literally being thrown in the deep end," she chuckled, but she'd never gone off a diving board before -- and not until she climbed up on the dive platform did Kendra realize she was afraid of heights. Describing filming as "a difficult journey" for her, she jokingly advised viewers, "Do not put your money on me."

    "Celebrity Wife Swap" starts its second season Tuesday, 2/26 at 8 PM on ABC.


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    She has walked the catwalk runways for brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and appeared in the pages of Vogue. But Victoria's Secret model Cameron Russell is warning girls away from a modelling career. The 25-year-old, who recently spoke at the annual TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in Palm Springs, condemned the fashion's industry's obsession with beautiful, skinny white women.

    She said:

    For the past few centuries we have defined beauty not just as health and youth that we are biologically programmed to admire. But also as tall, slender figures and femininity and white skin. This is a legacy that was built for me and its a legacy that I have been cashing out on.

    Warning young girls about the perils of becoming a model, she said:

    The real way I became a model is I won a genetic lottery and I became the recipient of a legacy - I've received all these benefits from a deck stacked in my favor....Saying you want to be a model when you grow up is akin to saying you want to win the Powerball when you grow up. It's awesome and it's out of your control and it's not a career path.

    The talk, which was posted online, has now been viewed more than a million times and grabbed the attention of both the fashion and political worlds.
    In a follow-up interview on CNN she said she was the winner of a "genetic lottery" and that her looks merely fit a narrow definition of beauty.

    Writing for the channel she explained why she wanted to give the talk because she "wanted to tell an honest personal narrative of what privilege means."
    She wrote:

    Hard work is not why I have been successful as a model. I'm not saying I'm lazy. But the most important part of my job is to show up with a 23-inch waist, looking young, feminine and white. This shouldn't really shock anyone. Models are chosen solely based on looks. Even if I did give a good talk, is what I have to say more important and interesting than what Colin Powell said? [He spoke at the same event and his talk has about a quarter of the view count.] Like many young people I believe I have potential to make a positive impact in the world. But if I speak from a platform that relies on how I look, I worry that I will not have made room for anyone else to come after me. I will have reinforced that beauty and race and privilege get you a news story.

    Miss Russell, who models underwear for Victoria's Secret, studied economics and political science at Columbia University.



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    Ryan Lochte has landed on E!'s schedule.

    The cable network has set a Sunday, April 21, premiere date for the Olympic swimmer's docuseries, What Would Ryan Lochte Do? The show will bow at 10 p.m., followed by a second season of the Ryan Seacrest-produced Married to Jonas, starring Kevin and Danielle Jonas. They are the latest additions to E!'s year-round Sunday night reality block, which at other points during the year features the various Kardashian series.

    The six-episode Lochte effort comes more than half a year after the swimming phenom broke out at the Summer Olympics, becoming one of the most talked about athletes in London. His E! series will showcase his day-to-day activities in and out of the pool, with a focus on his love life, his family and his friendships.

    In making the series pickup announcement earlier this year, E! president Suzanne Kolb said of the Gainesville, Fla.-based athlete: "He is an incredibly endearing personality who is sexy, entertaining and fun. Watching this show, I believe people will fall into three categories: They want to be him, sleep with him or mother him.”

    For its part, Jonas will once again offer a window into the Jonases' lives together as a newly married couple while still accommodating the needs of their very close -- and very different -- families. A pending Jonas Brothers world tour as well as pressure to have a baby will be explored in the unscripted effort's second season.


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    The ONCE UPON A TIME universe may be expanding — Deadline reports that ABC is looking to spin off the Mad Hatter to his own series.

    The only catch?

    According to Deadline, Sebastian Stan (who has played the dual role of Jefferson/Mad Hatter since the first season) isn’t available to commit to the multi-year contract a spinoff would require, so the network is looking to recast the role before Jefferson/Mad Hatter returns later in the season. If the story and new actor gel, ABC might consider spinning the character off to his own series.

    ABC had no comment about the rumors.


    Ugh, I hope the recasting isn't true!

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    2009 Louisville International Film Festival event attended by Andy Strunk, 23, left, and Jennifer Lawrence.

    Andy Strunk has been deliberating for weeks about what special outfit he will wear when tuning in to the Academy Awards Sunday night, hoping to see his friend, Jennifer Lawrence, win Best Actress.

    “He’s going to wear his tux. He wants to dress up ... because Jennifer is going to be dressed up and he wants to celebrate,” said Andy’s mother, Pollyanna Strunk. “He’ll have his shirt on and his tie and all that … just like he was there.”

    Strunk, who is 23 and has Down syndrome, says he is the “Silver Linings Playbook” star’s No. 1 fan, and his bedroom decor attests to that. It’s packed with movie posters, magazine pictures and personal photos of his former Kammerer Middle School classmate and Indian Hills neighbor. His favorite is of a pre-fame Lawrence and himself sitting by the pool in the back yard of the east Louisville home where she grew up.

    “We are like best friends,” he said. “She’s kind... I think she has spirit.”

    Strunk also regularly goes to the bookstore to buy celebrity magazines featuring Lawrence so he can add them to his collection of memorabilia, which includes hundreds of photos. “The last time he went, he spent $87 on things he found with Jennifer on them,” Strunk’s mother said.

    Lawrence is up for an Oscar for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook.” This marks the second time that the Louisville native is going to the Academy Awards as a nominee for Best Actress. But unlike her last trip in 2011 for “Winter’s Bone,” this year she goes into the ceremony heavily favored to win.

    In an interview this week, Strunk said he’s sure he’ll hear Lawrence’s name called as winner — making her only the third Kentuckian to win an Academy Award for Best Actor or Actress, joining George Clooney and Patricia Neal in that exclusive club, according to Michael Mangeot, director of the Kentucky Film Office.

    “I will say ‘Yay! Yay! Yay!’” Strunk said, and will “be very excited and “will have to be calmed down.”

    He said he knows Lawrence will be “very busy” that night, so he’ll send a text to her mother and Oscar date, Karen Lawrence, that says “congratulations” and “see you later.”

    Lawrence apparently is a pretty big fan of Strunk, too. When they were in middle school, Pollyanna Strunk said, the actress nominated her son for the title of “Mr. Kammerer.” He won the honors, and according to the school yearbook, Lawrence also received an accolade: “Most Talkative.”

    The two keep in contact. “They still communicate regularly,” Pollyanna Strunk said. “When she comes home, she makes contact with him. Andy got to see her at Christmas.”

    But Strunk isn’t the only Louisvillian whose eyes will be glued to the Academy Awards Sunday night as they cheer on their hometown actress.

    Lawrence’s aunt, Cindy Miller, is throwing an Oscars viewing party with family at her eastern Louisville home — and has a special game planned for the evening’s festivities.

    “I’ve got my blown-up picture of Jen on the wall, and I’ve printed off my Oscars and we’re going to play ‘Pin the Oscar on Jen.’ So if she doesn’t win, I’ll just text her a picture of her holding an Oscar,” Miller said laughing.

    Lawrence’s former band teacher at Kammerer, Amanda Cornish, says she’ll never forget the blonde teen who “sat in the very front row, right in the middle” and played the oboe.

    “Jennifer was always vivacious, full of energy, full of laughter. She had an awesome humor about her even as a young kid.”

    Charlie Sexton, artistic director at Walden Theatre, worked with Lawrence when she was an eighth-grader. During the group’s April 2005 spring showcase performance, “In Celebration of Shakespeare,” she played Desdemona from “Othello.”

    “The thing I remember about her was how determined she was to pursue this as a career,” he said. “She had this career confidence. Most eighth-graders aren’t thinking about their career, but she definitely was.”

    Chris Kaufman, an agent, photographer and runway director for Heyman Talent Agency, first met Lawrence when she was 12, not long before she left for New York to start her showbiz career.

    “For about four years, I was her only photographer. I eventually was the one that made her go to New York, because her mother thought that was out of the question.”

    Kaufman, who also has worked with former Pussycat Dolls frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger, said he isn’t surprised that Lawrence has two Oscar nominations under her belt.

    “I’ve worked with so many people, and you don’t have a lot of great expectations when someone first steps in front of the camera at that age,” he said. “But when she (Lawrence) started moving, she moved unlike anyone I’d ever seen in front of the camera at that age. It took me so off guard. I literally just dropped my camera down.”


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    Gran Sims has emerged as one of the likely stars of the new Chris Lilley comedy, which began filming this week in Melbourne.

    Few details have been released about the new series. Its creator and star, Chris Lilley, is notoriously shy when it comes to publicity. However, it is understood the series has been filming at one of the locations where Gran's scenes were filmed for Angry Boys.

    The series has the working title Yellow Pants, according to a source. That title is most likely a red herring, with the real title yet to be unveiled.

    While Angry Boys was met with mixed reaction from critics and unsteady ratings - it launched to 1.3 million viewers, but fell to roughly half that - the character of Gran Sims was the show's breakout star. Several sources have flagged the character as the most likely Lilley would want to explore further.

