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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    The British former football player was suffering from kidney issues, and had a weak heart. He suffered a cardiac arrest on his way to hospital after collapsing after he was tased by police called to his parents home on Monday night.
    His brother said before police were called he had threatened to kill their 85-year-old father, was in a 'manic state' and 'not in his right mind' apparently ranting about how his father had murdered his (still living) sibling, and had ripped the tube he used for dialysis out of his shoulder.

    He had previously been hospitalised for unspecified mental health problems. Atkinson's family is heartbroken and has complained about the use of the taser that caused his death.
    His nephew suggested the police would not have used the taser had they known about Atkinson's health problems “When a Taser is deployed, as soon as a Taser is deployed, they need to automatically call an ambulance. How do they know the health of the guy or the girl that they are affecting?”

    According to eyewitnesses, Atkinson was tasered four or five times by officers as he 'stumbled towards them' on the street, which has been deemed excessive use of force by various legal experts. His death is now under investigation by the IPCC, a police watchdog who investigate all instances when a Taser is used. Tasers were only recently introduced to some police units in the UK and there has been much debate as to whether the police should have access to them. Black people are three times more likely to be tasered by police in the UK and more than two-thirds of police Taser uses have been against people with mental health issues.

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    Katy Perry recently announced a shoe collaboration with Global Brands Group that will launch in 2017. The colorful shoe collection made their debut earlier this month at FFANY with some sketches inspired by the pop princess and the prices will range from $59 to $299.

    “It’s been a creative goal of mine to be a real contributor in the affordable fashion space,” said Perry. “Launching a footwear collection felt like a natural first step for me. After years of investigating and researching partnerships to find the right fit for the debut of my line, I found that Global Brands most resonated with my artistic ideas. They understand my vision, my eye for detail, and have the international reach and resources to bring my canvas of ideas to life.”

    The sketches reflect Katy's bubble-gum aesthetic and feature sky-high heels with whimsical detailing.


    Let's get some shoes. What shoes are you planning on buying for Fall 2016/Winter 2017?

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    -Kurt Metzger, a writer for Inside Amy Schumer, went on a weird victim-blaming rant on Facebook after his comedian friend Aaron Glaser was banned from the UCB theater when multiple women said he raped them
    -In the now-deleted Facebook post, Metzger mocked women who come forward about sexual assault
    -Many others then pointed out Metzger's other misogynistic comments he has made in the past, and his history of aggression towards women
    -People started tweeting/posting at Amy Schumer on social media when she didn't make a response. In response, Schumer blocked anybody who tweeted Metzger's name (even if it was directed at her)
    -After enormous backlash, Amy tweeted today that she is "saddedned and disappointed" and that Metzger is no longer a writer for her show


    Sources: 123

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    The Best Album Cuts In Lady Gaga's Discography
    the queen is back, the gagapocalypse will commence with the future #1 record breaking, career making, chart smashing, genre shifting single "Perfect Slaylusion", some doubters have said her best tracks are behind her, that gaga fans still think its 2009 because thats when all her good tracks were, well, no. i'd dare to say her album cuts are better than her singles save for TFM, so lets review gagas best album cuts from her discography

    The Fame
    Released: August 19, 2008
    The Singles: Just Dance, Poker Face, Eh Eh, LoveGame, Paparazzi
    The Best Single: Paparazzi
    The Album Cuts: Beautiful Dirty Rich, The Fame, Summerboy, Brown Eyes, Money Honey, I Like It Rough, Boys Boys Boys, Starstruck, Paper Gangsta
    The Best Album Cut(s): Starstruck
    *she gave us a sneak peak into the international pop superstar and our generations madonna that she would go on to be, but the best album cut on this album is a toss up between when she cosplayed lil kim on "Paper Gangsta" & "Starstruck"

    The Fame Monster
    Released: November 18, 2009
    The Singles: Bad Romance, Telephone, Alejandro
    The Best Single: Bad Romance
    The Album Cuts: Monster, Dance In The Dark, Speechless, Teeth, So Happy I Could Die
    The Best Album Cut(s): there's no question SHICD basically set the precedent for all of Gaga's album cuts

    Born This Way
    Released:May 23rd, 2011
    The Singles:Born This Way, Judas, The Edge of Glory, You & I, Marry The Night
    The Best Single: Marry The Night
    The Album Cuts: Government Hooker, Scheisse, Americano, Hair, Bad Kids, Bloody Mary, Highway Unicorn, Black Jesus/Amen Fashion, Fashion of His Love, Heavy Metal Lover
    The Best Album Cut(s): Heavy Metal Lover
    *heavy metal lover is the SHICD of BTW, like when u thought the bit couldnt get any better, album cut-wise, she made HML, like do you remember the first time you heard HML and the beat dropped after the 2nd chorus and she was just humming, like when will ur faves?

