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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 10/03/12--15:23: of course
  • Source: Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Fight Was Staged

    A source on the American Idol set tells us the fight that broke out between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj yesterday was nothing more than a set up created by the folks behind the scenes at the reality show, and TMZ was also along for the ride. “It was all for hype and ratings,” says the source. Adding, “Nothing about it was real. They were acting.”

    We have to admit we did find it highly suspicious that TMZ just so happened to be there to catch the feud between Carey and Minaj on camera, and to have it confirmed that it was, in fact, a publicity stunt, does not come as a shock to us.

    Despite Idol’s attempt at getting hype for the show, we still won’t be watching.


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    Making fitness a priority after having a baby this Spring, Hilary Duff headed to a Pilates class in Studio City, California on Tuesday (October 2).

    The "Lizzie McGuire" star was work-out ready in a gray tank top over a red tank top, black tights, and flip-flops as she carried her keys in one hand and water in the other.

    her body looks so good! and so does she.

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    0:08: Asks Keke about Bobbi Kristna getting 10% of the money Whitney left her.
    0:54: Talks about her boyfriend Rodney, who I think is in his early or maybe mid 20s, they've dated for two years.
    1:40: She says she moved out of her parent's home almost a year ago and is living in an apartment ... maybe with Rodney.
    2:30: Talks about new video and mixtape out.
    2:56: Keke teaches Wendy how to dance.

    YBF chick KeKe Palmer is making her rounds today to promote her new mixtape and her new Lifetime movie. Check out the pretty gal inside rocking a cute and flirty look on the streets of New York...

    In a blush/nude soft pleated skirt mini dress with a black collar and her fave black pumps, KeKe Palmer made her way to the media stops around Manhattan.

    The singer/actress is on a promo escapade as she just released her self titled mixtape, and is also gearing up for the premiere of her Lifetime movie, The Carlina White Story, this Saturday.


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    Justin Bieber has evolved into one of the most impressive performers in pop history.

    Last night, the first of two sold out shows at Staples Center saw the singer at his very best yet live. Playing Los Angeles presents an interesting challenge for any artist with the entire music industry, celebs, and press in attendance, but Bieber simply smiled and killed it. That's the mark of a real icon.

    His infectious vocal delivery brought the audience to its feet, while his inimitable "swag", to use the parlance of our times, hasn't been matched by any other pop act of the last decade. He's on a whole different level, and it's gigs like this that reiterate that fact twenty-fold.

    He also knows how to make an entrance.

    Flying in, literally, with vibrant wings he landed on the stage for a rousing rendition of "All Around the World". It was a fiery and fun beginning to an even more incendiary evening. Bieber's voice sounded literally pristine live as he nailed each note and crescendo, while seamlessly running through dance moves that'd make Michael Jackson proud.

    For the show, every element converged magically—from the top-notch staging and production to the dancing to his vocal prowess. "As Long As You Love Me" echoed gorgeously, while "Fall" illuminated just how much natural talent the kid has with nothing more than that voice and guitar.

    "Baby" practically caused a seismic event as it's still one of the biggest anthems of any decade, and "Believe" gave an inspirational message with real hope. Not many artists can pull that off like Bieber…

    "Boyfriend" sparked the most dancing, and everything ended explosively. In the end, Bieber's picking up the crown from Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake and he's flying to a whole new plateau live. Watch him soar.

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    At last night’s ULTA Donate With a Kiss event in N.Y.C., we couldn’t help but notice new mom Kristin Cavallari‘s svelte new shape.

    Just eight weeks after welcoming son Camden Jack, the 25-year-old debuted her slimmer figure in a black and leather Rubin Singer sheath paired with slinky heels while helping promote the company’s breast cancer charity.

    So how is the star losing the baby weight?

    “I honestly can say I owe it all to breastfeeding,” she tells PEOPLE Tuesday.

    “I read somewhere that it’s like running six miles a day. I know nursing is difficult for a lot of moms so it’s easier said than done. I eat healthy in general and I’m taking it easy in the gym and working out three to four days a week.”

    But according to Cavallari that doesn’t mean she’s beach-ready — yet.

