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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    What can we expect at the 55th annual Grammy awards show this Sunday night on CBS? Traditionally there is no tradition here. A show composed of musicians not actors tends to be the most "spontaneous" of the awards season. The Grammy red carpet has always been more outrageous than its Oscar counterpart – remember Lady Gaga in the egg? Performances can be unplugged or unscripted. Remember Kanye? It can feature unexpected singers. Remember Gwyneth and Cee Lo Green? This is a show that rarely drags and is filled with color. Here are some things to look for.

    1. No "puffy" bits on display

    Costumes can be completely out there, but they have to be on YOU. CBS issued you a wardrobe guide for everyone appearing on camera on Sunday night. No commercial endorsements, no plugs for any causes on your t-shirts or anywhere else. But the best part is the paragraph that deals with decency which we share with you in its entirety.

    "Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong type costumes are problematic. Please avoid exposing bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack. Bare sides or under curvature of the breasts is also problematic. Please avoid sheer see-through clothing that could possibly expose female breast nipples. Please be sure the genital region is adequately covered so that there is no visible "puffy" bare skin exposure."

    2. The Sandy Hook elementary school choir

    They appeared at the Super Bowl singing America the Beautiful with Jennifer Hudson. Now they're back with the song of last summer, Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe. Choir director Sabrina Post describes the children's public performances this way:

    "This opportunity to do something positive lets the kids know that although a lot of things happen in our world that are not pleasant, like this that happened with us in Newtown, there are many giving people and wonderful things that can come out of life, so don't get discouraged."

    3. Justin

    Not Bieber but Timberlake. Timberlake will be performing at the Grammys for the first time since 2009 (when he stepped in at the last minute to sing Let's Stay Together with Al Green after Chris Brown and Rihanna dropped out.) Fans are hoping he'll sing the newly released soul single Suit & Tie, featuring Jay-Z, but word from the Grammy people is that he sent them something newer that he's considering.

    4. A collaborative performance

    Featuring Rihanna, Sting and Bruno Mars. We are praying it's not the ballad version of Umbrella.

    5. Performances by Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson

    Already being hyped as a catfight – sigh – because they are fellow nominees for the record of the year. Remember what happened when Swift lost to Adele at the Golden Globes? The internet entered Gif heaven.

    6. Jack White– unplugged

    White's nominations, Blunderbuss is up for album of the year and best rock album, and Freedom at 21 is nominated for best rock song. So he was guaranteed a performing spot. But he told The Hollywood Reporter this week that he had no intention of rehearsing. So we're giving him the Too Cool for School award.

    The rest can be found @ the Source:http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2013/feb/08/grammys-awards-10-things-expect

    It's kind of a lame/redundant list, I suppose, but maybe we can turn this post into a general Grammy-related discussion/FFA? Which performances are you looking forward to this year, ONTD? I'm hoping that Jack White wins everything, and I can't wait for his performance!

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    There are striking similarities between Nick Offerman and his libertarian-leaning “Parks and Recreation” alter ego, Ron Swanson. Besides the obvious physical resemblance, each spends a good chunk of his downtime working in his wood shop. Both are musicians. Both have a history with Megan Mullally, although on the show she is Swanson’s evil ex-wife, Tammy, while in real life Offerman and Mullally are married, and he speaks of her with palpable affection.

    There are other points where the two diverge. Swanson might agree with the meat of Offerman’s one-man show, “American Ham,” but he would never get onstage to present his advice to a crowd of strangers. He might admire Offerman’s skills as a onetime fight choreographer for the stage, but he’d never go to a theater, especially not in a big city like Chicago, where Offerman cut his teeth with Steppenwolf Theatre Company and other troupes.

    NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” struggles with ratings, but Ron Swanson is an undeniable sensation, inspiring merchandising and online tributes including “Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson.” Offerman spoke by phone from his business, Offerman Wood Shop, about his hit character and “American Ham,” which comes to the Wilbur Theatre for two shows Saturday.

    Q.How would you describe “American Ham” to the uninitiated?

    A. It’s a collection of cautionary tales, humorous anecdotes, a few solipsisms, with minor nudity and some songs. I do like to stress that I’m a humorist and not a stand-up, so that people don’t expect — I don’t write jokes. I tickle them with a wry observation. It came about because I was invited to speak at some colleges and so I wrote a show. It’s my 10 tips for a prosperous life. Each tip is sincere. It’s sort of the broccoli secretly mixed into a pizza.

    Q.What kind of advice do you give?