    Released: November 11, 2013
    The Singles: Applause, Do What U Want, GUY
    The Best Single: N/A
    *all of the singles were bops but ..
    The Album Cuts: Aura, Venus, Jewels N Drugs, Manicure, Fashion!, Donatella, Artpop, Mary Jane Holland, Dope, Gypsy
    The Best Album Cut(s): Artpop / Fashion! / Venus

    favorite gaga album cuts?/are u ready for "perfect illusion"?

    text and info by me, video sources as followed; s1 / s2 / s3 / s4 / s5

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    8. Live It Up - Jennifer Lopez (Feat. Dale)
    7. Sparks - Hilary Duff
    5. Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears
    4. Focus - Ariana Grande


    surprised We Can't Stop didn't make it tbh

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    Follow-up to this post

    - Rio police is now changing their line of investigation to find out exactly what the 4 American athletes were doing when they claim to have been robbed. People connected to the investigation told a Brazilian news site that now the police is not only trying to find the alleged robbery suspects and the cab driver, but also to determine whether there has been a filing of a false police report (which is a crime)

    - According to the police, one of the theories as to the why the athletes would file a false police report is that they were trying to hide something from people close to one of the swimmers, for personal reasons.

    - The police suspects that a report would never had been filed if the case had not come to public after Ryan Lochte's mom talked to the press about the alleged robbery

    - There are a number of contradictions in the Americans' statements to the police. Several points are unclear: how many robbers there were, where they were robbed, what kind of cab they took, a 3-hour gap in the story and why the phone wasn't stolen. Claims by the swimmers that they were "too drunk" to notice these things appear to be contradicted by the images from the Olympic Village's CCTV they don't look that drunk, instead appearing calm and playful.

    - A judge considered that there is enough evidence of a filing of false report to seize the athlete's passports to stop them leaving the country, as the police requires further statements.

    - Ryan Lochte had already left the country when the order was issued. After being told by the American Olympic Committee that they would not divulge the athlete's whereabouts, today Federal Police removed Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger from the plane they had already boarded. James Feigen was stopped by the police before he even boarded.


    - Brazilian police will forward their questions for Ryan Lochte to the FBI

    - Brazilian media is now reporting that all the allegedly stolen belongings were detected in the Olympic Village's x-ray when they came in AFTER the alleged robbery (this has not yet been confirmed by police)

    Source  Source (both in Portuguese) + update 12

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    ONTD what is your favourite poem?

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    Alberto Del Rio (39) and Paige (24) have been dating for a few months, but it is unknown if their suspension is related. Paige has been out on an injury before this. It is not clear what they did to get themselves suspended.

    I'm 100% convinced this is a work for Eva "all PED everything" Marie though.

    Source, Source, Source

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    Jared Leto is one of the latest actors to be cast in the long awaited "Blade Runner" sequel joining actors Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. The role he is set to play has not yet been revealed.


    Side-eyeing you

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    - Bleach 686 ends with a 10 year timeskip and Ichigo having a son with Orihime named Kurosaki Kazui
    - Rukia Kuchiki is now a Captain and she is married to Renji whose kid is named Abarai Ichika
    - Chad is a wrestler
    - oh and there was some flashback to the big penultimate battle where the big bad guy reveals that all he wanted all along was to unite the living and the dead and nobody would have to fear death and whatever who cares
    - Rukia's daughter and Ichigo's son are both shinigami I guess
    - the end!

    Source: yibada english

    I'm glad I haven't really read this garbage in 5 or so years and yet I'm still gobbsmacked. Good riddance.

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    There's been drama in the British press today. Zara Holland, who won Miss Great Britain only to later lose her title due to her behavior on a reality show, appeared on British talk show Loose Women today to talk about it, where she came face to face with her replacement, the runner up of the competition.

    • Miss Great Britain organizers were unhappy with the way she conducted herself on reality show Love Island, where she had sex on TV after getting drunk one night, so they stripped her of her title and replaced her with the runner up.

    • She told the new girl,"You didn't win the title. In my opinion, if it was the other way around, I would stand up for women."

