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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    • They have been dating for a few months and they are really into each other.

    • They were spotted at The Nice Guy last night.

    • Kendall really likes Harry, but he doesn't want to be in a relationship.


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    Kate Upton hosted the second Grand Slam Adoption event with her boyfriend Justin Verlander to encourage dog adoption. 13 dogs were available for adoption at the event, the majority finding new homes. The event included a silent auction to benefit SPCA Florida and K9s for Warriors.

    Kate shared with US Weekly that her own dog is spoiled having a professional pitcher as an owner, "My boxer went to the field with Justin and saw this basket of baseballs and he was literally in heaven and now he has a baseball obsession," Upton told US weekly. "He also will only let Justin throw the balls to him — apparently he only wants a professional pitcher to play catch with him. I’m not good enough. Even if I throw the ball, he’ll bring it back to Justin and be like, 'She’s sweet for trying, but can you throw it now?'"

    Upton also shared her go-to dog training advice: "The most important thing is to set boundaries and have strict rules for the dog. A lot of people think that not having rules in a home is a way of showing love to the dog, but it’s actually the opposite. Dogs like to know what they’re supposed to do and not supposed to do," she told Us. "My personal way of training a puppy is crate training, I always crate train. Any dog in a new home wants a safe space and to them the crate is their safe space."


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    K-POP ICONS and LEGENDS Krystal and Kai are confirmed to be dating
    if you arent familiar, everytime someone is confirmed to be dating someone in Kpop, a shitstorm will occur with their crazyass fans
    Krystal is from f(x) a very popular girl group and Kai is from EXO, a very popular boy group in the same company
    EXO fans are notoriously psycho so RIP Krystal but congrats to the cute couple!

    Krystal is also the younger sister of SNSD deserter and queen Jessica Jung


    ONTD, will the backlash against Krystal be worse than Taeyeon's?

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    Hanyu had three near-collisions with Denis Ten of Kazakhstan in practices and the Japanese Federation are asking the ISU to issue a warning to Denis (who tanned in the short program and is currently in 12th place)

    Sources: 123

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    Gwen initially held off from putting her album on Spotify and ended up still going number one!

    so what do you guys think of 'This is What The Truth Feels Like'? Album discussion post!


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    -described as a "future concept album with a 70s vibe"
    -both Sean and Jhene have collaborated several times before
    -album is a departure from their usual genres and combines 90s r&b with 70s rock.
    -group will perform on Jimmy Kimmel tonight
    -you can listen to a preview of album on their website http://twenty88.xxx/
    -only a tidal exclusive for 72 hours

    source // source
    It sounds interesting tbh, i'm going to listen

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    You betta recognize a real one when you see one. Rise, urban JoJo!

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    -“the direction that has been taken over the last four years represents an incredible foundation for the brand to build on for its continuous success.”
    -Slimane brought a lot of $ucce$$ to the brand.
    -It is rumored that Anthony Vaccarello will be Slimane's successor.
    -Skinny white hipsters are sobbing.

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  • 04/01/16--05:27: Skins 2017?
  • Actor and Naomily shipper and possible April Fools' troll Merveille Lukeba posted a photo on his instagram of the front page of a script which reads


    Brian Elsley

    Shooting Script"

    Lukeba played Thomas during seasons 3 and 4 of Skins.

    He captioned the photo "Let's go".


    ontd, do you think this is for real or just an april fools' day joke? do you even want it to be real?

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    Will Arnett tho...

    Of Course Ari likes Jim Carey, she after dat last name!

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    As many Arrow and (whoever pulls double duty) Flash Fam ONTDers know, things have not been looking so rosy for Star City District Attorney Ms. Dinah Laurel Lance.

    With recently leaked set pics of family members of a 'main' character at their grave, and a voice over narration proclaiming time of death in the recent Arrow trailer, it has set ONTDer against ONTDer, and caused mass celebration from fans who can finally quit the show once and for all when their fave is released from the purgatory of their 0.5 seconds per episode CW contract.

    However, todaylast night well known and reliable autograph selling, Vancouver set-stalking and TV/Film celebs-on-location documenting website Canadagraphs posted some pictures of Katie Cassidy on set.
    On which set though, find out below.

    Today IS April 1st. Elaborate April Fools' Joke designed to toy with the emotions of burnt fans? Multiverse episode coming up? Was a certain Arrow character finally sick and tired of Oliver Queen's mess so decided to just bounce?

    You decide.

    It all started with....

    The plot thickened as Canadagraphs retweeted this:

    UPDATE: After a large coffee I learnt how to count back an 8 hour timezone difference, and these were posted LATE EVENING, THURSDAY MARCH 31ST. NOT APRIL 1ST. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

    Sources: Canadagraphs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    It's the start of a new month, lets turn over a new leaf and (try to) play nice everyone!❤
     photo squadgoals16_zpsofbze1vb.gif

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    During a concert this week Adele gave Britney a mini shout out by doing a lil Oops I Did It Again

    Britney sporting a cute pink bikini.

    Click pics to enlarge

    Best shape she's been in in years

    Cute video she made of her vacation so far

    Britney might've won this week's Throwback Thursday by posting this old snap of herself with Oscar winner Leo Dicaprio.

    britneyspears #tbt

    Do we think she hit it? This looks to be from 2002-2003ish?

    adele source / bikini source / bikini source 2 / ig source / ig source / leo source

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    This week our designers were assigned a fairytale character (basically Disney princesses) and had to interpret the abstract details of their backstories to create a modern runway design.

    There were some usual shenanigans with Kini and Sam that lead to an embarrassing bitchfest. They really need to blow each other and move on already.

    Sam looked like shit all episode.

    Poor Kesha had to deal with some male nonsense from Isaac Misrahi.

    Great job shutting her up, Isaac.

    Safe looks:

    Ken Laurence (Snow White):

    Emily Payne (The Snow Queen):

    Top looks:

    Asha Daniels (Rapunzel):

    Dom Streater (Tinkerbell):

    Kini Zamora (Alice in Wonderland):

    Bottom looks:

    Alexander Pope (Cinderella):

    Layana Aguilar (Belle):

    Sam Donovan (The Little Mermaid):

    Winner: Asha
    Bottom two: Alexander and Layana
    Eliminated: Alexander


    Isaac stays getting on my nerves, glad Kesha put him in his place.

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