    A. Say “please” and “thank you.” Carry a handkerchief. Go out of doors. Use intoxicants. Stuff like that. It really came about organically. As a theater-trained actor, I never imagined that I would perform as myself, let alone sing and play the guitar for an audience.

    Q.Would you say it’s in the vein of “A Prairie Home Companion” or what Mark Twain used to do for audiences?

    A. Yes, I suppose. I would say I would be a foul-mouthed, less-educated Garrison Keillor.

    Q.Are the comic chops and the serious theater chops all that different? Are you using the same muscles?

    A. You are. My wife speaks very eloquently about that subject, that comedy is actually much harder than drama because you’re doing the exact same thing, but in comedy, you have to be even more dead serious about it than you do in a drama. And it’s really true. I mean, the things that make us laugh the most is when we’re so committed as human beings that we make just utter asses of ourselves. And the higher the stakes, the more hilarious it is when our pants fall down.

    Q.Did you ever think you’d wind up as a lead character on a sitcom back when you started in theater?

    A. No, not at all. I was a small-minded person, and there is a very strong anti-sitcom sentiment in Chicago theater. I learned eventually that Chicago actors have this defense mechanism by which they’re allowed to remain in Chicago. And the mechanism is that New York theater, Broadway, is [expletive]. It’s all sell-out, big-money, corporate theater. And Los Angeles is the same thing without the theater: It’s just big corporate sell-out TV stuff. And by thus maligning it, you then allow yourself to say, “Oh, I don’t need to take the risk of trying LA or New York. I can stay in Chicago where the theater is pure.” And the theater is pure in Chicago. There’s truth to that, certainly, because it’s not affected by the financial interests of Broadway or Hollywood. But it sort of purveys into an area, I think, of self-deception where you’re like, “Oh, I don’t go to New York because they’re full of [expletive]. Not because I’m scared.”

    Q.Are there different camps in theater between Second City and the improv people and the more dramatic troupes?

    A. When I was there, different camps is an understatement. I would say it’s different island nations. I was friends with Amy Poehler in the early ’90s when we were both starting in Chicago, and we never would have even imagined going to see each other’s work. She might as well have been a veterinarian because, I think in both of our cases, your whole life is just completely saturated with your work. I was completely ignorant, really, to the whole comedy situation until I got to Los Angeles and realized that that is a whole other pipeline to a career in performance.

    Q.Do you try to avoid playing up any similarities between yourself and Ron Swanson?

    A. Sure. I am a much less macho, much less gruff person than Ron Swanson. I’m an actor. I’m a clown. I get paid to fall down and make funny faces.

    Q.Have you ever said to the writers, “Look, can we just leave this bit of my personality out of the character? Do we have to mine everything?”

    A. Oh, God, no. All I’ve done is try to fight back the tears of gratitude and say, “Thank you for these 30 pages of gold.”

    Q.Are you surprised at the success of the character?

    A. I had no idea that the particular character of Ron would take off the way it did. It’s been a lot of fun and really gratifying. But at the same time, I think it’s not like it was my idea. And it’s not like it was even the writers’ idea. It’s just together we created something that was at the right time and moment to sort of catch the nation’s fancy in a certain way that they said, “Hey, we’re crazy about this guy who loves bacon and has a mustache.” Our cast is 10 home-run hitters and so I feel like there’s just a lot of fortune and serendipity involved because any one of our characters I think could become a sensation at any moment.

    Q.Why do you think he resonates with people the way he does?

    A. I’ve often said it’s hard to tell exactly from behind the clown makeup why the children are crying. But I think our national sense of leading man has been emasculated to a point where our heroes in movies have become guys with waxed chests who are rather much more boyish. And so when presented with a sort of classic representation of a sort of throwback man’s man who can grow whiskers and wield a sledgehammer, and also live by a simple set of rules in this modern age when we’re constantly barraged with choice at every turn, I think it’s really refreshing and even heroic to people to see somebody who says, “I only like three things. Beyond that, get the hell out of my office.” That’s how people wish their lives were.

    Q.Is it unsettling in any way to have a dedicated group of fans hoping you don’t end up with your real-life wife on the show?

    A. Oh, no. It’s a testament to my real-life wife and her talent that she’s able to create that sentiment in the fanbase. We just did this episode where she flashes her [expletive] at me and I’m trying to get through a speech at an awards banquet. And I just said, “Honey, what did we do to get so lucky that we’re getting paid for you to flash your crotch at me?” It’s a sweet life.

    Q.How busy has the Offerman Wood Shop been? Is that a serious business for you?

