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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Everyone and anyone who has ever been associated with the "Star Wars" franchise is being cornered to ask their opinion about J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, mainly to find out their involvement. Eventually that would get around to composer John Williams, whose theme for the original Star Wars may be one of the most recognizable pieces of film music of the 20th Century.

    Last week, a member of the John Williams Fan Network attended a concert by the Young Musician's Foundation Debut Orchestra conducted by Williams and this is what the composer said before playing the classic movie theme:

    “We’re about to play Star Wars [audience interrupts with cheers] and each time we play it, I’m reminded of the first time we played it decades ago. Neither I, nor George, nor anyone else involved thought this would go far or in a few years there would be a sequel and I’d have to revisit the themes…and years later another trilogy. Now we’re hearing of a new set of movies coming in 2015, 2016…so I need to make sure I’m still ready to go in a few years for what I hope would be continued work with George…[more cheers].”

    That's all good except that J.J. Abrams has worked almost exclusively with Michael Giacchino even on the Spielberg-influenced Super 8, so while it's nice that Williams wants to continue doing more "Star Wars" music, he seemingly isn't even aware that George Lucas is no longer involved in these. With that in mind, it's all going to come down to whether Lucasfilm mandates that Abrams uses Williams rather than his own guy.


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    Dancer who spent $15,000 on butt injections tries to cure woman addicted to them

    A woman who spent $15,000 on black-market butt injections that nearly killed her, is dedicating her life to saving others from the same fate.

    Vanity Wonder, 30, says she is lucky to be alive after becoming addicted to using illegal silicone shots to increase her hips and behind.

    Appearing on the latest episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction, she gives advice to fellow addict Karmello who has filled her buttocks with two litres of liquid from illegal injections, taking it from a size four to a size ten.

    Karmello, 23, from Detroit, Michigan, admits to having had 54 injections to her buttocks and plans another 36 to get her behind to the perfect size.

    The mother-of-one was unhappy with her figure and started with the injections three years ago. Despite her determination to increase her behind the medical way, not one of the injections have been performed by a plastic surgeon.

    Instead she gets them on the black market from a woman she often meets in a hotel, spending thousands of dollars on filling her body with unknown liquids.

    llegal butt injections have increased in the past years with many black market operators using anything from glue to soy bean oil and industry grade silicone.

    The cheap alternative to plastic surgery has become popular among transsexuals and in the African American community.

    Those carrying out the procedures, known as ‘shot girls’ take around $300 per injection compared to professional plastic surgery which can cost around $12,000.

    In the disturbing episode of the TLC show Karmello’s friend Vanity Wonder, author of book Shots Girls who herself spent over $15,000 on illegal butt and hip injections, tries to warn Karmello of the risks.

    Vanity, who nearly died after contracting an infection from a shot, tells her she needs to stop the dangerous practice.

    But it is not until Karmello’s sister Jennifer also pleads with her to stop for the sake of her four-year-old son, that she visits plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn.

    Dr Youn shows her an x-ray of her buttocks and hips and points out that the fat is ‘sponge-like’ and warns her the next injection could kill her.

    After she has seen the images of her behind, Karmello decides to fight her addiction and stop the injections.

    What is the status of your addiction today?
    I would like to say since the show, my main focus has been on my son and getting healthy and just getting my life in order. I am no longer Addicted to Butt Injections.

    How did being on the show and going to therapy/ doctor help you in terms of dealing with your addiction?
    During the show I learned a lot actually. While getting Injections I never did my research on them before I got them which taught me today be careful what your influences are because you can do something that u could never take back.

    Do you have any words of advice for other people dealing with addictions?
    My advice to a lot of females just go with your first mind, if your mind is saying no don’t get them. As humans, we only live once and that’s life you could never get back. I’m not one to tell anyone to not do something they want to do, but me as a person is just saying be careful and do your researches first.. And I hoped you all liked my show.. Thank you for listening!! oh and Ive been going to the gym.

    Source 1 and 2
    At least she's stopping. I will never understand why people get black market plastic surgery. :\

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    Hugh Jackman has opened up about turning down an offer to play James Bond.

    The Wolverine actor revealed in 2011 that he had been approached to play 007 years ago, but ultimately chose to pass on the coveted role.

    In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jackman explained why playing Bond could have hurt his career in the past.

    "I thought it would box me in too much," Jackman explained to the publication.

    He added: "My natural instinct is to keep as many doors open as possible."

    Jackman previously said in December that he has changed his attitude towards Bond in recent years and would now be open to playing the spy.

    "I will just wait. The thing about Daniel [Craig] is that he's, what, 62 now, isn't he? He's falling apart at the seams," Jackman teased. "So I just keep telling him, 'I'm ready, whenever you want to let him go'. The good thing is I also have a British passport."

