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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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     photo mattben_zps81dytqud.jpg

    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's production company, "Pearl Street Productions," just got the greenlight for their corporate dystopian show, "Incorporated." The show "follows an executive named Ben Larson (Reign's Sean Teale) who infiltrates a company in order to save the woman he loves."

    The show has been ordered for 13 episodes, and will hit your TV in the fall.


     photo gonegirl_zpsw1dddczk.gif

    This sounds boring and lame af.

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    -He is nominated for 11 Grammys, more than any other artist, and says he wants to win them all.
    -Says winning Album of the Year would be for "hip hop at large" because only Lauryn Hill and Outkast have ever won the award.
    -Says he wasn't upset about good kid, m.A.A.d city losing the Album of the Year award because he doesn't believe it is his best work. He says To Pimp a Butterfly made a bigger connection.
    -Says his visit to the White House was eye-opening.


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    Legendary ice cream makers Ben & Jerry have finally joined the 21st century and are now offering dairy free versions of their classic ice creams.

    The new 100% dairy-free and vegan flavors are Chunky Monkey (👅), Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Coffee Caramel Fudge and P.B & Cookies.


    ontd are you excited to take out a small loan to buy a pint of dairy-free B&Js?

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    Explored through the lenses of the four natural elements – fire, water, air and earth – COOKED is an enlightening and compelling look at the evolution of what food means to us through the history of food preparation and its universal ability to connect us. Highlighting our primal human need to cook, the series urges a return to the kitchen to reclaim our lost traditions and to forge a deeper, more meaningful connection to the ingredients and cooking techniques that we use to nourish ourselves.

    source: 1

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    how many of ya heffas played never have i ever? what's ya fav drinking game?

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    It's SnapChat Themed!!
    The 62 year old publication debuted their new format today, no nudes are present in their issues at all. The changes were announced last October.
    All pictures at the source.


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    He will (hopefully) make an appearance on Jimmy Fallon tonight, and perform Pillow Talk for the first time.

    src: 1

    U excited ? Would you cancel appearances if you were famous based on your schedule tbh ?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    What did you imagine your proposal being like? Or were you proposed to already, how was it?


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    based on this RS story: Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted

    the original tweets

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    queen tbh!

    old man yelling at clouds internally

    beautiful triumvirate




    And now for the speculation round-up:

    potential spoilers for the season!

    #1 | What’s up with Flint’s dreams?



    exclamation-mark What we know: Miranda warns Flint silently by allegedly repeating lines from 2x05 || someone is credited as Death || this is part of what has been described as Flint's odyssee so some sort of obstacle to returning home

    theory Theories: In the first episode of the season, the crew finds a ship with an abandoned Captain and his last mad notes: "We die alone." Foreshadowing? Also in the first episode we have a reenactment of Eleanor’s trial with a woman representing death, bearing quite a resemblance to the creature in Flint’s dream. Is he headed towards death and his subconsciousness in the form of Miranda is warning him not to continue down the path he has chosen? Or is she still his conscience, reminding him of the deaths he is responsible for, including her own? Her words suggest that death is looming over Flint himself and that he has do something to change course. Problem: He can’t hear her (yet). Maybe in the next episode; starvation should provide him with more hallucinations.

    book Book spoilers: In Treasure Island, Captain Flint eventually dies as a drunkard in Savannah. However, he is not alone. Billy is at his side.

    #2 | Will Flint and Silver engage in a tryst of love?


    exclamation-mark What we know: Captain Flint is gay || John Silver has not had a love interest yet || Their relationship has been building for two seasons, oscillating between contempt and grudging respect || They are becoming increasingly dependent on each other

    Here’s what Toby Stephens has to say about it:
    Actually it’s from a banned source () so I’ll just paraphrase a bit: John’s going to try and get through to Flint, yayada tragic, yadayada sweet, it’ll carry over into the next season.

    theory Theories: Well, one theory is that they will fuck. The other is that they won’t. Personally, I think chances are 50/50. Captain Flint seems too far gone to engage with someone on that intimate level atm imo but Toby is speaking about penetration, so… they will definitely be significant to one another, let’s put it this way, I’m not 100 % convinced yet that it’ll turn romantic or sexual but I’d be hft, the dudebros must’ve stopped watching long ago anyway so here’s to hoping that there’s no network meddling involved (anymore).

    book Book spoilers: None, really, except that John Silver is said to be the only man Captain Flint ever feared. This will not be a happy love affair in any case.

    #3 | What fate will befall Max/Anne?



    exclamation-mark What we know: Max has been talking about an inevitable separation || Anne doesn’t want to leave but would probably choose to go with Jack if push came to shove

    theory Theories: The separation will happen sooner than we think. In the preview for 3x03 we already see the British fleet approaching Nassau and talk of an invasion. As the Madam of the brothel, Max will choose to stay behind with Eleanor and the British. Anne will leave with Jack to fight another day. Chances for reunion unclear.