    “I do want to tone up my stomach a little bit more. Trust me, if you saw me I’m not ready for a bikini, let’s just put it that way,” she says with a laugh. “I’m close, but I haven’t [lost all the weight].”


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  • 10/03/12--16:28: Our Boys After Party
  • Tonight was the after party celebrating the press night performance of 'Our Boys', a play by Jonathan Lewis’ about a group of soldiers, based on his own experiences in the British army.

    The cast of Our Boys, Cian Barry, Laurence Fox, Matthew Lewis, Jolyon Coy, Lewis Reeves and Arthur Darvill

    Matt Lewis

    Laurence Fox and Billie Piper

    Arthur Darvill and Matt Smit

    Billie Piper and Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

    David Tennant

    Matt Smith and David Tennant


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           Theme Park Connection specializes in buying and selling Disney and theme park items online and through their huge warehouse in Winter Garden, Fla. While they’ve sold a lot of huge collectibles, this is their largest yet – It’s a four-story, seven bedroom, six bath, more than 10,000-square-foot home modeled after Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.

    The livable mansion is located in Duluth, Ga. and you can purchase it today through eBay for $873,000. “This definitely is the most unique Disney item we have ever offered for sale,” said Theme Park Connection Owner Marc Pianko. “We are used to selling rare Disney items such as ride vehicles, attraction props and signs, along with a warehouse full of unique Disney items,” but, he claims “This one is beyond anyone’s wildest dream. Can you imagine the Halloween parties you could have here?”

    Owner and designer of the home, Mark Hurt, a Disney contractor, partnered with Theme Park Connection to sell the property after becoming a customer of the company. Hurt built the home in 1996 and added elements to replicate the attraction at Disneyland. Unlike the real Haunted Mansions at Disney parks, there aren’t 999 happy haunted living in this home. Hurt assures worried potential buyers that the house is not actually haunted as he has lived there with his wife and son for many years.

    Hurt is no stranger to Disney projects and he made sure the design matched the dimensions and architectural structure of the real Disneyland Haunted Mansion as closely as possible. He even found the actual foundry that Walt Disney used to make the iron details of the original Haunted Mansion and had them make the iron details for this house. You’ll find an authentic attraction welcome gate plaque at the entrance, the iconic front four white pillars on top of the roof and the four faux smoke stacks that match the Disneyland Haunted Mansion to a tee. Flickering lights and outside elements add to the uniqueness of the replica of the attraction home’s exterior.

    For the tl;dr
    For sale by Theme Park Connection

    Modeled After the Disneyland Haunted Mansion Attraction
    Over 10,000 SF with 7 Bedrooms and 6 Bathrooms
    In-Law/Nanny Suite and Upstairs Guest Suite
    4-Story Home with Hot Tub and Ready for Elevator
    Located at 3816 Turnberry Court, Duluth, GA 30096
    Sweet Bottom Plantation Private Gated Community

    Sources here and here.
    I want this house. Could you imagine the parties??? 

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    With season four of "The Vampire Diaries" set to premiere on October 11, Nina Dobrev scored herself a feature in the November 2012 issue of Glamour magazine.

    The 23-year-old actress adorned herself in designer garb from the likes of Roland Mouret and Marc Jacobs for the hot Patric Shaw shot spread while dishing about her gorgeous locks for the mag's special hair issue!

    A few highlights from Miss Dobrev''s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Glamour!

    On switching up her appearance for "The Vampire Diaries":
    "Changing my hair helps me transform!"

    On her mom:
    "My mom didn't start wearing makeup or hairspray until she was, like, 40-- she's the least vain person ever. When I became an actress, she said, 'I know they need your hair for this show, but you're going to need your hair for the rest of your life, so take care of it.' Since that day, I've been very diligent. I do hair masks multiple times a week, and I don't blow -dry if if I'm not working."

    On growing up in Canada:
    "I was kind of a jock in school. Beauty wasn't something I spent a lot of time on. Now I ask every hair and makeup artist I work with for top. I'm in beauty school by association!"

    Her best beauty tip:
    "Wash your face at the end of the night! There's nothing worse than sleeping in makeup. You wake up looking like a painting that's been left out in a rainstorm.

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    Want to look as fresh-faced as Simon?