    Daniel Craig is expected to star in two more Bond films, with Skyfall director Sam Mendes also apparently close to agreeing to return for another movie.


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    Kim Kardashian loved her baby bump, but now she's going crazy over her new figure.

    The New York Daily News reports the reality star is "not pleased" with her expanding figure as she passes five months pregnancy. “At first, she didn’t mind because she was excited to be pregnant. But now she’s flipping out because she didn’t think it would be this extreme." The source adds that Kim has already gone up four cup sizes.

    However, father-to-be Kanye West isn't so worried about his girl's new shape. "He encourages her to eat whatever she wants. He tells her not to worry, and it makes her feel better."

    Recently, the couple made headlines for getting preferential treatment boarding a flight to Brazil. The two were whisked through lines and created a 50 minute delay when it was discovered they were never given a security scan


    How narcissistic do you have to be if you're "upset" about your pregnant body? Like really? Women these days... If I was pregnant, I would be trying to eat as healthy as possible and doing minimal exercising to make sure that MY CHILD will be healthy. I'll be in those pregnant yoga classes and going for walks in the park with my froyo.

    All my worries would be about the health of my child, not over me having back rolls -_-

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    The short film, starring Matthew Gray Gubler, will premiere March 1st at the Cinequest Film festival in San Jose, California. Playing before the feature film Leave Of Absence.

    An adaptation of New York Times best selling author David Sedaris’s ‘The Learning Curve’ from his book ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day.’ The Learning Curve follows Sedaris as he becomes a creative writing teacher at a local college.

    Screen dates:

    Camera 12 - Screen 7 Fri, 3/1 7:00 PM
    San Jose Repertory Theatre Sun, 3/3 9:00 PM
    Camera 12 - Screen 10 Tue, 3/5 2:15 PM

    Film Info:
    Release Year: 2012
    Rating: Not Rated
    Genre: Comedy
    Premiere Status: World
    Production Country: U S A

    Cast/Crew Info:
    Director: Phil McCarty
    Producer: Phil McCarty
    Cinematographer: Quyen Tran
    Cast: Matthew Gray Gubler

    Source: 1&2

    You can purchase tickets at the source

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    Nicole Kidman, the best actress Oscar winner in 2002 has said that she doesn't want Oscar favourite Jennifer Lawrence to win the award, instead plumping for pal Naomi Watts and Emmanuelle Riva as joint winners come the awards on Saturday.

    Speaking at the gala screening of her new movie the actress revealed that she wants to see the pair grab the joint honours, despite most Oscar watchers thinking that the battle will be between Silver Linings Playbook star Jen and Zero Dark Thirty's Jessica Chastain.

    “Oh Naomi, I'd like it to be a double winner because I'd love to see Emmanuelle Riva [win] because I think it's her 86th birthday but I'd like to see Nay win as well, but I'd like it to be the first time in history that it's a complete tie,” Nicole told EntertainmentWise.

    Emmanuelle has had her odds slashed for a win after emerging victorious for her role as an elderly music teacher in her autumn years, while Naomi is regarded as an outsider for her role in tsunami based drama The Impossible.

    Ever a student of film history though, the glamorous Nicole realised that she'd made an error in her Oscar predictions, and that if Emmanuelle and Naomi wouldn't be the first to have to share their statuette.

    The actress quickly rushed back before entering the screening of the movie, in which she stars with Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode to correct herself, telling us that in 1968 Barbara Streisand and Katherine Hepburn were tied for the top female gong, for Funny Girl and The Lion In Winter respectively.

    Laughing about her brief mistake, the star carried on to enjoy her evening just as no doubt all those competing for that Academy Award will on Sunday.


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    It’s no surprise that the Girls‘ creator and star has suffered from anxiety since childhood because her character Hannah, Lena’s alter-ego of sorts, is riddled with fears, self-esteem issues, and over-analyzation, which are big indicators of anxiety.

    Lena is now extremely busy working on not only Girls, but reportedly another television project, and she reportedly signed a book deal worth over $3 million. Writer-director Judd Apatow is her close mentor, and she’s got several movie ideas she’s thinking about. She hasn’t always been this frantically productive, though. When she was in college, Lena took antidepressants to deal with crippling OCD issues she’s experienced since childhood, but the antidepressants themselves left her crippled. She tells Rolling Stone‘s Brian Hiatt that they made her feel “drugged like a big horse. I was so exhausted all the time, night sweats. I was pretty fat in high school if I look at it, because it just slows down your metabolism. My mom would always be like, ‘I think you’re having a lot of side effects.’ and I’d be like, ‘You’re such a bitch; you just want me to be skinny!”