    Filming is already underway on six half-hour episodes for the ABC. The national broadcaster has not released any information about the project. The new series is a co-production with the US cable channel HBO and has been pre-sold to the UK digital channel BBC Three.


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  • 02/22/13--19:34: IT'S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!!

  • Eileen Davidson Returns to The Young and the Restless!

    Eileen, who is currently kicking ass as evil fruitcake Kristen DiMera on NBC's Days of Our Lives, will return to her former role as heroine Ashley Abbott on CBS' The Young and the Restless.

    So far Davidson is set for two or three episodes in Genoa City, all timed to the Victor-Nikki wedding and the soap's 40th anniversary. Davidson gave TV Guide Magazine the exclusive scoop.

    TV Guide: Sony, which oversees both Days and Y&R, made this happen?
    Davidson: Yes, Sony worked it all out and it's been terrific! I got a phone call quite a few weeks ago asking if I'd be willing to come back to Y&R for a few days and did I want to think about it? I was, like, "Think about it? I don't need to think.

    TV Guide: After playing five roles previously on Days, two should be a breeze!
    Davidson: [Laughs] A walk in the park! And compared to Kristen, Ashley is so much more stable. She's kind of a relief, really. Like slipping on some comfortable old shoes. There's been a big changing of the guard since I left Y&R. There's an incredible vibrancy on the set.

    TV Guide: Might this soap-hopping happen for you on a regular basis?
    Davidson: I really don't know. That certainly crossed my mind. I think it would be great to somehow be able to do both but we'll see. Though Ashley's there for Victor and Nikki's wedding she's not just sitting in a pew. She's right back in the mix of things and getting involved in her brother Jack's life.

    TV Guide: Yeah, so concerned she didn't bother to show up through his addiction crisis!
    Davidson: And Phyllis really nails Ashley for that! "Where were you?" I also have scenes with Victor, Billy and Abby. So I'm making the rounds! We kind of lost the Abbott family for a while there but it's established that they're all still really bonded. It's an instant rapport.

    TV Guide: You were smarting when Sony took you off Y&R traded you to Days. Now that you've taken Salem by storm all over again, wasn't that a good thing?
    Davidson: I am so thrilled things worked out the way they did. I've already been at Days for seven and a half months now and I'm having a blast. The people are amazing, the part is terrific, and now to be back on Y&R, too, well...who could have predicted this? [Laughs] My magical mystery tour continues!

    ALL MY CHILDREN star Jill Larson previews the show's new studio!

    Jess Walton’s Y&R 40th Anniversary!

    Daytime Emmy winner Jess Walton talks about her portrayal of Jill Foster Abbott on the number one daytime drama!

    Of course, no discussion about Jill would be complete with out her true Genoa City other half, Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper). In revealing and candid conversation, Jess Walton takes viewers through some of the fantastic catfights between the duo, including the infamous wedding cake debacle!

    Jess also discusses how Katherine and Jill plotted to ship Nina (Tricia Cast) out of town, and to Guam, in one of her favorite storyline, plus she reveals that Jeanne Cooper is stronger than she is when it comes to those staged fights between them! Later, Jeanne Cooper enters the interview, and you can feel the love between the two enduring performers who have meant so much to The Young and the Restless brand! And as fans know, Katherine and Jill are synonymous with Y&R.

    Melissa Claire Egan’s Y&R 40th Anniversary!

    During the feature, Melissa discusses first coming on to Y&R to mix it up with one of her best friends, and her former All My Children brother, Billy Miller, now Billy Abbott on the number one soap! Melissa also admits seven years prior to being cast as Chelsea Lawson, she auditioned for the role of Colleen Carlton on Y&R!

    In addition, Melissa runs through Chelsea’s Y&R trial and tribulations, which include being pregnant by Billy, and now being pregnant again via Adam (Michael Muhney)! She now calls Chelsea a nickname, “Fertile Francis”! The talented actress also reveals how her character always has somebody standing in the way of her happiness! And that person now is Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) because of the bond that Sharon and Adam have.

    AS THE WORLD TURNS alum Peyton List joins The CW’s THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Drama Pilot!

    Written/exec produced by Phil Klemmer, exec produced by Julie Plec and Greg Berlanti and directed/exec produced by Danny Cannon, TOMORROW PEOPLE is in the vein of X-Men and Heroes and revolves around several young people from around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution, possessing special powers, including the ability to teleport and communicate with each other telepathically. Together they work to defeat the forces of evil.

    List will play Cara, the female member of the “Tomorrow People” group who has a sense of humor beneath her serious demeanor and seems to be a trustworthy ally.

    Kevin Bacon recalls playing Tim Werner on GUIDING LIGHT in Soap Opera Digest interview!

    On the February 18 edition of THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO, Kevin Bacon stopped by to talk about his new FOX series THE FOLLOWING (which also features Natalie Zea, ex-Gwen, PASSIONS), and recalled his days of playing GUIDING LIGHT's Tim from 1980-81. "I was Tim The Teenage Alcoholic for pretty much the entire year and then I learned something which was very important about soap operas," he explained. "There was a guy who had been on the show for years and he took me aside and he said, 'Ya gotta be careful about doing anything too well because they will write that for you again and again and again.' In this guy's case, he was an amazing crier, like at the drop of a hat, full-on waterworks. And he was kind of like the patriarch on the show and yet, because they saw him cry so well, they had him crying every week, crying, cying, crying all the time and he was like, 'Don't get yourself stuck in that.' So, I was doing a scene where the pressure was building up on Tim again and I was getting more and more angry and I said to the director, 'Hey, I'm thinking about maybe just punching this locker, just out of frustration, punching this locker,' and he said 'Yeah, that's a great idea. Punch the locker.' So, they said action and I punched the locker and the next week, I got a script where I was punching the desk and then I was punching that and punching that. Every week, I was punching something and I became Tim The Teenage Alcoholic Puncher with a swollen hand. This is my first chance to be on television again since then."

    Jordan Lane Price joins AMC reboot!

    Looks like Jordan Price will be portraying an aged Miranda Montgomery!

    The actress tweeted the news: "Soo I'm pretty much beyond excited to start work.. #PineValley, here I come :) #AMC"

    Nathan Parsons on BUNHEADS Romance, Stripping For His Bosses, GENERAL HOSPTIAL Offer!

    Any chance Parsons and Jonathan Jackson (now a regular on Nashville) will show up for a reunion of the Luke Spencer spawns for GH's 50th anniversary? "They're actually talking about that and it would be so good to see everybody," Parsons says. "They call every now and then and ask if I'd be interested in coming back for something longer. If the situation is right, I'd absolutely do it, but things have been pretty busy lately and pilot season is happening. So we'll see."

    Julia Barr Joins ALL MY CHILDREN!

    The Online Network announced today that two-time Daytime Emmy Winner, Julia Barr will return to the beloved serial drama ALL MY CHILDREN, set to debut later this spring. Barr will reprise her role as Brooke English, the character for which she has garnered two Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress along with eight nominations.

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Partnering With THE TALK’s Sharon Osbourne & Her Son Jack For CBS Cares PSA!

    HE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (Y&R) is partnering with THE TALK’s Sharon Osbourne and her son, television personality and producer Jack Osbourne, to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis through a CBS Cares PSA. The PSA campaign is running in concert with a storyline on Y&R to be broadcast on Friday, February 22.

    In the episode, longtime Y&R character Nikki Newman, played by Melody Thomas Scott, will share the news with her family that she was recently diagnosed with MS. A CBS Cares PSA recorded by both Osbournes in cooperation with the National MS Society will be broadcast immediately following the episode. The televised message will give more information about MS as well as a web address directing viewers to learn more at www.nationalMSsociety.org. The Osbournes’ MS PSA will also air in primetime on the CBS Television Network.

    “Recording the public service announcement with my son, who was recently diagnosed with MS, was extremely important to me,” said Sharon Osbourne. “As a mom affected by this disease, I am passionate about creating awareness and conveying the message to all who will listen that knowledge and a positive attitude are the most powerful weapons in the fight against MS.”

    “Sharon and Jack’s real-life situation inspired this storyline on Y&R, which combined with the PSA helps to further elevate awareness for MS,” said Angelica McDaniel, Senior VP, Daytime, CBS. “As the character Nikki’s struggle unfolds, our audience will learn about the disease through her eyes as well as those of her family in a story that we think will surprise and move our viewers.”

    “On behalf of the National MS Society and all the people with MS that we serve, we want to thank CBS as well as Sharon and Jack Osbourne for spotlighting MS as part of the CBS Cares PSA program,” says Cyndi Zagieboylo, President and CEO of the Society. “Not only will these PSAs help more people learn about the programs available to assist them in moving their lives forward, but it will also connect more people to the MS movement which will help speed research to end MS forever.”

    GENERAL HOSPITAL's Pickle-Lila Featured On THE SOUP!

    GENERAL HOSPITAL's Pickle-Lila storyline was featured on E!'s TALK SOUP this week. The Emmy for best condiment goes to...

    Watch the segment below.

