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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras talks 1X10, "She Wouldn't Be Gone" and teases 1X11.

    * Gus seems pretty sure it's Willa, but they've seen some weird things in Purgatory, so they will go through tests to make sure. They have to confirm it's really Willa, they have to figure out where she’s been and what happened to her, plus there's a lot of guilt to deal with, since they just assumed she was dead and stopped looking for her. Peacemaker seems to think Willa is the heir or another heir- is it possible to have two Earp heirs? Wouldn’t that be interesting.

    * Emily tries to pretend Tim is off the show, maybe filming something else, which we know is bs due to 1X11 synopsis and 1X12 promotional pictures. Emily thinks Waverly is projecting a lot of feelings onto Doc — although he didn’t exactly deny loving Wynonna. One of the things Emily loves about Wynonna this year is that her true feelings are often a mystery, not just for the audience, but also for herself. She cares about Doc, but it'd be interesting to see what happens when she finds out he's gone. Both Emily and the interviewer really liked the line “I think you would be very pretty in blue" and found that scene incredibly sexy.

    * Emily loves seeing Wynonna and Dolls get closer, Wynonna is observant of him and he fascinates her, even as he drives her crazy and sometimes hurts her because he's emotionally unavailable. Dolls is the type of person you just want to knock down their walls and make them love you, so to speak. Wynonna wasn't frazzled by finding Whiskey Jim, it was Dolls who had more of a reaction to Wynonna torturing someone, which Emily finds to be a good gender reversal that he was more disturbed by her cavalier attitude towards it. She seemed fine, but as we've seen with Wynonna, a lot of things affect her after the fact.

    * Emily talks about filming in the freezing temperatures and how it was so cold, the camera stopped working and Gord Rand (Lou) said 'I don't want to be all Ontario about this, but I feel like I might die'. Filming in the winter is hard, but the trade off is beautiful landscapes and shots. About WayHaught: It's a very new relationship and they might not have put labels on what they are to one another, they are just have fun right now, which is why they are a little cautious to announce it to the world and this small town. They sure like to get frisky at the police station when no one is watching, because it's kind of dangerous and fun. It will be interesting when Wynonna figures it out, much as she loves the two, she's in her own head about the reveal of her relationship with Doc to Dolls, so she was completely oblivious to Waverly/Nicole. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the gang figures out that they're together.

    * About 1X11: The episode will deal with the Willa fallout. There's something kind of joyous and a gift to getting someone back that you thought was gone from you. Things are really heating up with Bobo Del Rey as he gets his players ready on the chessboard. There's a really interesting set of female villains who are fun and have a very specific killing technique. It ends with an attack on the homestead that is beautifully filmed and really terrifying. And of course there's another big reveal at the end.


    Ratings are still 0.1, if you have any way to watch it legally, you should. Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/9c on the SyFy channel.

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    Roc Nation Chicago rapper Vic Mensa has released a music video for his song There's A lot Going On. This is the title track for his newly released EP. The EP is available for free as long as you pledge to vote.

    The EP is available for free on http://www.respectmyvote.com/tago.

    On the breakfast club Vic spoke about his depression, the violence in Chicago and the presedential election:


    Ignore the screencap, this dude is fine af and his EP is fire.

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  • 06/08/16--13:30: THE SHALLOWS - FINAL TRAILER
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    ICYMI TMZ uncovered that Amber Heard was arrested and booked for domestic violence after "grabbing and hitting" her then partner Tasya van Ree at an airport in 2009. The charges were ultimately dropped.

    van Ree issued the following statement today:

    In 2009, Amber was wrongfully accused for an incident that was misinterpreted and over-sensationalized by two individuals in a power position. I recount hints of misogynistic attitudes toward us which later appeared to be homophobic when they found out we were domestic partners and not just ‘friends.’ Charges were quickly dropped and she was released moments later. It’s disheartening that Amber’s integrity and story are being questioned yet again. Amber is a brilliant, honest and beautiful woman and I have the utmost respect for her. We shared 5 wonderful years together and remain close to this day.


