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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    - Warner Bros just lost a lot of money with Pan
    - Tarzan is starring Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie
    - Tarzan still needs a lot of work in post-production but director David Yates is already busy filming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    - first test-screeninigs "did not go well"
    - Tarzan has a $180M budget

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  • 10/15/15--09:37: '45 Years' Trailer

  • SYNOPSIS: There is just one week until Kate Mercer’s (Rampling) 45th wedding anniversary, and the planning for the party is going well. But then a letter arrives for her husband (Courtenay). The body of his first love has been discovered, frozen and preserved in the icy glaciers of the Swiss Alps. By the time the party is upon them, five days later, there may not be a marriage left to celebrate.


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    Very Serious Sports Game Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is coming on February 25th, 2016 (Asian audiences only). This is a first look at what the game has to offer!

    It will be released on both PS4 and PSVita as Fortune and Venus respectively.

    Not all of the girls will be present, however, after an election for which 9 girls would make it into the game was held for Asian players only. The top two winners and cover girls were Marie Rose and Honoka, two newcomers to the series with it's main fighting game Dead or Alive 5 (U/LR) installments.

    The final poll results were:

    1. Marie Rose 17.6%

    2. Honoka 14.9%

    3. Kasumi 12.0%

    4. Ayane 8.2%

    5. Kokoro 8.0%

    6. Nyotengu 7.6%

    7. Hitomi 5.9%

    8. Momiji 5.1%

    9. Helena 4.9%

    The characters not present (that were on the poll) are Leifang, Tina, Christie, Lisa, Rachel, and Mila.

    It's notable that Lisa, who made her debut in the first Xtreme game, is absent. Leifang nearly made it in, only a point or two behind Helena. The faces of the Dead or Alive franchise, Kasumi and Ayane, were surprisingly ranked into third and fourth place.

    Marie Rose and Honoka will receive special costumes for Fortune and Venus respectively, due to coming in first and second.

    Sources: KOEITECMOofficial, DualSHOCKERS

    First post to ONTD! Maybe! If I formatted it correctly! lmao I'm embarrassed to say I enjoy these games, however I do remain critical of how gross they are.

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    -Joe Robert Cole (FX's American Crime Story) nearing a deal to write the script.
    -TheWrap also says Marvel is not interested in getting a director until the script is complete.
    -New rumors say that they are also very interested in Ryan Coogler to direct (whatisthetruth.gif).

    Source 1, 2

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  • 10/15/15--09:45: ONTD Roundup
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    covers teen vogue for november
    she loves playing the mean girl since she was always typecasted as the shy or normal girl as a teen
    talks about looking 17 when she's 24
    says that the scream queens cast is like a family and it's like summer camp
    says: “I’m such a girl’s girl. I’m finally at a point in my life where I feel like I have the group of friends that I always dreamed of having that I know I can support and trust and that make me feel confident."
    does not talk about evan peters


    do u like emma roberts ontd

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    As the new season begins, a massive storm over Manhattan draws the Librarians back together to solve the mystery after having been off on their own for months. They soon discover the culprit is none other than Shakespeare’s Prospero. Meanwhile, Jenkins discovers there’s something wrong with the Library since it returned from the Void.
    Throughout the season, The Librarians’ individual identies will be challenged as they confront their pasts and potential futures. Their previous methods – where they could just jump from place to place, grabbing artifacts before they caused too much harm or putting ghosts and monsters to bed – just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Magic is popping in the world too fast and in too many ways to be completely hidden. Even the mission of the 2,000-year old Library has to change, creating a fundamental split between Eve Baird and Flynn Carsen that could completely derail the Librarian's mission to protect the world.


    yay omg

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    According to a Den of Geek, Marvel has gotten the movie rights back to Fantastic Four (including the characters Marvel mainly wanted: Galactus, Doctor Doom, and the Silver Surfer) in exchange for giving Fox television rights to a couple X-Men television shows.

    Surprising? Not at all. I speculated that this would happen in the comments of one (or a few) of my many Floptastic Flop posts. While this may not have been confirmed yet by either party and has only been confirmed by one source of Den of Geek, there are quite a few reasons to believe this:

    - Fantastic Four (2015) flopped and was critically panned.
    - Marvel has wanted the rights to Galactus, Doctor Doom, and the Silver Surfer for a while. They were going to let Fox keep the expiring rights to Daredevil in exchange for them.
    - Obviously, Marvel was not going to give Fox the TV rights for free. Fantastic Four is really the only thing Fox has to bring to the bargaining table because Marvel[/Disney] has plenty of money.
    - Floptastic Flop 2 is supposed to be released in 2017. Have they even finished a script yet? (I doubt it) There's no director because Trank isn't coming back obviously. So, Floptastic Flop 2 would basically be another rushed mess like the first film. They could push back the release date but that would be even more bad press for the franchise under Fox.

    Also, according to Den of Geek, the charachers will be popping up in another Marvel movie and have a solo movie in 2020.
    Based on my research (aka visiting Wikipedia), allies of the Fantastic Four are Spider-Man, Crystal, Medusa, Power Man, Nova, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, Namorita, Storm, and the Black Panther.