    4th Annual Indie Soap Awards (ISA4)!

    The stars of the indie web series world came out on Tuesday, February 19 to pack New World Stages in New York for the 4th Annual Indie Soap Awards.


    Miriam Pultro, MYTHOS

    Sebastian La Cause, HUSTLING

    Pasha Diallo, ANACOSTIA

    Adam Henry Garcia, MYTHOS

    DEVANITY - Michael Caruso

    RAGGED ISLE - Barry Dodd


    Terri Garber, MISS BEHAVE



    Brad Bell, HUSBANDS

    Dee Freeman, PRETTY

    Robert Bergin, WRECKED

    HUSBANDS - Brad Bell & Jane Espenson

    WRECKED - Liz Ellis



    Caitlynne Medrek, OUT WITH DAD


    THURSTON - Paul Awad

    COST OF CAPITAL - Rob Gokee

    ONCE YOU LEAVE - Nate Locklear

    THURSTON - Kathryn O’Sullivan

    THE BLOODY MARY SHOW - Jamey-Leigh Weber & Julia Coleman

    HITMAN 101 - Pranjal Verma


    Check out some photos from the event below.
















    Eden Riegel To Return To All My Children in Guest Arc!

    Soap fans are jumping for joy with this late breaking news this afternoon reported by Deadline.com! Daytime Emmy winner and beloved favorite Eden Riegel is returning to the role that made her “soapfamous” that of Erica Kane’s daughter, Bianca Montgomery for Prospect Park’s All My Children revival!

    According to the Deadline this afternoon, “Riegel will do a cameo guest arc” on the online series! Will Bianca be back to help her young SORAS’d daughter Miranda?

    Eden Riegel also posted a quick message to her fans on her facebook page just a few moments ago stating, “Guess the cat’s out of the bag! So thrilled to be returning to All My Children in its next incarnation!”

    Riegel, who has been busy with other projects, and was most recently seen on daytime on The Young and the Restless as Heather Stevens, is coming home to Pine Valley!

    Shenell Edmonds Posts Message To Why She Is Not Returning for Prospect Park’s OLTL!

    So many fans have been wondering just what was the reason that Shenell Edmonds (Ex-Destiny Evans) would not be returning for Prospect Park’s reboot of One Life to Live, especially with the casting news that the part has now been recast!

    Edmonds took to her Facebook page to post a very special message to her fans and friends on why Llanview is not a city stop in the near future: “Many of you have asked me about the Prospect Park reboot of OLTL online so here goes. I am very excited about the return of OLTL as many of you are. Obviously I can’t give specifics but I will tell you that I was invited to join the cast. Unfortunately, they were unable to accommodate my school schedule therefore, I had to politely decline. My heartfelt thanks to all of you for rooting for my return and your continuous support. OLTL will always be dear to my heart and hey, you never know, soaps may return into my life at another time.
    Lots of love, Shenell”

    Shenell began her message with some background as to what she has been up to since the end of ABC’s OLTL: “A huge shout out to all the One life to live fans! I have been enjoying life to the fullest and slowly easing into college life since you last saw me on OLTL. During the past year, you might have seen me in a few commercials and most recently out & about as a nominee for the 44th NAACP Image Awards held in Los Angeles on February 1st. I had a chance to visit with Frank Valentini, ex-OLTL and current GH Executive producer and Paul Glass, ex- OLTL and current GH Musical Director. It was so nice seeing them again.”

    One Life to Live’ Casts Its New Destiny!

    Soap Opera Network has learned exclusively that Laura Harrier has been cast in the contract role of Destiny Evans on “One Life to Live.” She replaces Shenell Edmonds, who portrayed the character on the ABC version of the series from 2009-2012. No word yet on who will be portraying the recast version of Matthew Buchanan, last played by Eddie Alderson.

    “OLTL” marks Harrier’s first role as a series regular on television.

    Harrier is a New York based international model represented by Muse NYC. The Chicago native has shot campaigns for American Eagle, Target, and L’oreal and has been photographed for such magazines as Glamour, Elle, and Cosmopolitan.

    General Hospital’s PEOPLE Magazine 50th Anniversary Collectors Issue! !

    PEOPLE magazine has a very special collectors issue coming for fans of General Hospital! In honor of the series upcoming 50th anniversary, PEOPLE takes a look at the history of Port Charles with new interviews and fantastic new photos with the cast! (On-Air On-Soaps happened to be at GH the day the PEOPLE photo shoot was being conducted, and we can tell you the cast looked stunning.)

    Featured on the cover of the GH 50th anniversary collectors issue are: Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda), Finola Hughes (Anna) and Ian Buchanan (Duke), Anthony Geary (Luke) and Genie Francis (Laura) and Antonio Sabato Jr. (Jagger)!

    PEOPLE’s publisher description of the issue teases: “Celebrate the 50th anniversary of General Hospital, the longest running scripted television drama currently in production. Reminisce with the Quartermaines and Spencers, the famed residents of fictional Port Charles, New York. Learn about the troubled marriages of the Hardys and Brewers during the show’s early days in 1963. Revisit the wedding of Luke and Laura in 1981, the most watched event in daytime television history. Relive BJ’s ultimate sacrifice, Emily’s untimely end, and the tragic teen lives of Stone and Robin. It’s all there in words and pictures: the stars, the storylines, and the pictures-behind-the-scenes and in front of the camera. No wonder Princess Diana and Liz Taylor counted themselves among the millions of loyal General Hospital fans.”

    The General Hospital 50th Anniversary special collector’s edition goes on sale on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 for $19.95. However, you can now pre-0rder your copy at Amazon.com fora special preview price of $13.57.

    Cady McClain On New All My Children Scripts!

    Long time fans of All My Children have been hoping and praying that Prospect Park’s reboot of the series will be just as good or even better than its ABC original.

    Well, there was good news this evening from none other than fan favorite, Cady McClain (Dixie Martin) who tweeted her enthusiasm after reading the first series of new scripts she received as AMC gets ready to begin production next week!

    Cady tweeted, “Excited to start shooting next week. WOW! Here we go! I read some scripts. All I can say is: ‘WOW!’ I’m excited! They are killin’ it.”

    DAYS James Scott On Why He Did Not Submit Himself For Lead Actor In Daytime Emmy Competition!

    Everyone has been asking, just where was Days of our Lives James Scott’s (EJ DiMera) name on the ballot for the list of lead actor’s who are in the running to try and nab a Pre-Nomination in this year’s 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards contest? Well the answer to that came officially today in the latest issue of Soap Opera Uncensored!

    James, who many felt was a shoo-in for a nomination for his work, decided not to submit himself and a clip of his work in the initial round revealing, “I looked for a couple of weeks and couldn’t find anything I really felt confident about. I had a lot of pretty good shows, but nothing that I felt would really place me in contention so I thought it best to duck out this year. And, honestly, I am a little disenfranchised with the whole process. Last year I submitted 3 minutes of what I thought was the best material I have done in a long time and it didn’t even make it past the first round.”

    The Young and the Restless Wins WGA Award For Daytime Dramas!!

    In the Daytime Drama category, it was the writing team from The Young and the Restless that bested the writing team from Days of our Lives and the final ABC writing team of One Life to Live. Many had anticipated that One Life to Live would take home the prize for their episodes which centered around the final “Fraternity Row” storyline. Former OLTL head writer, Ron Carlivati told On-Air On-Soaps in a recent interview about the three scripts submitted for the award. Ron related, “It is when they (Llanview) first learn that the soap opera is going to be canceled. There is one in the middle where they are fighting to save it, and the third one is the second to last episode of One Life to Live, where they watch the last show with Viki’s speech in it.”

    Christopher Whitesell, who is now co-head writing Days of our Lives, but was previously on the winning Y&R writing team, took to the WGA Awards stage to accept the award on behalf of The Young and the Restless relating that if Y&R creator Bill Bell were alive, he would be proud. After accepting the award, a clip from Y&R’s winning work was shown to the live audience which featured Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Kevin (Greg Rikaart) trying to figure out what to do with the very dead Dr. Tim Reid’s body! The crowd in attendance at the WGA Awards loved the clip!

    The Young and the Restless award winning team included writers: Amanda Beall, Jeff Beldner, Susan Dansby, Janice Ferri Esser, Jay Gibson, Scott Hamner, Marla Kanelos, Natalie Minardi Slater, Beth Milstein, Michael Montgomery, Anne Schoettle, Linda Schreiber, Sarah K. Smith, Christopher J. Whitesell, and Teresa Zimmerman.

    Huffington Post Blog: “21 Life Lessons I Learned From Soap Operas!”

    In an anticipation and excitement for the return of All My Children and One Life to Live online, writer Mark Brennan Rosenberg posted a hilarious and insightful blog of soaps most infamous plot devices and how they can relate to our own lives, well sort of, in a new post today at Huffington Post entitled, “21 Life Lessons I Learned From Soap Operas!”