    A. It is. I’m actually here right now. You caught us in the middle of laying out a huge slab of walnut, which is going to become a dining table. I’ve got three or four young woodworkers here. I think that our society has become very disposable, where people think if you buy a table from Ikea and it’s garbage in three years, you throw it out and get a new one. We’re trying to bring our population back around to the notion that you should spend quality money for a quality table and your grandchildren will be eating off it.

    Q.Do you have any sort of feeling whether “Parks and Rec” will get picked up for a sixth season?

    A.We never know from season to season what’s happening. We’re in a particular situation where we don’t get hit numbers, but we’re considered the best comedy on television by all the smart people and all the young people, including all the young smart people. And so we’re just very happy every time we get another order and we feel really lucky we get to make some more. We’re on the verge of 100 episodes, which will set us up nicely for a syndication deal, knock on wood.


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    Olivia Palermo at New York Fashion Week.



    *topic is in reference to previous head pieces Kate has been seen in

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  • 02/09/13--17:58: FRIDAY BOX OFFICE

  • Daily chart from Box Office Mojo

    Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes

    How was your Friday night, ONTD?

    spoiler code:

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    Pop icon Cyndi Lauper spoke about her status as a gay icon in a HuffPost Live appearance.

    Did you find the Gay community, or did you find them?

    "I'm friend and family, so...I live among my people," Lauper said. "My sister is part of the community, and my friends are part of the community ... I started to see discrepancies and things that weren't right, and I didn't want to just shut my mouth, because I don't believe in that.

    The general population of youth in (The United States) only 3 to 5 percent identify as Gay or Transgender, but yet, in the grand scheme of things for the homeless kids, say 1.6 million kids are on the street, up to 40 percent of them are Gay or Transgender. That means they're flinging them out like hotcakes."

    The 59-year-old Lauper, who is currently promoting her new reality series "Still So Unusual," opened the True Colors Residence in New York City, the state's first permanent housing facility specifically for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth between the ages of 18 to 24, in 2011.

    She also started the Give a Damn Campaign as part of an effort to educate heterosexual people about homeless LGBT youth issues, and joined the 2012 New York City LGBT Pride March as a grand marshal.

    Source(video at source)</i>

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    John Corbett has been tapped to track down bad guys all over the country.

    CBS sources confirm that the actor (Sex and the City, United States of Tara) will portray Roy Quaid, a Special Agent-turned-Analyst, on the upcoming backdoor pilot that is expected to lead to a fall series order for the follow-up.

    Look for Quaid to possess the most experience on this unique Red Team, which criss-crosses the nation as it solves crimes.

    Kim Raver (24, Grey's Anatomy), will headline the NCIS: Los Angeles spinoff, appearing as Special Agent Paris.

    The leader of the show's Red unit - which travels the nation solving crimes - Raver's character has a degree in Forensic Science and prefers to work alone.

    Other series regulars on the spinoff will include: Scott Grimes, Edwin Hodge, Gillian Alexy and Miguel Ferrer.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    First off some Evil Dead news

    If it weren’t obvious from the various set reports and trailers, the new Evil Dead was aiming at an NC-17.

    When a fan asked director Fede Alvarez about the film receiving an R-rating, he replied, “Was proud of scoring a NC17 when submitted! But we had to cut stuff out to get an R and get the film into theaters.”

    It sounds as if the film is official rated “R”, but that there’s some juicy content leftover for the eventual home video release.

    In the much anticipated remake of the 1981 cult-hit horror film arriving April 12, “Five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.”

    Starring Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Elizabeth Blackmore and Jessica Lucas all star.

    (skip to 2:30)

    lol that voice acting


    (god I wish the video didn't have those guys in it)






    Next a full mape of Silent Hill


    Linked because it's enormous.

    And a couple of trailers.

    The Loved Ones


    Source 1

    Source 2

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    As blizzard Nemo blasts across the East Coast, Hollywood is bracing for what could be a record-breaking whiteout.

    Whether its sending well-wishes to those in its path, bemoaning thwarted travel plans, or quipping about the name Nemo — he’s finally be found! — celebrities are turning to Twitter as they wrap their head around the snowstorm that threatening to wreak havoc in wake of Superstorm Sandy.

    While many New Yorkers brave the snowflakes for the sake of Fashion Week — from Heidi Klum, to Michael Kors, to Peter Facinelli — others in the Tri-state area are hunkering down in the warmth of their homes, from Ashley Greene in Manhattan to Nicole “Snooki” Polizziin New Jersey.