    So convinced is he by the skin-rejuvenating properties of livestock afterbirth, Si has become a devotee of the £330 treatment.

    Lancer therapist, Linda, let slip Cowell’s secret on ITV1’s Lorraine, enthusiastically adding: “He loves it!” So much for client confidentiality, then.

    Yesterday a source close to sexy Si said: “Simon is forever trawling the health and beauty market, looking for all the latest fads.

    “He’s tried vitamin injections, drips, detoxes, smoothies, Botox and massages, but after reading rave reviews about placenta facials, decided he had to give them a go.

    “He reckons they take years off his complexion, and give him back the shine and joie de vivre long hours and smoking take away.”

    Happily, Dr Lancer himself, is keen to stress the animal-friendly nature of, well, animal-loving Simon.

    Of the process, he says: “These sheep are completely untouched by the modern world. It is very important they have no impurities.

    “The stem cells are full of rich nutrients and the cells we harvest are amniotic, which means no harm is caused to the animals.”

    So it’s just like having a foot rub, really.

    Simon Cowell: A man so vain he handed out mirrored invites to his 50th birthday party.

    Now, in his ongoing quest to stave off the ravishes of time, the X Factor mogul is playing dirty... and getting regular sheep placenta facials.

    So convinced is he by the skin-rejuvenating properties of livestock afterbirth, Si, 52, has become a devotee of the £330 treatment.

    The facial is carried out at the Beverly Hills Lancer dermatology clinic – as, reportedly, frequented by Victoria Beckham.

    A therapist applies the stem cells from special, New Zealand-reared sheep, which is then spread over Si’s lovely, smooth, Botoxed face.

    Before this, Simon’s mug is given a thorough 30-minute exfoliation and beamed with an LED light to open up his pores.

    From here, the sheepy stuff is smeared on in a gel mixed with 24 carat gold flakes.

    Finally, a “galvanised metal probe” is prodded over the skin to ensure the product penetrates deeply. Lovely.

    While Posh Spice, 38, is said to be a fan, so too is Donatella Versace. She with the face of an ageing crocodile. Oh.

    Still, placenta facials – undoubtedly the closest Simon will ever come to having babies.


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    It has been reported that Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher and his Friends with Benefits girlfriend Mila Kunis could be engaged by Christmas. The two have not been an official couple for very long but while some feel that they are moving too fast, it is claimed that they have never been happier.

    Sources: 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 7
    Mods I hope this is a better article, if not tyfyt :)

    Blood Ties


    Tony & Tina's Wedding

    An insider explained to Heat magazine, “Ashton and Mila are talking marriage. He's planning to propose at Christmas. They're moving fast but neither of them has ever been so happy. Ashton wants kids and misses the security of being married.”

    The source added, “She's moved into his place in Hollywood. Mila says Ashton is the man she has been waiting for all her life and wants nothing more than to marry him. Ashton wants a new life with Mila. They know they've not been dating long, but as they've been friends for over a decade they feel like the timing is right.”

    In other news Mila is supposedly testing out Kabbalah

    "The Two and a Half Men star joined the faith in 2003 because his now-estranged wife Demi Moore was a Kabbalah follower, and now he invited the Black Swan beauty to accompany him to holiday services at the Kabbalah Center in New York City on 18 September (12) to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.

    A witness tells Us Weekly magazine, ""The men and women are separated, but Ashton always smiled at her. (Afterwards he) ran to embrace her. They were clapping and praying. She was taking it all in.""

    Kutcher split from Moore in November (11) and has reportedly been dating Kunis for months. Neither of the stars, who met on the set of comedy That 70s Show, have commented on the romance yet."

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    The True Blood set is a sexy place that wouldn’t be complete without Alexander Skarsgard. But after a recent comment, we’re wondering if all of the action just goes down on-screen or if he’s taken things to a whole new level.

    At the True Blood press conference in Italy, A. Skars, Kristin Bauer van Straten, and Valentina Cervi talked about Season 5, the perils and triumphs of Twitter, and Stephen Moyer’s directing.

    However, toward the end of the 30-minute conference, an unknown question was posed to our favorite Swede, to which he answered, “No, it's just about constantly walking around being horny on set!”