    1. If you're going to "accidentally" hit someone with a car, make sure it's not yours.

    Duh. If you are in hysterics, driving down a country road at 90 miles an hour and accidentally plow over a woman (who of course you know by name and is most likely pregnant) it's always best that you've borrowed a friends car beforehand. And even though you didn't mean to do, you will deny that you hit said woman with your car until the day you die. If all else fails, you can always blame Lindsay Rappaport.

    2. Time Stands Still.

    What may seem like days, weeks or years of your life going by mean absolutely nothing. Because life is like a soap opera, you'll often find yourself in the same outfit, in the same room, fighting about the same thing for an endless period of time. The problem will most likely never be resolved. I know, because it happens to me all the time.

    3. Time Flys By.

    You may be in the same outfit you were wearing last week, but your child has aged rapidly while you were busy fighting with your arch nemesis in the living room for the past five weeks. Just yesterday he was in diapers, today he's getting girls pregnant and trying drugs. Kids on TV are boring unless they're stirring up some kind of bullshit, so hang onto those fleeting childhood moments -- because they won't last long.

    4. People Will Disappear Without A Trace.

    Ever wonder what happened to that smack talking waitress that you used to see at the diner every day? Well, she's disappeared without explanation. And you'll never hear from her -- or mention her name again. Ever.

    5. Blame It On Your Evil Twin.

    When all else fails and the shit has literally hit the fan, blame all of your misfortune on your evil twin that no one has ever heard of until it's relevant to reveal him or her.

    6. Blame It On Your Clone.

    When all else fails and the shit has literally hit the fan, blame all of your misfortune on your evil clone that no one realized existed until now.

    7. Blame It On Your Multiple Personalities.

    When all else fails and you've killed two family members, set your house on fire and threw your husband out of a window, blame it on your multiple personalities that no one ever knew you had until now.

    8. Blame It On The Boogie.

    Oh... wait... Michael Jackson taught me that.

    9. Every Disease Is Curable.

    Just because you have an incurable form of cancer doesn't mean you're going to die. Chances are a doctor from Romania with a secret cure is on his way to your sleepy little town to save the day as we speak -- but watch out, because that mysterious doctor has a medical bag full of secrets.

    10. When In Doubt, Plead Insanity.

    Feel like pushing your sister down a well? Have things gotten so bad that you just feel like shooting your ex-husband in the back? Have no fear -- simply plead insanity in a court of law and for no rhyme or reason whatsoever, you will be back on the streets by next Monday.

    11. If There's A Party... Something Horrible is Going to Happen.

    If there is a party -- say a masquerade ball, celebration of some sort of achievement or wedding -- and all 40 people who live in your town are in attendance, something horrible is going to happen and if you haven't been pulling your weight in the storyline department, I'd watch out for falling chandeliers if I were you.

    12. You'll Have At Least 10 Children.

    Most of whom, you'll never realize you had until your later years in life. Nothing brings out the best in us, quite like an illegitimate child we never knew we had and who was our arch-rival until revelation. Because from my knowledge, women give birth all the time and completely forget about it moments later.

    13. You'll Live Like, Forever.

    Since life is like a soap opera, you will literally never die. You can get shot, stabbed, get into a horrible jet ski accident, get run over by a car, go up in flames in an explosion or literally flat line on an operating table and come back to life in a few short years or even weeks. Not only that, when you take off your shirt for a steamy reunion with the love of your life, you won't have a scratch on you.

    14. You Can Come Back With A New Face.

    Feel like leaving town for a bit? Go ahead -- and feel free to come back with an entirely new face. Not only that, no one will ever question that you have a different voice, height and facial expressions than you did before.

    15. You're Good At Everything.

    Life is just like TV. Because if you run a magazine, you can also be a lounge singer, a detective, a doctor, a pilot, a mob wife/chanteuse, a spy and run a cosmetics company all from a town that no one has ever heard of.

    16. You're Related to Everyone.

    Since there are only 40 people living in your town anyway, be careful who you sleep with. Chances are, your new love interest is most likely your long lost brother and you'll probably end up almost sleeping with him.

    17. So You Thought You Had An Abortion...

    Well... think again. That fetus you thought you aborted 25 years ago was actually put into another woman, carried to term and is now a doctor... who's out for revenge against YOU! Because hospital doors are literally NEVER locked, it's easy to do something like this. It's also effortless to switch DNA and paternity tests which is great because you'll most likely need to do that twice in your lifetime at the very least.

    18. When In Doubt... Get Pregnant!

    Is your marriage failing because you think your husband is sleeping with your best friend? Have no fear! Just get pregnant, question the paternity of the baby for months and cling to the fact that your husband will stay with you if the baby is his. If it's not, just lie to him for years about the baby's paternity and reveal that the child isn't his at a party (see above).

    19. Even If You Live in Pennsylvania You Can Go To The Beach.

    Just because you live in a landlocked state doesn't mean you can't go to the beach in that state every summer. Also, watch out for the tsunami's that will inevitably terrorize your land locked town.

    20. There's Always A Serial Killer Coming.

    Since life is just like a daytime drama, you are destined to have to deal with a serial killer six times in your life, at the very least. And because the police have absolutely no idea what they're doing, the issue probably won't resolve itself until November Sweeps and it will never be who you imagined.

    21. Rivalries Never End.

    Someone looked at you the wrong way? Great! Start a rivalry with them that lasts until you're in your mid-sixties that consists of you personally, literally terrorizing every member of their family. Years later, you won't remember why you started fighting with that person in the first place but you hate them nonetheless and always will.

    Ted King On Returning To One Life to Live!

    Fan favorite Ted King (Tomas, OLTL, Alcazar, GH et al) revealed to Soap Opera Digest that he was in talks with Prospect Park to return to his role as Tomas for the online reboot of One Life to Live. However, it looks as if for now he will not be joining the cast for the launch of the series return.

    King disclosed: “I was in negotiations for One Life recently. I’ve always felt that online is the future of a lot of television and I think it’s a great idea. I think Prospect Park is really smart to have licensed the rights to these shows and I think it’s great that they’ve gotten the funding and are making it happen. Ultimately, we couldn’t reach a deal, but we left doors open.”

    Meanwhile, Ted has just landed a plum role in a new comedy pilot entitled Alpha House co-starring John Goodman and former AMC alum, Mark Consuelos!

    CBS Daytime’s Angelica McDaniel On Marcy Rylan’s Exit And Happy Return To Y&R!

    CBS Daytime is growing by leaps and bounds these days thanks in large part to the efforts of CBS Daytime’s Senior Vice-President, Angelica McDaniel!

    While McDaniel is having success managing the CBS Daytime line-up, she was also featured in this week’s issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now in a fascinating interview!

    One of the more revealing parts of the feature was when the subject of Y&R fan favorite Marcy Rylan (Abby) being let-go from the number one soap, and then surprisingly brought back! McDaniel filled SOD in by relating how it all shook out!

    Angelica: “Jack’s family was getting smaller. That was a real concern, and at the moment, we had Marcy’s contract up, but we didn’t have story for her in the next few months, so to keep her under contract when we weren’t really going to use her would’ve cost the show. So we had to make a decision to exit Abby … but there was always the knowledge that we’d bring Abby back and we would have to figure out what her story was as soon as we figured out other stories first. Once we were ready to bring back that character, we wanted to get Marcy right back because she brought a great energy to that role.”

    Jeff Kwatinetz Special Message To Fans!

    Prospect Park’s Jeff Kwatinetz who has spearheaded the companies efforts to bring All My Children and One Life to Live back from the dead, into production, and to its new home online, posted a very special thank you message to fans of the beloved soaps via Jordi Vilasuso’s (Griffin, AMC) Paos Revolution website!

    Kwatinetz message stated, “While the battle to get into production on All My Children and One Life to Live was long and difficult, we are beyond excited to be so close from finally having the director say “action!” I am truly so passionate about these two shows and I am working as hard as I possibly can to help make them the best they can be. I’m touched by the support the fans have given us and we couldn’t possibly have arrived at this point without them.”

    ABC Daytime Legends Stop To Chat!

    Next week is going to be a big one for a couple legendary soap divas and their fans. First, Susan Lucci (Erica, ALL MY CHILDREN) will be stopping by THE VIEW on Monday, February 25, to likely chat about AMC and DEVIOUS MAIDS. Perhaps they'll get her to spill whether or not Erica will be popping into Pine Valley online? Then, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Genie Francis (Laura) will be celebrating the soap's 50th Anniversary on THE CHEW on Friday, March 1, while also doing a little cooking with co-host Mario Batali.

    THE VIEW airs at 11:00 am EST and THE CHEW airs at 1:00 pm EST on ABC.

    Y&R's Chelsea Engaged!!

    Congratulations are in order for Y&R's Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), who over the weekend became engaged to boyfriend Matt Katrosar! The actress tweeted a photo of herself wearing the diamond ring with the caption "Said yes."

    DAYS: Will and Sonny Make Up!

    Sonny and Will discuss Will's letter and their feelings. The two make up, decide to be 100 percent honest with one another, and make love.

