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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Figured I'd make a post for the press Chris and Anthony did yesterday at D23.


    Lots of banter but here's a few of the Civil War related points:

    -Chris thinks they're doing a good job of balancing the storylines and characters
    -The Steve, Bucky, and Sam relationship is about understanding and respect. Cap trusts Falcon the most having known him the least.
    -They both love Disney.
    -Describe CW as a family dispute. Describe the characters as people who care about each other and want to make up.
    -New uniforms, more broader action sequences.

    Source / Source / Source

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    On my way to the FOX Teen Choice Awards rocking my Esquivel shoes and yellow socks! #beachpartystyle #teenchoice

    Posted by Jaime Camil on Sunday, 16 August 2015

    Watch here

    If you have more links, put them in the comments and I will add them into the post! 

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    2 B5 F39 BB00000578 3198724 image a 8 1439586998591

    This shot was taken in 1988!, This was during the time Mariah was singing backup for Brenda K Star and 2 years before Mimi would go on and release her debut album that would sell 5 million copies and produce 4 #1 singles, wat kinda debut slayage?!

    Mariah would then go on to achieve a total of 18 #1 singles, a net worth of half a billion dollars and album sales of more than 200 million with a career spanning 25 years!!!

    Will wasn't relevant at the time

    Source: twitter


    ONTD, what look was your fav sporting pre-debut? did they go on to release a #1 debut album that spawned 4 #1 singles?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Marlee Matlin, the only deaf actress to win an Oscar for her starring role in 1986 film “Children of a Lesser God” (and at 21, the youngest to date) will be making her Broadway debut in Deaf West’s innovative upcoming revival of “Spring Awakening.”

    When asked if she was now gunning for EGOT status, given her Oscar and several Emmy nominations, Ms. Matlin joked that she was working on voice lessons for an upcoming album. “The first Deaf EGOT. Wouldn’t that be something?” she wrote via email.

    Matlin grew up performing in plays and musicals in sign language at the Center on Deafness in Chicago. In addition to her star-making film debut, she has become known for her iconic roles in TV shows including Seinfeld, The West Wing, and The L Word.

    For her Broadway debut, Matlin will be playing Frau Gabor (Melchior's mother). Melchior’s best friend, Moritz, is also deaf in this production, and Frau Gabor “serves as a role model and source of compassion and inspiration” to him, according to Matlin.

    Also joining the cast will be fellow deaf actor Russell Harvard, who recently wowed critics as the villainous Mr. Wrench in "Fargo." He previously made his film debut in There Will Be Blood, and later won great acclaim for his starring role in the Off-Broadway hit production of Tribes. Harvard, who will be playing Moritz's father, was born in Pasadena, Texas into a third-generation deaf family.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Rounding out the new adult hearing members of the cast will be Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Camryn Manheim (“The Practice," "Ghost Whisperer") playing Wendla's mother, and Drama Desk Award nominee Patrick Page (Cymbeline, Casa Valentina, Spider-Man, Hunchback of Notre Dame), who will play the teacher and headmaster.

    The Spring Awakening revival is a Broadway transfer of Deaf West Theatre's recent Los Angeles production, performed simultaneously in American Sign Language and spoken and sung in English by a cast of 27. Michael Arden is directing and Spencer Liff is choreographing the production of Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater’s 2006 musical, which will open at the Brooks Atkinson Theater in September for a limited engagement though January 9, 2016.

    Re-worded from Source 1 + 2

    I am so goddamn excited for this show to open next month. It will be a game changer.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Kendall and Kim Jr have an eBay page where they auction some of their old stuff, percentage of their proceeds apparently go to The Children's Hospital of LA. Now what's caught up some peoples attention is that most of the items seem to consist of Tyga's flop merch line with bids starting as low as $5.50.

    Hey, gotta pay for child support that new Ferrari, right?


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    drake watched serena play in the semifinals of the rogers cup last night
    serena shockingly ended up losing 18-year-old swiss belinda bencic, who won the tournament, her first tier 1 title today
    it was queenrena's second loss OF THE YEAR
    fireworks marked the end of the semifinals, and they set them off every year (and were on the schedule as well), but drake and many serena fans were upset because it was "disrespectful"
    drake called it "the most disgusting display!"
    eyewitnesses claim that drake was tearful after her loss lmao
    videos under the cut

    source sourcesource

    idk why people are mad about this when it was planned and on the schedule for the tournament lmao. drake needs to stop, it would have been set off if serena won too.

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     photo tayselena_zpsmqrq4wal.png

    Original #Squad member, Selena Gomez, talked with Manchester radio station KEY 3 about her relationship with #SquadLeader, Taylor Swift and had this to say about her BFF's support through her tumultuous relationship with Justin Beiber.

    "If anything Taylor’s just been such an incredible inspiration and she’s just like one of my biggest supporters and I don’t think people know that as much as they think that she is. She has always wanted to see me find what makes me different and never forced her opinion too much; she would just tell me what she believed and what she thinks I should do and I’ve known her for eight years, so it’s something that we’ve always kind of been in tune with. At the AMAs when I performed ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ she was like sobbing backstage and she’s like, ‘I’m so proud of you, that was everything I always wanted people to see about you’."