    But NYFW isn’t the only show that must go on. Justin Bieber, who is slated for double-duty as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend, rose bright-and-early Friday for rehearsals in NBC’s Big Apple studio. “up real early today…and now a blizzard is coming,” he tweeted. “no issue. Im Canadian.”

    Now see how other stars, from coast to cast, are reacting to snowstorm Nemo on Twitter.

    Jason Bateman: Hey east coast, let’s not let Nemo snow on our parade! IDENTITY THIEF is worth an icy road or two. This is what snow chains are for. C’mon!

    Caroline Manzo: Have they ever named a snowstorm before? Nemo doesn’t seem accurate – he’s such a cute little fish.

    Sarah Hyland: Snow… I love you but if you keep me from getting back to California I will have to take to drastic measures…

    Lo Bosworth: Starting to snow #Nemo #snowmageddon… Looks like the sky is dumping a bubble bath all over Manhattan thesnow is so big and fluffy.

    Aaron Carter: Yes!!! There is a blizzard warning that just came up on my phone!! So excited!

    Josh Groban: I’m an LA kid living in a snow globe today and I couldn’t be happier. Gonna light a fire and read Calvin And Hobbes. Stay warm, northeasters

    Ellen DeGeneres: I hope everyone stays safe on the East Coast during the blizzard. In other news, #Nemo is trending! That movie really is a classic.

    Ashley Green: Snow is amazing… When I’m watching it from inside my NYC apartment.

    Carson Kressley: @amypalmer I’ve got snowshoes! #nemo

    Missy Elliott: on lighter note What about that Snow Storm Nemo!

    Deena Nicole Cortese: Man! Why did they have to name this storm #Nemo ! I love nemo .. If this storms bad its gonna tarnish the name :(

    Richie Sambora: Wow snowin like a mofo out here…

    Michael Kors: #Nemo can’t stop us! @ninagarcia @projectrunway @zacposen @heidiklum @timgunn @mbfashionweek #nyfw

    Eliza Dushku: It’s snowing a tiny bit. Meh.

    Sara Bareilles: My first Blizzard is named Nemo. It’s like a warm cuddly fish with snow all over it. #NYC

    Mia Farrow: Ready for big snow pic.twitter.com/k1VoDL46

    Justin Bieber: is it snowing yet?

    Diane Sawyer: Loving all of these snow photos! If you’re stuck inside – send pictures of what you’re doing at home to hunker down #blizzard

    Vinny Guadagnino: another storm aka another 10 lbs I’m going to gain #Nemo

    Jermaine Paul: SNOW is FALLING ….I’m not moving today at all!

    Scooter Braun:…and everyone else is running around somewhere around the globe. and the SNOW…alot of SNOW is coming here to NYC. a normal day.

    Jionni LaValle: Let is snow baby! @mikeystones @cuginiapparel snowboarding off the quad all day?? #gopro #bigairs

    Alex McCord: No need to look for Nemo. We’ve found him…he’s right here… http://instagr.am/p/Ve600Qv4Ae/

    Peter Facinelli: In NY going to the Nautica Fashion Show. It’s Snaining outside.(Snow + Raining) Glad the show is indoors

    Teresa Guidice: Gabriella riding her quad in the snow loving it having so much fun pic.twitter.com/x4LSCcjZ

    Taraji P. Henson: Bring on the snow!!! I need to catch up on movies. Gotta vote #Oscars. #2013blizzard


    So how did you make out in the storm ONTD? How much snow did you get?

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    Judging by its reception among critics at least, House of Cards, Netflix’s $100m experiment in original television, is a major success.

    Starring Kevin Spacey and directed by David Fincher, whose movie credits include The Social Network and Seven, anything less than raves across the board would have been surprising. And for Netflix, critical acclaim counts for next to nothing.
    It has pioneered the “big data” approach to online media, whereby every possible measure of enjoyment is captured, analysed and stored forever. Netflix knows every film and television show every single one of its more than one million British subscribers have ever watched and when, and whether they stuck with each until the end. It will have a better idea than any traditional broadcaster would have about whether its big investment in House of Cards was worthwhile.

    House of Cards made its debut on 1 February and for now Netflix is playing its own cards close to its chest. A spokesman refused to be drawn on how popular it has been, what impact its high-profile introduction has had on the rate of new subscriptions or how viewers are choosing to watch the 13 parts, which were all made available at the same time.
    “We’re not releasing any data, but we are happy with the reception the show has gotten in the media, on social media and from our members in reviews,” he said.

