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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Charlie Kaufman's first stop-motion film about a man crippled by the mundanity of his life.
    source: 1

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  • 11/02/15--20:12: New teaser for 'Girls'
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    So sometime this week, The Voice US allowed a rihtiree to appear on their show, i guess they wanted to get some goodwill with the audiences or something, anyways they also allowed her to tutor the singers on the show.

    Here is Blake tryna be hip with this rihtiree, smh Blake shes from a different era

    yasss vocal serving chantuese, she should consider a career in music tbh

    ehhhhhhh, its ok tho coz she hasnt had any vocal lessons. get dat contract sis!

    source 12345678

    ONTD, do you think this rihtiree has got what it takes to be in the music industry? i think if she works with the right people like JayZ and start with a raggae inspired pop hit then possibly maybe get bright red hair, yasss that would totally look good on her!!!

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Season 2 is premiering this month, according to an interview with Sarah by Glamour magazine. Both seasons will be "exclusively" streamed on Pandora, but this doesn't mean much because podcasts don't usually stream anywhere.

    Koenig still hasn't revealed the subject matter of season 2, other than noting that it's "controversial", but it's highly likely to be the case of Bowe Bergdahl. There is also going to be less downtime between seasons 2 and 3, which is being worked on right now and set to air next spring.

    I still think Adnan didn't do it but was an accomplice.

    Source: Engadget, Glamour

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    The iconic Fox teen drama, which ran from 2003-07 and starring Ben McKenzie, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton, is now finally avaialble for your viewing pleasure on CW Seed, which has all 92 episodes.



    sewwww rddyy

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    • So she just revealed that she is 6 months pregnant.

    • The baby daddy is viner Ronnie Banks who she's been dating for a year.

    • He played her love interest in her last music video.

    • Ronnie turned 18 two weeks ago...

    • He was 17 and her 22 when the child was conceived.

    • Says her whole family is excited for her.

    • Is also super excited to be a mom.

    • Plans on working extra hard "no more days off".

    Will this be a recipe for disaster or can they make it work? Will her career survive?

    Sources: 1 - 2

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    • In January, T-Boz and Chilli of the famous 90s group TLC jumped on Kickstarter to fund their new album. They asked for $150,000 but raised $430,000 from excited fans (including Katy Perry, who dropped $5k).

    • The album was promised for October but is now pushed to 2016 and the last kickstarter update was in August.

    • When a fan asked about the album, T-Boz responded: "Call Kickstarter and tell em yo give it bk"

    • Twitter went "WHAT," a fan tweeted ""see you in jail!" and here we are.

    Source, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    ONTD, has your broke nostalgic fav disrespected you this week?

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    • Made $63.8 million its first week in the UK
    • $80.4 million worldwide in only 6 territories without France, Russia and Korea, which Skyfall had for its opening $77.7m
    • Blasted past 7 day record holder Harry Potter PoA
    • Out on Thursday in the US and most other worldwide territories!


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    - Caroline Flack and One Direction attended the Music Industry Trusts Awards yesterday. For those who can't remember, she's the one that had a relationship with Harry while he was underage.
    - Niall and Caroline were spotted flirting at the hotel bar where the event took place. They were doing shots and fooling around together and at one point she joked about being old enough to be his mom.
    - She kept on hugging him and kissing him on the cheek and looked disappointed when he left.


    ONTD, do you seek validation through younger sex partners?

    Post dedicated totellmeimawreckandblankstarefor their collaboration <3

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    Source 1 / Source 2

    ONTD, has you brother ever called you to tell you how much he missed you whilst masturbating?

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    Is Shane Harper coming to Arrow/TheFlash/Supergirl this season?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Seem's likely! Earlier today he tweeted to creator Greg Berlanti and then quickly deleted it. Luckily some fans were able to screencap the not so cryptic tweet!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Who this could mean? why The Wonder Twins of course!!
    Here are some variations of the Twins for those who don't know them..