    Lena’s now on Lexapro, and has Klonopin in her purse at all times, but is deathly afraid of the benzodiazepine. “Don’t ever Google a drug because it’s all psychos being like, ‘This blinded me, it killed my husband.’ I once flushed all my Klonopin down the toilet, because I was so scared by what I read. But if I feel I’m in the Tower of Terror, a little piece will just let me breathe.”

    She seems to be managing her issues well now, but as a child her OCD was out of control. She was scared of going to sleep because she was afraid of death, and created a ritual with her parents of telling her three fun things they’d do the next day, and then coming to get her at exactly 3 a.m. to come sleep in their room. She also went through hypochondriac phases where she was sure she was dying of jaundice or AIDS. (I still have hypochondriac phases, so I understand.)

    At some point she became obsessed with the number eight. “I’d count eight times . . . I’d look on both sides of me eight times, I’d make sure nobody was following me down the street, I touched different parts of my bed before I went to sleep, I’d imagine a murder, and I’d imagine that murder eight times.”

    She also had a intense fear of sex once she learned what it was, something she manifests on the show with the awkward and demeaning sex scenes, and through the innocence of the character Shoshanna. I think it’s probably not an accident that Shoshanna’s name is so close to Hannah. According to Lena herself “Shoshanna is the part of me that was terrified of sex and felt a little bit left out of the group.”

    Although anxiety can be crippling when it’s out of control, it can also be a great driver in the right doses. Hannah felt inspired to be successful by watching some of her older female relatives be, in her opinion, unproductive, mostly because of the accepted roles of women when they were young. Her grandmother was a nurse and a real estate agent, but according to Lena “She had more capabilities than she used, because of the time in history. She could have been a doctor. She could have had a bigger, more expansive, more comfortable life. I looked at my great-aunts, or whatever, who were just sitting watching TV, and was like ‘How do we ever just sit around loafing, if we’re just gonna die? How can people just take a life and waste it?’”


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    60s girl group? I'm there!

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    The death of country singer Mindy McCready makes her the latest alum of "Celebrity Rehab" to succumb to their struggles. She is the fifth star to appear on the show to die in the past two years.

    The show had five seasons from 2008 to 2011. Dr. Drew Pinsky's publicist did not respond to requests for comments, nor did representatives from VH1.

    Dr. Drew said that he had not treated McCready for a few years, but "reached out to her recently" after her boyfriend and father of one of her two children David Wilson, committed suicide in January.

    "She was devastated. Although she was fearful of stigma and ridicule she agreed with me that she needed to make her health and safety a priority," Dr. Drew said. "Unfortunately it seems that Mindy did not sustain her treatment."

    "Mental health issues can be life threatening and need to be treated with the same intensity and resources as any other dangerous potentially life threatening medical condition,".

    "Treatment is effective. If someone you know is suffering please be sure he or she gets help and maintains treatment."

    Mindy McCready

    Mindy McCready, 37, died Sunday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at her Arkansas home, police said.

    The country singer who soared to the top of the charts with her debut album, "Ten Thousand Angels," struggled with substance abuse, served time in jail and fought a lengthy battle with her mother over custody of her son.

    The singer appeared on the third season of Dr. Drew's VH1 show.

    "I am deeply saddened by this awful news," Dr. Drew said in a statement posted in a VH1 blog. "My heart goes out to Mindy's family and children. She is a lovely woman who will be missed by many."

    McCready was ordered to enter rehab shortly after Wilson's death, and her two children, Zander, 6, and 9-month-old Zayne were taken from her. She was released after one day to undergo outpatient care.

    Joey Kovar

    Joey Kovar was a personal trainer and aspiring actor in Chicago when he was cast on MTV's "The Real World: Hollywood" in 2008. His long battle with drug and alcohol abuse led to him being asked to leave the show, according to his "Celebrity Rehab" bio.

    He struggled with alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs as well as steroids as part of his bodybuilding, according to the show's website.

    On Aug. 17, 2012, he was found dead in the home of a friend who reportedly found him with blood coming out of his nose and ears. He was 29 and left behind a 3-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter.

    He appeared on the same season of "Celebrity Rehab" as Mindy McCready.

    Jeff Conaway

    Jeff Conaway, an actor best known for playing Kenickie in "Grease" and acting on the TV show "Taxi," appeared on the second season of "Celebrity Rehab."

    In May 2011, he was found unconscious in his California home. He remained in a coma until he was taken off life support several weeks later. He was 60 when he died. His sister said at the time that it was a result of "too many prescribed drugs." He had an abuse history with alcohol, cocaine and prescription drugs, according to his "Celebrity Rehab" bio.

    rest of the list at ABC News

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    Amanda Seyfried says “broken” guys can be “attractive”.

