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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Who could it be???

    That's right! Alfredo's back!


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    Adrienne Maloof's new boyfriend Sean Stewart doesn't have time to deal with "Real Housewives" drama spewing from Brandi Glanville's mouth ... telling TMZ, she needs to stop being so desperate for attention.

    Sean was out in L.A. Friday -- when we asked him about Brandi blasting his relationship with Maloof on a TV talk show this week, where she said the couple's 19-year-age difference "Yikes, it's a bad visual for me. The whole thing, it's just those two people. It just makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little and swallow it."

    Sean fired back with some choice words for Brandi and then left her with one last piece of advice.

    Check it out.

    Ex-'Real Housewives': Would Have Done Show for Free!

    Two former "Real Housewives" TV stars, Completely Bare Owner Cindy Barshop and Skweez Couture and Jill Zarin Jewelry Founder Jill Zarin, talk about their experiences as reality TV stars.

    Who Is Helen Salas, Paul Nassif’s New Girl?

    The talk this week was about Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s Paul Nassif dating a nanny.

    Since Paul has been seeing Helen Salas for only six weeks, he didn’t want to tell his kids — so our RumorFix sources say he told them the beautiful 27-year-old hanging around was the new “nanny.”

    A friend of Paul’s ex, Adrienne Maloof, tells RumorFix, “When Adrienne found out that Helen wasn’t a nanny and that she was partying with Paul in Las Vegas — Adrienne was sad that Paul had lied to her. And, of course, she was embarrassed.”

    So who is this beautiful brunette on Paul’s arm?

    She’s a professional beauty queen with a few tiaras on her mantel. Helen was Miss Nevada Teen USA 2004 and three years later, Miss Nevada USA 2007.

    From her pageant interviews we’ve learned that she wants to be in broadcast journalism and is a model. Her hobbies are soccer, clarinet and volleyball.

    The Latin hottie says she’s “passionate about life … being in the moment.” And she says her brother, Brian, who used to be in the Air Force, is her hero.

    TMZ, RumorFix, Bing

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    Somehow, between making his Sound City documentary, directing a music video for Soundgarden, guest hosting Chelsea Lately, touring with the Sound City Players, and appearing on comedy podcasts, Dave Grohl has found time to start writing the next Foo Fighters record.

    During a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on February 8, the 44-year-old charmer confirmed that he and his fellow Foos are at work on the follow-up to 2011's Wasting Light. Responding to a fan who asked, "Are you guys on hiatus or are you planning on recording another album any time soon?", the ex-Nirvana drummer wrote, "like [guitarist] pat smear says... we're not on hiatus... we're on 'i hate us' and yes, we are already writing the new record."

    Grohl has been pestered by rumors that the Foo Fighters have broken up since last October. To ease the panic of vintage alt-rock apologists everywhere, the ex-Nirvana drummer penned an open letter to fans clearing up the confusion. "I can't give up this band," Grohl wrote. "And I never will. Because it's not just a band to me. It's my life. It's my family. It's my world."

    So there you have it — the Foo Fighters haven't broken up, and they're actually working on their eighth full-length. As the NME pointed out, Grohl wrote in last week's Reddit AMA that "loud ass guitars, loud ass drums, and screaming ass vocals" aren't going anywhere. In fact, Grohl's Sound City Players LP, Sound City — Real to Reel (one of 50 Albums You Gotta Hear this year) is out on March 12.


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    Nicki Minaj and Madonna don't half-ass anything—much less Valentine's Day!

    Both singers recently took to their social media accounts to bare their butts to their adoring fans.

    "Happy #VagDay boyz…," Nicki tweeted Thursday, linking to a collage of her in a tiny bikini—shot from behind. "#JerkResponbily #prettygangmakenoise #freaksoniTunes," she added.

    Madge also shared a shot of her derriere on Instagram Wednesday. "Working on the edit of the live concert!," she wrote, as if that was what she was really trying to draw attention to.

    But, whatever, we're cool with the gratuitous rear-end shots. Bottoms up, ladies!

    I just wanted an excuse to post backshots tbh. dream body post y/y?