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  • 06/08/16--13:50: "Suicide Squad" is PG-13

    • The film got a PG-13 rating because they're hoping to play to the widest audience possible, including families.

    • This is the first time a David Ayer film gets a PG-13 rating.


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  • 06/08/16--13:50: The Conjuring 2 - Clips
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    Songwriters Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard (and their publishing company HaloSongs) have filed a $20 million lawsuit against Ed Sheeran.

    They allege that Sheeran's song "Photograph" is a ripoff of their song "Amazing" from 2009. "Amazing" was sung and released as a single by the 2010 winner of X-Factor, Matt Cardle.

    sources: 123

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  • "I know [about Whitney’s relationship with Crawford]. We were married for 14 years. There are some things we talked about that were personal to us."
  • Says she was bisexual:"I’m a man and she was attracted to me!"
  • Cissy Houston didn't approve of their relationship and wanted Crawford to be fired from being Whitney's assistant.
  • "I really feel that if Robyn was accepted into Whitney’s life, Whitney would still be alive today. She didn’t have close friends with her anymore."


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    Love and Hip Hop star Tammy Rivera has separated from transphobic husband, rapper Wacka Flocka Flame. Tammy has denied rumors that the breakup was caused by infedelity she recently stated:

    "Y'all listen and please listen clear! I will not speak on this situation again... Me and Waka separation had nothing to do with ANYONE! Waka did not leave me for ANYONE lol," Tammy Rivera wrote. "We made a mutual decision that we needed to separate, Sometime ppl use other people's lives to prey off and get attention, I guess for IG likes or followers. It's very sad but it's the truth and the world we live in... Waka is a Great man and father to my child, we all make mistakes and learn from them. BUT PLEASE don't listen to these attention seekers. Just pray for them!! Y'all have a blessed day!!"

    Tammy Rivera

    "See, what ya'll hos fail to realize is even if it's not me, it's still not gonna be you, boo," she said in the video. "And let me say this. Just cause I'm not with Waka don't mean y'all niggas can start sliding all up in my DM. They are overflowing. I don't get down like that. I like my time to myself, okay? And y'all please stop believing these hos on these fuckin' blog sites looking for a storyline to come up [with]. 'Oh, they breaking up. Let me pretend I'm a side bitch. Let me act like I'm the bitch he was talking [to]."

    However, Chief Keef's baby mother, Simone Patton posted and deleted an instagram post in which she confessed to having an affair with Wack Flocka for several months.

    Simone + Wacka

    “I made a mistake by being involve with Waka, I will admit that,” Simone posted in a now-deleted Instagram message. “One night of fun turned into months of drama. Had I known any of this would have happened, I would have NEVER gotten involved. Let’s not sit here and judge me for my mistake when we [as] humans have made plenty throughout our lives,” she added.“It’s not right of me to poke fun and post memes about their marriage, but I was just being petty like we all get at times. With that being said, this will be my last post about these two."

    “I wish them nothing but the best and I truly mean that,” Simone said at the end of her apology, hoping to put all this drama behind her. “I know I’m still going to get the hateful comments and that’s fine, but just know I will always be okay.”

    A day after Waka and Tammy split, Simone claimed she had pics and videos that proved Waka slept with her and would release them if he continued to deny his cheating!

    ONTD, do you believe Wacka cheated? If so, would you still hit it? Do you wear colored contacts?

    sorry mods :/


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    * Screenwriter Kelly Kullberg claims she developed a story/screenplay based on her autobiography Finding God Beyond Harvard: The Quest for Veritas, but that it never made it to production because the God’s Not Dead people used it first.

    * Per the complaint, both God’s Not Dead and Kullberg’s story involve "a young college student who has to confront a popular and charming atheist professor in three debates, who struggles in the first debate, but succeeds in the next two after encouragement from supporting characters, including an unmarried local pastor, a rural married couple, the atheist professor’s wife who is also the professor’s former student (a lapsed Christian who questions her own beliefs and observances) and an international student ally, and manages to persuade many others, including the professor, that God does exist.”

