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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    -September 26th is the first presidential debate


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    What did you all think of the 1st episode?

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    Canadian prince, Shawn Mendes, released his sophomore album Illuminate, tonight. Here's a roundup of his latest promo sesh.

    He celebrated by performing his song Mercy on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Listen here for his flawless vocalz.

    USA Today did a special on his new album, singling out 6 songs you need to hear. Most of them are snoozes but you need to hear No Promises, Patience, Roses and Bad Reputation.
    The album is heavily influenced by his love of John Mayer, so if you're into that, give it a stream on spotify now.

    He also did a lie detector interview where he was asked how it was to kiss his rumoured hook up, Camilla from Fifth Harmony. Shawn showed his PR skills by saying he couldn't answer the question because he didn't understand it/the fans accent. In other words, they smooched. Has your fave ever pulled such flawless PR moves?

    Using Snapchat he also recently announced his world tour, for which you can find dates on www.shawnmendesofficial.com/

    SourceLie Detector Interview SourceSourceSource
    Have you streamed the album yet, ONTD?

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    Well, @JussieSmollett revealed his @EmpireFOX duet with @MariahCarey is titled "Infamous". TBR: September 30th. #MariahOnEmpire#Empirepic.twitter.com/aeeWVOrU6T

    — Mariah Trends (@MariahTrends) September 20, 2016



    It better not be another 'Infinity' tbh, what sound do you guys think it will be?

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    source: 1, 2

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    Tickets will go on sale starting at 12 PM on Friday, September 30 at CLTOUR2016.com.

    SOURCE: https://www.instagram.com/p/BKrLD9Jgygq/

    ONTD, will you attend 2016's biggest event?

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    On September 15th, the first Digimon Tri English dubbed entry was released theatrically (no word on home video/streaming release tho), and half of the original dub cast returned. Reprising their roles are:

    Joshua Seth as Tai
    Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Sora
    Mona Marshall as Izzy
    Philece Sampler as Mimi
    Tom Fahn as Agumon
    Jeff Nimoy as Tentomon, Kabuterimon
    R. Martin Klein as Gomamon
    Anna Garduno as Palmon
    Mari Devon as Togemon
    Laura Summer as Patamon
    Dave Mallow as Angemon
    Kirk Thornton as Gabumon, Garurumon
    Melodee M. Spevack as Birdramon

    The new people replacing roles are:

    Vic Mignogna (replacing Michael Reisz) as Matt
    Johnny Yong Bosch (replacing Doug Erholtz; Erholtz will still be in the film) as T.K
    Robbie Daymond (replacing Michael Lindsay) as Joe
    Tara Sands (replacing Lara Jill Miller) as Kari
    Kate Higgins (replacing Edie Mirman) as Gatomon
    Cherami Leigh (replacing Tifanie Christun) as Biyomon


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    • Toby Stephens (lead of Starz's "Black Sails", the lgbt+ drama you currently aren't watching) is set to play the partiarch of a family of space colonizers.

    • Zack Estrin ("Prison Break") is the showrunner, while Taylor Russell ("Falling Skies") is set to play the role of the daughter

    • It's going to be a 10 episode remake of the original tv show form the '60s

    • Coming to Netflix in 2018


    Are you ready for Captain Flint in space, ontd?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Random House will be releasing an illustrated edition of 'A Game of Thrones' by George R.R. Martin. Images from the book, some in color and some in black and white, have been posted online. Some can be found at the source. All of the art is overseen by GRRM.


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    It has been revealed that SNL veteran Bill Hader has been as cast the Power Rangers lovable robotic sidekick, Alpha 5. He joins Elizabeth Banks (Rita Repulsa), Bryan Cranston (Zordon), and newcomers Dacre Montgomery, Becky G, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, and Ludi Lin as Jason, Trini, Kimberly, Billy, and Zach.

    "Power Rangers" releases March 24, 1017!