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  • 02/16/13--20:20: SNL Post: Christoph Waltz

  • Quick Gifs & Caps:
    Or just search the #snl tag on tumblr.

    Live Links:
    (Or go to tvpc.com and look for NBC)

    Here is the rundown for the season so far.
    Week number, Host, +SkitsWithHader -SkitsWithoutHader

    Week 1: Seth MacFarlane +6 -6
    Week 2: Joseph Gordon Levitt +7 -6
    Week 3: Daniel Craig +4 -6
    Week 4: Christina Applegate +4 -6
    Week 5: Bruno Mars +6 -7
    Week 6: Louis C.K. +2 -7
    Week 7: Anne Hathaway +5 -5
    Week 8: Jeremy Renner +7 -4
    Week 9: Jamie Foxx +3 -7
    Week 10: Martin Short +3 -5
    Week 11: Jennifer Lawrence +6 -6
    Week 12: Adam Levine +4 -8
    Week 13: Justin Bieber +5 -6
    Week 14: Christoph Waltz +5 -6

    Skit Rundown
    Opener: Carnival Triumph Poop Cruise (Hader)
    Monologue: Austrian Stereotypes & Smile Damn You Smile (No Hader)
    What Have You Become? (Hader)
    Papal Securities (No Hader)
    Tippy keeps missing the story! (No hader)
    Djesus Uncrossed (No Hader)
    Jamarcus Brothers CD (No Hader)
    Weekend Update (No Hader)
    Fred Armisen is in a dress again(Hader)
    Fox and Friends (Hader)
    Secret Admirer Valentine (Hader)

    Hader Yes

    Hader No

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    Just when we thought Beyonce couldn't do anything more to secure her title as the reigning Queen of Pop and all things excellent, she went ahead and made a documentary.

    "Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream," an autobiographical, self-produced film starring, you guessed it, Beyonce, premiered on February 16th on HBO.

    Of course there were elements of the ridiculous: Bey pensively holding a hairdryer (wasn't that a camera???) on a Paris balcony, random prolonged shots of trees, pretty much no one speaking but Beyonce and the revelation that the singer has had a videographer filming her 24/7 for years. Still, we couldn't help but enjoy the glimpse into the pop star's -- and her 1-year-old daughter Blue Ivy's -- life.

    Here are eight five lessons we took away from Queen Bey's documentary:

    1. Know when it's time to set boundaries.
    At the beginning of the film, Beyonce opens up about making the tough decision to break professional ties with her father, Matthew Knowles in 2011. "I needed a break, I needed my dad," she says. "I had to let go." Although the move ultimately caused tension between her and her father, it's important to recognize when you need space from another person -- whether or not that person is a parent -- and ask for it.

    2. Let other people see your vulnerabilities sometimes.
    You might think, watching footage of then-pregnant Beyonce singing and dancing on stage in heels and sparkly, revealing leotard, that this woman has never had an insecure moment in her life. Not true, says Beyonce. At one point in the film, she reflects on coming to the realization that she needed to “stop pretending that I have it all together and if I’m scared, be scared." Letting those around you see your flaws and your doubts doesn't make you weak, it makes you human.

    3. There's no therapy like being heard and understood by another woman.
    The woman who thinks girls run the world also sees the value in close female friendship. “I love my husband, but it is nothing like a conversation with a woman that understands you. I grow so much from those conversations," she says. We tend to agree.

    7. Pick a life partner you can be goofy around.
    One of the sweetest moments of "Life Is But A Dream" is old footage of Beyonce and Jay-Z singing Coldplay's "Yellow." It's candid and adorable, and their love for each other is clear. “It’s every woman’s dream to feel this way about someone," says Bey, talking about her relationship with Mr. Carter. A cheesy collective "awwwww" was really the only possible response here.

    8. Don't be afraid to express your wants and needs.
    One thing that came across strongly in the film was that Beyonce does not compromise when it comes to her career. If she has an opinion on how a show should be lit or staged, she won't hesitate to speak up. “I’m like most women -- very generous, and I’ll compromise," she says in the movie. "I used to be afraid of people thinking I was difficult or too critical, and you know, I dont really care about that anymore." Be your own advocate, no matter who thinks you're "difficult."