    For now, we’ll let your mind go straight into the gutter with this new intel, but we promise that Alex and Kristin’s adorable, goofy antics are also center stage in this video. And if that’s not enough for you, Valentina also speaks fluent Italian, which is mighty impressive.


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    p e r f

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    It's only a matter of time before the talented and (very) lovely "True Blood" star Deborah Ann Woll begins to break out beyond the now silly HBO show (not that it was Shakespeare to begin with -- but how many more subplots can it add?). This summer she had a very nice minor, but important turn in the excellent, but unfortunately ignored "Ruby Sparks" and in case you forgot, she was in early talks for Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" for the role of Elizabeth before the movie was dumped by Universal, in its first incarnation. But after a number of indies that did her talents no favors ("Catch .44," the recently released "Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You") she's now landed a role opposite Zac Efron that will hopefully boost her profile.

    Woll has joined the upcoming comedy "Are We Officially Dating Yet?" that will hopefully be better than its title. The Black List script penned by Tom Gormican (a producer on the upcoming comedy omnibus "Movie 43"), who will also direct, brings together a fairly standard premise, with three buds in New York City who vow to stay single, but each wind up falling in love. Woll will play the ex-wife of one of three three dudes.

    This is moving right along and will shoot in Manhattan next month. Hopefully it will allow Woll to step up to bigger and better things


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    Game of Thrones is in the middle of filming its third season, which airs starting March 31. So it's a great time to ponder: how much of George R.R. Martin's A Storm of Swords will the show include? The show's already taken some liberties with the first two A Song of Ice and Fire novels — and Storm of Swords is even more crammed with far-flung storylines. than the first two.

    So here are 12 subplots from the books that we think Game of Thrones might just leave out of season three. Major book spoilers ahead... And we mean it. If you haven't read A Storm of Swords, you should just stop reading now. We're assuming you already know about everything that happens in the third book, so you only have yourself to blame if you keep reading and encounter a major book spoiler below.

    Last warning!

    Because there's just so much going on in Storm of Swords, we decided to consult an expert about what, in particular, HBO might drop. So we asked Elio M. Garcia, aka Ran, the webmaster of Westeros.org, who basically has a PhD in GRRM-ology.

    One open question is, just how much of A Storm of Swords will season three cover? The show's creators have said before that they would probably split the novel into two seasons — and the other day, Martin told a Spanish interviewer that season four of Thrones would probably consist of the second half of Storm of Swords, plus some early chapters from both A Feast for Crows and A Dance With Dragons, the fourth and fifth books in the series which take place concurrently. And we know that not only will the Red Wedding happen in season three, but we'll see some of the "fallout" from that event afterwards. (I'd guess it's episode nine, since the show often seems to put major traumatic events in episode nine of each season.)

    So luckily HBO's not trying to cram a whole ginormous book into 10 episodes — but there will still be some stuff that has to be dropped, and here are our bets:

    1) Tyrion murders Symon Silvertongue
    Symon Silvertongue is a musician who gets wind of Tyrion's continuing affair with Shae, and tries to blackmail the Imp by writing a song about it. Instead, Tyrion has Symon killed. Says Garcia, "It seems to me that on the whole the producers have made Tyrion a less 'grey' character, and dropping that murder would be in keeping with that. Plus, we've no hints that Silvertongue has been cast, though with such minor roles it's always possible that it's just not something that's been discovered yet." Set photo via The Mary Sue.

    2) Bran and Rickon split up
    In the books, the two youngest Stark boys would already have gone their separate ways, with Osha keeping Rickon company. But the TV show opted to keep Rickon and Osha around, so it's entirely possible that Rickon will stay with his older brother for a while to come. We do know that Bran is going to be meeting Jojen and Meera, who help him on his journey to the North, so Bran's group might become rather too large for comfort at some point. But since we've barely seen anything of Rickon until now, it seems likely we'll get to know him a bit more before he vanishes — if the show aims to bring him back later and have us remember him, that is.