    Power Source

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    Yesterday the following promotional image featuring the Backstreet Boys leaked online. While the official accounts for BSB as well as Planet Hollywood have neither posted the promo nor commented it appears to be the real deal. This also falls in line with a statement made by Nick Carter earlier this year that the group had signed a multi-show deal with Live Nation to essentially test the waters for a more permanent Las Vegas residency. If you check the show calendar for the Axis at Planet Hollywood there are also currently gaps in shows in March and June which seems to confirm these dates are slated for the not yet officially announced test residency.

    On a more personal note my birthday is in June and I am currently accepting donations. 😇

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    Tell me how that goes...

    Have a nice day.

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    Bradford Young (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Selma, and A Most Violent Year) have confirmed he’ll be shooting the Han Solo prequel film, set to begin production in January 2018, starring Alden Ehrenreich in the lead role.


    I'm salty af about men in general this morning and this movie
    shouldn't be a thing (Leia is way more interesting) but hell, congrats!

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    According to Variety Paramount Studios has yet again changed the release date for Rings, a sequel to Gore Verbinski's 2002 remake of Ringu - The Ring.

    The film was originally scheduled to release in November of last year and was then moved to April 2016... and then October 2016... and now February of next year.

    The latest installment of the Friday the 13th franchise - which was originally slated for a January 13, 2017 release - is also being pushed to October which really doesn't come as much surprise considering it doesn't look like they've shot any of it yet. The film has been in talks since the terrible 2009 reboot.

    Allegedly the reasons for the films getting moved around so much is that Paramount is expecting to take a $115 Million loss on the coming soon to "How Did This Get Made?" film Monster Trucks that releases in January of next year.

    A delay doesn't always necessarily mean that something is awful but this sounds like a mess to be honest.

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    Ryan Seacrest's greatest accomplishment


    Crispy/BCoop's beard

    Adams family Hadid

    Imaan tha gawd

    Jour-dan walks bum bum bum

    dated Miley Cyrus

    Taylor Hill is getting paid this season

    what would romee romee romee Rome think

    Anne V


    Gigi closed bc life isn't fair

    Queen S

    Whitney come get your child

    different leagues

    what is your opinion of these fabrics arranged in this orientation, ontd?

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    The studio is in kind of a tough spot, and they're insisting this isn't a joke. It is a stunt though.

    Relativity Media produced such hits as Free Birds, RV, Les Miserables and 22 Jump Street.

    This is a world where a movie came to frutition from a child's imagination so.

    tweet | source

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    the caption translated by TIME:
    "I also don’t usually talk about my private life which until now I’ve always protected attentively … But the fury of the tabloids, the venal stupidity of some people calling themselves journalists, the haters who feel braver behind a keyboard, drive me to speak of the pride, love, respect and admiration I have for Marion staying as strong and intelligent in the face all these stupid and unfounded accusations. I think we’re all living with much more important things at this moment and now it’s time to move on and raise the bar a bit. Even if there’s so much work for some, I want to be positive. And as Marion said so well I hope you get better and aspire to something in your life than constantly sending s—!”

    Source: Guillaume's Instagram - Translation by TIME Magazine.

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    -says she was heavily involved with gymnastics until she was 12, when had to quit due to a back injury
    -her first interest in acting was sparked by mary-kate and ashley olsen
    -says it's freeing that felicity doesn't have much backstory from the comics (not that marc would've cared if she did anyway lbr)
    -is excited to explore more than just "light felicity" after her difficult decision at the end of season 4 (coupled with everything else she went through in the second half of the season)
    -everything has been kept bottled up - she breaks in around episode 3-5
    -wants to get behind the camera eventually writing/directing
    -loves how timeless and "immortal" characters are in DC, that felicity could exist forever in some way even if/when she was no longer involved

    Sources: IG1/IG2/IG3/IG4/IG5/IG6/IG7/NKD Twitter/IG8/CinemasComics/Arrow Twitter/MarcG/PaulB

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