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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    part 1 + part 2

    -Ironically it was because of Captain America: Civil War that brought the civil war in Marvel Studios to a boiling point between Feige and Perlmutter.
    -Because of Civil War's huge cast the budget was way bigger than the typical solo movie Marvel produces and that didn't bode well with Perlmutter.
    -Perlmutter and the creative committee wanted to scale it down (the article also mentions that the committee wont be disbanded but there influence on the movies will be minimal at best now).
    -Because of them Feige contemplated leaving Marvel until Disney's Bob Iger stepped in and amended the situation.
    -Another source claims that it was because Age of Ultron didn't live up to expectations financially and Feige used that as leverage to push out Perlmutter.

    *adele's "rolling in the deep" starts playing in the distance*
    also, you all need to help me come up with a creative name for this marvel shakeup just incase we get more dirt about it in the future.

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  • 09/03/15--20:59: Blind Item post
  •  photo tumblr_static_merthur_zpsaqdl8ivs.jpg

    This child star is on on a hugely popular show. He’s grown up before your eyes and is in his mid teen years. He’s an out and open homosexual, but that information won’t be released any time soon.

    Who is our child star?


    mods forgot to add source in the first submission

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    ONTD-- do you often get accused of looking bitchy & then have to explain, "That's just the way my face is."?

    Well, Dianna Agron-- queen of smiles and sunshine-- has the cure you're looking for!

    She recently spoke with Elle about her eternal sunshine demeanor.

    "The photographer tells whatever story they want," Agron says, "If they catch you when you're smiling, you look like a happy child, and if they get you when you're yelling, you look like a psychopath."

    "27 was a really hard transitional year," she says. "I lost a friend. Work was slow. All those things they say about heading into your later 20s all rang true." She's now 29 and says,"I'm happier than I've ever been in my life." Agron is in love—she's been daing Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons."I don't have time for dwelling too much. I have the most fabulous girlfriends and the most fabulous man," she says. "We all have problems, but for the most part, what's stressful today probably isn't going to be stressful tomorrow." ​

    Read the rest of the interview HERE for more deets!



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    Here are some excerpts from the interview she had with the Inquirer:

    On being tongue tied aroud Robert De Niro:"It took me a few weeks to stop feeling tongue-tied around him and that can happen to me, anyway. I have all these memories of the early moments of filming of either me standing next to him in silence, trying to think of something to say and then coming up with a really lame joke. About three weeks in, I finally relaxed. We just started shooting the breeze every day. He was so easy to talk to after that."

    On advice and director Garry Marshall:"...best advice that I have ever gotten, the first one I got as a film actor was from (director) Garry Marshall. It was a gift, a gem piece of advice to get when I was starting out at 17 years old. We haven’t started making “The Princess Diaries” yet. He said, “I can’t promise you that this movie will be successful. I am going to do my best and you are going to do your best. But we are not really in control of when a movie finds an audience, if it finds an audience. The only thing we can control is the time that we have making it. I am planning on having a great time making it and I hope that you plan on having a great time making it, too."

    On gender inequality in Hollywood:"
    Sadly, I think the gender disparity is across all fields. There’s a lot of strides to be made. In Hollywood specifically, we need better roles for women. We need studios actively looking to launch franchises for women. We need more female superheroes with their own franchises. If this is the moment of the superhero, then we need the ladies up there on the screen."

    Anne continues by bringing up ONTD fave JLaw..."
    It’s frustrating. I hate reading the statistics. They are discouraging, but they also ignite a fire in my belly. I am sure a lot of other people feel the same way. I would like to give like three billion cheers to Jennifer Lawrence for negotiating the first US$20-million contract for a woman. How brilliant that she stood by her guns and said, “I know that I am worth this.” We just need to clone Jennifer Lawrence and everything will be fine (laughs)."

    Full interview at the source!

    ONTD, should we clone Jennifer Lawrence? What about AnnE?


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    He will be playing antagonist Cornell Stokes, aka Cottonmouth.