    Their new commitment is tested when Nick interrupts them and ends up revealing what he has on Will. Sonny comforts Will after Nick leaves.

    Nick goes back to Gabi and tells her he wants his name on the birth certificate. Meanwhile, Sami shows up and is determined to make sure Gabi and Nick don't pull a fast one on her son. Nick tells Sami to back off when he see the effect she is having on Gabi. When Sami overhears Nick telling Will his daughter would be better off without him, she intervenes. And that's when a notary arrives with official papers.

    B&B: Rick is Smitten with Maya!

    Maya crosses path with Rick at Dayzee’s and sparks fly. They meet in an unconventional way, says Karla Mosley. She has no idea that he’s a Forrester. She’s has had an emotional couple of weeks then this guy catches her eye. She thinks he’s hot! KM says when it comes to relationships with men, Maya doesn't mince words and considering she just got out of prison, she’s a little hungry!

    "Its more than flirtation, the first time they meet, she sings. Rick is supportive and is instantly transfixed. He sees something in her that won’t let go. They connect on a human level that is easy and fun."

    Y&R: Phyllis and Avery Face Off!!

    At Crimson Lights, Phyllis has an encounter with Dylan, in which she realizes that he had an affair with Avery while she was married. Phyllis goes to see Avery and confronts her. “You do see how Phyllis is affected by her sister, and Avery actions bring out stuff in Phyllis,” explains Michelle Stafford. Avery tells Phyllis that their situation is different. As Phyllis leaves, she issues a warning about Nick. Phyllis then heads over to Jack and opens up to him about her family. She talks to Jack about her family convincing her that she was a loser, which is where she feels she’s at. We get to see a lot as to why Phyllis is the way she is.

    B&B: Brooke Catches Eric and Taylor!

    Eric and Taylor’s closeness has been kept secret until now. Brooke catches the pair in a clinch and needless to say, La Logan is not happy. John McCook says Eric has nothing to feel ashamed about. Taylor is someone he’s known for a long time and was attracted to her years ago, but it was nipped in the bud because of Stephanie. JM says Eric’s feelings for Taylor are more than about lust, he admires her. Plus, they share deep-seated disappointment in how Stephanie chose to die, with Brooke. Things heat up between the two. JM reiterates that it is not just about sex even though Eric had not been intimate with Stephanie for quite some time. When Brooke catches them together, they are forced to come clean about the relationship. Brooke thinks it part of Taylor’s manipulation to get her kids ahead at Forrester. The kids will probably think the same thing as well and think Taylor is taking advantage of “old Eric.”

    The Week In The Year 2000!

    In the safe room, Ryan "overheard" Adam and Liza talking about Jake not being Colby's biological father. Paolo began ingratiating himself to Marian in an attempt to lure her into bed and break up her marriage to Stuart. After finding a letter from Trevor in her mail, Janet accused Brooke of having an affair with Trevor. Hayley was forced into telling Mateo that Trevor hadn't killed Sophie -- Janet had. Ryan showed up at Jake and Gillian's wedding, but he made no effort to stop the wedding, and Jake and Gillian were married. Alex confessed her dealings with Geoffrey to Joe, who supported her. Erica enraged David by not allowing him to help locate Myrtle. Tad nearly got Adam to blab the secret he, Liza, and Ryan shared about Colby. Alex confronted David at the Valley Inn and threatened to permanently paralyze him. Myrtle and Rae's search in Elsa, Illinois, turned up some new information, but it was otherwise a dead end. What Myrtle did not reveal was that she had plucked a file from the hall of records that bore her own name.

    Molly lapsed into a coma after hitting her head while chasing after Abigail. John was unable to get Lucinda to accept his marriage proposal in order to help him gain custody of Hope, and he surmised she was interested in Jake. Andy punched Chris when he learned his brother had had an affair with his ex-fiancée, Molly. Jack believed Carly had left Oakdale under duress but then got a package from her that contradicted his theory. John called his lawyer after Denise rushed Hope to the hospital for possible ingestion of cold pills.

    Brooke called Thorne and told him that he should go ask Eric and Ridge if it was a setup and insisted she and Thorne couldn't lose their love over what Eric and Ridge had done. Thorne left and told Macy he had someone to see that couldn't wait. Thorne left to see Eric and Ridge but ended up just talking to Ridge and Taylor. He found out that Brooke had been telling the truth and told Ridge and Taylor that he was going to go straighten things out between Macy, himself, and Brooke. Morgan went to see Brooke, and Brooke offered her a job as top designer. Morgan accepted after the figures Brooke showed that she was willing to pay. Macy and Sally went to an A.A. meeting, and Macy helped a girl with giving up alcohol; Macy was asked to be the girl's sponsor even though Macy had been clean for only six and a half years. Macy ran home to tell Thorne, and he was waiting there, ready to tell Macy the truth after just hanging up with Brooke.

    Most of Salem planned a trip to France, but Rolf and Bart had sabotaged the airplane. Stefano got sicker, and Hope also experienced more medical problems. Abe was suspended from the police force. John had more memories of his time with Stefano.

    Sonny confronted Carly about the baby in front of the Quartermaines. Edward convinced A.J. not to kick Carly out. Laura continued to have doubts about being ready to move on with Stefan. Emily told Elizabeth about Carly and the baby. Alexis agreed to help Stefan best Helena. Gertrude caught Jax and Chloe together. Hannah learned that Sonny was the father of Carly's baby.

    Jim and Beth married amidst interruptions and uneasiness. After the ceremony, Phillip punched Edmund after Edmund blackmailed him with the videotape. Edmund got what he wanted from Phillip. Phillip managed to steal the videotape from Beth and Jim's honeymoon suite before anyone saw it. Harley was suspicious of Phillip's behavior. Alan and Phillip learned of the accident at San Cristobel, while Richard and Cassie cared for the injured at the palace. Carmen discovered Edmund's hold on Phillip. Drew learned that Jesse and Danny had lied about Michelle's alibi, Len. Drew broke off her engagement to Jesse, and couldn't seem to forgive Michelle. Michelle was furious with Danny for jeopardizing her life, and needed to decide whether or not to accept the D.A.'s deal. Josh and Reva made it through an uncomfortable family dinner and later learned of Olivia's badmouthing of Reva to Abby. Reva got a disturbing call from Hawk about his health. Bill and Matt started to piece together Vanessa and Pilar's involvement in Ben's murder. Bill got through to Pilar. Danny confided to Michelle that he believed Carmen was behind her predicament. Michelle took the stand in her own defense. Max and Susan kissed. Phillip and Harley helped Richard and Cassie investigate the accident at the construction site. Richard and Cassie followed a lead to Galveston, Texas, while Edmund tried to cover his tracks. Pilar burst into the courtroom and revealed that Michelle was innocent -- and she knew who had killed Ben.

    Max had another "episode" and walked into the Palace Hotel dining room naked. Antonio spoiled Roseanne's plan to get Cristian back. Nora told Bo about Lindsay changing the fertility test results, and Bo called off the wedding. Lindsay tried to explain, but Bo couldn't forgive her. Lindsay told Bo she was pregnant but then said she was lying. Drake asked Dorian to leave town with him. Téa and R.J. were almost killed by an intentional gas leak. Sophia learned about Kevin and Kelly almost making love on New Year's Eve. Sam left Nora. Viki found out she might have cancer. Max lied to Blair that he was not having an affair with Skye. Lindsay almost fainted in Bo's office. Sam challenged Nora to prove her feelings by marrying him right away.

    Sam awakened to find a naked Ivy standing next to his bed. Julian and Suzanne continued their sexcapades on the Cranes' private jet as it headed to Snow Mountain. Sam and Grace moved into another room just as Julian and Suzanne checked in. Charity fell through the ice, and Luis and Hank pulled her to safety -- just as Miguel fell through the ice. Praying for Miguel to resurface, Theresa promised God she'd give up on Ethan if God would just let her brother survive. Gwen forgave Ethan and happily threw herself into his arms. Gwen added to Theresa's pain when she asked Theresa to help her plan Gwen and Ethan's wedding. Tabitha eagerly awaited the revelation that would ruin Eve's romantic Valentine's Day dinner with T.C. Disappointed that Miguel and Charity had not perished at the ice rink, she put a new plan into action to try yet again to turn Charity to the dark side.

    Olivia wanted to remove Malcolm's parental rights to little Nate. Malcolm would do everything in his power to protect Nate from Sam and Trey. Diane knew for sure it was Nikki who had taken the sperm sample from her apartment. Ashley met Christian for dinner and spent the night with him at the Lodge. Jack walked in to spy on his sister and Christian. Ashley did say that Christian was not her actual mystery man from the cruise. He was already married and had three kids. Christian was being a sport and playing along with the little charade. Nicholas and Sharon thought about expanding Crimson Lights. Malcolm told Olivia about Callie's marriage to Trey. Olivia talked to Callie and made her realize she had destroyed a marriage and traumatized little Nate by breaking up his family. Callie decided to leave town. Michael Baldwin talked to Christine about joining him on his legal team at Desmond Industries. Ross went over to Warton's place of work and rustled him. They found another letter in his jacket. Victoria was not impressed that Ross had tried to be Superman and save the day. What Victoria didn't know was that her stalker was right under her nose. Ryan was happy his physical relationship was back on track with Tricia. Tricia seemed to think otherwise.


