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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    - so Max Landis still has a career..
    - Will Smith is in talks to star in Max Landis' spec Bright, which will be directed by David Ayer
    - plot details are unknown now, it's supposedly similar to End of Watch
    - Joel Edgerton also might costar

    source: 1, 2

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    -The original movie shows a group of medical students who experiment with near death experiences that involve past tragedies
    -Rumored to be a medical student
    -Will also star Ellen Page


    who asked for this? keep getting roles tho, diego

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    • Says that people were probably tired because its a long night, they clap a lot of people, and she took her time getting to the stage

    • Says she WAS applauded for the most part tho (and there is vid evidence of Iñárritu applauding her @ the source)

    • Was happier at the Costume Designers Guild anyway because it was filled with her peers

    • Was complimented by lots of people on her Immortan Joe jacket which was made of Vegan leather

    • I really do think things will all calm down, but the only thing I would like is for my outfit to have a positive effect on what women feel about themselves. You don’t actually have to look like a supermodel to be successful. If that could be a takeaway, I think that would be a good thing. It is really good to have a positive feeling about yourself, because then you can do anything.

    source 12

    What will you wear when you win an Oscar, ONTD?

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    An account of the days of First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, in the immediate aftermath of John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963. Directed by Pablo Lorrain with a script by Noah Oppenheim. Also stars Peter Sarsgaard as Robert Kennedy, Billy Crudup, and Greta Gerwig. It's supposed to come out in 2017.

    see more funeral pics at second source:1/2
    I sense failed Oscarbait

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    -An official character description appeared on the packaging of a Wonder Woman Batman v Superman bust.
    -Describes her as embodying "the the unrivaled force and supreme grace of a born warrior, and the genuine compassion and understanding of a true humanitarian."
    -Her secret identity is an antiquities dealer named Diana Prince.

    Source 1 and 2

    Anyone else get their tickets yet for opening night??? This will literally be me when Wonder Woman finally shows up on screen.

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    - For the second time ever, China has surpassed the US monthly box office just this February. (Just over 1 billion dollars compared to just under 800 million for China and the US, respectively.)
    - Last time it happened was last year at 650 million dollars
    - China is expected to become the world's biggest film market by 2017, taking the crown from the United States.

    Two of the top contributors to this record (Numbers are from February 8th to the 29th)

    Stephen Chow's "The Mermaid" (485 million) (kris wu and show luo are in this who i think i've seen stans for here):

    Another trailer since the first doesn't make it clear it's a comedy:

    The Monkey King 2 (178 million):

    Video sources: 123

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    - Vezna, 44, vehemently defends her brother and says the situation has been very difficult on their entire family

    - Claims it's difficult for her brother to fight back when celebrities like Adele and Taylor Swift are publicly supporting Kesha. Apparently they don't know the "truth", only one side of the story.

    - Says Taylor Swift should've donated money to a rape charity and to real victims instead

    - Adds that Dr.Luke has no voice or support and she finds it unfair that only Kesha's voice is being heard

    - Compares ordeal to Salem witch trials and Kesha to Disney's Cruella de Vil

    - Says her brother is a good man, incapable of rape, brings up his charitable work and claims that people are not interested in finding out the truth

    - She reveals Luke has hired a crisis manager and has not been able to leave his home. Adds that it has impacted his work for the past year.

    - Says nobody is standing up for him, brings up Katy Perry and wonders why she as his friend hasn't spoken up for him

    full story @

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    -Apparently there were breakup rumors wrt the Foo Fighters
    -They released this parody video to say it's not true


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  • 03/02/16--21:29: American Crime 2x10 Promo
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    -After it was found out that Sam Smith is a real messy bitch, a liar, a scammer - from some old guy who is dating Tom Daley, the 23yr old(allegedly) decided to log off of twitter for a while when he couldn't take the heat from his embarrassing undeserved Oscar acceptance speech.


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    • From the current issue of British GQ, she talks about David O. Russell making her cry: "He did ... I was really just devastated on set. I mean, not every day, but most," she revealed to GQ. "Jennifer [Lawrence] doesn’t take any of it on. She’s Teflon. And I am not Teflon." She then adds, "But I also don’t like to see other people treated badly ... It’s not ok with me. Life to me is more important than movies. It really taught me how to separate work and home. Because I was like, I cannot bring this experience home with me to my daughter."

    • She also talks about the pay-gap between her male costars in 'American Hustle', "The truth is we hire people to negotiate on our behalf, men and women ... I knew I was being paid less and I still agreed to do it because the option comes down to do it or don’t do it," Adams told the glossy. "So you just have to decide if it’s worth it for you. It doesn’t mean I liked it."

    more @ the Source

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  • 03/03/16--16:55: New Tiga Album Is Here
  • Canadian electronic legend Tiga', new album "No Fantasy Required" officially releases tomorrow March 4th, but you can stream the whole thing right now

    This beautiful Canadian is also going on a North American tour. OP suggests you see him live because your ears will never be the same again!

    Sources: 1&2
    What are your favorite tracks created by Tiga ONTD?

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    Mass Effect Andromeda has been delayed from its original holiday 2016 release date into Q1 2017, according to EA CFO Blake Jorgensen.

    literally no one is surprised by this and tbh i ain't even mad, i'd rather wait for a good game next year than get a bad game this year

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    HTGAWM discussion/viewing post!


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    clive_standenRAGNAR IS COMING...RAGNAR WILL AVENGE US! #Vikings#BrotherVsBrother#TeamRollo


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    Several outlets including the NY Daily News are currently reporting that Sony is in a frenzy over Sacha Baron Cohen's latest film The Brothers Grimsby.

    In the film Daniel Radcliffe (the real Radcliffe is not in the movie, this is a lookalike playing Dan) contracts AIDs after an infected child's blood enters open wounds in his mouth. Later in the movie, Radcliffe ends up infecting Trump and they play mock news reports about how Donald Trump has AIDS.

    Sony, who greenlit this script for some reason, became incredibly nervous believing that Trump would sue them over the film and they tried to get Sacha Baron Cohen to remove it. The execs were unsuccessful as Sacha Baron Cohen apparently has final cut of the film which hey good move there too Sony.

    They ended up reaching a compromise where the film now has a disclaimer in the credits stating that Trump does not have AIDS.

    Source 1, 2 and 3
    That AIDS joke... that photoshop job...

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    basically, fans of boyband BANGTAN BOYS(BTS), have been sharing pictures and publicly protesting the bolivian government unless they bring bangtan boys to the country
    they are taking pics of them writing names of the boys and the band on ballots
    these protests have been causing worry among bolivian citizens as this is a very important constitutional referendum they are fucking with
    this has gotten so bad that bolivian news reported on it lmao

    Youtube Twitter

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    Kate chats with Glamour UK:

    Talks about her favorite current makeup look, the love of her life, her dog Harley, staying up until 2 in the morning watching Adele videos and her favorite spa treatment which includes waxing your nose hairs.


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