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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    - keri hilson teamed up with usa swimming foundation to teach under-represented children how to swim with the “make a splash” program
    - she will be joined by ludacris
    - speaking on her swimming skills, hilson said, “i was pretty good…i’m really proud of the exposure i got to swimming, and i just want to give that back to others in my community.”


    do you know how to swim??

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    Ceejai joined the Anne and Frank Show podcast to give insight on what was not captured on film.

    The podcast is terrible so here's a summary:

    - Production has suggested what she should say at certain times during the show. She refused to comply ever again after the first time she did it.

    - Could have beat the crap out of Jenna when she rushed and attacked her but she restrained herself.

    - Kailah stormed around the house after the fight telling Ceejai kudos since they finally have a reason to send Jenna home.

    - Ceejai was under the impression that Jenna was going to get kicked off for breaching her contract but she never was.

    - Jenna has called black people colored on the show. She also told Ceejai her white face is better than hers and that slaves came to America for a better life.

    - Jenna's family being racist and her love for confederate flags were the first red flags.

    - Jenna stating that her family would despise her if she brought a black man home was another red flag.

    - Jenna said she was ready to shoot somebody (Ceejai in particular) and started making brraapp noises which is why Ceejai told Jenna she isn't about that life.

    - "[Jenna] sitting here putting on a front talking about how black people act all thug but you are running around with cornrows in the back, asking for a tan, same girl making these same gun noises. Who's the thug? Not once have I portrayed that and I come from that same environment. So you despise black people but you sit here trying to act like a black person what the hell. There is nothing like someone taunting your race and then trying to be that race. There is nothing worse than that."

    - She believes that production didn't send her home because they wanted to push Ceejai as far as they could.

    - Ceejai went to production that same day for a meeting they scheduled to ask why Jenna was not sent home. Prior to this she reached out to another producer through email to discuss the contract and what entails a breach. They never gave her an answer. They called her back and told her they'd meet downstairs.

    - Ceejai knew she was going home after the second fight. She even packed before the final decision.

    - Production didn't show Jenna calling Ceejai a black bitch and a nappy headed hoe. This + Jenna calling her ratchet and Jenna's friend telling Ceejai to pick cotton is what set her off

    - Feels regretful for her jobs sake.

    - Doesn't regret how she handled it since she took responsibility and ownership of it and left with her dignity. At the time she was only regretful because that's what they wanted to hear and she was thinking about her future.

    - Two days in Jenna was on the phone with her grandma talking about the housemates. Dean and Chris jokingly told her to tell her grandma that she is dating a black guy. Jenna tells her grandma "There's a black guy here named Dean, he lives here" . Her grandma says it's okay as long as he doesn't hurt her. She turned over and repeated what she said to them. Chris took offense to this and insisted that she tell her grandma that there is a Caucasian and an Italian man in the house too.

    - Says that Dean was super nice to Jenna even after her racist remarks when no one wanted to be affiliated with her. For this reason she doesn't understand why Jenna would find him threatening.

    - Jenna called Dean threatening because of his size and use of hand gestures when he was talking to her. Ceejai questions why Jenna was never threatened by Chris (the white houseguest) who has called her a bitch and bigot on numerous occasions.

    - The reason why Sabrina and Dean never said anything is because Ceejai already registered she was going home.

    - Sabrina and Dean already packed their things to leave with her but production said they wouldn't pay for their flights back home.

    SOURCES : 123456

    This season was emotionally draining. I applaud Dean, Ceejai and Chris for handling everything the way they did.

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    • When asked in an interview about the backlash regarding Ghostbusters, she replied, “All those comments — ‘You’re ruining my childhood! I mean, really, four women doing any movie on Earth will destroy your childhood?”

    • “I have a visual of those people not having a Ben [Falcone, McCarthy’s husband], not having friends, so they’re just sitting there and spewing hate into this fake world of the internet. I just hope they find a friend.”

    • Points out that male actors of reboots and sequels don't have to deal with any sexist backlash.

    • Ghostbusters to expected to become the highest-grossing film of all-time upon its opening weekend.

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    (Soho - Australia)

    Sources: 1, 2

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    'Free Somebody' is a electronic pop dance song that will save your summer.
    Her 1st solo mini-album 'Free Somebody' as well as the music video comes out tomorrow at 12AM KST!


    source:SMTOWN / luna.smtown
    you can feel the song is building up to something and i can't wait omfg

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    Charlie Hunnam Mimics His Space City Comic Con Paycheck and Bounces; Day Saved By More Attractive Scottish Man's Drunken Babblings

    - Epic SOA reunion was planned by Space City Comic Con this weekend.
    - Apparently, the very in-demand commodity Charlie Hunnam did not get paid and thus, deuced the fuck on outta there.
    - In what can only be described as a "he's just like us!" (or just like me, whatev) moment, Chibs Tommy Flanagan thought it would be an excellent idea to get shitfaced and post to Facebook.

