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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    do you wish you were a teen idol, ontd?

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    The Voice's Cassadee Pope has been up to a lot lately while "promoting" her single. Your faithful OP has taken a break from ONTD so here's some of the stuff this effervescent "country""singer" has been up to. As usual, it's a lot of A-list promotional activities.

    Cassadee was named as Colgate's spokeswoman and correspondent to the CMAs going on tonight. To promote this, she gave a brief Twitter Q+A with fans, most importantly mentioning that se may be putting an EP out next year, continuing her trend of albums getting demoted to EPs.

    Cassadee is featured on actual country star Chris Young's upcoming album. Their duet is called "Think Of You" and comes as an immediate download if you preorder Chris' album. In order to promote the single, Chris and Cassadee held a twitter sing-off to each other.

    This is the actual song:

    Congrats to her team for finally figuring out a way to maybe get her a radio hit. Looking forward to that "body of work" though girl. Hey Monday airs all over again. This post is dedicated to rainstormraider, whose support carries me through these dark times.

    Lyric Video

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    After the sucessful bow their movie had on Sundance earlier this year, in a phone interview, brazilian director Anna Muylaert and actress Regina Casé spoke to AwardsCircuit about their movie 'The Second Mother', Brazil's submitted entry for the Academy Awards' Best Foreign Film category. The movie centers around a housekeeper who takes care of  a upper middle class family in São Paulo for decades, her teenage daughter, who comes to live with her and the family after years without personally seeing each other so she can go to a good college, and all the social complications that comes with that.

    • The director's motivations to do the movie: Anna Muylaert -"I started to make this film when I had my first son 20 years ago, and my first idea was to talk about the work of mothers. In Brazil, this isn’t valued work and as proof of this, people hire nannies for a very low salary to raise their kids. So that was the beginning, and when I came to the character of the nanny, of course all the economic and social issues came too. And then I took about 20 years to get to the right story."

    • The actress' research for the role: Regina Casé -"I didn’t do specific research for the role, but all through my career I’ve been to the places where characters like Val come from, where they live, where they go to dance. In working class neighborhoods and slums. I met various different iterations of Val. So I already had all that information, not just in my career but my whole life. My family comes from the Northeast like Val."

    • On possibly being the first female director to represent Brazil at the Oscars: AM -"I think it’s very important. Especially because the film is very beloved in Brazil, so it means the film really represents people. I receive letters every day from people saying “I’m praying for you. I’m praying for the film.” So it’s not only a film by a female director, it’s one that people love. Of course, if we do get the nomination it would be historic for women directors and women in general in Brazil. Also because all the characters are female and the subject is very feminine too."

    • On the movie's specific brazilian setting: AM -"Well, when we went to Sundance we weren’t even sure they would understand the story. But from the first screening, I realized it was a universal story. Although it has a lot of Brazilian flavor, but these power relationships are all over. But there are some differences, especially in Brazil, connected to the social class where the theater is. So the rich people, they laugh at certain points where the less privileged persons wouldn’t. For example, when Val comes to the room saying Jéssica got 68 points on the exam. In an upper class `theater, people laugh. It’s like comedy, it’s like “Oh my God. This is not realistic.” When you go to a poor neighborhood, people clap. So that’s the biggest difference."



    Always here for female directors, especially latinas, so slé! ONTD, let's make this a foreign or women directed movies appreciation/recommendations post, shall we? TYFYA!

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    Can't wait for Mellie to be blamed for this entire thing. RME.

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    i can't with the slayage rn. ONTD, is your fave currently booking a stage they speak of?


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    A summary of events:
    - LGBT fans of Beyoncé decided to start a campaign on twitter in August to get her to speak out against the repeal of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), a city ordinance that would prohibit discrimination based on things like race, sex, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

    - Despite the fact that Beyoncé doesn't even use her twitter, fans persisted and the trend manage to get some mainstream media attention.

    - Beyoncé made some instagram posts but didn't address the ordinance.

    - The ordinance was repealed with about 60% of the vote, with the defeat being partially attributed to confusing wording and low voter turnout. Some activists also believe that Beyoncé is somehow responsible.

    - Twitter activists are calling not only for a Beyoncé boycott, but also an NFL boycott, after the organization put out a statement that despite the repeal, the city of Houston would still host the 2017 Super Bowl.

