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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Ratings went down to 2.4 million viewers and a .6 rating in 18-49 adults


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    FIRST LOOK: The Real Housewives of Melbourne S3! Watch the full video at https://t.co/OxeOfgBDVW#RHOMelbourne https://t.co/ASFLcGFpbT

    — Real Housewives Melb (@RHOMelbourne) January 9, 2016

    -RHOM returns Feb.21.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Way back in 2014, Internet Boyfriend and ONTD Film Critic Society Awards 2015 ‘Best Male Eye Candy’ winner Oscar Isaac was skirting beneath the radar, putting out great performances, and pouring water for his table at the Golden Globes like a true gent who knows the importance of hydration.

    However, with ONTD Film Critic Society Awards 2015 ‘Best Cast’ winning film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and HBO’s Show Me A Hero, for which this Staircase Session Singing prince won a Golden Globe, it seems his profile and star is rising like Icarus to the Sun.
    Fingers crossed he doesn’t get burnt and fall to Earth, although if he does it won’t just be Humans and Cats and Dogs and Astromech Droids waiting to catch him – all of Hollywood is parched af to hold this non-statuette Oscar in their hands.

    Welcome in to this list of Llewyn Davis’Poe Dameron’s Oscar Isaac’s Golden Globe BFFs (and lady love), new and old.

    (Listed in Descending Order of Potential Importance)

    8. David Benioff
    One of ONTD’s Least Fave Televisual Show-Runners, Game of Thrones’ David Benioff, was spotted trying to get his hands on his own Oscar, even if the Oscars are meant to be for films and not Shows About Unfinished Book Series.

     photo oscar-benioff_zpsorkiffbi.gif

    Benioff continued his attempts at the HBO After Party, realising that since Acoustic Guitarist Oscar Isaac was fairly smashed, he may just have a chance at luring him to TV. He was probably disappointed to find out that Oscar Isaac doesn’t just accept any old script he gets sent tyvm.
    Please take note of the mystery man reaching for Oscar, undoubtedly trying to stage an intervention and drag him from Benioff’s clutches.

    It would be reasonable to assume that they know each other through Thirsty Attendee #3, Pedro Pascal, aka Oberyn Martell (RIP).

     photo gg1 oscarandbenioff_zpsuevoanyv.png

    7. Mark Ruffalo
    How do Isaac and The Hulk Mark Ruffalo know each other? That remains a question ONTD can ponder over. Just like Mark Ruffalo decided to get in on a multi-million dollar franchise gig, so too is he probably just getting in on the general public’s rampant thirst for Guatemalan-born Brooklyn-resident Oscar Isaac.

    Typical Ruffalo, basically.

     photo gg-mark-oscar_zpsne6vm9w4.gif

    6. Aziz Ansari
    Oscar was kind and generous enough to pose with his fans on the Red Carpet, one of those fans just so happened to be Aziz Ansari.

     photo gg2 oscaraziz_zpstjl82sto.png

    5. Bryce Dallas Howard
    Oscar is well known for having a long time close friendship with fellow Juilliard grad Jessica Chastain, Isaac’s co-star in A Most Violent Year, and it appears that he is also acquainted with Bryce Dallas Howard of ONTD fave Jurassic Park-World, frequent Chastain doppelganger.

     photo gg3 oscarandbryce_zpsg2uhyzcp.png

    4. Jacob Tremblay
    Jacob Tremblay, 9 year old star of Room (co-starring Brie Larson), told E! on the Red Carpet that his favourite Star Wars character is Poe Dameron, and that he was hyped to see Oscar Isaac, displaying a remarkably astute head for following Social Trends on such very young shoulders. Bless.

    Tremblay met some of his faves, and was “having a blast” – Oscar, Michael B. Jordan, and self-proclaimed ‘Captain America’, Chris Evans.
    After the show, little Jacob Tremblay got to hang with his hero some more! Nobody had a better night than this adorable young’un.