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  • 02/16/13--21:32: ALT Meets Quvenzhané Wallis

  • In this week's totally non-essential news, Vogue Magazine's Andre Leon Talley recently did a video interview with Quvenzhane Wallis for the magazine. Actually, I should say formerly of Vogue Magazine.

    It was revealed today in news reports that, after 30 years, Talley has left the magazine as contributing editor and it's because of his new TV ventures, including hosting a late night TV talk show in the works, which Tambay reported about HERE.

    Turns out that Vogue chief Anna Wintour absolutely hates television, feeling that any connection between Vogue and TV "cheapens' the Vogue brand. In fact, it's well known that, a few years ago Wintour passed on an offer to partner with Project Runway when the show was in development that could have made the magazine potentially millions.

    But with Talley already making TV appearances on Entertainment Tonight and America's Next Top Model, there was friction between him and Wintour and Tallley obviously saw that the grass was greener on the TV side.

    However, Vogue has stated that though he is leaving the magazine they expect him to still contribute from time to time, and that "he has a number of projects in the works with Vogue and Conde Nast, and maintains a warm relationship with them both.'.


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    Maya Rudolph is going to be Up All Night, all right! The actress is reportedly expecting her fourth child with writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The actress has informed NBC that she is pregnant, sources tell the site. NBC and Rudolph's rep declined to comment.

    Rudolph, 40, and her longtime partner Anderson, 42, are already parents to Pearl, 7, Lucille, 3, and Jack, 19 months.
    The news comes just after Up All Night's Christina Applegate exited the series for creative reasons.

    Since first becoming a mother in October 2005, Rudolph's focus has been on her family. "Before I had children, everything about my life was devoted to Saturday Night Live," she said on NPR'S Fresh Air in April 2012. "It's really difficult to be there for anyone else in your life when you're doing the show because of the hours it demands."

    After leaving the NBC sketch comedy series in 2007, things have certainly changed for Rudloph (whose notable film credits include Bridesmaids, Friends With Kids, Grown Ups, Away We Go and Idiocracy). With three young children to raise -- and a fourth on the way! -- she spends her non-working hours tending their needs first.

    "I keep hearing about this elusive 'date night' where people actually have it together enough to go somewhere," Rudolph joked in a September 2011 iVillage interview. "I think the last date night we had was eating a bowl of cereal at my kitchen table after everybody went to bed. . . I'm really envious of those families that really get it together. It seems so adult to me like, 'And then Friday we'll have date night.' How do they do that?"

    Anderson, known for films like Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood and The Master, is nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the Writers Guild of America Awards.


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    Rooney Mara tells director Steven Soderbergh just how much she trusted him while filming “Side Effects” in the new Interview magazine.

    “I just do what I’m told, when I’m told,” she says. “There is a line, though — like when you asked me to do reverse cowgirl with Channing (Tatum, who plays Mara’s husband in “Side Effects”), and I put my foot down. If the character should be nude in the scene and it makes sense and I trust the person making the film — and I regret my decision to trust you now that I know you more — then I don’t see a problem with it. I certainly don’t want to be involved in anything that is gratuitous, but I don’t think the human body is something to be ashamed of.

    “Every other person on the planet has the same parts as I do. So seeing them shouldn’t be a huge shock to most people,” she says.

    “First of all, reverse cowgirl occupies a very important position in porn — pun intended,” jokes Soderbergh. “Plus, you told me that you couldn’t stand to look at Channing, so I was just trying to solve a problem.”

    In the chat with 'Side Effects' director Steven Soderbergh, Mara ponders what would happen to the flick if she were to have died part-way through the filming.

    “You would know,” she says “If I recall, Channing didn’t want to look at me.”

    She also tells Soderbergh that she wonders about how a movie would be completed if she were to die part way through filming.

    “Sometimes I think about that — like, ‘Okay, if I died right now, would they have to reshoot the whole film? Or would they be able to edit around it,’ says the former “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."

    Mara is set to star in the sequel of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.'

    “Then I think through the scenes that are left to shoot, and weigh if they would be able to finish it or not.”

    And growing up in the Mara house meant watching your mouth with bad words.

