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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Read interview with John Ridley at banned source.

    Discuss finale: Are you upset or satisfied with the finale ONTD


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    Pre-order Ariana's soon-to-be-iconic third LP, Dangerous Woman, tomorrow and get the albums lead single "Dangerous Woman" free with pre-order!!! Legends only!

    i wish those girls would've shut the FUCK up but omfg the vocals, the guitar riff, the rhythm. this is gonna be so sick live in an arena. i cant. meghan trainor's big ass was on point when she said it was like aerosmith. ROCK & ROLL HUNTIES!!!!

    mods, this is a different snippet than the one in the post a few down. this has INSTRUMENTALS!

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    • recaps on recent 'I Don't Know Her' comments and Jlo's comments about it

    • says they will get together in the future to do a show of some sort

    • Both Jlo and Mariah are ON THE SAME RECORD LABEL (ITS 1997 ALL OVER AGAIN)

    Still don't know about this story? Here is a timeline-

    • 1997ish - Once Mariah and her then husband divorced, he took on Jlo as his new project. At that time Mariah was pretty much the star of Sony Records, she made them almost $1 Billion and had any resource she wanted at her feet

    • Mariah was convinced some shady shit was going down. 'I Don't Know Her' was not the first time she went in on Jlo

    • When a reporter told Mariah she recently talked to Jlo, Mariah apparently stated "I bet it was really intellectually stimulating... I bet you could see the depth in her eyes, she was so soulful"

    • Mariah at the time stated she slept only 3 hours per night, when told Jlo slept 8, she said "If I had the luxury of not actually having to sing my own songs... I'd do that too"

    • Glitter Era- Her husband is still the CEO of Sony Music, he had access to her soundtrack and heard she plans to use the 'Firecracker' sample for 'Loverboy', he instead gave the sample to Jlo.

    • He also took Mariah's idea of having a duet where the singer/rapper talk back and forth, he also gave that to Jlo

    • Mariah releases a remix of 'Loverboy' featuring Da Brat dissing Tommy/Jlo while using the 'Firecracker' sample

    • Tommy was eventually told to go to the Japan office of Sony, he was then fired (Japan stans for Mariah if ya didnt know, best selling foreign artist of all time over there)

    • Reporter asks about Jlo, she replies 'I Don't Know Her'

    • Then theres like a shit ton of rumours of Mariah calling Jlo a pig, etc

    • Now theyre asking Jlo and Mariah about this shit again

    • Click on source 2 to find out more
    Source 12


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    Guess who Canada's newest leader (aka Trubae aka Baby Blue Eyes) was spotted hanging with today

    It was Canadian Prince Abel aka The Weeknd aka Bella Hadid's Boyfriend!

    Source: 1 | 2
    Mods I screenshotted the Instagram post cause the embedd usually doesn't work on here

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    Fans who visit the SXSW festival can get these actual tattoos at
    Harley's Tattoo Parlor which will be set up during the festival.


    Source: @DavidAyerMovies@adewale
    Cara IG - Jai IG - Jay IG
    Margot IG - Joel IG

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    Since Cheriam is out here doing the most, Ontd's fave ex-boybander decided to step it up and show some love to his girl. The caption is a lyric from his latest single, Like I Would (available on itunes).

    Meanwhile, there are rumors that his album has leaked and that he's gonna perform on Snl next month, lol. I haven't found any links of the album yet, sadly.

    sources: 1,2,3

    so do yall think that this is still just pr, ontd? are you still looking forward to zayn's album? am still bopping to new single, negl...

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    - Caleb Reynolds, of Big Brother fame, had to be medically evacuated by helicopter on last night's episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong, due to heat exhaustion.
    - He's okay now but spent 5 days in ICU.
    - Caleb had actually been likable on Survivor, mostly due to his bromance with KING TAI
    - Two other contestants collapsed during the same challenge.

    - The medical staff were overwhelmed, so more than 70 crew members had to break the fourth wall to help out with ice, water, and umbrellas.
    - Recent seasons of Survivor have rarely focused on the "survival" aspect of the show, but the elements were so hard on the contestants this season that they have no choice. Rumour has it that there will be more evacuations.

    Will post international link in comments
    - First person falls ill at 7:00 mark, shit really starts to go down at 11:30

    Source: 1,2

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    Meghan Trainor signed onto Sirius XM Hits 1's twitter account today to do a Q&A w/ her fans. The singer revealed that she has even more bangers following her new hit "NO" and told fans that she is obsessed with Lady Gaga.