    A BeyHive fan account tweeted this, claiming it was an email from Bey's management company. Take the veracity of this tweet with a grain of salt at this time.

    source; tweets: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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    Since the backlash, Essena has completely deleted her instagram and youtube, but her website is still up with a new video telling people to stop talking about her.

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    I like the sound of the format/twist tbh relatives vs. tv alum and if one of the pair that came in together gets eliminated the other one automatically does too lolllll Should be good for maximum hurt feelings!

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    Rumours are starting to spread about a threeway between Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney and his Chicago Fire Co-Star Monica Raymund.

    Monica Raymund:


    This could also be an AHS post if you want.

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    Adding to her ever growing pack of assorted animals, Miley Cyrus adopts an adorable pitbull puppy named 'Milky.

    source: miley's instagram

    Pet post! Let's talk about animals, what's your favorite?

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    You ever hookup with someone & later on regret it ONTD?

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    the only group NOT embarassing to post here FINALLY released the only good comeback album of the last couple months Basic! Title Track Brave New World is a fun dance song and Warm Hole is a catchy pop song about when your pussy gets hot

    buy Basic on itunes

    source: 1theK1theK2

    ONTD is your hole warm?

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  • 11/04/15--20:28: Supernatural 11x06 promo
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  • 11/04/15--20:29: 'The 100' Casting News!
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    -Home and Away (Australian drama) star "Rhiannon Fish" got cast on the cw's The 100
    -She will play Ontari, a grounder
    -A young warrior, trained since birth
    -Skilled in deception (should come in handy) and is super loyal to her people

    This is an excuse to post about The 100. I miss this show. I've been doing my part and spreading awareness to this show, which is just me forcing my friends to watch with me. Anyway to the 3 people on here that watch this show, what are your hopes and dreams for season 3? Oh and fyi the 100 season 2 is now on netflix!! So If you guys want to watch and catch up please do!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Mods this one haas the source!!

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    Even though she didn't win anything like we expected her not to, she still slayed in performance, looks and vocals, which is more than can be said about other acts.

    Watch her slay her way through Smoke Break in this breath taking performance.


    She slayed so hard, i need a smoke break cause she's too smokin

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    What are you hoping to find under your tree/hanukkah bush/whatever this year? I want this.

    Not the vest. The dog. But I'll take the vest too.

    Also, since this is a shopping post, let's discuss what we're buying at sephora during their annual sale, which starts tmrw 👀

    But let's also discuss that challah menorah that looks like a bunch of penises


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    At this point we know that he will play a CIA tech specialist. According to sources he has always been the top choice for the role.

    It's quite a long interview, covering a lot of aspects, e.g. he talks about growing up in Wembley, not fitting in at Oxford, the industry in the UK, islamophobia, British politics and class, conversations on race.

    A fragment about the industry in the UK:

    You know, we have an obsession with period drama here because it sells well, and it’s brand recognition, it’s a unique selling point, something we can do and sell to America, and that’s great. But I kind of feel like in the UK we are sitting on a multi-cultural goldmine, and we need to tap into those stories as well. I think we are deluded if we think Great Britain is a great power in the world anymore; we’re not. But we are a great cultural power. And I think that one of the strongest aspects that we have in our culture is our multiculturalism. It allows us to speak to the world. It’s quite a unique situation.

    Everywhere I go around the world, any city I go to, I feel like nowhere touches London in this respect. People talk about New York being multicultural, and it’s great, but American cities are very segregated. People share space here in a way that they don’t in other cities. There are some places where this happens by accident, like Rio, where you have the favelas right next to the posh [parts] and the beach. But you have council estates in Chelsea here, you have Dulwich next to Brixton. That mixing of class and culture breeds amazing, unique stories, and it’s in our own interest to just tap into the goldmine that we are sat on.


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    Angelina Jolie shows up to greet fans along with grandpa husband Brad Pitt, at the NYC screening of their newest film "By the sea" (Nov 3rd).

    Tons of pics at the Source

    I'm very happy about all the promotion they're doing but tbh I'm not that excited about the movie anymore :( Am I bad stan?

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    #squad member Martha Hunt is talking about Taylor again!
    - She's a really amazing human being
    - she's just great
    - Calvin is great
    - Their relationship is great
    - Bad Blood was great
    - "It's so great to have great girlfriends that have your back during this crazy time in the limelight. It's been really great having such good, supportive friends."


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