    3) Ser Dontos and Sansa Stark
    We did actually meet Ser Dontos in season two — he's the drunk fool who shows up for a joust and is nearly forced to drink himself to death. But he barely appears after that, and he certainly doesn't appear to be playing the pivotal role he plays in the book, promising to help Sansa escape from King Joffrey. Instead, Littlefinger may "have a more direct hand" when it comes to Sansa, says Garcia — in the books, Littlefinger uses Dontos as his pawn. Garcia points out we've already seen Littlefinger delivering information to Sansa that Dontos delivered in the books. "One of the hints of new scenes we've seen for this season involve him approaching Sansa for another conversation," says Garcia. Set photo via Blastr.

    4) Danaerys might not visit as many slaver cities
    We already know that Daenerys' story will remain mostly the same as the book — the role of Daario Naharis, a warrior who befriends her, has been cast. But another one of the sellsword captains she interacts with, Brown Ben Plumm, definitely won't be showing up, says Garcia. And it's possible she won't visit three separate slaver cities, as she does in the book — the show might cut one of the three, or even two. You could have all of Daenerys' action take place at a single slaver city, Garcia points out.

    5) The Death of Lord Hoster Tully
    In the books, Catelyn Stark's father is dying when she comes to Riverrun, and she spend some last moments with him, although her sister Lysa refuses to leave the Vale of Arryn to say her goodbyes. And in his delirium, Lord Hoster says some things that confuse Catelyn, until she realizes he's alluding to a family secret she never knew about. HBO's already announced that the new season will start with Lord Hoster already dead and his son Edmure installed as Lord of Riverrun. Riverrun set photo via Collider.

    6) The Inn of the Kneeling Man
    This is the inn that's being kept open by some disreputable characters, who are scammers in league with the outlaws in the forest. It's visited first by Jaime and Brienne, and later by Arya and her friends. The "innkeepers" sell some horses to Jaime and Brienne and try to trick them into going down the road that leads to capture by the outlaws — but Brienne is too clever for them. Later, Arya gets caught stealing from a vegetable garden and is taken to that same inn. Arya no doubt still ends up getting captured by outlaws and meeting Lord Beric, Thoros and the Brotherhood Without Banners — Thoros has already been cast — but she probably won't need to stop off at the inn first. There will probably also be less of Arya and the outlaws wandering around searching for Lord Beric, too.

    7) The Ghost of High Heart
    Speaking of Arya, the youngest Stark girl also has a couple of encounters with a tiny old woman named the Ghost of High Heart, who speaks of her prophetic dreams as well as hints about long-ago events. Given that the show steered clear of including most of the prophetic visions that Daenerys witnessed in the House of the Undying, and the Ghost of High Heart's prophecies are pretty confusing for people not steeped in the mythology of Westeros, she might easily be dropped altogether.

    8) The Brave Companions
    We were originally told that Mackenzie Crook from the British version of The Office would be playing Vargo Hoat, the leader of the Brave Companions, a rather nasty group of sellswords. Instead, Crook is playing Orell, a skinchanger who is part of Mance Rayder's group of wildlings. So it seems likely that we won't actually be meeting Vargo Hoat at all, or at least that we'll spend less time with Vargo. Garcia speculates that Lord Roose Bolton could have more to do with a certain mishap that befalls Jaime Lannister. (Which we know happens this season, since we meet the ex-maester Qyburn, who tries to amputate Jaime's whole arm.) Jaime and Brienne set photo via Fanpop

    9) A lot less of Dorne
    It doesn't sound as though we'll be meeting Oberyn Martell, the Prince of Dorne who visits King's Landing, in season three. At least, the role of Oberyn doesn't appear to have been cast. In the book, Oberyn arrives seeking vengeance on Gregor Clegane, aka the Mountain, for some atrocities he committed during Robert's Rebellion. It's entirely possible we'll meet Oberyn, and some other Martells, in season four — if there's no Oberyn at all, then Tyrion's story would have to be quite different.

    10) Fewer Wildling characters
    Garcia speculates that some of the characters following Mance Rayder will be cut or combined — now that the beloved Mackenzie Crook is playing Orell, he'll probably be Jon's major antagonist, taking up the role occupied by the Magnar of Thenn in the book. Also, we probably won't see hundreds of giants and tons of mammoths, for budgetary reasons.

    11) No Coldhands
    Coldhands is the mysterious figure riding on a giant elk and commanding an army of ravens, who saves Samwell Tarly and Gilly when they're attacked by wights. He charges Samwell to bring him Bran Stark — and then isn't seen again for a couple of books. Garcia speculates that Coldhands could be left out in the cold.

