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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    He said: "For her to look at her butt and that little waist and to say, ‘L.A. face with an Oakland booty' doesn't that mean that the norm has changed, that the beautiful people have accepted our idea of beautiful? That's the way I took it"

    "Now let me do this, as far as the critics are concerned: I don't want to come off like, ‘Oh, he's an Uncle Tom,' because I'm not. If what Blake Lively meant by that comment was, ‘Oh my goodness, I've gained weight, I look horrible,' if that's what she meant—and I doubt that she did—then I'm with the critics. But no one in the world is gonna tell me that a woman that wears that dress is thinking that she's fat. No, I'm sorry, it just doesn't happen. It sounds like to me like she was giving the line props. I think it's almost a nod of approval, and that was what I wanted. I wanted our idea of beautiful to be accepted. I think now not only is it accepted, but it's expected."
    src: 1 | your fave

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    -Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, known from YouTube channel ‘PrankvsPrank’ has decided to call it quits.
    -They quit their relationship after 7 long years and give a tragic farewell
    -They are also giving up on their daily videos

    Mods, they have over 2 billion views on YouTube and are significantly famous on the internet/Youtube

    This is so sad :(

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    Sara: "I'm deeply grateful to have spent the last 10 years with my family at Grey's Anatomy and ABC but for now I'm taking some welcome time off. Shonda's been so incredible to work for and we will definitely continue our conversations! I send my love to Ellen [Pompeo], the rest of the cast and crew, and I look forward to always being a part of the Shondaland family!"

    Shonda: "Dr. Callie Torres came into our lives dancing it out in her underwear almost a decade ago and I could not be happier or more proud of her journey. Sara Ramirez's performance inspired me as well as millions of fans each week. We wish her the best on her well-deserved time off. I will miss Callie tremendously, but am excited for what the future holds for Sara. She will always have a home at Shondaland."


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    In a new preview of KUWTK, Kim reveals how Rob surprised and forced her to talk to Blac Chyna.


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    Since Bob's Burgers debut in 2011, The Hollywood Reporter has interviewed the producers on the success of the show as the 100th episode is airing this Sunday. They watched it "go from a bubble show to a bona fide hit". It's definitely worth a read, but here's some highlights:

    - Fox didn't think there was enough difference between Gene and Daniel, so Tina was created and replaced Daniel
    - Even if the execs didn't see the potential by the numbers, the support from social media really boosted the show
    - The voice actors attracted their loyal fanbases (from being stand up comics) to watch the show. Also other famous celebrities were fans of these voice actors and wanted to get in on the action (ex. Kevin Kline/Fischoeder is a big Eugene Mirman/Gene fan)
    - The producers believe Bob's Burgers can last as long as The Simpsons/Family Guy, that they are 'just scratching the surface' of what the show can really do

    Youtube Preview
    The Hollywood Reporter

    Bob's Burgers discussion post! What has been your favorite (or least favorite) episodes from season 6?

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    - Said she, Fassbender and McAvoy made a deal that if one of them doesn't come back, the other two won't be back either

    - Says Mystique's body paint is "rock bottom and could not suck more"

    - Loves the fans and character but thinks of the importance of a year, and 3 months out of that year


    Oh, the doubts and hardships of the rich and famous.

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    -says season 2 feels like a new show
    -Season 2 Brings Arrow writer Keto Shimizu and Flash writer Grainne Godfree to Legends of tomorrow, which will help the Arrow-Flash-Legends stories work better together.
    -Laurel’s Death: “is interesting because it doesn’t require an appearance of an actor from another show. It’s just a thing that happens on the other show that sort of changes the plot of one of the sister shows.” Her death will resonate into season two. Having something happen on one show and the ripple effects cross into the other two, makes their tv universe feels big.
    -Plan on “infusing” season 2 with even more familiar faces from the DC Universe. Want people who are going to be integral to the season long story, rather than just one episode.
    -Got asked about Constantine/Jonah Hex: “have plans for guests of that magnitude or bigger for season 2”
    -Are establishing the threat in next season from a completely different angle because vandal savage was the shittest villain to date, even more than snore al ghul, imo!
    -201 will feel like a new pilot w/ new good and bad guys, new stakes and dynamics
    -season 2 will have a completely different tone because the Legends have a whole different purpose - where do you go from saving the world?
    -talks multiverse: “might have to put a pin in that, it’s hard enough to time travel in one universe” (previously, Andrew Kreisberg has said the waverider could go anywhere)

    Rex Tyler/Hourman

    Full interview @ source (ign) / thr twitterdeadline twitter

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    Desiigner has finally released a music video for his number one hit single Panda
    (seethe Future)

    This video is only four months too late.
    It was a Tidal exclusive for a good week too lmao!

    Ontd, are you still bopping to Panda?

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    Louis CK won last night's Jeopardy! He competed against CNN's Kate Bouldaun and The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart. Louie will be contributing $50,000 to the Fistula Foundation, which helps women in Africa and Asia who struggle with obstetric fistulas.

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     photo arrowpromough_zpsct1ayswx.jpg

    Ratings have (for the second time in recent memory) hit a SERIES low with a Live + Same Day rating of 0.70 in Adults 18-49 (share of 2), and 1.94 million viewers - marking this as the first time in the show's four seasons that Arrow has fallen below 2 million viewers.

    Furthermore, Forbes contributor Erik Kain has branded the show a "hot mess", and asked that soul-searching question that keeps us all awake at night - can anything save it now?