    #4 | What will Vane/Blackbeard do against Rogers?


    exclamation-mark What we know: Jack wants to take a stand || Blackbeard dgaf about Nassau || Hornigold offers pardons

    history History spoilers: Rogers did take back Nassau and rid it of the pirates. The pardons he offered were taken up by many. Hornigold turned into a pirate hunter. Charles Vane didn’t take a pardon and became the head of the resistance. He set a ship on fire and sent it towards the British fleet, using the distraction to escape. Afaik he did that trick several times (before eventually being captured and executed but let’s not get ahead of ourselves). He met up with his old buddy Blackbeard and failed to convince him to aid in an attempt to take back Nassau. His crew mutinied and made Jack Rackham their new Captain. After that he was basically toast.

    theory Theories: The show is not historically accurate but it rightfully includes the cool bits. In the preview for 3x03, Jack is seen planning the defense of Nassau against the British. However, as one dude points out, who shall the pirate ships unite under? Captain Flint, their self-proclaimed King, is losing his marbles from dehydration somewhere far away.



    Eleanor spots Vane and may or may not point him out to Rogers. We see Vane’s quartermaster Featherstone take the pardon. His crew turns on him, maybe as a condition for the pardon. He fights them. He sets a ship on fire like he did historically and escapes with Jack, Anne and Blackbeard. Some cannonfire will probably also be involved.

    #5 | And how will Flint tie into that fight?


    exclamation-mark What we know: He won’t accept a pardon || He’ll fight against the British and try to persuade Vane to join the fight

    theory Theories: To start 3x03 with, it seems like Flint will kill off some of the crew to save rations. They also go shark-hunting, presumably afterwards because Silver looks like he‘s contemplating killing Flint but then they probably see a shark and Silver figures he won’t be able to catch it without Flint. Or something.


    At some point, Flint meets Rogers for a parley on the beach. It would make sense if this were upon his return to Nassau because he may not have heard the pirates were driven out (fuck the time before telecommunication tbh). He appears defiant.

    Later (or earlier?) he meets with Vane and Blackbeard on a different stretch of beach. He tries to appeal to Vane’s conscience. Flint ends up fighting Blackbeard who has already made allusions that he wants Vane back on his crew. So I guess they have to do some sword-swinging to see who’s the alpha male. Vane ends up on Blackbeard‘s ship, probably because he’s like family to him and it will take some time before he realizes that he doesn’t want to hang out with grandpa.



    The others retreat to this amazing looking place from where they will presumably start to carry out their pirating and form a plan to take back Nassau piece by piece. As Flint says at one point:

    "England takes whatever it wants, I am suggesting that we help each other, start taking things back."



    Flint’s crew seems to be sort of initially imprisoned in that place where they retreat to? There’ll be some sort of guerilla fight in the woods. A battle on a beach.

    #6 | What’s in store for Eleanor?


    exclamation-mark What we know: She will arrive with Rogers in Nassau || They’ll fuck

    Here’s what the showrunners have to say:
    "She’s condemned in a sense by Vane with the sense of "You’ll betray anyone" and she’s sort of desperate to not have that be true. Her relationship with Woodes Rogers is informed by that. Even though he, weeks before, would represent everything she was fighting against, he’s now something that she wants to, in a sense, deliver for and be true to."
    → Den of Geek


    theory Theories: At least for the moment, Eleanor seems to be doing what she can to survive by providing correct intel (but maybe not all of it at once). The interests of her and Rogers are aligned. In the promo material she can be seen wearing the colors of the British when she arrives in Nassau with them. The order she wanted to establish there didn’t work (and was highly dependent on her person), so maybe she actually truly wants to give civilization a try so long as she can rule the place. Her betrayal of him would almost be too expected. Maybe Rogers will betray her? Maybe their partnership of convenience will come to an end when the pirates attack? I’m guessing Max won’t sit by idly twiddling her thumbs either. And then there’s still the chambermaid Mrs. Hudson who could end up playing a much more important role than suspected at first glance. A confidante for Eleanor? A spy working for Rogers?

    #7 | What about Hornigold and Dufresne?


    exclamation-mark What we know: Dufresne is going to get his face smashed in

    theory Theories: Assuming that this is happening in a tavern in Nassau, Billy and Silver must sneak in at some point for some sweet retaliation. Dufresne gets a kick to the head that looks impossible to survive. Silver then apparently recruits Dufresne‘s men:

    "Tomorrow you will join us or you will all be looking over your shoulder the rest of your lives. My name is John Silver and I’ve got a long fucking memory."

    history History spoilers: As for the historical Hornigold, his ship sunk during a hurricane. Since this show loves its parallels, wouldn’t it make sense if Flint chased him into a storm where he met his end? Poetic justice.