    Amanda Seyfried is sometimes attracted to “creeps”.

    The stunning Hollywood actress plays adult movie star Linda Lovelace in the new film Lovelace. Linda famously starred in the shocking 1972 movie Deep Throat and later claimed she had suffered abuse at the hands of her husband Chuck Traynor.

    Amanda, who previously dated her Mamma Mia! co-star Dominic Cooper, understands why some women are drawn to the wrong guys.

    “Unfortunately there’s something attractive about someone who is broken, for me, and for a lot of women that I’ve spoken to. My best friend and I are attracted to creeps - sometimes,” she said in an interview with British newspaper The Sun. “They’re interesting and mysterious and they provide us with this rush and this need to chase or fix - just these needs they fill in yourself.

    “It doesn’t make any sense. It’s a weird psychology but unfortunately it’s the way the world works.”

    Amanda’s latest role is a departure from her previous films. Lovelace contains a series of sex scenes and required the 27-year-old star to appear nude.

    Amanda doesn’t understand why the subject of sex on the big screen is still considered risqué.

    “Sex in movies shouldn’t be as big a deal as it is. Guns are huge in American cinema but with sex everybody is so prim about it here. Something is changing in American cinema,” she argued. “We’re going through some kind of sexual revolution right now, I’d like to think.”

    Amanda had a great time making Lovelace, revealing she found the process of shooting musical blockbuster Les Misérables much tougher. The cast were required to sing live during scenes and the actress had to make sure she kept her voice in top condition.

    “It was exhausting trying to keep your voice protected,” she recalled. “It’s difficult because we’re very fragile and that was mainly the reason it was so tough.”


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  • 02/18/13--17:49: Q&A with Norman Reedus

  • Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on AMC's The Walking Dead, talks about duking it out with his on-screen brother, shares his own nickname for Rick's baby and explains why Chandler Riggs considers him the other kid on set.

    Q: Emily Kinney told us about how they worked her skills as a singer into the show. Have any of your off-screen talents been integrated into your character?

    A: I can't sing like Emily, but a lot of my characteristics are in Daryl. I ride a bike and am good at giving people dirty looks.

    Q: You've been riding your motorcycle on-set and off for a few years now. Have you found some good back-country Georgia roads to cruise?

    A: I take it south of here and I don't even keep track of where I am. I drive for hours. I've found so many new trails and so many new roads. The motorcycle Daryl rides is the one they picked out from Season 1 -- it was in the background. They found that bike and left the stickers on and liked it so much they didn't want to change anything.

    Q: It's hard to imagine anyone else playing Daryl. What are some ways you've made the character your own?

    A: When you do television, you have this opportunity to drop these subtle hints everywhere. The way you say things, for example, sometimes those seeds turn into trees. I've had quite a few of those things happen. Daryl's childhood, for example. In Season 2 when Carol kisses me after Andrea shoots at me, I flinched. That wasn't in the script and now this year there's a story line about how I had an abusive childhood. Having to do 16 episodes with these characters, of course we're going to find more to do. Carol and Daryl have a stronger bond, and I've gotten to explore stuff with my brother, for example.

    Q: Was the reunion of Daryl and Merle this season as sweet for you and Michael Rooker as it was for fans?

    A: We love each other; we're the best of friends. He's awesome and such a powerful actor. He's also amazing to watch. We're similar in a lot of redneck ways already, and we've become more similar on the show.

    Q: Michael Rooker says he gets pretty enthused about fight scenes. Did either of you go too far when you fought in the walker arena?

    A: You always get hit a little bit -- catch an elbow or something. The fight scenes can be really intense. That one, we could have played that two ways: We could have played it how we played it, or we could have done it like two untamable wild animals. My choice was to play it like an execution. This wasn't about the Governor at al -- it was all about the little brother and big brother dynamic, establishing who's who.

    Q: Chandler Riggs told me that he's able to survive without many other kids on set because you're there to be a kid with. How accurate is that statement?

    A: I'm going to beat the crap out of that kid. Chandler is more adult than Steven and I put together. He hangs out all the time with us. He's really good at gadgets and gizmos. I get a lot of goofy fan mail with toys, nerd games and stuff, and I usually just that give stuff to Chandler. He's one of the best actors on our show, hands down, and he's killing it this season.

    Q: Daryl coins the nickname "Lil' Asskicker," for the baby. Did you come up with that yourself?

    A: No, the writers came up with that. I kept accidentally calling her "Lil' Ass-kisser" actually.

    Q: Given all the deaths on the show, are you ever worried that your character could be the next one to go?