    Forbes' Erik Kain has a lot of salient points to make, such as how after the team let that nuke touch down on US soil last week (and tens of thousands of people were killed), "our heroes crack jokes and deal with daddy issues".

    It is truthfully acknowledged that this episode is not, in fact, the worst ever... there have been much worse ones without any doubt, but it is believed that the show simply can't 'muster any heart' any more.

    "Felicity is a bit teary about the most devastating attack on American soil in the history of everything, but by and large people are all fine."

    There is cognitive dissonance between the stark devastation of the plot/realities portrayed in the show, and the 'implausible' behaviour of the characters

    Bad writing?
    Actors phoning it in?
    Sloppy editing?
    Everyone just given up?
    All of the above?

    Erik Kain for Forbes believes that the show still has some measure of potential, but that wiping the slate clean may be the only way to cure what clearly ails it. "I'm not sure it can be saved, but I hope it is."

    This has been Your Good & Noble OP, reporting.

    Sources:Forbes, TV By The Numbers and Promo Pic.

     photo candicewisdom small_zpstktisezk.jpg

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    Random 5 from the list:
    • Will Gardner (The Good Wife) - the show hadn't really involved any deaths prior to his, so it was seen as a shock.
    • Rita (Dexter) - although the show was about a serial killer, "you were so sure that she was safe" (what idiot thought she was safe?)
    • Zoe Barnes (House Of Cards) - if you had seen the UK equivalent you knew she wasn't safe, but you probably thought she would be killed later in the season, instead they killed her in episode one of season two.
    • Dr. Kutner (House) - his suicide was seen as shocking to some because he came off as a bubbly, put together person.
    • Jane (Breaking Bad) - Walt stood there and watched her die, which was seen as a "point of no return for our anti-hero"

    Some of these are really stupid.

    More at the source

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    jennaushkowitz"I can not believe its been 7 years to the day that we premiered on TV. How time flies."

    kevinmchale"7 years ago today we began our lil journey. Mannnnn how fast that all went by. Also 7 years ago today, we missed our flight @jennaushkowitz ;)"

    msleamichele"#tbt 7 years ago.. It's unbelievable how quickly time can go by.. To think we aired 7 years ago today.. Found this photo from our Upfronts trip to NYC just days before the premiere. We were all so excited. We went around the table and each said something we loved about each other.. No matter where we all are now.. I will always think back to this night. #glee"

    + From last week...

    Source 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

    ONTD, when did you stop believin' watching?

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    Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
    being developed for TV

    Kevin Smith (of "Clerks", "Mallrats" and "Tusk" fame) is in the works of developing the classic 1984 movie about nuclear physicist/pop star Buckaroo Banzai battling creatures from the 8th dimension who have taken over humans (including John Lithgow as Dr. Lizardo; and Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Bigbooty), featured 80s king Peter Weller, and a young and handsome Jeff Goldblum in a cowboy costume. The film was done in a comic book style.

    -MGM approached K.Smith because they heard a podcast where he was talking about watching the movie with Jeff Goldblum
    -They wanted to unbury this movie and bring it to TV like they did with Fargo
    -He wants to use the movie as the guide for Season 1, and do the sequel proposed in the end credits as season 2.
    -He will begin shopping for additional backers in the near future.
    -He wants to bring the whole cast in as potentially the bad guys, the original writer for more ideas
    -Kevin wants to play Bigbooty.

    Source Hollywood Babble-On Podcast starting at 12:12 minute mark to 19:30 minute mark. The rest is insufferable.
    My weird young self loved this movie. I'm not thrilled it's Kevin Smith, and I wish it was Bryan Fuller who would fully embrace the weird and not push the irony to death. I was only made aware of this today when 80s princess Valley Girl/April Fool's Day star Deborah Foreman tweeted to KSmith that she wanted in!

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    Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini's husband has spoken out about her and the end of their marriage.
    Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini has said this: "It's been a tough year. I'm trying to move on. .... I fell in love, what could I do? I didn't know Cheryl was famous when I met her. I was having a party at my house in South Africa and she turned up, but I didn't know who she was. I always go for very beautiful women."

    He still says he's a married man (because he is), but he's seeing someone new now. He also says he'll never speak badly of Cheryl, and that "she's a great girl."

    Meanwhile Cheryl is enjoying her love affair with former band 1D's former member Liam.



    Do you speak fondly of your exes, ONTD?

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    Earlier today Scott Disick, alledged King of Instagram, (accidentally) posted the instructions for a paid advertisment on Insta.
    What's more is some fans have figured out the Lord Disick has only taken a picture with the product once, and has used photos from the same set to advertise these protein shakes.
    A week ago:

    letthelordbewithyouTime for changes, getting ready the summer with a little help from the @booteauk protein shake

    He gets paid anywhere between 15k to 20k per post.
    Ontd, have you ever made a costly mistake?

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    Cheryl Cole may be sporting a baby bump, as some fans have noticed after her recent appearence on the red carpet at Global Gift Gala with her bae. Many fans have commented on these reportedly baby bump looking photos asking if she's pregnant. Do you think she is, ONTD?



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    Dear life, am I doing this right?
    Can you see me tonight
    Can you help me dear life?
    And I know that I can't understand
    What you hold in your hands for me
    Dear lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    idk i cant really relate to this song but it penerated my iced up heart.
    ONTD, did Delta penerate you?

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    Andy: Can you say 3 nice things about Nicki Minaj?
    Mariah:...................................................................................................................................................Can you?


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