    • Deone responded: "If I didn't take it, third or fourth would have taken it instead. It was my dream as well - you gave it up."

    • Zara continued to talk about how she was the best they'll ever have etc.

    Do you think she was unfairly stripped of her title, ONTD?

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    -Christopher Chance is a professional bodyguard &"master of disguise" who assumes the identities of those targeted by assassins
    -his new client is Oliver Queen
    -appears in episode 5

    -will play Rosalind "Rosa" Dillon (The Top)
    -she "has the power to make people's heads spin... she's the Bonnie to Mirror Master's Clyde and one of the most dangerous members of the gallery of Rogues
    -will be the origin story for Mirror Master
    -"struggle between Mirror Master and Captain Cold"
    -appear in episode 4 (and captain cold returns)

    source / source

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    In honor of the MTV Video Music Awards, just a couple weeks away, I wanted to take a trip through our pop faves' best & worst performances! It seems that every year the VMAs become more & more boring, but here's to hoping that our faves deliver their best this year. Yes, I'm talking to you Britney!


    Worst Performance:"Gimme More" @ 2007 MTV VMAs

    Ask any Britney fan what ha worst performance is and I bet you they'd say this one. Britney couldn't even give us a LITTLE for this half-assed performance of her smash "Gimme More." The song deserved more & the fans deserved more. Back then many of us thought this was the end of the line for Britney. But much to our surprise, she made an almost full recovery and it's become hard to picture her ever being THIS terrible. Although the performance is a complete mess, it will always remain as one of the most memorable moments of the MTV VMAs.

    Best Performance:"Oops.. I Did It Again" @ 2000 MTV VMAs

    I know I'll get some slack for not listing her 2001 "Slave" performance as her best, BUT let's be real here. This performance changed the trajectory of her career. No other performance of her career caused so much buzz. The striptease! The nude rhinestoned costume! Bitch, we were slayed. This performance changed Brit and our thoughts on her forever, and it was an iconic moment to witness.


    Worst Performance:"Baby Boy" @ 2003 MTV EMAs

    Back in 2003 when Beyonce thought she could fool us with her backtrack "live" singing, she got EXPOSED at the MTV EMAs while performing her hit, "Baby Boy" with Sean Paul. OK so, this isn't an MTV VMA performance but honestly, the good sis doesn't have a bad VMA performance so this is as close as we'll get. At 2:58 of the video, the backtrack begins looping, exposing Beyonce and leaving her on stage with nothing to do but bop and smile. It is rumored that the singer ran backstage and cried after the performance. But the diva always gets her way, and the duo RE-PERFORMED the song at the end of the show to try and cover up the mess.

    Best Performance:"Vanguard Medley" @ 2014 MTV VMAs

    There was no better option for a closer at the 2014 MTV VMAs than the queen of performance. Before being presented by her husband and being called, "The greatest performer of all time," Beyonce proved the statement true and served us an ICONIC 17-minute medley. This performance is unforgettable, though many people still seem to think her best performance at the VMAs was her 2011 "Love on Top" pregnancy-reveal.


    Worst Performance:"Keeps Getting Better" @ 2008 MTV VMAs

    I'm not really sure what was happening here with Xtina. This song was a half-ass attempt and it was for a greatest hits album no one asked for. She was understandably dragged for this lazy, out of shape performance and critics/fans continued to say she was trying too hard to look like Lady Gaga, who was just coming up at the time. But apparently, Xtina had no idea who Gaga was, thought she was a man & didn't know why people were comparing their looks. Unforgettable performance.

    Best Performance:"Dirrty/Fighter" @ 2003 MTV VMAs

    Christina was at the peak of her career for this high-energy performance. Although the vocals were a bit shaky at times, this remains her best performance simply for the fact that she's performing from her magnum opus album which we are still patiently waiting for her to top. The black hair was not a good look though. Keep that!


    Worst Performance:"Disturbia" @ 2008 MTV VMAs

    Back when Rih was still trying to find herself, she tried the hardcore rock route but she just didn't have the vocals to pull it off. As we were distracted by lazers, dancers, weird costumes and stage props, we didn't notice how terrible she sounded. You'd think Beyonce and Britney would have taught ha, if you can't do it - lip it sis!

    Best Performance:"Cockiness/We Found Love" @ 2012 MTV VMAs

    When Rihanna opened the 2012 VMAs with her hits Cockiness & We Found Love, she served choreo & looks for days. This performance was perfect, from the stage, to the costumes, to her swag as she walked across the stage like she owned the bitch. Rihanna doesn't have many VMA performances but this definitely takes the cake for now.