    12) No Edric Storm
    The show already passed up the chance to show us Stannis making a detour on his way to King's Landing to lay siege to Storm's End to capture Edric Storm, the illegitimate son of King Robert. So it's likely we'll never meet Edric, who plays a pretty big role in A Storm of Swords — the priestess Melisandre wants to sacrifice Edric to the Lord of Light, because he has a king's blood and that spells power. Davos argues against human sacrifice, and this becomes a key part of his power struggle with Melisandre. But Garcia predicts that instead, Melisandre will propose sacrificing Stannis' own daughter Shireen, who we know will be appearing. Also, we probably won't ever meet Lord Florent, Stannis' Hand who falls from grace, nor will we see Stannis' castellan trying to manipulate Stannis into taking part in his power schemes. Instead, we'll probably stay focused on just Stannis, Davos and Melisandre — with Stannis' wife and daughter caught in the middle, Garcia says. In any case, if Melisandre wants to sacrifice Stannis' trueborn daughter rather than Robert's illegitimate son, Garcia speculates that "the Dragonstone story seems particularly ripe for ending up rather different." He adds, "Will we see Lucian Msmati's Salladhor Saan again, even? I've no idea, but I'm personally hoping we will." Set photo via Fanpop

    Of course, there are likely to be some large additions this year — chief among them that we'll probably see more of Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) following his betrayal and capture. (And Allen told us he's looking forward to playing out this storyline.)


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    Michael Vick has finally said squarely ... his family does indeed have a dog.

    There's been a lot of controversy over whether Vick -- who served hard time for brutally killing multiple dogs, should own one again.

    Vick says, "I understand the strong emotions by some people about our family's decision to care for a pet. As a father, it is important to make sure my children develop a healthy relationship with animals."

    Vick goes on, "I want to ensure that my children establish a loving bond and treat all of God's creatures with kindness and respect. Our pet is well cared for and loved as a member of our family."

    Vick continues, "This is an opportunity to break the cycle. To that end, I will continue to honor my commitment to animal welfare and be an instrument of positive change."


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    These on-set images are courtesy of Just Jared, as you can see from the logo stamp. As you can see, principal photography has officially begun on Spike Lee's Oldboy adaptation; they actually started shooting early this week - Monday it was I believe. And here are the first group of photos from the film's set, showing star Josh Brolin, doing a lot of smoking, director Spike Lee, a body being taken away on a stretcher, with what looks like blood on them, and some women (one of them apparently playing a reporter) that I can't immediately identify (maybe you guys can).

    No Nate Parker, Samuel L. Jackson, Sharlto Copley or Elizabeth Olsen yet; although that just might be Olsen on the stretcher.

    Lee is directing from a script penned by Mark Protosevich, who is also co-producing, along with Roy Lee, Doug Davison and Nathan Kahane of Good Universe.

    As was announced at the Toronto Film Festival last month, FilmDistrict has picked up US distribution rights to the film, which is expected in 2013.

    The question I have, as the title of this post states, is, for those of you who've seen Park Chan-wook's 2003 film, or read the graphic novel the film is based on, what scene do you think is being shot here?

    Dat ass

    SOURCE 1 & 2

    0 0
  • 10/11/12--14:35: Revolution spoiler post!
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Maggie’s death on this Monday’s Revolution dealt the post-blackout gang a one-two blow: Not only did the stabbing strip Charlie of her surrogate mother, it robbed the band of survivors of its only trained doctor.

    Cruel? Sure – after all, with her dad murdered, her real mom “dead” and her brother kidnapped, Charlie now feels truly alone. But the move was also a necessary storytelling decision, insists creator Eric Kripke.

    “We decided, internally, very early on to show that this world had very real stakes and that it was truly dangerous,” he said during a conference call with reporters. While the doc could have been saved in the days before the power outage, the major artery-nicking cut proved fatal because “you’re not close to hospitals, you’re not close to paramedics, you’re not close to help.”

