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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    After photos of her kissing a girl emerged (what ?) Bella said "yes" to a fan on twitter asking if she was bi.

    the pic below is apparently her bff, and not her gf

    src: 1 2 3 4 5

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    • Stan Lee was interviewed by the Toronto Sun, and they asked him about Zendaya's casting as Mary Jane.

    • He didn't seem to care about Zendaya's skin or hair color like the rest of the fanboys, and this is what he said: “If she is as good an actress as I hear she is, I think it’ll be absolutely wonderful.”


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    Christopher Newman, who has been a producer for Game of Thrones since the first season, has signed a deal with Starlight Media and K. Jam Media to develop and produce Empress, which has been commissioned as a 13-episode drama. Empress will tell the storied tale of the only female empress in the history of China — Wu Zetian, who ruled during the Tang dynasty (618-906 A.D.), a time of relative freedom for women. She was known for her wit, intelligence and humor as well as being ruthless, cunning and a political force to be reckoned with. The series will follow her ascent through the court of Emperor Tai Tsung; life as his favorite concubine — and ultimately her rise to power.

    article | RP

    Note: The article calls Wu Zetian China's only female empress, which literally doesn't make sense. She was China's first and only female emperor, a title she assumed once she'd decimated her rivals and declared the beginning of a new dynasty, after her husband's death.

    Wu Zetian was covered by Jason Porath on his Rejected Princesses blog.

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    I like her music but she feels even more try hard than Halsey sigh

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    Izzy finishes drying her hair. The one successful BiP couple mentors? this season's castaways.

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    ONTD's favorite teen got a preview of the future of ASoIaF Game of Thrones and decided to taunt her elders with a series of unnecessary tweets. The show will return in 11-12 months, so she needs to leak shit or sod off.


    Interpretations? Also, is grrm still alive?

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    source, 2 (more)

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  • 08/23/16--18:04: CBB Day 25: Double Eviction!

  • Vote to win!

    First time in CBB history where all the Americans have made it to the finale!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Who do you think will win?

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    Airs this Thursday 8.25

    source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALuUBsj-nFg

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    Amy Schumer was on "The Howard Stern Show" and discussed, among other things, the sexual abuse she faced at the hands of former boyfriends (which was mentioned in her book), and wants to let people know that sexual assault comes in all forms.

    Thinks it's important to talk about it because it makes her feel less alone in this.

    The audio is at the source.

    She talks about how her boyfriend at the time started having sex with her while she was asleep and that many people doubted her allegations. Mentions how they didn't have sex before, didn't wanna press charges, etc, and also talks about another boyfriend who was physically abusive.

    It wasn't the 'perfect rape' as people expected so a lot of them doubted her, and that kind of attitude makes victims not wanna speak up.


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    Following my first post, here's the second episode of Big Fat Quiz of Everything! The teams:

    • The Sultans of Bhunai: Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade

    • TGGTTB :) (Two Great Guys Trying Their Best): Adam Buxton and Jonathan Ross

    • Tits and Teeth: Aisling Bea and Rob Beckett

    -Cool Dad™ humour with Adam and Jonathan (Speaking of Adam, that is one handsome man unf)
    -Richard gets angry!!! He's on a roll the whole episode, I loved it. I still can't at <lj-spoiler>YOUR HAIR IS STILL FUCKING WET FROM THE WOMB</lj-spoiler> oh god help me
    -I want some Maltesers now :(
    -at some point they break out wigs and may I say Richard is beautiful with his omw
    -Noel is a cutie as usual lol
    -Aisling is funny as shit. I didn't really know ha before this but now I'm stanning !!
    -All in all a funny and good episode

    And next episode is on Sunday. Noel Fielding is returning withEddie Izzard, Alan Carr, Chelsea Peretti, Romesh Ranganathan and Dara Ó Briain! It will be the last episode of the BFQoE series, so no more until the end of the year :(


    So how did you like this episode ONTD? Excited for next week? I know I am 'cause I love all of them (and Chelsea is returning yeeeessss I can't wait!!)

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    - directed by actor, director, author, genius, artiste james franco
    - franco said of his clip in a press release, “everything gets wild at the chateau marmont. bungalow 2, where they rehearsed rebel without a cause in the ’50s and nicholas ray had his affair with young natalie wood. some hippies threw a party, and things got wild.” and there’s your plot summary


    do you swallow??

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    -Cops were called to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Atlanta on Sunday. They were allegedly called to the scene by Tamar Braxton after she and her husband Vince Herbert got into a violent brawl.
    -Vince reportedly bit one of Tamar's fingers so hard that he drew blood.
    -Vince fled the scene before the cops arrived.
    -According to witnesses, Tamar turned down offers for EMS services to treat her wounded finger.

    While walking around at LAX a paparazzo asked the couple for verbal confirmation that things are fine between them, and Vince smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

    sources: 12

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    I won't be able to watch tonight's two-hour premiere until tomorrow on my DVR, but discuss in the comments! How are my favorite ladies doing so far this season?

    SOURCE 1|2

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  • 08/24/16--14:42: Tabloid Cover Wednesday
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    • The sneak peek isn't geo-blocked which is nice

    • The full episode airs tomorrow (August 25th at 8/7C) on LogoTV and VH1, and is 90 minutes (I think every ep this season is 90 mins)

    • In Canada you will be able to stream it at 10pm EST tomorrow on their new launched OutTV Go website ($3.99/month)


    team alaska obviously.. hbu ONTD?
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    Ali Drucker, Senior Sex & Relationship Editor at Cosmopolitan wasted NO time when given the opportunity to don some of Chrietina Aguilera's most iconic looks for this piece. From Genie In A Bottle, to Lady Marmalade, and of course, the chaps from Dirrty, she had a blast recreating the looks of one of her idols.

    Check out the rest of the outfits at the source!

    ONTD, what's your favorite Xtina look?

    Sources 1, 2

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    No Comment yet from #NWSL if this will affect her playing time.

    UPDATE: US Soccer has also terminated Hope Solo's national team contract according to Grant Wahl

    source: 1, 2, 3

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