    * Kullberg and Michael Landon Jr. (who was going to produce/direct Kullberg’s movie) are suing Pure Flix Entertainment and God’s Not Dead actor-producer David A.R. White for copyright infringement. They are seeking at least $100m in damages, claiming that “by producing God’s Not Dead, defendants destroyed plaintiffs’ prospects for producing a motion picture based on their Rise screenplay."


    I smell the plot for God’s Not Dead 3…

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    Aside from Superman the series will add 2 new regulars:
    Lena Luthor (Lex's sister)
    Nick Farrow (a new love interest w/no ties to the DC universe)

    Plus 3 recurring characters
    The Doctor (not Who but a woman running Project Cadmus)
    Snapper Carr (a journalist who may take over for Cat?)
    A lesbian named Maggie (inspired by DC's Maggie Sawyer) who works for the Science Police (think STAR Labs)

    No word on where Callista's Cat Grant stands? Recurring? Regular? Cameos?


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    It's good to be Britney Spears. When you're not on a video set surrounded by hot guys, you can get one of the aforementioned hot guys to take you out to lunch! And that's exactly what Britney did with model Austin Kellogg . Captioned with "This mate fed me sushi... Yummy!!!!"

    Here's another pic of them on set for Britney's forthcoming single Make Me (Ooh). Captioned with "Steamy camera lens means the shoot was 🔥 today!"

    Also here's a new interview where Brit discusses her werkout routine and reveals what her boys think of her music. Are they a fan of Britney bitch? Find out below

    Source 1: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGZveRLm8Kh/?taken-by=britneyspears&hl=en
    Source 2: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGLNE2Am8Kq/?taken-by=britneyspears&hl=en
    Source 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLszutx7tpg

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    On June 1st, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas welcomed their second son, Hugo Wilson. He joins the couple's two year old son, Oliver.


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    * Sarah is a 17-year-old high school student who has been sent to a Christian residential/boarding facility for “troubled teens” in East Texas by her parents to “pray away the gay” after she went to the prom with her girlfriend.

    * Sarah attempted to walk out shortly after being placed in the facility, but was quickly caught by staff and punished for her escape attempt.

    * Sarah’s extended family/relatives, including tv & Broadway actor Jeremy Jordan, are trying to win her release and have set up a GoFundMe account to help with attorney’s fees, which have already exceeded $20k, with a full hearing set for July.

    * Homophobic piece of shit Patrick Von Dohlen, who is president of the San Antonio Family Association says, “It’s for their own protection and good. In this case, it’s natural for her to like boys. It’s not natural for her to like girls… It's going to cost them money that actually harms the young woman from getting the care and treatment she needs.” He claims that attempts to free Sarah interfere with parental rights. (Children’s rights? Whazzat?)

    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    Conversion therapy for minors is banned in five states (Vermont, California, New Jersey, Illinois, and Oregon), plus DC and Cincinnati. Only 45 more states to go!

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    • Independent filmaker and creative director at WDRB, Matthew Fulks, says the trailer for Beyonce's "Lemonade" posted on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB5zLq1zcdo) lifted from his short film "Palinoia"

    • Fulks was contacted by Columbia to direct a video for music group MS MR and links of his film were sent to others, including Bryan Younce, who has made videos for Bey in the past and has credit on her self titled album

    • In July 2015, Younce requested Fulks's full email and Fulks received an invitation for consideration by Columbia

    • Five months later the filming for Lemonade began

    • Fulks says there are visual similarities in 39 out of 60 seconds in the trailer

    • The cited similarities are "graffiti and persons with heads down," "red persons with eyes obscured," "parking garage," "stairwell," "black and white eyes," "title card screens," "the grass scene," "feet on the street," and "side-lit ominous figures"

    • Fulks wants compensation from Beyonce, Columbia, and Parkwood

    Watch his trailer here:

    Source: Twitter. YouTube

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    James Rodríguez suffered a shoulder injury during Colombia's first match in la Copa América Centenario and he wasn't expected to play. Yesterday, he assisted the first and scored Colombia's second goal. He said:

    "Here, for Colombia, I will play until I am crippled. I always want to play here and I am happy because I always want to help, and against Paraguay I was able to"

    Pékerman, Colombia's coach, said Real Madrid has been alerted that further damage to James' shoulder could result in surgery. James is the highest scorer of the Pékerman era with 16 goals.