    But to really drive home how perilous and unpredictable the survivors’ reality is, Kripke and his team “very quickly realized the scariest thing we could do was kill the doctor among them,” leaving them helpless, he continued. “It was purely a creative decision about giving the world a real charge of danger. As we move forward in the series, we want the audience to really understand that nobody is safe, including the main characters, and bring that suspense because we think that’s honest to the world we’re trying to create here.”

    Meanwhile, the fallout from the loss will force Charlie to ponder “how much duress and hardship can she face before she loses what’s truly special about her, which is this belief in mankind and this belief that things can get better,” previewed Kripke. “Because if she doesn’t have that, then she’s lost. And, in a way, we’re all lost.”

    More scoop from the call:

    • The answer to what made the lights go out may be coming – and not in the series finale! “We’re talking dangerously about revealing that secret before the end of the first season,” shared Kripke. “It’s part of my philosophy about not being too precious with anything. We may reveal the secret sooner than later.”

    • Next Monday’s episode will delve into Captain Neville’s backstory and “how [did] his character, who before the blackout was pretty mild-mannered and maybe a little submissive, transform into the violent psychopath that he is today,” Kripke said, laughing. The introduction of Kim Raver (Grey’s Anatomy) as his wife should give viewers some insight into that. “We’re planting Kim now, and then we’re going to meet her in the present day and really explore her character a couple episodes down the line. We’re going to see how [someone who was ] a very normal suburban wife before the blackout post-blackout transformed into Lady MacBeth.” Along those lines, “everything changes” for Rachel when Danny finally arrives in Philadelphia, leading her to reveal some of the secrets that she’s been holding onto.

    • Episode 10 sounds like one not to be missed. Not only will Charlie & Co. catch up to her brother during the hour, but Miles and Monroe — who share “a very tragic, emotional, Cain-and-Abel kind of” history — will come face-to-face, as well. “They still really love each other. When they see each other, they’re not really sure if they’re going to kill each other or hug each other,” previewed Kripke.

    • Grace will reappear in Episode 7. Teased Kripke: “We see who Randall is, this person who kidnapped her in Episode 2, and we get to learn more about him. We start to expand it because she is under duress with this character, Randall. She’s in a dangerous position right now… In the second of the half the season, Grace and Randall and what’s happening with their storyline begins to play a huge, huge part in the main storyline of the show.”

    • Charlie will learn what happened between her mother and Miles this season, Kripke said, and it’ll be “pretty explosive.”


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    Lauren Conrad’s new holiday collection for Kohl’s hits stores in November, and she filled it with party perfect outfits for every occasion. “When designing, I like to imagine where the clothes will be worn,” Conrad had told InStyle.com. For this collection, Conrad must have imagined holiday get-togethers and New Year’s Eve parties. Her cozy knit sweaters, corduroy pants, and sparkly separates would light up any celebration. Click through the gallery to preview the entire holiday line, and shop in stores and online at kohls.com in November.

    A sneak peek behind-the-scenes at the photo shoot for Lauren Conrad Beauty!

    Sources: 1 - 2

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    The Irish star's spouse, British actress Natasha Richardson, passed away after suffering a severe head injury during a skiing accident in 2009.

    The pair had been married for almost 15 years and the Taken actor still thinks about her all the time. "I do miss my wife every day, more than anything," he confessed to German magazine In.

    The 60-year-old has two children, Michael and Daniel, who he has raised alone since Natasha's death. When it comes to their upbringing, Liam has a strong idea of right and wrong and tries to instil that into the boys. "I wouldn't say that I'm a strict father," he explained. "I'd say I am a fair, conservative father. I put emphasis on traditional values in their upbringing. I want my sons to become loyal, honest and faithful human beings."

    The action star is currently busy promoting his film Taken 2, which hit screens worldwide this month. He recently revealed his sons are huge fans of the original 2008 movie and even ask him to record his key lines for their voicemail messages.


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    Morris Chestnut Joins 'Nurse Jackie' In Season Long Arc.

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    Is it just me, or have Morris Chestnut's job prospects suddenly gotten brighter? I'd say we've written about him more in the last 4 months than we had in the last 2 years.