    So with the speculation of the three new unannounced 2020 Marvel movies and Fox getting their X-Men TV rights not being a coincidence. Then we can clearly deduce that the Fantastic Four might pop up in Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), another new announced Marvel movie, to introduce the characters before they pop up 2 years later in their own solo movie. They could also pop up in Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, or Black Panther but I doubt it unless it was like a mid or after credits scene and because Marvel likes to introduce other property characters in sequels. They could also pop up in a Marvel Netflix show, which I also doubt.

    Update: Well evidently Fox and Marvel are denying the rumor. Hmmm... Sony and Marvel did the same thing with Spider-Man in January and then announced in February that there was a deal.
    STAY TUNED....


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    *Took place Wednesday at the Avalon nightclub in LA

    *Tickets were $25 a person, I guess it sold out

    * MacFarlane says Sanders is the first candidate he can vote for that actually gets the importance of science

    *MacFarlane previously campaigned for Obama in 2008 and in 2012.

    *Earlier in the day Sanders taped an appearance on Ellen.


    Source 1, Source 2

    Is it too early for celebs to start endorsing candidates, ONTD? And what would you do if your fave celeb decided to endorse Trump?

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    On the brand:
    "I was a fan of the brand before they chose me and I always wear their things in my day to night look. It's something I wanted to do for a while because I really respect the values of Tezenis and I love that it is a company with a very young approach and sales force made up mostly of women. Wearing Tezenis makes me feel confident, comfortable and beautiful."

    Check out a behind the scenes look at her photoshoot below!

    ONTD, what's your favorite lingerie brand?

    Sources: 1 | 2

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    It's David Bowie!

    Feeling upset? Here's a retrospective of Bowie's best style moments to comfort you.


    favourite songs/looks ONTD?

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    -Meghan Trainor is the new face of FullBeauty and she will be judging a fashion show at the Fashion Institute of Technology

    -Meghan says that she had given up on clothes, settling for sweats, but her stylist helped her discover her best parts to show off once she became a pop star

    -Meghan believes that you can be sexy and confident without taking off all your clothes, and she likes truly confident actresses and singers on social media

    -She likes to wear skirts since they show off her waist, and tight long-sleeved tops since they show off her chest

    Source: https://twitter.com/glamour_fashion/status/654749887137910784

    What parts of your body do you love to show off most through your style?

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    Did anyone watch Beasts of No Nation yet? I think it's out on Netflix already... 89% on RT and 75% on Metacritic
    source: 1, 2,

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    I know some will side-eye the focus of the article being about the show and not the victims, but it's a separate relevant topic to address given the absolute vitriol that some fans spew at the victims/their defenders in the name of a fictional character.  They're already jumping on the article's author's (Goldie Taylor) twitter account to berate her for "tearing down his legacy".

    Article Excerpt at Source + Twitter Source

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    Includes taylor shade with Harry singing 70-80% of the song and similarities in the chorus melody to Style.

    'PERFECT' x 'STYLE' MASHUP pic.twitter.com/4HTtRHGYsU

    — emily (@emilys1DAF) October 16, 2015

    [Bridge - Harry]
    And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out, oh yeah,
    And if you're looking for someone to write your break up songs about ,
    Baby I'm perfect, baby we're perfect
    harry's first solo single is pretty good imo. but seriously why is this a single, are the other 3 gonna just stand their awkwardly while the #1989muse sings?

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    Industrious production team Da Internz have crafted hits for everyone from Nicki Minaj (“Anaconda”) to Rihanna (“Birthday Cake”). Now the Chicago duo of Tuo and Kosine drops their long-awaited mixtape Everyday Is Valentine’s Day, and it comes loaded with their signature “gourmet ratchet” sound and some big-name features.

    Lil Wayne, John Legend, and Stacy Barthe come together on “Angel”—Da Internz provide a slinky breakbeat, over which Legend and Barthe trade harmonies and come-ons. Weezy talks about his girl having “a cell phone and a Tunechi phone.”

    Elsewhere, JoJo and James Fauntleroy lend smooth vocals to “Better With Love,” and Elle Varner shows off her pipes on “One of Those Nights.”

    Stream the eight tracks below.

    Also, track 8 of this mixtape might have the worst chorus I've ever heard.

    Source 1, 2

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    Mariah Carey brother report thatgrapejuice

    Nick be all like we_belong_together.mp3 but Mimi be like you_dont_know_what_to_do.mp3

    Nick apparently is likely the co-parenting groove they both have and is worried that might change if Mariah was to become an honorary Australian marry James Packer. According to sources, they say Nick would 100% get back with Mariah if given the chance, too bad for him, Mariah isn't into it and is looking to become Ms Mariah Carey-Packer

    Source: intouch


    ONTD, has an ex wanted to get back with you? was your b/pussy that powerful?

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    the season three premiere was so good tbh

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    - The Game of Thrones and Outlander coloring books come out on October 27
    - GRRM says there are plans for a coloring contest in the future
    - The Harry Potter one comes out November 10

    Source:grrm, and me browsing through Amazon

    Do you like coloring books, ONTD? Will you be coloring away your frustration with the wait for Winds of Winter?

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