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Smallville Season 11:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Source: Twitter

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    The Stark kids hanging out in Belfast and partying

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    BGBVGc A

    tumblr nx09gf TBk H1tcm2cqo2 500

    Also Emilia and Lena in Belfast

    11899457 184311931908126 1613010791 n
    tumblr nx9ie0 Qx AL1snao0yo2 540


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    So it seems the woman in the Patrick Kane rape case contacted authorities saying she no longer wants to cooperate with investigators on the case/press charges.

    - Reportedly the woman is no longer cooperating cause the high profile nature of the case has caused stress on her and her family.
    - She reportedly signed an affidavit declining prosecution which experts say is unusual...
    - Could make it hard to convict since sexual assault cases rely on the accusers testimony and credibility.
    - Weeks before this it was revealed that allegedly A DNA analysis found that "samples taken below the accuser's waist came from more than one male profile. None of the DNA belonged to Kane"
    Edit: other sources though claim that Kane's DNA was found on the accuser's fingernails and shoulders, but could have occurred from "casual contact".


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    • Robin didn't have traditional depression. He had Lewy body dimensia. This was confirmed by his autopsy.

    • He had early stages of Parkinson's Disease, with symptoms starting at the end of 2013 until his diagnosis in May of 2014.

    • According to The Alzheimer's Association, dimentia with Lewy bodies develop problems with thinking and reasoning, confusion, hallucinations, and visual communication issues.

    • The day of his death Susan left for work and Robin was still asleep in another room (they'd been sleeping in seperate rooms due to his Parkinson's symptoms). She asked his assistant to wake him up and the assistant found him dead.

    • In July 2014, a month before his death, Susan was in the shower when Robin came into the bathroom and stood by the sink. She looked closer and saw him holding a towel soaked with blood to his head. She asked him what happened and he pointed to the bathroom door. She asked if he hit his head and he nodded. Then he said he "miscalculated."

    • In the last week of his life his doctors were planning on checking him into a facility for neurocognitive testing.

    Source 1, Source 2

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    The x-factor judge and terrible radio DJ talked about fellow judge Simon Cowell's often blunt criticism of acts on the show “if he’s dissing my boys then I’ll feel quite protective.” when asked if he would settle the dispute by throwing a glass of water like previous judge Louis Walsh, the bowl of curdled milk responded: “That’s always a classic... or acid.”

    However the remark was deemed in poor taste as Simon Cowell is a big patron of Katie Pipers charity for victim of acid attacks. The presenter set up the foundation after she was attacked with sulphuric acid by her ex-boyfriend in 2008, and when Cowell joined the cause after his former chauffeur was attacked with acid, they became close friends.
    just wanted to use this to talks about acid attacks, which are unfortunatley quite common in many places usually against women by men who feel rejected by them.
    ONTD, is your edgy humor unappreciated by people who have had acid thrown in their faces?

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    -SOOOO..instead of making fans pay for meet and greets, Marina and the Diamonds created this twitter account to pick fans based on their submissions on the day of a show.
    -A couple shows back, fans were angry that someone who 'cheated' the Marina Meets system won and Marina replied with this: (the pic this was commented on has been removed)

    -Then the account tweeted those tweets today and fans went ballistic (u can find examples of pettiness and rudeness here)
    -Marina said a while back that she does not want fans shellling out an arm and a leg just to be able to meet her

    Source / Source / Source / Source / Source / Source

    What do you think ONTD? Would you be mad if a system you didnt pay for that people took advantage of was no longer available to you? Also I'm going to see her tomorrow, sooo excited except i have $8 to my name and cant buy those qt pjs

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    -David Fincher and James Cameron helped convince the studio to make the film.
    -The film will poke fun of X-Men Origins, everything else from the movie will be ignored.
    -The majority of what was in the leaked script made the final cut.
    -Stan Lee will continue his streak of cameos.
    -Vanessa's (Morena Baccarin) superpowers will not be shown.

    Source 12

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    Approve me mods, save us all.


    RIP redshirt SHIELD agent, nice cop-out, show. Will May have to take him out? Hunter continues to be annoying and useless, like wtf.

    Bobbi's mandarin was pretty good!I legit thought May and Bobbie were going undercover as a couple at first, which would be far more interesting than what they have going on with Undead beast Andrew and the Flop.


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  • 11/03/15--19:15: iZombie 2x06 promo

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