    A: I think we all have that fear. Nobody's safe in this world -- on our show, as well as our group. Everyone is a moving target. I don't think anyone thinks they're going to be on for a certain amount of episodes. They think they could go at any time, and the producers have made that clear. We are all afraid.


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    Young Hollywood's hottest stars have been busy promoting their new film Spring Breakers, which hits theaters March 22, 2013. The cast is currently in Paris and rocked four distinctly different dresses for the premiere earlier today. Selena opted for a blue halter mini with an embellished neck while Ashley chose a va-va-voom long black gown with a cleavage-baring cut out. Vanessa went retro vibe in a black and pink strapless dress and Rachel selected lacy lavender for her frock.



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     photo leah-1_zpsf57e942e.jpg

    This Southern belle has gotten her fair share of social media hate thanks to the fact that she cheated on Corey Simms just days before their wedding and got divorced and remarried in less than a year, but she's putting her haters in their place.

    "Your about stupid!" Leah tweeted to a fan who accused her of being boy crazy. "You don't know me! I've been with 7 guys, I feel bad enough for that. I'm not a 'whore' like most think!"

    2009: Leah gets with Corey on the rebound from her failed relationship with Robbie. She gets pregnant one month after they got together and they welcome their twin daughters in December.

     photo leah1_zps9e82a573.jpg

    Spring 2010: Leah and Corey break up after she cheats on him with Robbie.

     photo leah2_zpscd9873eb.jpg

    Summer 2010: Leah and Corey get back together and he proposes.

     photo leah3_zps9ff4730a.jpg

    October 2010: Leah and Corey get married.

     photo leah4_zps01838758.jpg

    April 2011: Leah files for divorce after Corey buys a truck without telling her. It's also revealed Leah again cheated on Corey with Robbie days before their wedding.

     photo leah5_zps92b64157.jpg

    June 2011: Leah starts dating Dusty but it only lasts a few weeks.

     photo leah6_zps6e0778c3.jpg

    August 2011: Leah starts dating Jeremy.

     photo leah7_zpsa6b2cd4c.jpg

    December 2011: Jeremy proposes after Leah informs him of her pregnancy. Sadly, she miscarried at 8 weeks.

     photo leah8_zpsde7ea636.jpg

    April 2012: Leah and Jeremy got married.

     photo leah9_zps85a20f13.jpg

    She also fired back at one follower who called her a retard for getting pregnant again when she was a single mother of 2 with a special needs child.

    “SHE IS NOT SPECIAL NEEDS, Dumbass! She's perfect and beautiful! Her name is Aliannah Hope! She's a blessing,”

     photo aliwalked_zps2014d648.jpg

    Leah Calvert welcomed her third daughter on February 4th with husband Jeremy after suffering a miscarriage last January. They were married in April of 2012.


    TM2 Season 4 Tonight.

     photo bbgoogles_zpsb9bf23d1.png

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    Dating site Zoosk really goes for it with this ad showing a girl getting busy on a poor frog. The ad's message is a play on the old saying "you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince," with their spin being, "stop making out with frogs, all the princes live inside Zooks!" However, the actual delivery of the message is one step away from an SNL sketch. It's like, "Girl, calm down, obviously that frog is not a prince, you can stop sucking face now."

    This actually might be porn in some states. Watching this, you can't help but feel sympathy for the poor frog, who is probably just like, "WTF is wrong with this human? Is it sick? Is it trying to eat me? Just get it over with!"

    So, what's up, all the single ladies: does this make you want to hop (ha?) on Zoosk, or what?


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    “Fionna and Cake” was perhaps the single most brilliant episode in the past five season of Adventure Time. It’s not just the fact that the creators so brilliantly translated every single character in the show’s cast to the opposite gender. It’s not even the fact that the whole gender-swap alternate universe is an affectionate knock against the entire fan-fiction history, casting fanfic authors as real-life Ice Kings desperate to take part in their favorite characters’ fantasy worlds. It’s that it throws characters’ complex skulls wide-open, baring the disturbing insides in vibrant color. “Fionna and Cake” is, in fact, one of the most intimate portrayals of the Simon’s lonely, confused and irremediable sociopathic condition, one in which he can’t identify gender, accurately  replicate affection or participate in human (or post-apocalyptic-fantasy-creature-or-whatever) interaction. This week’s episode, “Bad Little Boy,” lets us in again, but this time we get VIP access to one of the show’s most enigmatic and alluring characters: the Vampire Queen Marceline.