    One third party internet traffic monitoring firm, Procera Networks, has released some figures that offer at least a hint.
    “We were able to distinguish the House of Cards traffic from other Netflix traffic,” explained marketing chief Cam Cullen.
    “On one [American] broadband network, 11 per cent of Netflix subscribers watched at least one episode of the series.”
    Although imprecise, Procera Networks’ figures suggest significant portion of fans “binged” on the entire series in the first weekend it was available. On one network for instance, half of one per cent of Netflix subscribers watched the 13th episode on Saturday 2 February, when it had only been available for one day.

    “It is clear that the first few episodes were the most heavily watched, but the later episodes got their fair share of action,” said Mr Cullen.
    “The question is if the series will have longevity with the binge viewing or not, and Netflix will surely be watching the replays of the show over time.”

    Binge viewing is not a new phenomenon, of course. For years series such as 24 and The Wire have enjoyed huge success on DVD after broadcast and the box set is firm fixture of many household entertainment schedules. What is new with House of Cards, and has sparked debate among the technology and media punditry, is that it effectively made its debut as a box set. It runs against prevailing wisdom in the television industry that the chance to discuss the twists and turns of dramas on Facebook and Twitter as they are revealed is an important part of modern viewing.

    Dave Winer, a well-known web developer, wrote on his blog that he had reactivated his Netflix subscription to watch House of Cards but he was missed “the ability to discuss it with people online”.
    “I don't want spoilers, and I don't want to be a spoiler,” he said.
    But others are revelling in the opportunity to be completely drawn into the show’s dark view of life on Capitol Hill. And despite the gripes, Netflix, with its vast stores of behavioural data, appears to have enough evidence that the experiment is paying off.
    “No rest for the wicked,” said writer Beau Willimon this week. “Hard at work writing season two of House of Cards.”


    Do you think Netflix's new format will hinder online discussions as we know them now?
    Do you prefer to follow a show weekly, or to binge on it and have all eps available?
    Also discuss House of Cards, ONTD.

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  • 02/09/13--19:29: Pretty Little Liars post!

  • 'Pretty Little Liars': Tyler Blackburn on Caleb's 'Mixed Emotions' and Family Questions

    In a chat with THR following Tuesday's episode, Blackburn says of the Hanna-Caleb romance: "They are pretty strong this whole season, miraculously so, even though they're dealing with a lot."

    Did Caleb meet his biological father?

    That's one of the looming questions introduced in the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars. "He definitely has mixed emotions," Tyler Blackburn tells The Hollywood Reporter about his character's mindset at the end of "Dead to Me," adding, "He's rejecting the idea because it opens some doors for him being hurt. When Hanna says that, it's like opening old wounds."The season stays pretty dramatic and dark."

    In the fifth installment of THR's weekly postmortem with Pretty Little Liars cast and producers, Blackburn discusses lingering family questions, Caleb's team-up with Paige and the state of his relationship with Hanna.

    The Hollywood Reporter: What did you find people responding to from last night's episode?

    Tyler Blackburn: They were surprised to see Emily (Shay Mitchell) possibly the one who could have killed Alison (Sasha Pieterse), people definitely thought Uncle Jamie was Caleb's dad and Wesley (Gregg Sulkin) and Aria's (Lucy Hale) maybe romance. Obviously "Spoby" is now broken, that was a big topic of conversation.

    THR: It was introduced in "Dead to Me" that Uncle Jamie could actually be Caleb's biological father. Should we still be thinking that?

    Blackburn: You should keep watching. Bottom line is, a lot of family is coming back into Caleb's life. That obviously opens doors. You should wait and see. It presents itself in the way and the time that it should.

    THR: Where is his mindset at by the end of the episode?

    Blackburn: He definitely has mixed emotions. That's where he stands when Hanna (Ashley Benson) presents that idea to him. If it's true, if Jamie is his dad, I'm sure there would be something in him that would be really happy, but that would then mean that he was lied to throughout his life. In that situation, anyone would have a lot of different emotions. He's rejecting the idea because it opens some doors for him being hurt. When Hanna says that, it's like opening old wounds.

    THR: Is there anything surprising that will be revealed about Caleb and his family later on down the line?

    Blackburn: Caleb is no longer a thief or wheeler dealer, but when Caleb was introduced he had those qualities. You'll start to learn where he picked those up. Maybe the apple didn't fall far from the family tree.

    THR: Hanna and Caleb are still going strong. Can you talk about where they're headed? What kind of obstacles or challenges, if they'll face any?