    “When I was growing up,” she says, “I wasn’t allowed to say ‘fart.’ Fart was a swear word. We had to say ‘honk’ instead — ‘He honked!’ A penis was a ‘winky.’ But these days, I like words with a little more punch.”

    “Like doodie?” asks Soderbergh.

    “Like c---,” says Rooney.


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    When Sonic Youth took off in the early 1980s, Kim Gordon would invariably find herself being hauled to the front of the shot if the band was being photographed. The bass player and guitarist claim it was because she was the shortest, and not because she was the only woman, but whatever the reason, being singled out didn't suit her. "I felt anxious on those shoots," she says. "The first one I remember was for this indie magazine called Option in 1985. They only put me and Thurston [Moore, Sonic Youth's cofounder and Gordon's husband for 27 years] on the cover. The whole thing made me uneasy."

    It is difficult to imagine Gordon being anything but coolly assured. In past photographs, gigantic sunglasses and nonchalantly smoked cigarettes gave her the air of a Jean-Luc Godard heroine, a look Gordon referenced by dressing like a grunge Jean Seberg. "I had this striped cotton dress that I wore every day of the 1991 tour we did with Nirvana," she laughs. "All the sweat from being on stage meant it just got smaller every time I wore it."

    As a founding member of one of the figurehead bands of the 1990s US grunge scene, Gordon is regarded as a pioneer among female rock stars of her era; elder stateswoman to more riotous female voices such as Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna or Hole's Courtney Love. It was an electric time to be a woman in rock music, particularly when it came to clothes. "I remember when Kathleen [Hanna] wore a bra on stage with the word slut written on to make a political statement. It was like punks dressing in bondage gear, telling the world: 'Society restrains us.' That was the early 90s for you; now you don't really see that." She pauses, before adding: "I love the way Lady Gaga finds humour in fashion, but it's still very stylised."

    In her younger days, Gordon wore babydoll dresses and paisley skirts, often subverting their girlishness with clumpy boots. These days she wears Marc Jacobs shift dresses, but still possesses a tomboyish streak.

    Gordon separated from Moore in 2011, and Sonic Youth have drifted to a halt. "It's hard to say when the life of a band starts and stops… but playing music together is an act of trust. When that's broken, it's impossible to continue."

    For now, she is concentrating on her work as a visual artist as well as collaborating with free-noise musician Bill Nace. Previous projects include a clothing line called XGirl and a collaboration with Parisian label Surface To Air, but at heart she is still the teenager who slung together outfits from the thrift store. "My mum was a seamstress. She made her own clothes in the 60s: long, floaty, bohemian dresses. She was a child of the depression – you made everything yourself."

    Growing older, Gordon says, is comparable to being a teenager when it comes to knowing how to dress. "I wasn't very confident about clothes, I was always hunting through racks, never sure what looked right. It can be like that again when you're older." She marvels about how good her daughter Coco looks in just about anything. "She'll throw on a sweater over a T-shirt and she just looks incredible."

    Whether you're talking about a picture taken today or one taken 25 years ago, you could say much the same thing about Gordon herself.


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    Ke$ha to Receive The Wyler Award

    kesha-warrior-photoshoot-2-kleinEach year The HSUS's Wyler Award is awarded to a celebrity or public figure for increasing awareness of animal issues via the media. Global pop icon and committed animal advocate Ke$ha will receive the honor on March 23 at The Genesis Awards Benefit Gala, joining past winners Sir Paul McCartney, Hayden Panettiere, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Kristin Davis, and Ian Somerhalder.

    Humane Society International’s first Global Ambassador for animals, Ke$ha balances her hectic career as a platinum recording singer/songwriter and one of the world’s most dynamic performers with her outspoken stance on critical animal protection issues.

    Ke$ha has spread the word about street dogs, the trophy hunting of endangered lions, shark-finning, Canada’s commercial seal slaughter, dogfighting and cruelty-free cosmetics, among many other important animal welfare concerns, highlighting a different animal issue each month on her website and urging her massive fan base and social media following to take action for animals. By talking about her role with The HSUS’ international arm, Humane Society International, and her commitment to helping animals in numerous media interviews, she has brought worldwide attention to the cause.

