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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    I love it!! Get it on iTunes here
    if you're not acquainted with Tablo yet, get on it right now

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    This summer at RIAA Headquarters, Epic Records band Fifth Harmony was SURPRISED with their first multi-Platinum award for “Worth It” featuring Kid Ink! Watch the ladies’ reaction!

    they're so cute! only 7 songs achivied multi-platinum this year! is your fave a multi-platinum artist?

    source: RIAA

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    Honestly, Mamrie Hart is hilarious, she needs to drop the two deadweights (Grace and Hannah) and go solo. Bye. (Since everyone is getting confused, this is not the caption of Reese's picture, lmao).


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    • Jay chose "Yellow" by Coldplay because it reminds him of the two of them on vacation (see: Beyonce and Jay-Z singing Yellow by Coldplay)
    • Blue chose "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid because Beyoncé sings it to her.
    • Kelly chose "What's The 411?" by Mary J. Blige and Michelle chose "Island Letter" by Shuggie Otis.
    • Solange chose "Holy Ghost" by Kim Burrell.


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    -This is the first ever Latin American Music Awards, announced by American Music Awards
    -Airs on October 8th at 8pm on Telemundo
    -Nicky Jam has 6 nominations, while J Balvin and Enrique Iglesias have 5 each
    -You can vote here

    New Artist of the Year
    Chiquis Rivera
    J Balvin
    Remmy Valenzuela

    Artist of the Year
    Calibre 50
    Enrique Iglesias
    Julión Álvarez y su Norteño Banda
    Nicky Jam
    Romeo Santos

    Single of the Year
    “Ay Vamos” – J Balvin
    “Contigo” – Calibre 50
    “El Perdón” – Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias
    “Hilito” – Romeo Santos
    “Fanática Sensual"– Plan B

    Album of the Year
    “A Quien Quiera Escuchar” – Ricky Martin
    “Cama Incendiada” – Maná
    “Hoy Más Fuerte” – Gerardo Ortiz
    “Los Dúo” – Juan Gabriel
    “Mis Número 1…40 Aniversario” – Juan Gabriel

    Favorite Urban Male Artist
    J Balvin
    Nicky Jam
    Don Omar
    Daddy Yankee

    for more nominees, check the source

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    Meghan Tonjes responds to the unfortunately well known 'Dear Fat People' video in not only a spot on, but an emotional and caring way.

    -Pretty self explanatory in that she discusses Nicole's video and why it's content and attitude is harmful as well as necessary, unfunny, and mocking what concern for a person is. She also addresses some history she has with Nicole and I think it makes her approach to this all the more in depth and more than a "angry reaction".
    -She also cries a little so warning for that.

    I watched this video rather than even do more than glance at a screen shot of Nicole's because I am not here for the heap of crap that is. This is also my first post so hopefully I didn't mess much up. :/


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    tweet | src

    All but one of these is a critical flop, although financially Pixels probably fares the best here.

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    Of course it was Farrah Abraham!

    This weeks shopping task has the British Housemates acting as the Royal Family and the US Housemates as their staff. On the surface it appeared as if the task was for the Americans to serve the Brits but since it's Big Brother and nothing is as it seems the real challenge was for the Americans to find ways to get the Royal Family to be publicly disgraced. One of the secret tasks assigned to the US team was for them to get the Royal Family to lose their cool and flip out during a tea party. The US team pretty much unanimously decided that Farrah would be the best person to piss everyone off. She was excited for the task but ended up taking it way too far and perhaps showing her true colors.

    Farrah wasted no time as soon as they sat down at the table and went in on Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton accusing her of basically having a fake relationship since she didn't share every detail about her personal life with Farrah. They went back and forth a little bit and she was called rude by James. Things started to calm down and then the following exchange happened as Austin said it would be nice for the US and UK Housemates to be reunited as the challenge was ending.

    Austin: Hopefully you're back in the room tonight.
    Farrah: So you can suck his cock? Good job.
    James: Cause you fantasize about sucking my cock, maybe that's why.
    Austin: Do you fantasize about sucking James' cock?
    Farrah: Well I didn't talk about it, you brought it up.

    Needless to say the rest of the table was basically sitting there like what the fuck (see Natasha's expression above) as Farrah went on to say that James was always acting "gay as fuck". She continued to ramble on endlessly and when James tried to get her to stop she chimed in with, "We weren't talking about you even though you want everything to be about you. Fucking gay homo."

    Farrah would not stop. She claimed that it wasn't her fault that James didn't understand English and asked if he was retarded. The British Housemates basically couldn't believe anything that they were witnessing.

    James: You're rude. You're a very rude girl. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    Farrah: Maybe next time you should have orgies with dicks in your asses.

    The table tried to shift the topic of conversation as Gail was becoming visibly upset and emotional by everything that was going on so Farrah decided to shift her outburst over to her and Natasha.

    Farrah: Natasha are you Gail's mom? Did you give her a fucking look not to talk? Dude you guys are fucking lesbians or some shit.
    James: Why did you call her a lesbian?
    Farrah: Oh well I'm sorry that you two are acting like two lesbians!

    Gail couldn't take anymore and she ran off into the bathroom with Natasha where she cried. Chloe-Jasmine also burst into tears at the table.

    "We're meant to be having nice tea and we're arguing and it's not fair!"

    In the end the US team won the challenge and the house got a luxury shopping budget for the week but Big Brother called Farrah into the Diary Room as there was absolutely no need for her to use any of the language that she did during the challenge and she was issued a warning.