    Blackburn: They are pretty strong this whole season, miraculously so, even though they're dealing with a lot. They stick it out. There are bumps in the road, but they definitely stay connected. Even if things happen to them individually, it ends up affecting the couple. Hanna has a lot happening with "A" and the rest of the girls, and wanting to protect Caleb, who is in a position where he knows a lot more and wants to help. There's still that give and take there.

    THR: It was introduced a few episodes ago, but it was fun to see Caleb and Paige (Lindsey Shaw) teaming up together against "A." What were your first reactions when you found out that those two characters would be interacting more?

    Blackburn: I was excited, honestly. Each of those characters are spreading their wings a little bit more and they share the same interest, which is to protect someone they love. They're both badasses too. [Laughs]

    THR: Will we see more Caleb-Paige scenes?

    Blackburn: You'll have to wait and see. They succeed in some ways, but really fail in others.

    THR: Will Caleb interact with other characters on the show he hasn't had many scenes with?

    Blackburn: I believe so. Caleb's very much in the know with a lot of stuff that's happening with "A" and because of his position, he definitely branches out and he tries to make some changes by talking to other characters in hopes of helping Hanna and the girls and himself.

    THR: What was your favorite scene from last night's episode?

    Blackburn: It doesn't have any dialogue but when Spencer (Troian Bellisario) goes into the apartment building -- there's punk music playing, which was funny to hear in PLL -- and to see Spencer have confirmation about Toby and her breaking down. Troian's very invested and I love watching her. They made her look like a crazy hot mess.

    Pretty Little Liars airs 8 p.m. Tuesdays on ABC Family.
    3x21 - Out of Sight, Out of Mind Episode Stills

    1, 2, 3

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  • 02/09/13--19:31: Inside Grammy Party Weeknd!

  • We’re only a day away from one of our favorite awards shows – the Grammys!
    Dying to know the parties that stars like Justin Timberlake, Jay- Z and Rihanna will be attending? What Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and more attendees will be munching on through the telecast? We have the scoop!

    Today, Rihanna and Timbaland are set to attend the Roc Nation annual brunch in LA. Hosted by Roc’s CEO and 6-time nominee, Jay-Z, the get together will be nothing short of a star-studded bash.

    Skip ahead a few hours and Cash Money Records’ 4th annual pre-Grammy Awards party takes place! Expect to see Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj in their party best.

    While most stars will be busy getting dressed and ready for the Grammys tomorrow morning, they’ll be able to let loose following the show. There are tons of after parties, but the Warner Music Group 2013 celebration presented by Mini has one of the most star-studded guest lists, including Bruno Mars, fun., Muse, Blake Shelton and more.

    But don’t expect Justin to be there! After the “Suit & Tie” singer entertains millions on the Grammy stage, he’ll perform a private concert at the Palladium for fans only.

    Before any of those fab parties go down, these stars will make sure to keep energized by eating the amazing food. California coastal mushroom tarts, donut hole ‘panzanellas’, and sushi martinis made with spicy tuna will just be some of the served items.

    And it doesn’t stop there. The chefs will close the evening with musically themed cakes!


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    Amanda Seyfried is dressed to impress while attending the premiere of her new film Lovelace during the 2013 Berlinale International Film Festival held at Friedrichstadt-Palast on Saturday (February 9) in Berlin, Germany.

    The 27-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by her co-stars James Franco and Peter Sarsgaard.

    Earlier in the day, Amanda was red hot while attending a photo call with James and Peter for the film at Grand Hyatt Hotel.

    February 9 -'Lovelace' Press Conference - 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival

    source 1/2/3

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    An alleged run-in with members of the paparazzi on Saturday has left R & B singer Chris Brown's car "totalled", according to media sources out of Los Angeles.

    Brown says he was driving to a charity event at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy for a Symphonic Love Foundation event when he was cut off by two vehicles, notes Just Jared.

    A rep for the 23-year-old performer says that the occupants of the two cars “jumped out, with cameras, and aggressively approached [Brown's] vehicle". Brown reportedly tried to distance himself from the occupants by backing down an alley. It was there that Brown claims his car was cut off again by an additional two vehicles, reports Gossip Cop.

    The pursuit left Brown's car "totalled," according to TMZ. Brown's rep also told the site the singer wasn't seriously hurt. Despite the accident, Brown still attended the charity event, according to Extra. While Brown was alone at the time of the alleged run-in, he may not be alone come Sunday night.

    Chris Brown was involved in a car crash Saturday afternoon, RadarOnline.com has confirmed.

    Ironically, the incident happened the day before the Grammy Awards — it was on that same day in 2009 that Brown beat up his girlfriend Rihanna.