    Worst Performance:"Roar" @ 2013 MTV VMAs

    Queen of corny performances, Katy Perry, served us another lame performance for her 2013 hit "Roar." Marketed to soccer moms and their 5 year olds across the country, she showed us that she can jump-rope to the beat while still giving us her usual struggle vocals. MTV thought it would be a good idea to have her close the show with this circus act but it was the perfect ending to one of the worst VMAs to date I guess.

    Best Performance:"I Kissed A Girl" @ 2008 MTV VMAs

    IIRC, Katy was the house performer at the 2008 MTV VMAs so we were blessed with short clips of her performing before the commercial breaks. Let's get one thing clear here, ALL of Katy's VMAs performances are the worst because the good sis cannot perform. I listed this as the best because MTV only aired 1 minute of her performance and saved our ears from any more damage.


    Worst Performance:"Innocent" @ 2010 MTV VMAs

    This is Taylor Swifts most dramatic, victim-playing, unnecessary performance ever. Her and her team decided to capitalize off of the "pain" she felt from the year before with Kanye interrupting her undeserving acceptance speech. She felt the need to further let the world know that she was just the innocent white girl in this life-changing event. This performance makes me want to punch her in her hunchback tbh.

    Best Performance:"You Belong With Me" @ 2009 MTV VMAs

    Can't find the full video for this performance but the same night that she was dragged by Kanye, she delivered probably her best VMA performance. She performed "You Belong With Me" & it was an experience to see her breaking out of her backwoods country shell and developing into a popstar with this dramatic performance.


    Worst Performance:"You & I" @ 2011 MTV VMAs

    Literally NO ONE asked for this over-the-top mess and no one was here for it. Looking back, I appreciate this performance a little bit more than I did at the time but it still remains her worst VMA performance out of all three that she's done so far. From the look of her iconic 2011 VMA promo, us fans were expecting some kind of Heavy Metal Lover/Scheisse medley or something but instead we got Gaga in drag and a messy ass drunk performance of a song I hated at the time.

    Best Performance:"Paparazzi" @ 2009 MTV VMAs

    You know I had to save the best for last! In her best performance EVER, Gaga riffed on her "Paparazzi" video with a treatment that was equally as epic. Instead of the video's paralyzing fall, Gaga takes one in the chest, dripping faux blood on stage and being strung up from the ceiling. Bitttttch jaws dropped, viewers gasped & were left speechless, needing MORE. People are still waiting on her to top this performance but this was once in a lifetime tbh. No one can touch the shock this performance gave, not even Gaga.

    sound off yall
    Source | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

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    -- The Broadcast Film Critics Assocation today announced that their annual awards ceremony will be held over a full month earlier than normal, on December 11, with nominations announced 10 days earlier on December 1.
    -- The groups president is optimistic films will get seen in time while in the same breath says two late-released films may become a problem (that number will go up).
    -- The group is notorious for holding terrible ceremonies and pretending they have influence with their nominations being nothing but a copy/paste of their current Oscar predictions.
    -- Last year Star Wars was added to the Best Picture list AFTER nominations were announced because members didn't get a chance to see it in time. Some members quit after finally realizing what a joke the group was.
    -- Usually funny TJ Miller will be back for another terrible hosting job.


    lol what a trainwreck. pick which late-released films wont be seen and then probably added later, ontd!

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    • Nene "I AM RICH BITCH!" Leakes reportedly owes the IRS $824,366.01 for the year of 2014.

    • 2014 was a very busy year for Nene! She was on Dancing With the Stars, had a recurring role on Glee, had two seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta, starred in Cinderella on Broadway and introduced her line of muumuu's on the Home Shopping Network.

    • If Nene doesn't pay up, the IRS will opt to seize her assets including the $2.1 Million dollar home she purchased last year.

    • Surprise, surprise. Pot calling the kettle black. Jacqueline Laurita has spent this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey chastising fellow castmate, Teresa Giudice, for her crimes and filing falsified bankruptcy documents when in fact, she and her husband owe the state of New Jersey $338,337.05 in back taxes!

    • The couple made two payments over the last 5 years of $85,000 total.

    • Jacqueline's family isn't known to be innocent, her husband clothing company filed corporate bankruptcy a few years ago and Chris may or may not have embezzled millions from the company to fund he and his wife's extravagant lifestyle.