    - favorite childhood movie is the grinch
    - maybe 4 collabs on her upcoming album
    - "All About That Bass" is still her fav song to perform
    - cried happy tears when she saw her song #1 on iTunes
    - hopes to collab w/ Bruno Mars
    - possible summer tour


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    mte. vegas is an ugly town lbr.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Favorite DH moments?

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    Demi Lovato's former-mouseketeer pal Tony Oller and his band MKTO have dropped not one but two new singles! The band is made up of Oller and rapper Malcolm Kelley.

    The duo spills to @JustJaredJR about the singles: “‘Hands Off My Heart’ and ‘Places You Go’ tell a two-part story of surrender and the dangers that ensue."

    Paraphrased from @JustJaredJR. YouTube.

    It is literally 2009 again with all the Disney kids slaying.

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    HTGAWM viewing/discussion post!
    Sorry mods for sending this so early, I wanted to make this now since I don't think I'll be around to make one later

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    Highlights from the video:

    -Talks about feeling most beautiful when talking about things she is passionate about, not about how she looks on the outside.
    -She realized she wanted to be an activist when she realized what education does for young girls. Still gets told to "stay in her lane" because she is an actress.
    -Says she is scared by the current political race. Thinks people are talking about it like it's a reality show. (14:45)
    -Doesn't like that people put Hillary Clinton "in a box" by continuing to address her as the potential first female president
    -Enjoys watching her and Bernie duke it out - makes people engage in conversation
    -Discusses abortion & the old world attitude that has resurfaced. Also says it's distracting us from other issues "that actually matter in this country." Wants to get back to things that were not already decided 40 years ago. (17:17)
    -Was angered by the topic of penis sizes being brought up at the GOP debate. Says usually you see that type of questioning in the athletic world where men's bodies are brought up more often and newscasters think it's appropriate to "sexualize men in the same way they sexualize women everywhere" (19:15)
    -Mentions what it means to her to be a feminist - "It's so not complicated... I watch everybody fight over whether it's appropriate to be a feminist or not. And I sit here thinking, well, I'm a woman. I would like to be judged on the quality of my work, I would like to be compensated fairly for my work. I would like to have just as much access to healthcare as any man. Yeah, that's pretty much it. I don't know what the big fight is all about." (20:30)

    What do you think about Sophia's interview, ONTD? Should she "stay in her lane" or does she have some valid points?

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  • 03/10/16--18:50: TRUDEAUBAMA IS REAL.
  • Alternate title: Celebs at the White House state dinner in hono(u)r of Prime Minister Trudeau.

    But we all know who the real stars are:

    Source: 1 (Includes full guest list), 2,3
    Will update if anything new happens.

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  • 03/10/16--19:25: Buffy turns 19!
  • 19 years ago tonight, I got to introduce you to Buffy The Vampire Slayer (and #mrpointy too) thank you for taking the incredible journey with me and continuing still. I am and forever will be #grateful

    Posted by Sarah Michelle Gellar on Thursday, March 10, 2016

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Best big bad moments?

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    SARA RETURNS TO THE LEAGUE OF ASSASSINS – Ray (Brandon Routh), Sara (Caity Lotz) and Kendra (Ciara Renée) are shocked after they watch the Waverider fly off without them, leaving them stranded in the ‘50s. After waiting months for their teammates to come back, the three realize they must move on with their lives. Ray and Kendra bond as a couple but Sara decides to return to the League of Assassins and Ra’s al Ghul (guest star Matt Nable). John Showalter directed the episode written by Beth Schwartz & Grainne Godfree (LEG109). Original airdate 3/31/2016.

    sources: tvpromos+legends tv

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Questions answered:
    Aside from Prince, which guest star intimidated you the most?
    What do you remember most about your audition?
    Most embarrassing moment on set?
    What's your favorite scene?
    I have to include Lamorne's answer cause he was brilliant in this scene
    Lamorne Morris: There was a lot of arguing going on with Jess, Cece, Nick, etc., and I was trying to sleep because Saturday is a time for sleep. I give a very dramatic, Denzel Washington-like monologue to the loft and killed it, crushed it, and should have been nominated for an Emmy, but we know how that goes. Am I right, Oscars?


    shout out to ellaellaeheheh

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