    “There was a car accident,” Lt. Mike Foxen of the Beverly Hills Police Department tells RadarOnline.com.

    “I don’t believe it was totaled,” he said, disputing an Internet report that the Porsche was a total loss. “But I don’t work for an insurance company so I can’t say that.”

    The accident took place in an alley in Beverly Hills at 12:03 pm, Lt. Foxen reveals.

    Asked if the incident involved paparazzi, Foxen replied, “according to him [Brown].”

    Brown left the scene on his own, no ambulance was called and no one was hurt. His car was towed away.


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    Card's hatred of the LGBT community was no secret. Chuck Dixon is prolly applauding DC. Card is a member of NOM. He called for the laws that ban gay sex to remain on the books. Said gays were 'raped, molested, or abused.' SIGN THE PETITION NOW!!!

    Petitioners are boycotting the selection of author Orson Scott Card, set to pen a story for an "Adventures of Superman" digital-first release. Opponents of Card's are taking issue with the writer's anti-gay efforts.

    On Feb. 6, it was announced that Card will write the first digital chapter of "Adventures of Superman," which is set to debut online in April before hitting shelves in print, according to IGN Entertainment. But fans of the DC Comics series and proponents of equal rights bashed the appointment of Card, according to Pink News.

    A petition was created on AllOut.org against Card. A description on the petition's page reads thus:

    OUTRAGE: DC Comics has just hired anti-gay writer Orson Scott Card for their new digital Adventures of Superman. He's written publicly that he believes marriage equality would lead to the end of civilization. He's also on the board of a notorious anti-equality organization. We need to let DC Comics know they can't support Orson Scott Card or his work to keep LGBT people as second-class citizens. They know they're accountable to their fans, so if enough of us speak out now, they'll hear us loud and clear.

    As of Monday afternoon, the petition had more than 2,600 signatures of its 5,000-signature goal.

    Card, a Mormon and author of the celebrated science fiction novel "Ender's Game," was called out by Salon's Donna Minkowitz as a "disgustingly outspoken homophobe" after an interview in 2000. Said Card during the exchange with Minkowitz, "I find the comparison between civil rights based on race and supposed new rights being granted for what amounts to deviant behavior to be really kind of ridiculous."

    "And the idea of ‘gay marriage’ — it’s hard to find a ridiculous enough comparison," Card continued, per Minkowitz. "By the way, I’d really hate it if your piece wound up focusing on the old charge that I’m a homophobe.” (He didn't manage to disprove that "charge" with this 2004 essay, in which he wrote, "[I]t is a flat lie to say that homosexuals are deprived of any civil right pertaining to marriage. To get those civil rights, all homosexuals have to do is find someone of the opposite sex willing to join them in marriage.")

    In 2009, Card joined the board of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, a nonprofit "with a mission to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it." Card's status in the group is unclear today.

    DC Comics has long been inclusive of gay characters, featuring one of the first male kisses in 1988, according to the Associated Press.

    In June 2012, DC relaunched a more modern version of the character Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern from the 1940s, reimagined as an openly gay man.

    From Wikipedia:

    Card called for laws that ban gay sex to "remain on the books... to be used when necessary to send a clear message that those who flagrantly violate society's regulation of sexual behavior cannot be permitted to remain as acceptable, equal citizens within that society"

    The dark secret of homosexual society—the one that dares not speak its name—is how many homosexuals first entered into that world through a disturbing seduction or rape or molestation or abuse, and how many of them yearn to get out of the homosexual community and live normally.


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    Katy Perry made quite the splash at last night's Grammy awards. Wearing a sea foam green gown by Gucci, she let her career-making bust take center stage. Netizens have only just discovered, however, that the dress is not intended to look like a broken, bejeweled condom, but an elegant, sophisticated garment worn by someone with basic tenements of good taste. Last November, famed actress Li Bingbing wore the dress to the Golden Horse Awards, Taiwan's most prestigious awards ceremony recognizing excellence in cinema. Unlike Katy Perry, however, Ms. Li chose to not alter the gown, resulting in a beautiful, understated look that did not call to mind cheap, candyland-inspired costumes and horrifyingly shrill vocals.


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     photo noahgreen_zps3cbbe594.jpg

    During a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brian Austin Green offered up the first glimpse of Noah Shannon, his 4-month-old baby boy with wife Megan Fox. Seen from the balcony of their hotel, Green, 39, held little Noah -- who sports puffy cheeks and pouty lips like his world-famous mom.