    Monday February 25:
    After sharing a secret with Sonny, these two reunite.
    Nicole decides to leave town just as Eric's attacked!

    Tuesday February 26:
    When Brady catches her in a huge lie, Kristen's shaken up and opens up about her relationship with her father.

    Wednesday February 27:
    Nicole witnesses a close moment between secret lovers. What will she do about it?

    Thursday February 28:
    When Sami confronts Nick, he stands his ground, saying she can't use his prison record against him because he served time. Little does he know Sami has something else up her sleeve to use.

    Friday March 1:
    Jennifer's comforting of Abigail turns to anger when she learns what Chloe said to her daughter. Will Jenn break up with Daniel?

    (Preparing for Battle)
    2/25, McBain, Lucy and Rafe prepare to battle Caleb on Spoon Island

    (Searching for Sam)
    2/26, John prepares to search for Sam, with Lucy by his side; Steve asks Liz to stand up for him at his wedding; AJ discovers the cause of his panic

    2/27, Anna lets Alexis in on details about the real Caleb; Duke sneaks into the Quartermaine den and steals to the key to the relish refrigerator.

    (Biological Father)
    2/28, Rafe is visited by a ghostly vision of his mother, who confirms that Caleb is his biological father.

    (Hiring Spinelli)
    3/1, Tracy seeks to hire Spinelli; AJ asks Liz out on a date; Britt reminds Frisco of her authority.

    2/25, Hope urges Liam to decide for himself; Rick hears Maya sing at Dayzee's.

    2/26, Taylor and Bill's unborn grandchild brings them together; Liam makes his decision.

    2/27, Bill encourages Brooke to ask for a promotion; a couple starts the rest of their lives together.

    2/28, Eric surprises Taylor with lingerie and a romantic set-up; Dollar Bill offers support to Steffy.

    3/1, Brooke finds Eric and Taylor in a compromising position; Oliver reveals his feelings to Hope.

    2/25, Phyllis turns things around on Avery; Adam surprises Sharon with his offer.

    2/26, Carmine's interest in Lauren raises questions for Abby; Christine continues her efforts to punish Phyllis.

    2/27, Nick wonders about Dylan's motives; Victor and Nikki visit the new ranch.

    2/28, Leslie opens up about her past to Neil; Chelsea works to keep her secret from Adam.

    3/1, Lauren falls to temptation; tensions between Lily and Cane increase.

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    The Inside Look: Bitter Sweet Symphony (just posted by the official degrassi tumblr)


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    In honor of the First Lady's "Let's Move" campaign, and to encourage parents everywhere to get up and get moving with their kids, Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama present the "Evolution of Mom Dancing."

    Source: Youtube

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    How Will the Salvatores Handle Dark Elena? The Vampire Diaries Boss Answers That and More!

    Get ready for vampire Elena Gilbert 2.0.

    Just as The Vampire Diaries' Elena (Nina Dobrev) was getting used to the idea of being a vampire, she learned there could be a cure. But with that quest leading to the death of her brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) forcing Elena to shut off her emotions so she could deal, Elena has now become a force to be reckoned with.

    "The second half [of the season] is about Elena now being a vampire with all the true definitions of the word: She's driven by a desire to feed and she doesn't care who she hurts along the way," executive producer Julie Plec tells TVGuide.com. "She's certainly not going to be pleased about who's trying to stop her from being the way she wants to be. So now it's like what trouble does she get herself into, what does everyone else try to do to help her or to stop her or to defeat her or to give up on her."
    So what does this mean for her ever-evolving relationship with the Salvatore brothers? Keep reading to find out!

    How long was Jeremy's death in the works?
    Julie Plec: This dates back to the decision to make Elena a vampire. "Who was going to die?" was a question before the season, but we knew something extreme had to happen.

    If Jeremy's death was so that she could get to her darkest place, why did we need to see that this season?
    Plec: We as writers and defenders of the character of Elena were never going to be comfortable with vampire Elena until she ran through the spectrum of experience. There's a choice you make: Do you play the wish fulfillment of we're immortal and life is so good and sex is so great? But everyone on our show more or less hates being a vampire and sees it as a terrible curse that makes them very sad and lonely. So for us, Elena as a human that had an infinite amount of compassion and humanity, to let her be vampiric with abandon wouldn't sit right with us — but we knew we wanted to see that. So we had to earn our way there.

    With Elena's emotions shut off, is the sire bond gone since that's emotionally based?
    Plec: I give a gold star to whoever launched that train of logic because we do deal with it right when we get back.

    Will Elena and Damon's relationship be on the backburner now that she's in this new place?
    Plec: I wouldn't say the relationship is on the backburner in that the question of 'How does she really feel?' and 'At what point are we going to know?' is still very vivid and front and center; they certainly have plenty of screen time together. But it is very humbling for Damon who is more used to the love and adoration he's been given from this girl, sire bond or no sire bond, this season and now she's like, "eh." So it's both entertaining and tragic all at the same time.

    Elena and Stefan said they could be friends. How will he aid her through this dark phase?
    Plec: We'll see some really great Elena and Stefan moments for sure, just in a different form than we're used to just because she's a different person than we're used to. We like the idea to bring where we started at the beginning of the season full circle. We'll come back in Episode 16 with Damon and Stefan debating how to handle vampire Elena. Stefan thinks he knows what to do and Damon thinks he knows what to do so the two of them try to muddle through it together.

    The preview for the next episode shows Elena in the middle of the road, which looks familiar.
    Plec: Yes, the teaser of the next episode is a callback to how we're used to meeting Damon.

    Check back for more from Plec on the Klaus-Caroline-Tyler triangle, Bonnie's quest to bring Jeremy back and when we'll know who Elena is taking to prom!

    The Vampire Diaries returns on Thursday, March 14 at 8/7c.

    'The Vampire Diaries': Julie Plec talks last night's death, teases 'adventures of new vampire Elena'

    DO NOT read the following story if you have not watched last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. It contains in-depth discussion of major plot points. You’ve been warned.

    Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was a true turning point in the life of this often bold series — from Elena letting go of her humanity to Jeremy’s indefinite exit from the land of the living. But chances are that after the tears finally dried up — or after you collapsed from emotional exhaustion — your attention was turned to the natural next question: What now?

    Well, for the answer, we turned to executive producer Julie Plec, who offered up some insight into last night’s major developments and gave us a preview of what do expect when the show returns in March.

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, did you cry as much as I did last night?
    JULIE PLEC: I’ve now seen it 47 times and then writing it, [I] shed buckets of tears, so probably not as much. But I still have my emotional attachment to it.

    How long did you know this was coming?
    We knew when we made the decision to make Elena a vampire that we needed to get her to the place of utter and complete loss and tragedy and darkness so that we could take her down the road of being a vampire without humanity. And so we knew that we were going to be sacrificing somebody we loved when we started the season, and very early on in the season, we made the decision about who that was going to be. Then we asked ourselves a lot of questions and debated but ultimately stuck to it.

    Did you anticipate most of the fans writing off Jeremy’s death as a fake-out? Many of them were actually like Elena, now that I think about it — total denial.
    That’s what we wanted to do, truthfully. We wanted to end the previous episode with Jeremy’s death, but I said as I was writing the script that [I knew] the ride I wanted the audience to be on in this episode. The instant that episode 14 was over, the very first thing somebody was going to say is, “No, wait! Was he wearing his ring?” Then somebody else was going to say, “Wait, the ring doesn’t work anymore.” Then somebody else was going to say, “But what if it does? You never know.” And we wanted to dramatize all those questions because on this show, death is not always final. And we do have this sort of reputation for turning a story on its head and surprising people. So we wanted to play those questions so that as Elena came to terms with reality and what had happened, so too, would the audience.

    Now, Jeremy’s body has been burned, but some people still don’t believe he’s dead. Are they in denial or do we have reason to hold out hope?
    I think the storytelling truth of this show is that just because somebody is dead doesn’t mean you’ll never see them again, which, I think helps temper some of the grief when all is said and done. But his body is burnt so he is no longer on this Earth.

    Tell me what we can expect from Vampire Elena minus her humanity. Is it Katherine 2.0?
    Yeah, but it’s Katherine minus all the machinations and the sexual manipulations and the Katherine survival tools. When [Nina Dobrev] first started playing Katherine in season 1, we talked about how to differentiate Katherine from Elena, and we said, “Everything that Katherine says is a lie and everything Elena says is true.” And that’s the simple act of how to give you the difference between these two girls. And the beauty of Elena with no humanity is that she’s speaking the truth all the time, and it’s brutal and not fun for the people who have to listen to it. And the fact that Nina Dobrev — I’ve seen one episode of the next few already — can so brilliantly differentiate from Elena and Katherine, even though they’re operating from a similar place, is great. It’s almost like she’s playing an entirely new character.