    Source: Houston Press
    Source: Space City Comic Con Facebook"
    Tommy's Facebook


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    When she was on American Idol, a lot of viewers called her fat online. Because of that, she decided to redo her diet and start working out. Now she is on a completely vegan diet and has a mobile gym so she can exercise while on tour. "I feel much better now at 33 than I did when I was 20 because I take better care of myself," Underwood is quoted as saying.


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    • Drake gets his 4th week at #1 with 189k units. He sold 50k albums, 111k streaming units, and 27k TEA units

    • Views has the 4 highest streaming weeks every (1st week 245.1 million, 3rd week 186.1 million, 4th week 166.2 million, 2nd week 140.8 million)

    • Ariana's Dangerous Woman officially debuted at #2 with 175k SPS units (129k pure sales). This is her first album not to debut at #1 (Yours Truly did 138k pure sales and My Everything did 169k pure sales. This was before SPS was added on the charts)

    • Blake's If I'm Honest topped the album sales chart by a large margin with 153k sales. He also got a very impressive SPS number at 170k despite and Apple Music exclusive and country fans not being known for streaming

    Source: Twitter

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    - Tweeted that it was all "lies lies lies"
    - This is the longest Tyga and Kylie have gone without speaking
    - Friends thought they would be back together already after a week of breaking up (so did we)


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    Great in-depth interview involving all three stars and showrunners. Some highlights :

    - Cooper on how the show was pitched to him: There were five hairy men in a sweaty room on the Sony lot, trying to describe something undescribable. They started by mentioning the characters, and they said, “There's this kid that looks like an anus.” I'm like, “This is good, really tempting, so far.” [Laughter.]
    - Joe being terrified of child actors
    - Joe is basically Cassidy irl
    - What words Ruth and Joe had trouble with the most when it came to their character's accents
    - Ian Colletti who plays Eugene/Arseface had to actually drink his meals as shakes during shoots and never complained. His shake might have actually been meat during that scene
    - Ennis's thoughts on new scenes for the show that he wished he thought up

    Reposting Episode 2 "See" Promo for next week! Synopsis : A mysterious duo is after Jesse while he tries to be a "good preacher"; the enigmatic Cowboy makes an introduction.
    Have you accepted Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy as your new saviors of Sunday? The show returns next Sunday, June 5th @ 9/8c, but tonight after the encore episode will be a special Talking Preacher segment featuring Dominic Cooper, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Sam Catlin!

    SOURCE 1
    SOURCE 2

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    DC Comics freelance artist, Allan Goldman, who co-created the series Nox for Space Goat Productions and worked on Superman, Action Comics, Teen Titans, Countdown and Future’s End for DC Comics, posted on his Facebook, regarding the rape of a 16 year old by 30 men:

    "What happens if the 30 rapists claimed they are women?

    According to the leftist gender ideology, a person is what you feel, and your biology does not matter. The society is obliged to accept this decision, if not is fascism!

    How the Court will hear case of a woman who was raped by 30 other women?

    I'm curious now."

    Chiaroscuro Studios, which represented Goldman with the American publishers have terminated their arrangement with him, saying “We decided to terminate the relationship with artists not aligned with values that, for us, are absolutely non-negotiable”.

    He has since deleted the post.

    Source: Chiaroscuro Studios statement

    His Facebook profile picture is in support of a far-right politician worse than Trump, who also happens to be the guy Ellen Page talked to for her show, Gaycation.

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    Original tweet:

    Original tweet:

    ERW retweeted this:

    Original tweet:

    1, 2& 3

    I'll update this post if she still answers a few tweets. I guess, speaking out about the way the media is attacking Amber for her sexuality, is better than most so called feminists and straight allies staying awfully quiet. What do you think ontd?

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    Follow up from this post
    -Alan was able to call police and alert them to his whereabouts.
    -Was unharmed other than a few bruises.
    -Tamaulipas leads the country in kidnapping, according to federal government statistics. The online news organization Animal Politico reported that the incidence of abduction in the city has increased 360% between 2010 and 2015.

    Source 123

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    Catriona Hartdegen (Perdita Weeks) tells Vanessa about the ancient tale of Dracula, the first Vampire.

    Vanessa seeks out Dr. Sweet (Christian Camargo) to warn him about Dracula's sinister pursuit of her.

    Sources: video1, video2, video3

    The last episode was a freaking mess...

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    Interview & 'Worth It'

    'Work From Home' (special appearance from Ty Dolla $ign)

    New single 'All In My Head (Flex)'


    Interview with John Cena and happy birthday to Normani!

    they should only be performing new songs from the album bu whatever, not my problem. and early happy birthday to this queen!

    sources: worthit x workfromhome x allinmyhead x bo$$ x interview

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    Makiko Futaki, animator of movies Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Akira and more, passed away at the age of 57 yesterday.


    What's your fave Studio Ghibli movie ONTD?

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