    In another photo from the family's Brazilian trip, Fox, 26, looked slim and absolutely radiant in a short floral spring dress and red designer heels alongside her husband of two and a half years as they visited a Samba School in Sao Paulo. The happy couple sat and watched locals do a demonstration of "capoeira dance."

     photo megan-fox-brian-austin-green-inline_zpse7f6ac70.jpg

    This Is 40 actress Fox has been frank with the media about how transformative first-time motherhood has been. "The whole thing has been overwhelming because I didn't realize you could love something so much, and I know people always say that but I love him so much it hurts," Fox said in December, "and it's an interesting feeling to have because I never felt that before."

    "He's getting to that place where he's smiling and he's almost ready to laugh, and I can't wait for that baby laugh that almost makes you feel like you can fly, like your heart's going to explode."


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  • 02/11/13--16:49: Season 3 Sterek Spoiler
  • Season 3 is ramping up to be quite an action packed year for our favorite teen wolf and all of his friends. With the Alpha Pack in town, a few new strangers, the return of the Argents, and the mysterious disappearance of Gerard at the end of season 2, they’ve got a lot going on We already know that the Alpha Pack leader is going to try to pit Derek and Scott against each other, and that Stiles is going to become a pseudo-detective early on in the season as well. So, unfortunately, that doesn’t leave much time for any Sterek scenes.

    But don’t feel down in the dumps just yet! They’re not even done filming the first half of season 3, so we’ve still got 12 episodes on the other side of that for some hilarious scenes between the two characters.

    And, it turns out, Dylan O’Brien has some ideas about what should happen the next time they see each other. “There aren’t any Stereky scenes so far,” he tel Zap2it“But I had an idea for Jeff, that when we do finally meet, and if we have a scene that’s very expositional — like if we come together and something’s going on we have to converge and discuss something — then we should kind of stop at the end of it and before we walk away, Stiles should just say, ‘I missed you.’ Just to acknowledge it for the fans in little, funny ways.”

    Whether or not Jeff Davis will listen to O’Brien (though we already know he has to some degree, as O’Brien h penned a scene for episode 3×08), it’s great to see him willing to throw the Sterek fans a bone once in a while. And Davis knows how important the slash couple is to the majority of the fandom, so we’re sure he’ll pay homage to it at some point.


    This is my first post! Feel free to turn this into a TW gif party post!

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    With only three albums under her belt, Lady Gaga is already a household name. But unless you’re working in the businesses of music or social media, you might not be as familiar with Troy Carter, Gaga’s manager and the genius behind her media presence. V sat down to talk shop with the guy who helped Mother Monster get massive.

    How did you originally meet and come to work with Lady Gaga?
    Troy Carter We were introduced by Vincent Herbert, who was her executive producer at her record label. You saw the energy when she walked in the room. She was very specific about her vision, all of the music was there, and all she needed was someone to help her translate it to the rest of the world, which is where I came in.

    When did you first realize the potential social media had to affect Gaga’s career?
    TC I think it developed because we were forced into it. We couldn’t get her record played on the radio and we couldn’t get the video on TV. YouTube and blogs were our platforms in the very beginning because the Internet was the only platform!

    Is it true that Lady Gaga’s next record, ArtPop, will be released as an app?
    TC The album is going to be an app. It will also exist in CD and digital form, but the primary experience will be as an application. It will be built around the tablet, but will have a mobile version as well.

    How do you think the business of pop music will evolve?
    TC This is the best time to be in the music industry. As sub-Saharan Africa and China go completely mobile, you have people who’ve never had access to the music we offer all of a sudden able to access it. I think we can reach a lot more people now. You’re going to see a lot more friction points for independent artists disappear, but there will be more artists than ever. You’ll have to look at making money through a different lens. Artists are going to be giving away music in exchange for different things, like data or purchasing a ticket or a piece of merchandise. There will be new ways to monetize music, but it may not be the music itself.

    What is your most memorable experience of working with Gaga? Does anything particularly surreal stand out?
    TC I think—and I can say this because it just happened recently—it was seeing her have a casual conversation with the President about gay rights issues. When you think back to six years ago, this girl from New York walking in with ripped-up stockings, and now she’s having conversations with the President about serious issues-—it’s a bit surreal.

    What is next for the Troy/Gaga think tank?
    TC I have no idea! We could have never predicted we’d be where we are right now, so I have no clue what the next five years are going to look like, but I hope it gets even better.


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    Here we have the always lovely Courtney Stodden having some PDA action going on with her hubby Doug Hutchison... wait, what?! That's her actual father, Alex Stodden. Yes.

    There is something really wrong with this family.


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