    Just like in the original “Fionna and Cake,” the Ice King imprisons his audience, forcing them to “enjoy” his story, because that’s the only way he can interact with others- by forcing them to interact with him. But there’s one character who’s known Simon from the beginning, and actually interacts with him willingly. She even listens patiently to his fanfic. Now that we’ve seen Marceline and Simon’s complex backstory in “I Remember You,” we can understand, to some extent, the nuances of a rescuing-widower-cum-despondent-sociopath and a orphaned-monster-cum-aloof-hipster-royalty father-daughter relationship. We can also accept that Marceline would join in the fan-fiction party, as Marceline crafts her own alternate universe, in which we get a telling picture of her perception of her relationship with Finn, Jake and even her psycho-ex Ash.

    It’s clear that Marceline is cognizant of her bad-girl temptress relationship with Finn, and her dismissal of Jake as Finn’s conscience/Jiminy-Cricket, and the trio get plenty of screen-time as gender-swapped versions of their real selves, but then Marshal Lee, her alternate-reality male version, starts to get abusive and controlling. Just like, you got it, her own ex-boyfriend Ash. It’s like Marceline is so bound up in her past relationship that she can’t help exposing it in her fan-fiction, but it’s never explicit- the characters in this episode never mention the connection between Ash and Marshal Lee. I mean, it’s not like anyone but Finn and Jake know about her romantic past. But us diehard fans do, and experienced viewers probably couldn’t help but identify the parallels between the two characters. That’s the nature of this show-the true past and inner psychosis of each character is only revealed in specific episodes over the last five years of this show. You can pick up on the broader nature of each character and how they function superficially, but you’d never understand the complexities and nuances of this show if you miss the little snippets of meaning and lore. In this instance, you’d never really pick up on “Bad Little Boy” if you missed “Memory of a Memory.” In the same way, “I Remember You” makes little sense without “Holly Jolly Secrets,” and “All Your Fault” is bereft of meaning without “Too Young.”

    I loved this episode. Can't wait for an episode with the Fire Prince!
    Mods, I got a new article link.


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    Chaz Bono's 2013 has gotten off to a healthy start!

    The former Dancing with the Starscontestant, 43, has already dropped 43 lbs. since announcing his public mission to lose 50 lbs.beginning in mid-November.

    He's now upped his goal to dropping a total of 80 lbs.

    "I've been sticking to a really strict diet," he tells PEOPLE. "It's not any type of starvation thing. I'm just cutting out a lot of stuff and eating primarily protein and vegetables and fruit."

    Bono, who weighed 250 lbs. pre-diet, first addressed his goal publicly with Dr. Travis Stork on an episode of The Doctors, after being approached by the show to get help.

    "That episode was the most uncomfortable I've ever been on television in my life," Bono admits. "I had been wanting to lose weight. It was something I had been trying to do and failing at. This opportunity just kind of came in, and my initial reaction was 'absolutely not.' And after that, the more I thought about it, I realized I've been wanting to deal with this issue and somebody's willing to help me do it, so I decided to throw my pride away and get help."

    The initial weight-loss process actually wasn't too challenging. He shed the pounds with the help of exercise and the Freshology delivered-meal plan.

    "It hasn't been that long, but when you're a guy and you've got a lot of weight to lose, the initial stuff comes off pretty easily," says Bono, who'll return to The Doctors Wednesday to show off his weight loss. (check local listings). "You start to see results and you want to keep going. It's not to say you don't have cravings sometimes, but I'm very happy with how I'm looking and feeling. Especially when I'm traveling or I have to go out to eat or whatever, it's actually kind of easier than I thought to [eat healthy], so that's been good."

    But now, the pounds aren't coming off as easily.

    A Challenging Plan

    "It's getting harder," he explains. "I'm just kind of at a little plateau right now, which I think is pretty normal, according to my doctor. The weight was falling off at first, and now it's just coming off slower. The smaller you are, the harder it is to lose weight. The last 10 or 20 lbs. are really hard to get off. I would like to lose more than that. I'm still dropping, but I'm just not dropping like I was in the beginning, which was about 4 lbs. a week."

    Despite the lull in his weight loss, Bono is continuing along strong with his journey.

    "There haven't really been any bad parts to this so far, except certain stuff that I miss eating," he says. "But ultimately, I would much rather look and feel better than eat those things. Everything else has been really great. I feel better and when I look in the mirror, I like what I see better."

    But when it comes to offering guidance to others going through the same thing, Bono will steer clear.

    "I don't want to ever be that guy [to give advice]," he says. "I've struggled with weight my whole life. I don't ever want to be the guy to say, 'Just do this.' For me, it was finally getting to a place where I was willing to do whatever it took to deal with this. When you get to that point, then whatever way you choose to do it, it's going to work."

    And Bono is adamant about keeping it off.