    Was it a challenge writing that?
    It is a challenge writing it because you want your villain to have the sauciest attitude and the best one-liners and the greatest zingers and really that’s more Katherine’s expertise than it would be Elena’s. So we found ourselves de-Katherinizing our scripts before sending them out to make sure we were being true to what Elena’s character would be.

    Talk to me about the brothers’ role in her life now.
    Well, at the beginning of the season, after Elena became a vampire, the boys were arguing about how to handle it. Each of them had very clear points of view that were in opposition to the other, and when all is said and done, they were both right. Now, we find ourselves again with the brothers trying to figure out what the hell they’re going to do with her. “Do we help her turn it back on?” “Do we leave it off?” “Do we lock her up?” Do we hold her hand?” “Do we make her have fun?” “Do we send her back to school?” [They have] all these questions and frankly have no idea how to manage. That’s the first episode when we come back; it’s them figuring out, “What do we do with her?”

    I heard something about cheerleading.
    Oh, yeah-oh, yeah! The first thing Elena does — hilariously — is take her spot back on the cheerleading squad. As she says, she’s like, “It’s not like the moves are that hard, and it’s not like I’m going to sit at home and do nothing all day.” But it turns out that she’s got a little bit of an ulterior motive, which involves the fact that there is no vervain-free locals to feed on in Mystic falls anymore.

    Now, I have to say, I loved the scene with the brothers last night. How will them being in “figure it out” mode affect them?
    If anything, the next chapter of this brings Stefan and Damon weirdly closer together because as they struggle to try to figure out what to do with this girl that they don’t recognize any more, they start to realize how much their relationship has been impacted by their shared love for her. And having kind of watched her lose her brother and them have that feeling of, “Oh my gosh. As much as I fight with my brother that I have, if I lost him, I’d have nothing,” it has a nice healing effect on these two over the next chapter.

    Caroline play a part in helping them what to do with Elena?
    Absolutely. Caroline is the fixer she’s the planner. She’s the best, most successful vampire in town, and she’s going to be right there in the mix wanting to help Elena. Unfortunately, Elena does not want her help, and it triggers some conflict between these two girls that’s both fun and sad at the same time.

    Any more major deaths this season?
    [Laughs] I can’t promise that the answer is no. But I definitely will try not to shatter everyone’s souls as deeply as what they went through last night.

    The shattering is due in part to the fact that everyone acted their asses off last night.
    It was really, really special. They all connected to it so deeply. In fact, the director who directed it is one of our editors, and he’s been with us since the beginning of the series. And he said, “Even if I hadn’t directed it, I would have asked to edit it because having been here from the beginning, the episode where we say goodbye to Jeremy and burn down that house, I feel compelled to be a part of it.” And that feeling was there on set every day. Somehow, everybody felt like what we were doing was different and somewhat special.

    Speaking of the house, are we going to see a new home base for everyone? The house is — at least to me — such an important meeting point for everyone.
    They’re going to definitely take up residence in the Salvatore mansion. Although, we go on the road a little bit in the next two episodes after that. We head to New York and we head to small down Pennsylvania. So the adventures of new vampire Elena and how we try to keep her reigned in is what’s driving the next few episodes.

    You head to New York!?
    Yes, we do! Well, not literally. It’s a very well dressed corner of downtown Atlanta.

    When’s the next time we’re really going to dig into the Silas aspect of this mythology?
    We very, very quietly slow-play it in the next episode, but in the one after that, we start to see what his plan is with Bonnie and if he’s going to be successful in getting her to do what he wants to do. And Stefan and Caroline — and Klaus, of all people — figure out what going on and and try to put a stop to it.

    And the next flashback?
    That’s the same episode. While our hometown heroes are dealing with what Silas is up to, Damon, Elena and Rebekah take off to New York as Damon relives a time in his life in the ’70s when he was not so well behaved, either.

    The Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.16 – Bring it On – Press Release

    THE NEW NORMAL — Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) new outlook has everyone concerned, leading Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to agree that going back to the normal routine of high school would be the best thing for her. Caroline (Candice Accola) is pleasantly surprised when Elena decides to rejoin the cheerleading squad, but her pleasure turns to shock when Elena’s behavior proves dangerous. Not giving up on their search for the cure, Damon and Rebekah (Claire Holt) work together until his unwanted advice catches her off-guard. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) tries to use Hayley (Guest star Phoebe Tonkin) to get the information he’s after and makes an intriguing discovery in the process. Meanwhile, a bored Elena throws a wild party and gets into an ugly fight. Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Elisabeth R. Finch & Michael Narducci (#416).

    source 1, 2, 3

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    'Delirium' by Lauren Oliver headed to TV: What book-to-screen changes to expect from the FOX pilot

    When beloved books are turned into television series or movies, there's always a degree of apprehension from devoted fans of the source material. Will they get the casting right? Will they keep your favorite parts intact? Which characters will be left on the cutting room floor?

    That was our reaction when we heard that Lauren Oliver's"Delirium"series, one of our favorite YA books in recent years, has been adapted to television. FOX has picked up the "Delirium" pilot, adapted by Karyn Usher.

    Oliver's novel is set in a dystopian future, where love has been redefined as a disease and a "cure" has been developed. It's more or less a lobotomy, and all Americans are expected to undergo the procedure at age 18. They're then assigned to a spouse, deemed compatible by an examination. The uncured "Invalids" live on the run, in undeveloped areas. Lena Holoway, whose mother is committed suicide because she could not be cured, is a few weeks away from getting cured when she falls in love with Alex, an Invalid who has been posing as a cured, upstanding citizen.

    We got our hands on the script (and we love it!) but book fans should prepare for some big changes if the show gets picked up for the 2013 season. Read on for the four major adjustments.

    1. Julian Fineman.In the novels, Julian is a character introduced in the second book, "Pandemonium." His father is a public figure, leading the DFA -- Deliria-Free America -- cause against the Invalids. In the proposed television series, Julian is introduced right off the bat, as a sickly young man who lives next door to Lena's best friend, Hana, and is confused by his powerful attraction to her, though she's not particularly interested. Yes -- Julian and Hana.

    2. Lena's mother.In the novels, Lena's mother's suicide makes Lena long for the cure and fear the dangers of love. In the pilot, it's actually Lena's father who she believes died because he was infected with "Deliria." When she learns some shocking revelations about what actually happened to him, she's driven to take drastic measures.

    3. Ren.The pilot introduces a new character, Ren, another Invalid who is Alex's best friend. Though Alex falls hard and fast for Lena, he's oblivious to the fact that Ren's feelings for him go beyond friendship. She's a key part of the Invalid's plan to resist the DFA, and ultimately goes undercover to infiltrate the government she's planning to revolt against.

    4. Pacing.The first episode of the TV series actually covers the entire plot of the first book, in addition to including information about Julian and the DFA that readers didn't learn until the sequel. Of course, in order to cram all of that into 42 minutes, there are certain moments that are lost -- particularly key bonding moments between Alex and Lena, like when he took her to his home in the Wilds, and the first time she was introduced to poetry. We're hopeful that those things will come into play later.

    What do you think, book fans? Are you looking forward to a potential TV series? Do you have any dream-casting suggestions?


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    It's the Willam's Beatdown you've all been waiting for! On this episode, Willam takes on a pirate-esque Shane Dawson, finds his long-lost drag grandma, and answers the age-old question, Does Size Really Matter? And if all this isn't enough, Willam brings on Miles Jai as part of his community service project. Make sure you watch Transfashionable to see how Willam completes Miles Jai's transformation. And stay tuned for a brand new episode of Willam's Beatdown next week! If you have suggestions for future episodes, comment below!


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    Umm. Holy fucking shitballs, tonight was intense. I love Gannicus. Enough said.

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     photo bradley-cooper-660_zps041a85f9.jpg

    "He's such a hunky, delicious stud. He's talented, and there's no cockiness to him. I hear he's single, and I'm available to hang out anytime!"

    – Jenny McCarthy, on her celeb crush Bradley Cooper, to PEOPLE

     photo fergie-435_zps42631534.jpg

    "Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!!"

    – Fergie, announcing she's expecting her first child with hubby Josh Duhamel, on Twitter

     photo hugh-jackman-660_zps0480e48f.jpg

    "I wanted to sway a few last-minute Oscar voters."

    – Hugh Jackman, who hilariously donned an Abe Lincoln-inspired top hat and beard to one-up fellow Oscar nominee Daniel Day-Lewis, on the Late Show with David Letterman

     photo justin-timberlake-660_zps95a7b978.jpg

    "My Huz just killed it on the Brits. and the London fans are the t–ts!"

    – Jessica Biel, on hubby Justin Timberlake's performance at the 2013 Brit Awards, on Twitter

     photo michelle-obama-435_zps4337362c.jpg

    "This is my midlife crisis, the bangs. I couldn't get a sports car. They won't let me bungee-jump. So instead, I cut my bangs."