    And THEN, just because Tremblay’s night couldn’t have got any better, he got to have his very own lightsaber battle with the Galaxy’s Best Pilot, He Who Could Fly Anything, Poe Dameron himself!

     photo gg6 jacob_zpswja1hwgl.png
     photo gg4 withjacob_zps6glbqcze.png
     photo gg5 withjacob2_zpsp28ljjyo.png

    3. Pedro Pascal
    Best Friend Forever of Sarah Paulson, Pedro Pascal, has had his own Oscar for a while now, if pics of them together are anything to go by. Any vaguely capable Internet Sleuth will be able to hunt down a picture of them both together from their ‘youth’, in which both had extremely tragic haircuts, which OP does not wish to ruin this lovingly made post with.
    This is ONE Industry Friendship that goes way way back, filled with barbequing, shenanigans, and Rooftop & Chill.

     photo gg7 withpedro_zpswnfidtfe.png
     photo gg10pedro_zpsdolhhrnz.png
     photo gg9 pedro_zps6h6cianz.png

    2. Gina Rodriguez
    Precious future probable star of Star Wars: Episode VIII, and current Jane the Virgin star, Gina Rodriguez, really was the toast of the Globes this year, looking and being flawless throughout. She also stirred that pot of SW Rumours even deeper when she tweeted out a pic a “Just [her] absolute favourite actor. Period.”

     photo gg11 gina_zpshyftc7cm.png

    1. Elvira Lind
    Elvira Lind, Danish documentary film maker and director of Ryan Cassata trans youth love story documentary ’Songs For Alexis’, was the only Golden Globe attendee who not only actually has her own Oscar, but also walked home holding her own Oscar in hand.
    Other Oscar-winning stars at the GG probably left their Oscars at home, not wanting to be tacky.

    Upon announcing his win, Oscar Isaac leapt from his seat and kissed longtime girlfriend/partner Elvira, before heading off to massage Mark Ruffalo’s shoulders and collect his Golden Globe.

    Elvira is also well known on the internet for being constantly mistaken for Maria Miranda for the past 2-3 years, with her actual identity ‘confirmed’ recently to US Weekly, and discussed by ONTD in a Sleuthing post that didn’t get messy, but resulted in a Ms. Marple/Sherlock Holmes style investigative report in comments. Bless this qt low key couple. ♥

     photo gg12 elvira_zpsncgawea0.png

    Bonus! The Golden Globe Statuette
    Nobody was happier to see Oscar on Golden Globe night than the Golden Globe itself. Long thought of by some as the ‘lesser’ of the two big awards shows, it was finally the Globe’s time to shine.

    When Isaac was asked/told during Winners Press that he 'is proof that racism in Hollywood is basically over', it is also widely perhaps speculated that the statuette itself that Oscar was holding was pleased at his response to the contrary, his comments to which are at the end of this post.

     photo tumblr_o0t9nefzdz1uqimkdo1_500_zpsthiruwvn.gif
     photo gg14 oscarandgg2_zps3poj8t5s.png
     photo gg13 oscarandgg_zps4evigi7g.png
     photo gg15 official_zpsotm4ga5v.png

    {Sources: Vanity Fair, Instagram: Jacob Tremblay, Instagram: Pedro Pascal, Twitter: Gina Rodriguez, Twitter}

     photo gg backstage ondiversity5_zps64bf8j15.gif photo gg backstage ondiversity4_zpsmhmc34rx.gif

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    X-Men: Apocalypse and The Newsroom star Olivia Munn wrote on Instagram: "Answering yes or no to personal questions can be tricky because if you say "No" it means whenever you say "No comment" that kind of becomes your default "Yes". But since I'm doing press for the next few days, I didn't want to have to answer the same question over and over. So instead, I'm going to let my text conversation with my Asian mom help me out.✌#Colberto"

    Source 1 + 2

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    She topped it with future Oscar winning song Til It Happens To You.


    Slay... a GG and #1 in the same week. When's the last time you went to the club ONTD?

