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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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     photo Suicide-Squad-2016-Task-Force-_zps1rod3qal.jpg

    We've all seen the pictures and videos of the "Suicide Squad" cast getting a long and making us all jealous we weren't cast in the movie. Ever wondered who was behind all the good times? Of course, it was Will Smith.

    According to the source, Will requested that director David Ayers create a special rec room where the cast could chill and become a true squad. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who plays Killer Croc, says, "It was a real Disneyland. If you're going to do those type of movies, he's the guy you want to do them with. And that's the way to do it."

    When we got to the film, we were already a squad. We partied together, we ate together, we worked out together. What you'll see in the movie, the relationships are very organic, and that's David's process. He wanted a real team of people that he handpicked to get along. It brought us together as a unit.

    According to 2nd source, "The British Board of Film Classification has recently approved and classified “Suicide Squad” trailer as rated 15 in the UK." That means a new trailer can drop any minute now, what would be better than in front of "Star Wars" later this month?


    ONTD, this is really an excuse for me to have a Jai Thirst Party. I've been missing that beefy Australian.

     photo jai_zps7k0qi78v.gif

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  • 12/09/15--13:37: Tabloid Cover Wednesday
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  • 12/09/15--13:38: Gilmore Girls update
  • kisses

    1. Says that even though not all the actors have signed on, the sets are starting to be built.

    2. Yanic Truesdale, Liza Weil and Milo Ventimiglia have all said they want to come back.

    3. Poor Arielle Kibbel was told by fans that they hated her because her character did nothing wrong and Dean sucks.

    source, source

    Where do you want Lorelai and Rory to have ended up?
    Favourite 90s/00s show? Anyone remember Young Americans, Jack & Bobby and Everwood?

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    Their divorce has dragged on for almost a year and Mandy has filed papers requesting Ryan pay her $37,000 a month and take 4 of their 6 cats.

    The court documents claim that Ryan makes $151,000 a month (I guess covering 1989 gets you paid).

    ONTD, what are your divorce goals?

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    For Carrie Fisher, the forthcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, is not only a chance to reprise her iconic role as Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan turned General of the Resistance, but also work with her real-life daughter. Billie Lourd, the 23-year-old female offspring of Fisher and talent agent Bryan Lourd, will make her cinematic debut in the film.

    Her role remains shrouded in mystery, though she has shot down rumors that she’ll be playing a younger version of Leia.

    source: http://consequenceofsound.net/2015/12/heres-our-first-look-at-carrie-fishers-daughter-billie-lourd-in-star-wars/

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    #majorsituation @alicetemperley makes it best! @duranduran #o2 God Bless being a strong woman. Anyone that says different, doesn't know anything about a true struggle and how to succeed with good people around helping you. #oneday@atime

    #liveONStage its been a minute since my record "speak" and I cannot wait for @alianalohan to debut herself soon 😎🙏🏻 thanks @riastanning for my spray tan!

    #o2 what an honour 🙏🏻💋🙏🏻 God works in mysterious ways

    Getting ready for the stage at o2 tonight with @duranduran

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    She is joining the cast for multi episode arc.
    She will play LaVerne Thomas, a streetwise cop from the neighborhood where Ghost and Tommy grew up.


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    ONTD fav Henry Cavill shared some photos from the set of his upcoming blockbuster Sand Castle on Instagram. The super man is sporting a buzzcut and some scars in the Iraq War drama, due out sometime in 2016.

    Paraphrased from @HenryCavill, 1.

    The Man of Steel also donned the iconic blue and red suit for the cover of the X-mas edition of Close Up magazine.

    Paraphrased from @HenryCavill.Org, 1.


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    -A new clip of TLC's Duggar series, Jill & Jessa Counting On premiered on Good Morning America. In it, Anna hints at Josh's summer scandal, saying "I'm gonna wake up and everything's gonna be okay," and "this can't be true"
    -It has been reported that her appearance was scripted and controlled by family patriarch (vom) Jim Bob Duggar. There is also some speculation that she may be considering a divorce.
    -Photo of Josh & Anna's youngest child, 4 month-old Meredith Grace, was posted to the family's Facebook page.