    In addition to recent casting announcements revealing that Chestnut has been cast as the male lead, opposite Halle Berry, in Sony’s thriller The Hive, as well as joining the cast of Kick-Ass 2, playing the guardian for the character played by Chloe Moretz, and also co-starring in the comedy ID Theft, which stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy... it's been revealed today that Chestnut has joined the cast of Nurse Jackie, in what is being called a season-long arc on the Showtime dramedy, for next season.

    Here's how Deadline describes his role:

    Chestnut will play Ike Prentiss, a new trauma doctor, a former Army medic who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is very good at his job but can learn a lot from Jackie (Edie Falco) about bedside care.

    Marcy Harriell also joins in recurring role.

    Rutina Wesley Readies Her Post True Blood Career, Cast In -  'Last Weekend' and 'Angry Little Gods'

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    True Blood's Rutina Wesley was said to be in negotiations to star in a drama titled Last Weekend, directed by Tom Dolby and Tom Williams, which centers on the the changes characters in a family home undergo, during their last weekend there.

    It was reported that Wesley would join Patricia Clarkson in the films, which is all we knew at the time.

    We've learned today, that:

    - the film is actually a dark comedy;

    - that is also stars Zachary Booth, Joseph Cross, Devon Graye, Jayma Mays, Chris Mulkey, and Alexia Rasmussen;

    - that the film takes place over a four-day summer holiday at Celia and Malcolm Green's Northern California estate (played by Clarkson and Mulkey), where their two sons (Cross and Booth) and their friends have been invited for a long weekend. And further, as a series of events disturbs Celia's carefully planned festivities, the future of the family and the house becomes uncertain.

    - Devon Graye portrays a boyfriend to one of the sons (Booth). Jayma Mays plays a popular TV actress and friend of one of the sons (Booth); Alexia Rasmussen is the girlfriend of Cross, and Rutina Wesley plays a character named Nora Finley-Perkins, described as a young studio executive. Although we don't know how her character is related to the others, and what her involvement in the story is.

    Mark Johnson (Breaking Bad) is producing Last Weekend.

    The second project that was announced last week was a thriller titled Angry Little Gods, to be directed by Daniel Stamm (The Last Exorcism).

    Wesley would play the fiancee to the star of the film, Mark Webber, who's involved in a game that could win him a substantial sum of money, or cost him his life (she doesn't know that he's playing this game by the way).

    As for what's immediately on Rutina's slate, IMDB lists a drama called California Winter on her page, which she co-stars in along with Michael Ironside; it lists a 2012 release date, but no month.

    Rutina's relatively short onscreen career has seen her work primarily in television. Her last feature film performance was in 2007's How She Move. It would be great to see her utilized in a variety of roles.


    Clarke Peters (The Wire, Treme) Joins AMC's LaGravenese/Goldwyn Legal Thriller.
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    Even though I know very little about what to expect with this upcoming pilot, I can't help but be excited about it, given what we know of it so far - namely, the cast.

    Catching you up to where we are... it was about 3 weeks ago, when we reported the news that Damon Gupton had landed the lead role in AMC’s untitled Richard LaGravenese and Tony Goldwyn project, described as a legal thriller with major political, personal and ethical stakes.

    Gupton will play Adam Powell - a district attorney who uncovers new evidence that prompts the reinvestigation of a sensational murder case.

    Aunjanue Ellis was later announced as co-star alongside Gupton, playing his wife, Billie Powell, described as a successful partner in a private equity firm and generally regarded by others as "the smartest person in the world."

    And about a week later, Seth Gilliam (The Wire) joined the cast in a recurring role, playing Adam’s younger brother, described as "a handsome uniformed cop."

    And today brings news that another stellar actor in Clarke Peters (also of The Wire, but also Treme, and more) has been cast as a regular in the upcoming show. Peters will play Adam's (Damon's) father, Isaiah Page, described as a retired cop and the former Philadelphia police commissioner.

    Marin Ireland (Homeland, Mildred Pierce) is also co-starring in the project.

    LaGravenese will write and executive produce alongside Goldwyn, who will direct. By the way, Goldwyn plays President Fitzgerald Grant on Shonda Rhimes' Scandal; he's a director in his own right, helming episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Damages, Private Practice, Dexter, Justified, and others.

    I'd say this is shaping up to be, at the very least, a well-acted legal drama/thriller, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what develops here.

    source, 2, 3

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