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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Some rehearsal pics have been released to promote the Cinderella duo's new Kenneth Branagh directed Romeo and Juliet play, that'll debut in London on May 25th, killing the OP .

    The show plays until 13th August 2016 with a live cinema broadcast set for 7th July.

    The play stars Lily James and Richard Madden as not teenagers Juliet and Romeo. Branagh and Rob Ashford are co-directing the show.

    The rest of the cast includes Derek Jacobi as Mercutio, Meera Syal stars as the Nurse, Marisa Berenson (Lady Capulet), Jack Colgrave Hirst (Benvolio), Tom Hanson (Paris), Matthew Hawksley (Anthony), Taylor James (Prince), Ansu Kabia (Tybalt), Racheal Ofori (Potpan), Nikki Patel (Balthasar), Chris Porter (Lord Montague), Zoe Rainey (Lady Montague), Michael Rouse (Lord Capulet), Sam Valentine (Friar Laurence) and Kathryn Wilder (Peta/Apothecary).

    They will also be on the Graham Norton Show tonight, I assume to promote the play.

    source 1
    source 2

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    Brad Caleb Kane, one of the writers and producers for Black Sails, recently tweeted the first behind-the-scenes photo from Season 4.

    Notice the second sword in the photo. Who is Flint facing off against? Fans have been speculating that this photo may be of Flint giving Silver a lesson in swordfighting. (praying this is the case & not just wishful thinking, omg)


    Yesterday was Toby Stephens' birthday! He turned 47 years old, somehow, even though he is a sexy ageless prince.

    He's also teasing us with this promise:

    Meanwhile, here is Toby Schmitz stanning for his own show and asking for fanvids:

    He is also stanning for Hamilton, as is Luke Arnold.

    Clara Paget, like the rest of us, is mourning Prince.

    Hannah New on set, for those of you who care:

    Check out what went into creating the world of Black Sails in Season 3, from the ships to the massive storm. Technology is awesome!

    Twitter sources: 123456

    I miss this show so much all the time.

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    Here's another one.

    3rd attempt at posting this. Praying to Charli's boobies that this post gets through. lol

    Also dedicating this post to ONTD's resident Charli XCX stan, iheartfamke :)

    SOURCE | GIF Source

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    -The new companion in 'Doctor Who' will be revealed live at BBC One on April 23rd.

    -It will be revealed on the programme 'Match of the Day' during the half-time of the FA Cup semi-final between Everton and Manchester United.

    -The announcment will be made around 6pm GMT.

    source: digitalspy

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    • The revival will be a weekly "short-form" show for MTV's Snapchat Discover channel.

    • The new Cribs will reportedly start appearing on your Snapchat Discover section sometime in June.


    Which "celeb"'s cribs you think will going to make an appereance, ONTD?

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    Do you love Emmy Rossum, ONTD?
    OR Shameless Season 7 post?

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    Possibly this is a preview of Sansa's revenge on the Boltons in Season 6. Hitting Ramsay in the face with a suction cup arrow would sadly be a greater accomplishment than anything she managed to do in the revenge department last year.

    All this plus corporate advertising cleverly disguised as a film tie-in. X-Men: Apocalypse has a promotional deal with Coldwell Banker, so if you want to buy the Xavier Institute, here's your chance (though it blows up a lot, so that may be a bad investment). There's more footage of the film here.

    Source #1
    Source #2

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  • 04/22/16--11:31: vikings season 4b promo

  • Mods, the post is embedded when you check the preview, the visual editor is just weird for some reason, I'm sorry!

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    • Queen of the world, Kim Kardashian said enough is enough and sat down with Blac Chyna to hash out their issues involving Rob and the engagement.

    • Kim & Blac met and both agreed what was most important was Rob's happiness and getting out of the house and back into the world.

    • Kim also talked Chyna into sitting down with Kylie and hashed out their issues.

    • It obviously worked because yesterday they announced via Snapchat's they're besties/sisters.


    ONTD, should we get Kim Kardashian to solve other hostile relationships in the world? Send her to talk to Putin!