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    Tzuyu is a Taiwanese member of the Korean girl group "Twice." You may also know her for being voted #11 in that most beautiful people list.
    She was recently on a Korean TV show where she introduced herself as Taiwanese and held a Taiwanese flag and doesn't acknowledge Taiwan "being apart of China"

    Huang An, a very popular 50ish year old Taiwanese singer who is a Chinese nationalist, took to his Weibo account saying Tzuyu is a Taiwan independent supporter and drags her name through the mud
    Chinese netizens are agreeing with him and also dragging her name through the mud
    He is also attacking the 3 Japanese members of the group because they are Japanese and is being mad racist

    This issue has escalated really quickly in the last 2 days resulting in:
    1. Twice recording for the Bei Jing Spring Festival Gala will be edited out
    2. Twice was invited to the An Hui Spring Festival Gala, that is now removed
    3. Twice CF deal with LG + Huawei has been terminated
    4. Kuwo music (China's version of Spotify with over 1 million app downloads) has removed all JYP artists (Wonder Girls, 2PM, etc) songs and music videos
    5. Kugou music (Same deal as Kuwo) has removed all of Twice songs and music videos (OP: Apparently a copyright issue)
    6. Hunan TV (The channel that a lot of Kpop artists appear on) has voiced they will not be inviting supporters of Taiwan independence to their shows


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  • 01/12/16--20:23: Teen Wolf 5x13 promo
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  • 01/12/16--20:24: this season on Shadowhunters

  • the face of evil


    this post has been brought to you by harry shum wearing guyliner

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    Jenna Dewan-Tatum (of All For You Tour: Live From Hawaii fame) turned it the fuck out on Lip-Sync Battle in this performance with ICON Paula Abdul! While her husband relied on cheap gimmicks (see: Beyonce) to win over the crowd, Jenna relied on sheer talent! Check it out! Plus, clock the moment @ 1:53 when she lands on her ankle and keeps it moving like a professional! When will Britney Jean?

    (Feel free to exit out of the tab after Jenna's performance, the rest is irrelevant)


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    In a recently released interview with L'Uomo Vogue, Zayn shared that he never belonged in 1D andthat he was mentally and physically distanced from what he was doing because he didn’t want to be any part of the circus. Zayn also called out 1D for lying in interviews when they said they’d spoken with Zayn and that they were still friends. Zayn was quoted as saying "I tried to reach out and be their friend but they haven’t even replied to any of my calls or texts." According to our favourite insider Hollywood Life, Harry is furious and completely flabbergasted with Zayn for calling them liars! Harry said that it was actually Zayn who blew them off and that Harry, Louis, or Niall never got a phone call or text from Zayn.  The source added that when Zayn left the group, he vanished and cut off all communication.

    Meanwhile, with Hendall and Zigi rising, the friendship of BFFs Kendall and Gigi has also allegedly been affected.

    The models allegedly had a falling out becuase Gigi is furious with Kendall for dating Harry. The source said that when Zigi first started dating, Kendall told Gigi to keep her PR relationship on the down low because she might face backlash as fans have not forgiven Zayn for notoriously dumping ex-fiancee Perrie. Now that Kendall was seen on a yacht with Harry, Gigi now thinks Kendall is a hypocrite telling friends: 'Oh, and Harry is some kind of saint? Give me a break'. Gigi also thinks that it's Kendall who should be ashamed for going out with a guy who has hurt Gigi's friend Taylor.

    Where is the lie, ONTD?

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    Recent news, but the Rams are definitely moving to LA.

    At this time, the San Diego Chargers may or may not move, they have a year to decide whether to share the stadium in Inglewood with the Rams or take 100 mil from the NFL.

    Oakland Raiders bowed out but will be getting 100 mil for renovations to Oakland Coliseum.

    title or description

    Source OneSource Two
    Pic from here

    sry for the twitter sources mods, it's not on the main news pages yet, because details are still being finalized. all of these are nfl beat reporters.