    "I'm willing to kind of never eat the things I like again," he said with a laugh. "Never say never, and I know it happens a lot, but I really want to do everything I can to avoid gaining it back. I'm not going into it thinking I'm going to do that. I'm going into it thinking I'm too old to [expletive] around with that. I need to keep my weight down, moving forward, in order to be healthy."


    He's looking good.

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    Season 5 - Episode 4

    Challenge Winner

    Alyssa Edwards

    Bottom 2

    Honey Mahogany

    Vivienne Pinay


    Honey Mahogany


    Vivienne Pinay

    Source: My TV
    That was seriously the most lackluster lip sync ever Jesus. Anyway, who is ready for Untucked?

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  • 02/18/13--19:11: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!

  • Who will Liam choose: Hope or Steffy?!

    Taylor is on top at least for now and Brooke is not happy about it. But not to worry dear Brooke, Bill comes to the rescue and moves his stocks to back Brooke up and get the Logan's back to where they belong despite Eric's thinking he is in charge. Remember Stephanie's dying words? Well it looks like they are going to come back and bite you in the ass!

    Baby Rosey is in jeopardy when Maya makes the choice to replace the child. This wont happen for awhile but insiders are saying get those Kleenex ready!

    With a wedding looming thanks to Brooke, Steffy rushes to the scene and finally tells Liam she is with child and all hell breaks loose. When Liam learns this news he is overjoyed to learn he is going to be a daddy leaving Hope at the altar. Upset that she will not be marrying Liam she rushes off to Oliver who had told her how much he loved her and seeks comfort in his arms. Are we looking at Bell's new super couple? Can Hope forgive Oliver like she forgave her mother? What will Hope do when she finds Momma in the arms of Bill Spencer?

    The actor who has been hired to play Ridge is still waiting to come on board, but Brad has decided to put that on hold because one of the writers (wonder which blonde it is) likes the Bill/Brooke story and to bring Ridge back at this point would kill the momentum that they're building to an obvious sexual encounter between Bill and Brooke. Really Brad?

    New ideas are coming from the head office at CBS. It is being rumored that we may see the break up of Kevin/Chloe and or Michael/Lauren. Whispers are we may be seeing the hook up of Chloe/Alex and Carmine plus Lauren to see how fans react. I am not holding my breath on Lauren and Michael, IMO this would be horrible, but then again it would give these two excellent actors a real story. It is also rumored that TPTB want to do a gay story involving Michael or even Kevin hence the reason for the break up. As I have been told ether actor has no problems with this type of story. The "pro" for Michael is the story is how Fen deals with Michael being gay, therefore this will cause the break-up of Lauren/Michael and this is being STRONGLY considered. The actor who will cause this break up is not any one on the canvas at this time. Writers are thinking down the line, and if this storyline does not work out, the actor being cast as "the lover" will just be written off. Look for this to be a possible summer storyline.

    Michael Muhney recently tweeted that he has an "epic" story line coming up. He also said that he wants to make it clear that it has nothing to do with his hooking up with Sharon. No word on what this so called "epic" storyline will be, so we will have to just wait and see.

    March kicks off a big story for Michelle Stafford. A storm comes which will change everything in Genoa City!

    Cane and Lily have a romantic rendezvous planned at the GCAC for their anniversary but the snowstorm keeps them apart and Lily is with Tyler. Cane goes searching and low and behold finds the two body to body. Lily says it was for keeping warm but Cane has his doubts. He asks Lily if she ever cheated on him with Daniel and says nothing making him assume she had when in actuality they were broken up so therefore it wasn't cheating. DG is quoted saying that “when Lily had cancer, Cane was there, regardless of the lies. He has never cheated. Nevertheless, now that it’s out there in the open, they will have to figure out how to deal.

    With the unveiling of the new Newman ranch many are asking who will live at the ranch. Nikki, Victor, Sharon?

    Chloe deliberately gets herself kicked out of the Kiriakis mansion for the sole purpose of getting Daniel to invite her and Parker to stay with him - which rattles Jennifer. She uncompromisingly tells him to drop Chloe out of his life and sue for custody of Parker.

    Stefano insists to Kristen that she marry Brady, who is still resistant. But he does suggest living together and Kristen does her best to try and convince him to live with her at the Dimera mansion.

    Sami and Gabi have a vicious argument and Gabi begins to experience excruciating pain and is taken to the hospital. Sami is ordered to stay away from Gabi.

    Nicole, after having a huge fight with Lucas, decides to leave town. Meanwhile, Eric finds himself face to face with a local junkie and his gun - and Nicole walks into the middle of it. Eric is wounded and Nicole, thinking that Eric is going to die, tells him that she loves him.