    Goodbye Daniel Baldwin!

    It should have been Chris

    Source: My TV and Getty
    Who else is enjoying this mess?

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    I was bored and looking up the filming locations of various things, including the somehow-still-looks-exactly-like-it-did-in-the-movie Quick Stop and RST Video in Leonardo, NJ. One of the first reviews on the Yelp page was this:

    Granted, it was posted just slightly over a month ago, but it seemed interesting.

    No Kevin Smith tag? Really?
    Snoochie boochies

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    - xander ritz is harry's new bff who, per usual with harry's friends, has dropped everything to spend every waking moment with him
    - harry's best friend jeff azoff introduced them and they've been hanging out a lot since july
    - he spent the last week with harry on tour
    - harry visited xander's hometown in pennsylvania before one of 1d's shows with jeff and some other friends
    - some people have concluded that they're dating because they're spending a lot of time together
    - larries have collectively freaked out trying to prove they aren't dating and being their usual delusional selves

    harry and xander watching augustana perform together backstage

    harry posted this picture of xander on instagram and larries are mad because harry doesn't even follow louis lmao (he also posted a picture of a birthday cake on xander's birthday)

    source 12345678

    imagine if people didn't speculate on every single thing he did and just let him live! what a concept

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    - Marketing Agency takes out a billboard in New York's Times Square asking Apple not to call their forthcoming smartphone the iPhone 6s
    - They also parked a truck with the billboard outside Apple store on 5th Avenue
    - 6S Marketing has used the name for 15 years (with the hashtag slogan #WeAre6S) and has offices in New York, Vancouver and Toronto
    - The new iPhone will be introduced in 5 days and will unlikely change the name by then
    - Read the open letter to Apple here
    - Watch a short YouTube video of the truck & billboard here


    Will they change the name? Should they change the name? Who is buying the new iPhone 6S(7?) etc...

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    Less than a week after Manika announced that she would be releasing "I Might Go Lesbian," her single has finally dropped. The song features a verse from Tyga and clocks in just under 3 minutes long. During the song, Manika proclaims, "I'm so damn sick of men, I might go leh-eh-eh-eh-esbian."


    the music video for this is supposed to drop very soon

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    38 year old The Whispers actor Milo Ventimiglia and 25 year old Reign actress Adelaide Kane were spotted saying goodbye after having lunch in WeHo two days ago. No idea how these two even know each other.

    idk have some Adelaide #ootd selfies and hanging with ha brother instagram pics

    sources: you can see more of the JJ pics here || instagram

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    "All I knew was that it was a really steamy, racy read and my grandparents had always said that the copy was well thumbed in libraries, and one particular middle central page! But as a modern reader, post-Fifty Shades Of Grey, I was like, 'Oh, I don't see what all the fuss is about!"

    And Richard Madden talked about his tv!dad Ned Stark playing the same role in 1993: "I blocked it out of my mind, just to prevent myself being influenced."

    James Norton mentioned changes from the book: "The idea was to tell it as a love story, a love triangle, and focus on the emotions of the characters."

    Source:01, 02.
    Do you think Lady Chatterley's Lover is going to be 'the new Poldark' as the press says, ONTD?

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    tinashemomma #TeamTinashe ARE YOU READY??!!
    #PartyFavors set to drop in 1 week! 🙌
    @tinashenow #TINASHE #joyride

    "Party Favors" is said to be a "hip-hop on substance-praising" anthem, produced by Boi-1da.

    Also, seems like the instrumental from her album trailer will be an actual song on her new album, and it's going to be called "Real", featuring Young Thug:

    And she changed her bio to a phrase suggested by a fan:

    And she favorited this:

    source 1, 2, 3, 4
    ONTD, is Aquarius better than 1989? Is Tinashe better than Taylor Swift?

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    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard attend the premiere for 'Black Mass' during the 72nd Venice Film Festival on September 4, 2015 in Venice, Italy.
    afp 543892122 jpg?w=1000&h=666

    Johnny is getting rave reviews for his work as Boston crime lord James “Whitey” Bulger in the drama.
    Johnny Depp Black Mass Premiere 72nd Venice SL 5

    Johnny Depp Black Mass Premiere 72nd Venice n TE

    Johnny Depp Black Mass Premiere 72nd Venice Ad Rp

    Johnny Depp Black Mass Premiere 72nd Venice L8 XZ

    Johnny Depp Black Mass Premiere 72nd Venice lh V4


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    • Variety review mentions Carey Mulligan as the standout but seems more focused on how the movie is historically relevant given the ACLU sexism charges + Clinton's campaign

    • Screendaily thinks the script is a bit clunky but likes it as a whole

    • The Hollywood Reporter gives it a big rave especially for director Sarah Gavron, writer Abi Morgan and star Carey Mulligan, only complaining that the beginning is a little slow

    • Timeout London spends the whole review basically praising Mulligan and saying she deserves awards

    This is from a guy who works for The Guardian but is not a critic:

    source 123456

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    In an interview with InStyle magazine the model & actress was quoted as saying.

    Whenever “anyone comes up to me about Blurred Lines, I’m like, ‘Are we seriously talking about a video from three years ago?’”. She called the video the “bane of my existence” &said she “wasn’t into the idea” of the video in the first place and that she thought that she “came off as a bit annoyed” in the video.

    Source: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/sep/04/emily-ratajkowski-blurred-lines-video?CMP=fb_us

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    - have seen in Soho with his publicist,

    - will start promoting Crimson Peak soon.


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