    #8 | Will Mr. Scott finally get something to do?


    theory Theories: Let’s hope so. Honestly, there’s only this one shot of him in all of the trailers. Boo!

    # 9 | What role will Mrs. Hudson play?

    exclamation-mark What we know: She’ll also be in S4

    theory Theories: I honestly have no clue (see #6).

    #10 | And what about all that gold?


    exclamation-mark What we know: From the moment Max and the others spot the British fleet, they have 12 days until their arrival – not a lot of time to move the gold

    theory Theories: The most pivotal question for last. The fort cannot be defended. Max and Jack have started transferring some of the gold into other goods and they may or may not be fast enough to move all of it out of the fort before it’s taken by the British. We see a British soldier and Rogers searching the fort and someone weighing the gold. Rogers also talks about the danger of a Spanish attack. Now, historically speaking he had to fend them off as well but wouldn’t it be genius if Max and Jack left the gold they couldn’t bring and then told the Spanish that Rogers had their gold? Just a random thought.

    history History spoilers: Rogers had financial troubles that made him go back to England where he was imprisoned before his debt was written off because he was a national hero and he returned to Nassau for a second term as Governor. Could it be that he’ll go after the gold to pay off his debts? It’ll definitely spell trouble with the Spanish either way.


    Sources: me & my bike & all these promo trailers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), stills (1, 2), an interview (1) and history

    I rest my case.

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    jaicourtney First time at the #ViennaOperaBall. This shit's outta control..
    Thanks @brooksbrothers for the killer threads. 'Scuse me while I get my waltz awn
    #freeballin #ballsout #ballsdeep


     photo jai5_zpshpabnkcj.gif

    ONTD, have you had your doctor recommended daily dose of Jai's Thighs today?

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    Broadway show A View From the Bridge was briefly halted Saturday night when a male audience member, in the onstage seating section at New York’s Lyceum Theatre, fainted at the sight of actor Russell Tovey as he took off his shirt.
    A call went out for a doctor in the house, and three audience members took to the stage to tend to the man until EMTs arrived to take him to a nearby hospital. Early Sunday, Tovey received a tweet from the faint-hearted audience member apologising if he “disturbed the performance.”


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    ABC has released the first image of Greg Germann as Hades from Once Upon a Time, who is set to appear in the series' 100th episode.

    "Anything goes," Germann said of the character. "The creators bring him to life on the page with the same out-of-the-box unpredictability that they bring to the rest of the show. They strike the perfect balance between keeping things grounded and letting things fly — sometimes literally."


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    - A New York judge ruled to dismiss Dr. Luke's lawsuits against Kesha's mom as well as the singer's manager.
    - Dr. Luke alleged that Kesha's mom was trying to extort him and had forced her to break contract with his label.
    - Also alleged that Kesha's manager argued that Rovner "hates" the producer out of jealousy and sought to gain more money and control over her career.
    - The main trial is on February 14th.

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    How was your first kiss, ONTD?

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    Episode Preview

    Kol/Davina Clip

    Elijah/Aya Clip

    Catch up on the latest ep before Elijah begins his hunt tomorrow at 9/8c on #TheOriginals: https://t.co/SHXDgMDU9hhttps://t.co/eKWD8O1GZ0

    — The Originals (@cworiginals) February 4, 2016

    Josh/Davina Clip

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

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    - they've been seen painting the town red over the last few weeks,

    - they hold hands in Orlando's car,

    - they have been seen with Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka,


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    Zayn's first EVER live performance of 'PILLOWTALK' is here and it's acoustic and we dead https://t.co/rAJp6ozOvepic.twitter.com/RuMHCY7PZk

    — Sugarscape (@sugarscape) February 3, 2016

    he snatched that #1 and released an acoustic version
    he might get #1 on billboard
    ontd and harries stay mad and bitter

    TWitter + Twitter

    Serving us vocals!! When will your untalented favs?

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    Demi Lovato took to Instagram to respond to a fan who was angry at her. On an Instagram post, the fan questioned Demi Lovato's management team, saying that Demi Lovato would have more chart success if her management was actually promoting her and not forcing her to say how much Nick Jonas inspires her to be a better artist.

    The angry fan wrote to Demi, "Maybe if your manager focused on promoting you and stopped making you say shit like this and shoving your fake ass friendship down our throats you'd still be on the charts," along with the hashtag #CanScooterPleaseHelpHer, referring to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande's manager Scooter Braun.

    Demi responded to the fan, telling them "You know nothing," before finishing off with "I may not be the highest on the charts but I'm still on them..."

    Sources: Twitter 1 + Twitter 2

    Do you think that Nick Jonas and Demi's management are holding her back from achieving chart success?

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