    Are we any closer to finding out what is happening between PP and ABC. Laura Wright tweeted that Todd is coming back. The latest word that is circulating is "Crossovers". GH obeyed TPTB and are exiting the characters back to Llanview. This will establish a framework for crossovers which PP is very happy about because this will lure GH viewers to follow what transpires to these characters in Llanview and establish promotional benefits for PP. The GH writing staff is not too thrilled because this will entail consulting with the PP writers on exits, story progress and returns. The minute the door is open for all of this to happen the word is do not expect it will be a one-time event nor limited to the three actors in question. All that is left is for the lawyers to work out the legal details and hash out the least objectionable deal for their respective side. Whether fans of either GH and OLTL will be totally satisfied remains to be seen.

    A visitor gives Lulu something connected to The Ice Princess. Luke and Laura see it and it causes insensitive memories of days gone by. It is being hinted that this gift will come from Helena. I hear we will see Helena return as well as Faison and a resurrected Cassadine. Possible Nikolas and yes Robert will eventually come out of his coma. Now I want to be clear on one thing, just because we are moving in the direction of "The Ice Princess" you have to realize this will not be the same storyline. This is a revisit which means exploring history in more detail. Old events and secrets and their consequences will effect present day. The younger generation will be impacted by this decades of old feuds and they don't even realize yet.

    Caleb claims his next victim, and it's the end of Steven Webber when he tries to save Sabrina from the hands of the Vampire King. Steven comes to Sabrina's aid and is killed by Caleb who is trying to kill Sabrina and Steve will die a hero. And to add more to Caleb's madness he kidnaps Sam and when she wakes up she realizes that she's Caleb's prisoner. Caleb is determined to make Sam recall their past life together.

    Will GH be celebrating on the View? Will GH do a primetime for the 50th? Will Katie Couric make her acting debut for the 50th?

    Not one of the actors who appeared in the final episode of OLTL have signed on. The fact that no one has been cast in those roles means they want those actors and those actors haven't said yes. Many are asking will TSJ come back and finish up? Trevor is least likely to do PP out of the other 3, perhaps with ABCD out of it and no Frons he will. TSJ must have forgiven Ron enough to do the last episode of OLTL when we saw him being held captive by crazy Allsion. As he has mention many times he's not interested in any long term deal, but a pay check is a paycheck and who knows maybe they will work something out that will make his schedule more flexible.

    Both shows will be redone over and the opening credits as well. AMC and ONE LIFE will be shooting separately in five-week intervals but will air continuously, which means 5 weeks on 5 weeks off for the actors working, which isn't a bad deal at all. The shows will be on air all the time but the actors will have mini vacations and options to do other things.

    If the rumor about Llanview being destroyed by a hurricane is true, rebuilding it could be the umbrella story, having side stories of corruption, and interactions leading to romance. If they hire new suitable actors on recurring it gives them a chance to see how they would work out, then possibly sign them.

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    Michelle arriving to Good Morning America looking gorgeous as usual.

    In ABC's Studio.

    Michelle will not be at the Japan Premiere tomorrow because of her schedule, only James Franco, Rachel Weisz and Sam Raimi will attend. Don’t miss Michelle on The Late Show With David Letterman tonight, this morning michelle was on Good Morning America looking gorgeous.

    click on the screencap to watch video

    Sources: 1 l 2 l 3

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    Music mogul Clive Davis has gotten lots of attention for revealing his bisexuality in the new memoir The Soundtrack of My Life, out Tuesday. But for musical theater fans, it may be equally big news that Davis plans to stage a revival of the Lerner and Loewe classic My Fair Lady — with some big stars in mind to play the title character, Eliza Doolittle, and her self-appointed Svengali, Professor Henry Higgins.

    Davis writes in Soundtrack that he is "about to realize another of my life's dreams: producing a Broadway musical," with theater veterans Roger Berlind, Scott Landis and the Nederlander Organization.

    Chatting with USA TODAY on Monday, Davis elaborated on this dream project, noting that "our first choices" to play Eliza and Higgins were Anne Hathaway— a top Oscar contender this Sunday for her singing performance in the screen version of Les Misérables — and Colin Firth.

    Both Hathaway and Firth were reported to be up for same roles in a new screen adaptation of My Fair Lady that fell through, making the stage rights available, according to Davis. But his selection of Hathaway in particular "preceded her triumph in Les Mis," Davis points out, adding that he plans to reapproach the actress "after the Academy Awards."

    Davis' top choice for a director? Bartlett Sher, the Tony Award winner whose Broadway credits include acclaimed revivals of such American classics as South Pacific, Joe Turner's Come and Gone and, this season, Golden Boy.


    David O. Russell can only wish he could have Audrey Hepburn's successor in his movie.

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