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    -Sarandon gave an interview (located after the cut) discussing policitcs
    -The editor gave a misleading title stating that she supported Trump
    -Debra and her followers went after Sarandon
    -Sarandon told her to watch or read what she said
    -Ended with "report me to the homeroom teacher and lets just stop"

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    favorite celeb twitter feud?

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    Last night at her tour stop in Calgary, AB, Canada Rihanna dedicated her song Diamonds in tribute to Prince, along with giving a heartfelt beautiful speech before honoring the music legend. Her stage lit up in purple behind her, and at the end of her speech (about how he inspired many to start making and listening to music) before singing she said "“Let’s shine some light to heaven for Prince.”


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    Diane Warren, famed songwriter who wrote the 2016 Grammy nommed 'Til it happens to you' with Lady Gaga reminded people that Prince was vegan and that All Lives Matter
    seeing the 2nd tweet first made me not want to see the one that prompted it. and after seeing it im still confused and disgusted

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    In an interview with E! Kourtney discussed what she's done to get herself back in shape after having three children.

    On working out: "I think I take time for myself now to work out every day, which I never did—especially having three young kids. I just never made it a priority, and now it just makes me feel so much better—mentally and physically, just to really take that time. I know for my body, I need four to five days a week of working out. Khloe and I really push each other to do that. We do jump roping, but then in-between he'll have us do weights and squats and push-ups and sit-ups. A lot of things using our body weight. I couldn't even do one regular push up when we started with him. And now I can do so many. He has me doing full-body pull-ups."

    On dieting: "I think what you put into your body with food and how much water you drink…I think it's just as important what you put inside as what you put on your skin. So right this second, we're doing gluten-free, dairy-free, which is so hard, and so are my kids. [Dairy's] in everything and so's gluten, it's so hard, so we're doing like six weeks. This doctor that we've been seeing like checks you after and says 'Ok you could do this or that.'"

    On how the kids are handling this diet: "They like hate me. We went to Rob's birthday on Saturday night and he had this huge cake, and I brought them these gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate chip cookies. But I warned them in advance, and they were fine. Kim was like, 'North would never do that.'"

    sources: 12

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    The new season premieres on 5th of May.


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    Reigning King of Pop Justin Bieber just can't keep his clothes on. Whether he's Instagraming his impressive cakes, flashing that Belieber donk at ancient ruins or on magazine covers, balancing pancakes on his boner, or skinny dipping in Bora Bora, Biebs is not shy about about showing off his god-given talents.

    Well now sources are spilling to @GossipCop that the Grammy award winning daddy-magnet has a “kinky nude fetish.” @GossipCop quotes National Enquirer banned source claiming that the compliments Biebs recieves on the size of his elephant trunk have gone to his head. He now allegedly takes every opportunity to show off. The source alleges that Biebs spends his time convincing others to strip down with him to compare Biebercondas.

    The source claims he has no shame and it is driving everyone around him crazy. Much to everyone's disapointment, Biebs' reps have denied that he is a nudists or that he is shopping around for a machine to make him taller. Still leaves one to wonder tho...

    Paraphrased from @GossipCop.

    ONTD: 1) Are you comfy naked? 2) What's the kinkiest thing you're into?

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    -Contacted producers about appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse
    -Was never contacted back
    -Thinks that it is unfair that male actors are allowed to reprise their roles in superhero movies while the women simply get recast (Hugh Jackman/Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellan all have appeared multiple times in X-films geared toward the past/future)
    -Is excited to see Sophie Tuner take on Jean Grey.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Do you think the X-films have a problem with sexism?

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    -Madonna's manager pitched it to Madonna and she loved the idea. she said "we'll call it the Royalty Tour"
    -Prince said the idea was too big and the world wasn't ready for it.
    -Madonna and Prince maintained a friendship since the 80's (even tho he shaded her in the 90's).
    -Prince worked on Madonna's "Like a Prayer" album (the guitar you hear at the beginning of the song is Prince playing.
    -They also sang a duet on that album (one of the few Prince songs you will find on Spotify)
    -In their mature years... Madonna was on tour and visited his city 6 months ago, Prince invited Madonna and her dancers to a private show at his house.

    Last October when Madonna was performing in Minnesota (Prince was in the audience) she dedicated "La Vie En Rose" to him

    Sources: 1,2

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