    – First lady Michelle Obama, joking about why she cut her hair, on the Rachael Ray Show

     photo kim-kardashian-435_zps138cdf14.jpg

    "My boyfriend has taught me a lot about privacy. ... I'm realizing everyone doesn't need to know everything."

    – Kim Kardashian, on what she's learned from beau Kanye West, to DuJour magazine

     photo beyonce-495_zps8c159486.jpg

    "I think Egypt kissed Blue ... and I don't think Jay liked it very much. He called my husband [Swizz Beatz] and he was like, 'Umm ... watch your son.'"

    – Alicia Keys, on 2-year-old son Egypt putting the moves on Beyoncé and Jay-Z's baby girl Blue Ivy, 13 months, on The Wendy Williams Show

     photo manolo-blahnik-660_zps91066155.jpg

    "Anne Hathaway ... Pretty? Yes. Wonderful actress? Yes. But, I mean, I don't even remember her. What is it about her?"

    – Famed shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, on how the Oscar nominee and her generation of actresses are "all the same," to Interview magazine

     photo courteney-cox-660_zpsb60c0ead.jpg

    "My first box husband."

    – Courteney Cox, reuniting with former Friends costar – and on-screen hubby – Matthew Perry, on Twitter

     photo nicki-minaj-435_zps2fe020ae.jpg

    "I don't want to hurt people's feelings, but I guess that's what we're required to do."

    – Nicki Minaj, on eliminating contestants during American Idol's sudden-death round in Las Vegas, to PEOPLE




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    Rory McCann (Sandor Clegane) appeared at the 2013 Glasgow Film Festival for a screening of 'Blackwater' and did a Q/A after. What follows is a fan's transcript of the highlights and after that YouTube videos of the Q/A.

    Clean versions of the scenes.

    Firstly I have to tell you that we also had to shoot a clean version of that "resignation scene" for episodes that are shown on flights etc. which included the phrases "Forget the city" and "Eat dirt dwarf".

    Talking about the Bronn and Hound Scene.

    I'd just come off shooting the riot scene in Dubrovnik straight into filming the Hound and Bronn scene.  I wasn't in a good mood that day.  Robson and I had also built up some friendly rivalry while in Dubrovnik.  We'd have swimming compentitions in the pool in the morning.  Nothing much was said, we'd only eye each other but we'd do as many lengths as we could.  Let me tell you he's a good swimmer!  I also hadn't realised Bronn had a knife behind his back like that.  That's a bit of a Glasgow trick isn't it?

    What was it like filming in the rain?  Were rain machines needed?

    The rain was pounding.  Rivers of water everywhere.  They had the machines but no need for them.  At one point the set was nearly washed away.  You really bond on a shoot like that.  You gather around the fires for warmth and survival!  The extras were fantastic when ever I asked if they were OK there after laying in the water for hours they were always "Sure no problem!".

    The episode, Blackwater.

    This is the first time I've seen a whole episode.  I don't have Sky so don't see it on TV.  Whenever I get the DVDs friends steal them off me.

    When did you realise that the Hound character is popular and there's a fandom/following?

    When I was no longer pointed and whispers of "Porridge oats man" or "yarp!".  I was in the Outer Hebrides recently and I stopped to pick up a couple of hitch hikers.  We were chatting for a while and they asked what I did.  I explained I was an actor.  They then asked I was in.  When I said Game of Thrones they suddenly gasped and said "oh my God you're the Hound!".  It was about then I dropped them off.  When I looked in the mirror they were jumping up and down all excited.

    There's a lot of Scottish actors in Game of Thrones.  Do you get to see them and mix with them?

    I do get to see them but we're always on a different schedule.  Often Richard or Iain will have just finished shooting and will be kicking back at the pool side and asking me over but I'm trying to stay focused as I'm about to start shooting so unfortunately we don't get to mix that often.

    I have to say though that Jimmy Cosmo is an absolute legend and a hero of mine.  I've not had a chance to spend much time with him but getting on the plane together I'm saying to myself "Jimmy Cosmo!"  I was chatting to Daniel Portman who plays Pod in the episode.  He was saying how Jimmy is great and gives great bear hugs.  I've not had one, I'm quite jealous!

    How did you get into acting?

    My first job was Willow.  I'd been dossing in caves in Wales and running out of money.  One day I came across a film set and asked if there was any work.  They said they were looking for two tall drunks.  I told them I'm 6'6" and from Glasgow.  I got the work.  It was great just to watch those guys working.

    Have you read the books?

    I hadn't heard of the books before I got the part. I picked up the first one and read it before filming the pilot. I got to meet George at Doune where we filmed some of the Winterfell scenes. I showed him by book and he was stunned at the state of it. He asked what on earth I'd been doing with it. I told him I'd read it the only way it should be, by open camp fires in the wild. It's now twice the thickness it originally was and George signed it "to my Hound" Can't remember the full inscription [At this point Rory takes the book out and shows us (see photo). He then announced he was giving it away! He had a seating plan of the theatre, closed his eyes and with a pen chose a seat. Lucky B7 was the winner!].

    Can you tell us anything about Season 3?

    All I can say is it's bigger and better. We're the last to get the script and the only time I get to see the whole story is at the read through before filming starts. We usually do a couple of episodes at a time and then stop of a tea break. I'm saying "no no I want to know what happens to the dragons!". He also said he wasn't sure but he thought they had more money for season 3, I can't remember.

    Preparation and training.

    I'm do a bit of physical preparation before filming because wearing all that armour can be quite exhausting. I also prepare before the scenes. I'll try different ways of delivering the lines. In the case of Neil Marshall because he was brought in late he was very rushed on the set. There were a couple of times he'd give me some direction and suggest I try a line a bit differently. That's when having the producers on set can be useful. They just gave me a small shake of the head and indicated I should just do as I was doing.

    Are you aware of SanSan shipping?

    It's awkward you know. [Sophie] is a wee girl and I hang out with her parents! In fact they arrived in Dubrovnik the day we were filming the riot scene. They were keeping an eye on me! [laughs].

    Do you get to keep any of the costumes? Would you wear them for Halloween?

    No I haven't managed to keep the armour. I do have some swords from other films though and I'm getting casts of my hands made which will be mounted on the wall. So eventually I'll have a room full of my hands holding swords. Weird eh?

    Which is harder the emotional dialogue scenes or the fights scenes?

    Oh the dialogue scenes. They're much harder. The others stuff is hacking and slaying [laughs].

    What's the hardest scene you've had to film in the show?

    That was this year. I'm afraid can't talk about it. It's gone up a few notches from when I first started filming. I'd turn up and we'd go. Now there's three weeks rehearsal.

    Who's your favourite character?

    Tyrion. He's so cool!

    Was there training for those who hadn't used the weapons before?

    Yes of course. You're dancing with the swords.

    What's your personal opinion of the Hound. Would you like him?

    He's a guard dog with issues. He wasn't cuddled enough as a child, just like me. Oh, don't let my mother hear that she'll kill me! [laughs].

    Family in the job.

    My sister was working for the show before I got the part. We've worked on a couple of things. She works in the costume department and her husband Brian McGraw works in the props department. He did a lot of the stuff in the episode tonight.

    Did you have an idea it would ever get this big when you started filming?

    I knew there was a large book fan base.

    Who would you play in the Highlander reboot?

    Kurgan! "It's better to burn out than to fade away!". [He goes on to explain on the mountain top they used in the film, they used to leave practice swords up there for people to re-enact the scene. ]

    Have you sat on the Iron Throne?

    Of course I have! I've snapped bits off it and taken them back to the props department [laughs]. If you look at the right hand side you might notice there's a few less points than the right! [laughs].

    Who'd win a drinking competition among the cast?

    I backed out of a competition with Jason Mamoa. He came into the bar one night pointed at me and started his Haka. I downed my pint and left in fear. [laughs] I regret that now. He's such a dude. He's the man!


    [The interview was ended there but from the back of the hall Brian McGraw shouted "are you looking forward to being an uncle this year?" Rory of course answered yes with a big smile. Rory left to much applauding and cheering]


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Celebs attend the Independent Spirit Awards on February 23, 2013.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Terri Seymour

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Kirby Dick, Rita Valencia

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Kira Miro

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Manuela Velles

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thure Lindhardt

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Bill Lee

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Carlos Leal

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ira Sachs

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Quvenzhane Wallis

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Zachary Booth

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Benh Zeitlin

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Yoni Brook

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Fred Armisen

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Chad Burris, Aurora Guerrero

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Lucy Alibar

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Mauricio Zacharias

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Rebecca Thomas

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Joanna Newsom, Andy Samberg

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    John Waters

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Lemon Zhang

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Doze Niu

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Cameron Silver

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    Brittany Snow

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Marina Abramovic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Mads Mikkelsen

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Jason Schwartzman, Roman Coppola

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Marcia Gay Harden

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Sam Rockwell

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Kyle MacLachlan

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Stana Katic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Leslie Bibb

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Linda Cardellini

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Clea Duvall

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Zoe Saldana

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    Emily Mortimer

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Mae Whitman

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