    ONTD, do you hate your BFFs taste in men?

    Never forget...

     photo taylorselena_zpsevy6kqin.gif

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    10. Bad Blood - Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar
    7. High by the Beach - Lana Del Rey
    5. The Hills - The Weeknd
    4. Lean On - Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MO
    2. Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd


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    you may know calvin as 1/2 of the beigest couple on earth with taylor swift. after coming after zayn and deleting and backtracking in the process, twitter started to dig up receipts on calvin's messiness. people asked me to make this in the other post, so here's an ode to calvin's true self!

    1) Lady Gaga exposing Calvin Harris

    Back in 2012 when calvin first made it big, calvin went on some show and talked about how lady gaga sent him some samples back before she was big, in hopes of a collab, but calvin was too busy and had bigger and better things to do.

    lady gaga said that was basically bullshit and called him out! even exposing him as a bit of a misogynist!

    2) Calvin making his stage name Calvin because it's "racially ambiguous"

    self explanatory. he's a dumbass

    "My first single was more of a soul track, and I thought Calvin Harris sounded a bit more racially ambiguous.

    "I thought people might not know if I was black or not."

    3) calvin canceling last minute on katy perry

    calvin was supposed to be an opener for katy perry's teenage dream tour and he cancelled last minute because he didn't like his set arrangements. after calvin made a passive aggressive tweet about it, katy perry then went to twitter to reveal calvin's true diva self.

    4) Calvin banning Rita Ora from promoting her single because they broke up

    Rita Ora and Calvin had a really messy break up a year ago, and he was all up on the twitter claiming he had good reason to treat her like crap after they broke up.

    basically, he wrote and produced rita ora's single, and they broke up shortly after it was released. calvin was mad as hell about it, and decided to sabotage her career and banned her from performing it on TV at an awards show. the single flopped and rita ora is out here still struggling today. so watch out for that taylor/calvin breakup: it might get too real

    here are some HONORABLE MENTIONS of calvin being racist, misogynistic, and a general mess

    also this post if you want to see more douchebaggery

    sourcesourcesource source

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    Bless @ Revenge's promo team getting rescued from the brink of unemployment, am already excited to see how green-screened they can make North Dakota.

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    The newest entry of the 'Every Single Word' project has shown that in the entire 8 films (1,207 minutes in total) of the Harry Potter series, people of colour only spoke for (less than) 6. The 'Every Single Word' project was created by Dylan Marron, to show how little we see of people of colour in mainstream films. In the past it has covered movies like Black Swan, The Lord Of The Rings triology, and Her.

    1,207 minutes is over 20 hours long (including credits). Here is the 6 minute video of the 12 PoC characters in Harry Potter and the entirety of their lines.

    Dylan wrote a disappointed Facebook message about the alarmingly small roles for people of colour in the Harry Potter franchise below:

    I just finished editing all the Harry Potter films for the Every Single Word project. Here are the stats: Out of the...

    Posted by Dylan Marron on Monday, 17 August 2015


    If you're interested, you can follow Every Single Word's Tumblr and Youtube.

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    So I decided to make an top 10 best debut (in kpop) and this list will only include girl groups because I don’t listen do boy groups.

    I also decided to NOT INCLUDE GROUPS FROM THE BIG 3 (YG/SM/JYP) because I think it’s quite obvious that groups from these companies will have a good debut song. And if I did include them they would take up like..the entire list..

    1. SPICA - Russian Roulette

    Debut: 2012
    Company: B2M Entertainment
    Latest (comeback) Song: You Don't Love Me

    SPICA released their first single ``Potently´´ in 2012 but Russian Roulette was their debut single.
    In 2014 the group released their first English song ``I Did it´´.
    The group also created their first sub-unit Spica.S that pretty much included all the members except Boa.

    2. A Pink – I Don’t Know

    Debut: 2011
    Company: A Cube
    Latest (comeback) Song: Remember
    Made their Japanese debut in 2014.
    Member Hong Yoo-kyung left the group in 2013.

    3. KARA – Break It

    Debut: 2007
    Company: DSP Media
    Latest (comeback) Song: Cupid

    Debut in 2007 with 4 members Kim Sung-hee, Park Gyu-ri, Han Seung-yeon & Nicole Jung, the same year Kim Sung-Hee left the group and was replaces with Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung. In 2014 both Nicole and Jiyoung left the group and was later replaced with Heo Youngji.
    Made their Japanese debut in 2010.
    Their butt-dance from the song ``Mister´´ gave them a lot of attention.