    Good choice👍👍👍

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    Pink has taken to Twitter to clarify her earlier comments on the VMAs:


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    Tom Hardy brought his dog Woodstock, better known as Woody, to the Legend premiere. He spent his time chasing pigeons, photobombing fan and cast shots and kissing his human.


    ah, I forgot to add... pet post! please post pics of your babies, I need a late night pick-me-up. <3

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  • 09/04/15--05:38: Dominion 2X10 promo


    Oh look, Julian somehow survived to return another season. Gabe, that's the Darkness talking, you don't really want to kill Michael, what you want is to hug it out. And I knew something was fishy about that yellow energy thingy that transferred into Michael when he did the sacrifice, looks like it's catching up to him now. How much you guys wanna bet Gates is dying next episode? They'd better not kill Noma, that's all I'm saying.

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    -Says if she could avoid pregnancy, she would have five children
    -She's very petite "down there," wants to avoid pain and is afraid of ripping (horrifying)
    -Escaped morning sickness but has given in to her pregnancy cravings: "If I do crave anything, it's bubbles. I like fizz in my drinks like Shirley Temples."
    -Has only gained 5 pounds.
    -Now that she's pregnant, she no longer cares about her appearance but is still waiting to see how bad her stretch marks will be


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    That "Side 1" comment at the start makes me think the first album half will be upbeat and the second half slow jams.  Praying this video leaves the creepy dad home movies out.

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  • 09/04/15--06:13: 'Emotions' turns 24!
  • 3649730977 671dfd16b4 o

    Emotions was Mariah Carey's lead single of the same-titled album. Emotions was also Mariah's 5th consecutive #1 single, she is the only person to ever have their first 5 singles reach #1, before the release of 'Emotions', Mariah shared the record of 4 #1's with the Jackson 5. It reached the top spot in its 7th week and spent 3 weeks there, it then spent 20 weeks in top 40.

    • The track was nominated for the 1992 Grammy Award for 'Best Female Vocal Performance'

    • 'You're so Cold' was meant to be the lead single of her second album. This was changed when 'Emotions' was created

    • Emotions only got a Gold certification and sold roughly 500,000 in the US

    • Outside of the US, Emotions was Mariah's biggest hit since Vision of Love

    The Music Video:



    Source: youtube 12 3 wiki

    I don't know if it's real
    But I like the way I feel

    ONTD, does Mimi got you feelin' emotions?

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    Follow up to THIS post!

    source: https://twitter.com/ddlovato

    P!nk didn't even mention Demi in her original comment. What kind of self drag, tbh!

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    - she's 21

    - stepped out sans bra and theres a pic (at source)

    - currently at NYU for women's studies with a focus on "the portrayal of women in film and culture."


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    Italian actress Lisa Fusco's attempt to dazzle the home viewing audience with a spontaneous attempt at the splits went terribly wrong and left her struggling in pain. View the video and feel the burn...


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    Troye's new EP 'WILD' is out now.
    Never was a fan but his new EP is so good tbh

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    Citizen Radio is a news and entertainment podcast that covers pop culture, politics and news from a progressive perspective. Recently, they discussed the newest Taylor Swift video, Wildest Dreams, and referenced some of the lyrics during their podcast.

    That's when Taylor's legal team sprung into action

    SOURCE (Allison Kilkenny's twitter)

    ontd, does your fave's legal team do the most?

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    According to OK! Magazine, yes.
    - he wants her to stay away from relationships for 6 months
    - he thinks her love life is becoming toxic (who doesn't love the taste of poison paradise?)
    - is doing this to "rebuild her confidence"


    Probably fan fiction but if it's not then yikes. She could use a break from relationships but it's her life and it's sad if this is true. I can't help but think she must be so lonely.

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    @khloekardashian: Sisters keeping me straight with @lyfe_tea Keeping my waist trim and cravings down. Great addition to my healthy lifestyle! @lyfe_tea #bestteatoxever #lyfetea

    @kendalljenner: bed all day. Rodeo tonight.

    @kimkardashian: Last selfie for the night. Thanks again for the instalove

    sources: 1,2,3.

    a few of you wanted this in the FFAF, don't let me down ONTD!

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    Ever since Kermit the Frog broke up with Miss Piggy and starting dating a new pig called Denise, social media has been in an uproar. A few quotes collected by the Guardian.

    "Interesting, since Miss Piggy became a feminist she and kermit broke up and kermit is dating someone younger "

    "Who Kermit new girl? He got tired of ms. Piggy being a feminist"

    "#Kermit just seems like Woody Allen now; A neurotic, skinny frog taking advantage of naive piglets. #TeamPiggy"

    "What kind of message are the Muppets sending now that Kermit dating a skinny pig? Jim Henson must be doing somersaults"


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