    SOURCE:Goal, Yahoo soccer, TCYSports
    Will this end well? Who will win la copa centenario, ontd?

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    Best & Worst Dressed at The CFDA Awards
    cfda awards, big fashion awards, not the golden globes or the sags, its a stormin moment, boring, beautiful & safe =/= best dressed

    here we go

    chanteuse/host/rich woman/our generations jody watley
    wearing roberto cavalli


    candice slaybonski
    wearing j. mendel


    alessandra ambrosio
    wearing michael kors


    alek wek
    wearing (????) aquatalia shoes tho


    queen lindsey wixon
    wearing cynthia rowley


    naomi campbell (ignore the rapunzel braid)
    model / queen
    wearing brandon maxwell


    hanne gaby odiele
    wearing ??


    beyllie jean
    wearing givenchy
    *tacky and gaudy as givenchy is now, the outfit wants to be statement but its not its something she & ha team saw someone else wearing or on tumblr, the process of choosing this look wasnt an organic one at all and it shows, the hat is like two years too late, fucking louboutins? wtf


    usual queen doutzen kroes
    wearing calvin klien


    lala anthony
    tv personality
    wearing ????
    *what in the kmart raquel welch collection, what the fuck and a belt to sinch the waist at the cfda awards?


    alexa chung
    tv personality
    wearing prabal gurung
    *the dress without the bottom material is not good so with it is horrible tbhonestly


    laverne cox
    wearing ????
    *the cut outs do nothing for ha shape, at all, it makes her look boxy, the brown offers no constrast to her skin tone, hair, makeup, jewelry & the material that ~needs to be carried by two different men~ does nothing, says nothing of the dress


    adriana lima
    wearing ??
    *the fuck


    ashley grahame
    wearing michael kors
    *literally boring which is worse than being on the worst list, but she looks good


    elsa hosk
    wearing naeem khan
    *i look at it and its amazing then again and its horrible, too much gold & it went for 70s too direct


    lena dunham
    feminist / actress
    wearing creatures of the wild
    *the shoes are good & the bag is good & i actually dont mind the dress but the necklace sucks


    using ur midwestern taste, what were your favorite looks of the night?

    all the pics & descriptions came from vogue

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    - Kate Winslet is in talks to join Idris Elba in 'Mountain Between Us' with Hany Abu-Assad directing and with the first draft of the screenplay written by “Star Wars: Rogue One” writer Chris Weitz

    - Based off of Charles Martin’s 2010 bestselling novel'about a surgeon and woman who fall in love after being stranded following a plane crash. They must figure out how to escape the mountain wilderness, where the temperature drops to the teens at night, while suffering broken ribs and a leg fracture'

    - 'Mountain Between Us' will start filming in December in British Columbia

    - Charlie Hunnam and Rosamund Pike were previously attached as the leads


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    Candace Payne was a guest at Dallas Fan Expo over the weekend and charged $20 for autographs and pictures. Her booth was beside Jack Gleeson's (Joffrey from Game of Thrones).

    It's estimated that the total of all of the trips/swag/gifts she's received is over $400k, and reportedly she has donated some of it to her church.


    not a bad takeaway from a 4 minute video. what would you do with $400k, ONTD?

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    A picture has been circulating online of what appears to be a bloodied woman with the caption that she was a Trump supporter beaten up by liberals. It turns out, as confirmed by Bruce Campbell, that it was an actress from 'Ash vs Evil Dead' in make-up.


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