    4. After School - AH

    Debut: 2009
    Company: Pledis Entertainment
    Latest (comeback) Song: First Love

    Has a graduation concept.
    Debut with 5 member (Soyoung, Bekah, Kahim, Jooyeon & Jungah) the group got their sixth member UEE when they released the song ``Diva´´. Soyoung graduated in October the same year and member Raina and Nana was added for the groups latest comeback ``Because of You´´. In 2010 the group got another member Lizzy and in 2011 E-Young was added and Bekah was graduated. In 2012 Kaeun became the group’s latest member while their leader Kahi graduated the same year. In 2014 decided Jooyeon to graduate and Jungah remains the last original member of the group.
    Has a sub-unit called Orange Caramel and it includes Rania, Nana and Lizzy.

    5. Hello Venus - Venus

    Debut: 2012
    Company: Tricell Medias
    Latest (comeback) Song: I'm Ill

    In 2014 the member Yoo Ara and Yoonjo left the groups and was re-placed with two new members Seoyoung and Yeoreum.

    6. Secret – I Want You Back

    Debut: 2009
    Company: TS Entertainment
    Latest (comeback) Song: I’m in Love

    Made their Japanese debut in 2011 with the song Madonna.
    Are known for their good bodies (aka boobs)
    Song Jieun was the first from her group to make a solo debut in 2011 with the song Going Crazy (ft Bang Yong Guk)
    Jun Hyoseong was the second member of the group to have an solo in 2014

    7. Mamamoo – Mr. Ambiguous

    Debut: 2014
    Company: WA Entertainment
    Latest (comeback) Song: Um Oh Ah Yeh

    Are well known for their powerful vocals.
    Won Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards`` New Artist of The Year´´ in 2014.
    Their fan club have over 30.000 members.

    8. GFriend – Glass Bead

    Debut: 2015
    Company: Source Music
    Latest (comeback) Song: Me gustas tu


    Ehh..I honestly don’t know shit about this group but the debut this year so it’s probably not that much info about them anyway..

    9. Ladies Code

    Debut: 2013
    Company: Polaris Entertainment
    Latest (comeback) Song: Kiss Kiss

    Won Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards ``New Artist of the Year´´ in 2013.
    The group was also in a car accident in 2014 were the members RiSe and EunB unfortunately passed away (RIP ~ ♥). The group have since then been on break but the members Zuny, Sojung & Ashley realized the song ``I’m Fine Thank You´´ in memory for RiSE and EunB.

    10. 4 Minute

    Debut: 2009
    Company: Cube Entertainment
    Latest (comeback) Song: Crazy.

    Was compered to 2ne1 when they debut.
    Hyuna is also an ex –Wonder Girls member.
    Made their Japanese debut in 2010.
    Hyuna was the first member to get an solo in 2010 with the song ``Change´´. Hyuna have also been in a sub-unit called Trouble Maker with Hyunseung (from B2ST).
    In 2013 members Gayoon and Jiyoon created the sub-unit 2YOON.

    Source: 12345678910

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    -Gwen returns as judge for the voice taking over another irrelevant bleach blonde this season.

    -The rich girl na na na is joined by never in range singer Selena Gomez.

    Tune in for a Bubble Pop Electric good time!


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    - writer watched every Mariah music video ever and ranked them. also pulled out the funniest moment from each in gif form.


    Which Mariah video is your fave, ONTD?

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    According to the article, it promises "sexual gymnastics". Heh. But yay for Queen Holliday back on my screen ♥

    ... Also, book post!

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    The introduction of Apple music has upped the pressure on Spotify, and not just to keep their market share. Inspired by Taylor Swift's decision to single-handedly change music forever, more major labels and big artists are putting on pressure to limit access for free Spotify users. That's good for Apple, who already has a subscription-only service, but shitty for everyone who can't afford a subscription.

    If Apple Music stays popular after its 3-month trial runs out on October 1, more labels will be encouraged to pull their music and go for more exclusive deals, like Taylor.

    SOURCE (paraphrased by me)

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    The couple were married in 2013 and planned to wait to have children until Kelsey Porter was diagnosed with Huntington's disease. They welcomed son, McCoy Lee Porter in May of 2015 after undergoing IVF treatments to ensure that their viable embryos were not carriers of the disease.

    skittishkid: "More than just about #BabyBoyMcCoy, the @peoplemag article signifies my brave wife @KiwiPorter, and our family, joining the battle against #HuntingtonsDisease and the mission to raise awareness about it. We experienced a lot over the last 18 months and took great measures to make sure we didn't pass along the gene. The hope is one day to have a way to fight and prevent this disease for all. It's time to fight. Thank you all for reading... Oh, and #truffle says thank you as well."


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    -Was in court after assaulting Insurge Pictures executive Daniele Bernfeld at a nightclub
    -Emile pled guilty to the charge and was able to secure a plea deal
    -He will now go to jail for 15 days, do 50 hours of community service and a pay a fine of $4,750
    -The maximum sentence he could've faced was five years
    -Daniele thinks the plea deal is too light since he caused her major damage by grabbing her from behind, putting her in a chokehold and pulling her across a table before landing on her and putting his hand around her neck.
    -His lawyer said that he's been sober since the incident and has repeatedly displayed remorse for his actions.


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