    Video at the source

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    Some quotes...

    Writing for The Hollywood Reporter from the Prague set of ' The Zookeeper's Wife,' the Oscar-nominated actress reveals the good things that can happen with a woman director (Niki Caro). For starters, more females get hired: "This comes from when women in power make room for other women."

    "I was talking to other actors about this recently, and the wonderful thing about having so many women on set is there hasn't been anyone who has screamed or anything like that. It's a very collaborative experience, and it's been heaven for me."

    "Many times a movie gets tested before it sees the light of day, and I've starred in movies that test much better with women than they do with men. But the problem with that is the majority of critics are men, so those movies that test really high for women are then having men critique them. And it means we need more female critics — we need to level the playing field here."


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    Earlier in the year, William Shatner trolled Star Wars fans with a few tweets, one of them being the following:

    This was brought to John Boyega's attention, who responded to Shatner with "What did he say about BB-8? That's my boy! Here's what you need to do. Take a seat. Have a nice tea. And keep your mouth closed."

    Shatner has since responded on Twitter.


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    Curious considering "Count Contessa" is off "Fantasea II: The Second Wave," which precedes 2014's "Broke With Expensive Taste."



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    Following Iggy's intial kneejerk Twitter reaction, she came back last night with this:


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    Who needs Grammy nominations when you're headlining your own tour?


    SCREAMING!!!!! what dates will you be attending, ONTD?! and as always, #JusticeForEmotion

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    SyFy's The Magicians will premiere Monday, January 25th @ 9/8c.

    However, Lev Grossman, author of the trilogy the series is based off, announced on Twitter today that a preview of the pilot episode will air NEXT WEEK!

    source 1
    source 2
    source 3

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    Talented Sex SymbolsAdam Driver and Meth Damon (Jesse Plemons) attended the Late Night with Seth Meyers show last night (or the previous one, I'm lazy and not sure) to promote the upcoming Star Wars movies and Fargo Season 2's finale, respectively. Adam talked about comic con's craziness and Star Wars' secrecy while Methy discussed the difference between FNL and Breaking Bad fans and his resemblence to actual Matt Damon. Check the videos and highlights below.

    • FNL fans don't approach him as much after Breaking Bad.

    • FNL fans ask for normal pics while BB fans ask him for him to pretend to shoot him and one guy really wanted to fake choke him for a pic.

    • Played a young Matt Damon on 'All The Pretty Horses". His mom organized a screening for the movie and he took the girl he had a crush on, then realized he had been cut from the movie while watching it :(

    • He seems like a sweetheart tbh, I like him.

    • All he can tell is that his character (Kylo Ren) is a fan of Darth Vader's work.

    • The script he received came with a lock. He could only read it while alone.

    • They didn't have a script when shooting begun.

    • Filmed the 4th season of 'Girls' and 'Star Wars' at the same time.

    • I had never seen a interview with him and he honestly acts and sounds so much different than I thought??

    • Wanted to go for a run, but security would only let him get coffee.

    • To get such coffee they had to use a Darth Vader or Iron Man mask.

    • A bagpipe band was in the front of the hotel playing the 'Star Wars' theme. When they'd finish it, they'd celebrate and play it again, and again.


    Do you have any theories over how Seth Meyers didn't succumb to the sexually fluid side of the Force while in the presence of such sensual, Epicurean beings, ONTD? TYFYA!

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    - The gamergater and father to be threw his phone across the stage after his 'ginger friend' kept calling him in the middle of the 'awkward' interview. Alan Carr had to scramble to get it (this will apparently not be aired).
    - They refused to take part in the dance off, Harry Styles saying: “None of us are dancers. It wouldn’t make sense for us to dance.”
    - Louis, whose baby is due next year, also snapped at bandmate Niall Horan, calling him a “little s**t” for changing one the songs he had written for the album.
    - Alan Carr also said he didn't like Harry's hair in a bun, some 1D fans are very angrey about this.
    Have you ever thrown your phone for any reason? Did it break?

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  • 12/11/15--10:59: ONTD Roundup

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