    “It means so much to me to be recognized by The Humane Society of the United States because advocating for animals is second nature to me,” said Ke$ha.

    “My affinity with animals and the natural world inspires me and my music. I don’t understand how anyone can justify abusing or exploiting animals, and as long as it continues, I intend to keep talking about it.”


    Who needs Grammy's anyway. Animal charity awards >>>>>>
    Baby lion Ke$ha (as in the actual baby lion in the pic, it's named after her) agrees:


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    "Destiny's Dad" (Hal Cruttenden, Shaun Keaveny and Mark Dolan)
    "Bootylicious"— Destiny's Child


    "Lady Gaga" (Olivia Lee)
    "Bad Romance"— Lady Gaga

    "Justin Timberlake" (Tim Vine)
    "Rock Your Body"— Justin Timberlake
    Saved by the public vote

    "The Soap Stars" (Natalie Cassidy, Dean Gaffney, Claire Sweeney and Ricky Groves)
    "You Can't Stop the Beat"— from Hairspray
    Saved by the panel

    "Robbie Williams" (Ricky Hatton)
    "Let Me Entertain You"— Robbie Williams
    Eliminated by the panel

    Source 12345

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    Premiering March 27th. Get ready as the Portland cast is taking it to a whole other level of crazy. The Real World: Portland will be the upcoming twenty-eighth season of MTV's reality television series The Real World.


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    Before this season is even over news of a casting shake-up are being widely speculated! It's already been rumored that Penny Lancaster, wife of Rod Stewart is slated to join the cast.

    TMZ is reporting that former Extra hostess Dayna Devon is in talks to sign up for season 4! Dayna is married to famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken and is a mother of two.

    The 42-year-old Dayna is currently starring on TLC's Plastic Wives but sources are claiming she is in talks to jump to rival network Bravo to get facetime on the more popular Housewives franchise!

    The departing Housewives are supposedly Taylor Armstrong, whose three-season-long trainwreck including the suicide of her husband and her shady past has left many viewers repulsed. And of course Adrienne Maloof, who allegedly threatened legal action against NBCUniversal over Brandi's surrogate comment. There are also rumors that Kim Richards may be getting the ax.

    Filming for season four is to begin in April.

    Adrienne Denies Brandi Lawsuit!

    Kyle’ White Party event is going to be the set of even more drama between Brandi and Adrienne.

    At the party, the feud between Brandi and Adrienne heats up yet again when the two try to talk out their differences.

    Brandi tells Adrienne she doesn’t “want to have issues” with her and Paul. Adrienne claims she did not know her lawyer had sent any letters to Brandi about a potential lawsuit. Brandi says she received “several letters” and had to hire an attorney to deal with them, costing her big bucks.

    Adrienne says “a letter is different than a lawsuit,” refuting Brandi’s claims that Adrienne wanted to sue her. Adrienne says she didn’t want to hire a lawyer, but she and Paul felt they had to because of Brandi’s accusations about their family.

    Adrienne says, very confusingly, that her hiring of a lawyer has “nothing to do with” Brandi... it’s just about what Brandi said. Huh?

    Taylor Drunk, Unaware of Where Her Daughter Is!

    In a new sneak peek, Taylor phones Kim and Kyle to let them know that she won't be attending Kim's new nose party -- but that's not the shocking part. Taylor also admitted that she had no idea where her young daughter Kennedy was at time and was slurring her words uncontrollably.

    "I have just become close to someone that I've known for a long time and he's...invited me to go on a plane tonight...and I think I'm in love," Taylor slurs, revealing why she won't make the party. "In the last 48 hours I think I've fallen in love. I'm so happy and he loves Kennedy." And speaking of Kennedy, Kyle asks Taylor if she'd like her to let Kennedy, who was with Kyle and Kim at the time, stay with her and her family for the time being.

    "Oh you have Kennedy with you...?" Taylor asks, "Well, take her!" Obviously shocked that Taylor didn't even realize where she was, Kyle then asked, "You didn't know she was at my house?"

    "No idea," Taylor admits. Needless to say, both Kim and Kyle were immediately concerned for both Taylor and Kennedy.