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    - Farris opened up during an episode of her podcast, the guest was Chris former Parks and Recreation co-star Aubrey Plaza.

    “Have you seen my husband’s balls?” Anna asked her guest, who said no.

    “You would remember, because they are some sexy balls,” Anna then said. “They’re perfect. They’re incredible.”


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    Queen Britney Jean Spears released her 19th fragrance on Monday (the 13th in her iconique Fantasy line). Dubbed "Maui Fantasy", this lovely limited edition flanker features the following notes:

    Top Notes: bird of paradise flower, pink grapefruit, and passion fruit

    Heart Notes: hibiscus petals, cyclamen, orange blossom, and tiaré flower

    Base Notes: coconut, vanilla, blue musk, white amber, and beachy blonde woods

    Available as a 100 mL EDT, Maui Fantasy will first be released at Kohl's department stores before gaining a nationwide release.

    The flanker will be a departure, imo, from her previous flankers of the Fantasy line, both visually and scent-wise.

    Unlike previous Fantasy editions, this lacks the crystals on the turquoise bottle and instead features a print of Hawaiian hibiscus.  Scent-wise, this appears to focus more on the beachy florals rather than being gourmand (the original Fantasy's two most prominent notes are the kiwi and cupcake accord), which would be a departure even from the previous "tropical" version of Fantasy, Island Fantasy.

    “Whenever I have a chance to relax and spend time with my family, we escape to Hawaii. Maui is one of my favorite islands. I wanted to create a fragrance that gives me the amazing feeling I have while I’m there – surrounded by the ocean and beautiful flowers. Every time I smell Maui fantasy, it brings me back to a place of happiness and relaxation,” Britney said in a press release.

    “Say aloha to my new destination fragrance #MauiFantasy!! Coming soon!,” she added on Instagram on Jan. 11.

    ONTD, are you going to buy the new Britney perfume? What's your favorite perfume or perfume ad?

    This is my first ONTD post <3 Hope you like it.


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    Towards the end of last year we learned that Cycle 22 of ANTM was going to be the last that we would ever see of the reality show that has given us many iconic moments and second hand embarrassment since it's debut in 2003. While Tyra claimed on twitter she felt it was time for the show to end the ever mysterious ~sources~ claim that the series had simply become to expensive for the CW to produce even though it was their "most downloaded" show. The high cost didn't come from the well thought out high production value photo shoots and travels to exotic international locations like Toronto but from of course... Tyra's salary. So ANTM was canned and Tyra had FAB Life which bombed and she quit after a whole two months to concentrate on a cosmetic line that may or may not go the way of her music career.

    In the meantime, the NY Daily News says insiders are reporting that ANTM executive director Ken Mok is negotiating a deal with VH1 for them to bring back the show. There's no word yet on if Tyra or the past judges will be returning but it's looking like we might not have seen the end of this series since apparently there is still money to be had.

    If this does come back they need to eliminate the bullshit point system and bring back the challenges at panel.

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  • 01/13/16--13:57: Tabloid Cover Wednesday
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    • Created, written and executive produced by Emmy-winning Breaking Bad alum and Flesh and Bone creator Moira Walley-Beckett.

    • It would be a faithful adaptation but with a twist: according to a press release, Anne will also “chart new territory” by diving into themes that meant to resonate with younger viewers.

    • Production on Anne won’t begin until spring, and will debut on Canada’s CBC-TV sometime in 2017.


    Book post!
    This sounds promising so praying circle, etc.
    I set my reading challenge to 50 books e.e
    So what are you reading ONTD?

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    image host

    ^it's also AMC and AMC TWD's homepage, just wanting to point that out there

    ^Michonne holding on to walker Deanna.

    Apparently that's Rick's hand, because it looks like there's an imprint from his watch on his wrist, he wasn't wearing long sleeves like Ron and Carl, and also cause it looks like a man's hand.


    Will you be watching on Valentine's day, ontd?

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