    ONTD, do you live life extravagantly just for the sake of a tv show?Housewives discussion post?

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    • Chinese gymnastics did not live up to expectations at the Olympics. On both the mens' and womens' side, none of their gymnasts got any indiviual medals. China came home with two medals, bronze in both team finals.

    • President of the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG), Bruno Grandi, has said the Chinese did not succeed due to their "robotic" style.

    • Grandi compared the Chinese team to the dominant Japanese men's gymnastics team. Instead of creditting Japenese culture, tradition, gymnasts, or adaptation to the code of points, Grandi says that their success is based on making their routines more "westernized."

    • "They (Japan) have improved the construction of their exercises, leaving behind Eastern-style choreographies to move towards the West, that is to say more harmony, imagination, creativity. I'm not criticising Japanese culture, which is huge, but they have built a nice crowd-pleasing routine for the spectators. They've moved away from tradition, and the Chinese should do the same. If they stay like they are, they are robots. They are perfect on geometric lines, but eurythmy does not exist."

    Source: Twitter

    This is infuriating... Bruno Grandi has always been trash, but to say something this blatantly racist and western-centric... Like wow the west is so much more creative and the only way you can win is to make your routines more westernized!!! And, China and Japan, you've innovated endless skills in this sport, but the only reason for your wins or losses are your ability to mimic the great, imaginative west!!!

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    Blac Chyna made waves when her Chymoji range featured a cartoon of her slapping a Kylie Jenner lookalike.

    'I didn't want to yell at a pregnant person... so I yelled at Rob': Kourtney Kardashian reveals she lost it after seeing Chyna's Kylie face slap emoji.

    Kourtney said: 'I went off on him yesterday. He was like: "I'm going to go on the red carpet tonight and I'm going to tell everybody how I have the worst, most unsupportive, disgusting family."'

    The 37-year-old reality star could be seen fuming after discovering the face slap emoji on DailyMail.com in a teaser clip released Thursday from an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


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    Amber Rose is the face of new beauty brand, Flirt Cosmetics!

    Some gems:
    - Her favorite non-perfume scents are weed (she doesn't smoke, she just likes the smell) and her son's baby lotion
    - She is raising her son as a feminist
    - She says there aren't enough brown skinned women represented in the beauty industry
    - Never had a threesome, doesn't like casual sex, and she's never had anal
    - Talks about being biracial, embracing all aspects of her culture
    - Looks stunning

    Amber and Flirt Cosmetics have been promoting their product called Flirt Flashes. It's essentially a lash applicator gun:


    I really wanted a beauty post tbh. Do you wear false lashes? Would you if you had Amber's lash applicator? What do you think of UD Ultimate Naked Basics? TYFYT

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    Stupid Tom, I hope the spin off means he's gone forever.

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    ICYMI: 4 American swimmers took a cab from a party and stopped at a gas station to pee. They peed on the garden and walls, trashed the place and then tried to leave. The cab driver said he would wait for police as directed by the security guard, the athletes then started cursing and screaming and slammed the cab's door. Bentz picked up a 20 and tried to pay people off with it in a sarcastic voice as if it was a lot of money. The security guard and another worker showed them their credentials and Lochte and Feigen tried to run without paying for damages or the cab fare. Security signed 'stop' and they came back very aggressively. Security pulled his (legal, registered) gun and told them all to sit down (they can be seen sitting in a video), and then immediately put his gun away. They found someone to help translate and the athletes agreed to pay 50 dollars and left.

    - Then they made up a story about being robbed at gun point in Rio - police is still investigating why they would do this, but one of the theories is that they were hooking up with women at a party and wanted to hide it from one of their girlfriends (they only arrived at the Olympic Village at 7am).

    - Ryan Lochte and James Feigen were the ones who filed the police report about the made-up robbery, although all 4 gave the police versions of the robbery story. Still, the other 2 swimmers were being treated as witnesses. They eventually confirmed that the police's findings were the truth, and not the story about the robbery. There is video evidence of everything and plenty of testimonies from witnesses.

    - Lochte is out of the country but Feigen is still here. Both are being formally charged with the crime of filing a false police report.

    - Meanwhile Bentz and Conger, who spent the afternoon deposing at the police station, were booed by a crowd of Brazilians when they left. Brazilians yelled "SHAME", "LIARS", "APOLOGIZE". One managed to briefly pull a swimmer's ear.


    ETA: Added TMZ story. ETA2: Added Brazilian story.
    Watch the swimmers being booed here

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