    RealityTea, RadarOnline, WetPaint

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    New Phoenix song from their upcoming album Bankrupt out April 23rd.


    What do you think? I love it!

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    American rapper Azealia Banks has launch an astonishing tirade again gay rights groups offended at the word “faggot” during a heated interview with theMusic.com.au.

    Speaking to Callum Twigger, New York City-based Banks, who is playing the Future Music Festival and sideshows, went on the attack over criticism she’s endured for using the term “faggot”.

    “It's kinda bullshit, I feel it's kinda like hypocritical,” she said. “For some reason this word faggot is still so offensive, it's just strange to see why. There are all kinds of people who are against the N-word in hip hop music, there are all kinds of people who are against hip hop music in general because they see it as a negative influence on African American culture, you know what i mean?

    “Why are all these other things like murder and sex and violence and all these other things accepted, but as soon as I call one gay white man a faggot, his feelings are more important… Freedom of speech, you know, and with freedom of speech comes the freedom to be offended, you know?”

    She appeared disgusted that the gay community had reacted against her the way they had.

    “Fuck being a faggot, fuck being a nigger. Fuck being whatever,” she raged. “There are such bigger problems… and then you've got organisations like GLAAD [Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation], which are fucking complete bullshit.

    “I mean let's look at it, it's gay and lesbian alliance against defamation, or whatever…. that's what it stands for, right? I mean would you agree that homosexuals, and the homosexual community, have bigger problems than the word faggot, you know what I mean?"

    She added that her sleeping with both men and women is not the business of the media “motherfuckers” and swore that they would not ‘tear her down’.

    “Some people are Satanists, some people are Christians, some people are Jews, Buddhists, you know what I mean? Some people are still Nazis… there are some people who are still KKK members… Come on people, please. If you're trying to call me a homophobe, you're basically trying to imply that I’m insulting you for having sex with men. I have sex with men too – what the fuck?

    “I have sex with men and women, do I have to take a picture of my licking a fucking pussy? What the fuck! It doesn't make any sense. It's so stupid. It's so stupid and it's so evil. And it's just like this stupid fucking media shit, you know what I mean? It's the media shit. And this is why I go about myself the way the way I go about myself, and I do whatever the fuck I want. If the media is going to build me up to tear me down, you motherfuckers are not going to tear me down.

    “I just make these fucking raps, and I'm just gonna wear these outfits, and fucking live my life. I can't deal with you motherfuckers, I don't have time for this shit.”

    Banks’ debut studio album Broke With Expensive Taste is expected to be released in March, coinciding with her sideshows. And by the way the interview ended it appears she ready to focus on the future.

    “The fact that we're even having this conversation means that it's gone on too long. It's just like, no. You know what I mean? Let's talk about something else. This is just going to go in circles, you know what I mean? In 212, when I'm talking about licking pussy, and I'm like, outing the fag on 212, come on, let's get over it. I mean end of fucking discussion. Next.”


    And I don't think Lady Gaga, a known anti-bullying spokesperson and gay rights activist, would be too pleased to hear about this.

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    SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen Black Mirror ‘White Bear’

    If some viewers found last week a little too sappy for their liking then fear not, White Bear is a world away from Be Right Back and is anything but romantic. This was a return to the Black Mirror that most people are familiar with. It was dark and edgy with that surreal Charlie Brooker twist.

    This week saw a young woman waking up to discover that she had lost her memory and was caught in a nightmare where people mindlessly filmed others on their phones – or so she thought. It emerged that she was actually part of a justice programme where she was repeatedly thrown into an apocalyptic scenario and scared out of her wits as punishment for her crimes.

    Think Derren Brown: Apocalypse on a constant loop but instead of the heartwarming conclusion where it’s all hugs and smiles, this was a repeated barrage of terror and endless anguished screams.
    It was certainly a creative method of punishing criminals and greatly reduced the risk of reoffending – if it didn’t drive them stark raving mad first.

    In some ways I feel that the paedophilia strand of the storyline was more effective in addressing the media hysteria and frenzy towards the subject than the Brass Eye: Paedophile Special – mainly because people might actually grasp the fact that it is a satire this time around.

    But make no mistake there is little to chortle over here. White Bear is possibly one of the most grim and psychologically disturbing viewing experiences to have been witnessed on British television this year. Although nothing was ever explicitly shown, only implied it was still harrowing.

    Brooker also taps into this technological rubbernecking which has become part of our psyche. If there’s a car crash or a racist rant on the bus it will inevitably be filmed and end up on YouTube. I wonder if he is asking to put down our phones and actually look at the world around us before it is too late, before we start to lose sight of things. In this day and age someone somewhere is recording or Instagraming and tweeting everything that is going on all before it has even finished happening.

    The reason why this episode hits home so hard rests on the strength of Lenora Crichlow’s performance as Victoria, the woman who has lost her memory. She is brilliant and out-acts everyone else by a mile with her constant sobbing throughout and the tormented screaming at the end. The audience is sharing and living her experience with her. As I watched this episode, I had that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and a sense that things were only going to get worse.

    There were so many different elements in this film, echoes of the Moors murders, Jimmy Savile et al. mixed in with Big Brother. Victoria’s parade through the streets was the modern-day equivalent of tarring and feathering or being putting in the stocks for everyone to see. Brooker manages to cram so much in that there are so many questions spilling out – namely how society got to the stage that this sort of punishment is entertainment?

    Overall, White Bear is a biting piece of satire that sets the heart racing and the mind whirring.
    It is a challenging watch, every time you think that you’ve got a grip on what’s going on, there’s a twist that throws you off again. Crichlow is the key to this film because everything is seen from her point of view and her performance is outstanding. In my mind Brooker makes a valid point by suggesting that instead of experiencing life first hand we are increasingly watching it through the viewfinder. As a society we have become voyeurs, passively whiling away our lives through the lens of a camera rather than doing it for real. While I am not as enamoured with White Bear as I was with Be Right Back, the film is still superb.


    Did anyone else watch? I was so fucking disturbed but Lenora was fantastic.

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    We knew that Teen Wolf‘s Stiles was going to be moving on from Lydia in season 3, but it looks like he may have his sights set on several possible prospects!

    We learned last week that Stiles was going to try to find some love this year, and that he might just end up getting more than he asked for. He does live in Beacon Hills, after all, and executive producer Jeff Davis said, “While other teenagers just discover the pain of heartache, Scott and Stiles discover dead bodies.”    

    But what does actor Dylan O’Brien have to say about Stiles moving away from Lydia and pursuing some other females? According to Zap2it, O’Brien doesn’t think Stiles would take the opportunity to be with Lydia, even if he had a shot. “He’s mentally, physically, emotionally, trying to move on,” the actor says.      

    So, is he already putting his plans into action? You better believe it. O’Brien says,“I’m gonna be toying with some new girls, you know what I’m sayin’?” And although we’re sure fans will have a thing or two to say about that, it is nice to see that Stiles will be getting some love this season. It’d probably be a good place to start, then, to look at this behind-the-scenes picture for a sneak at one of those girls he may have an interest in.    

    In addition to having a little more luck on the relationship front, Zap2it says, “Stiles will spend a lot more time with his dad, helping to solve cases at the police department.” This is interesting because, well, Stiles is just a kid! But, considering he did help figure out who was murdering everyone and controlling the Kanima, he’s got a pretty good track record so far. We’d be more than happy to see the sheriff take advantage of that.


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    Cheryl Cole is in talks to return to The X Factor USA, a new report has claimed. According to the New York Post, Cole is in negotiations with producers about returning to the judging panel for the show's upcoming third season.

    Cole, who was originally fired from the show after just weeks of filming, has previously appeared to scorn the possibility of returning and filed a $2.3m lawsuit against executives following her dismissal. However, the reports allege that her return to the show could come as part of a settlement and suggest that the panel could comprise Simon Cowell and three women. Previous rumors have suggested that Cowell would like Cole to return to the series, though it has also been suggested that she is wanted for the UK version of the competition. Cole's spokesperson later shot down the UK speculation.

    The uncertainty about The X Factor USA's judging panel comes after LA Reid and Britney Spears confirmed that they will not be returning next season.


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