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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    How's your saturday, ONTD?

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    B.o.B released a new song on August 13th (and an entire new album of the same name) that samples a Britney Spears song, Outta This World, from her 2007 (and best imo) album Blackout


    ONTD, has your faves song ever been sampled by another artist?

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    In a interview with Express.co.uk, ONTD's 6th sexiest actress shared her thoughts on her Game of Thrones character Margaery and compared her to Kim Kardashian.

    “The most modern of all the characters in Game Of Thrones. She is very much a PR genius. Now she would be one of those It girls, tweeting and Instagramming their latest dresses and raising money for orphanages by running half-marathons. She’d be rivalling Kim Kardashian for numbers of followers on Twitter and Instagram!” she said.

    On Game of Thrones' help to her career: “Thrones has helped us all. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in that cast who hasn’t had a great springboard from the show. It’s given us all a boost. We bring something to Thrones and Thrones brings something to us. It’s the perfect marriage – unlike Seymour’s!”


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    First trip to #Disneyland!!! #myfirstears. Mummy, this is for you! #d23expo @disneystudios

    Geekin' out at #Disney #d23expo

    Double Duty at Disney. #Disney #d23expo #StarWars #ForceAwakens #TheJungleBook @DisneyStudios

    Met my #TheJungleBook son #Mowgli for the first time today, Neel Sethi. And we watched a teaser with the #d23expo crowd for the first time. The world is in for a TREAT. @DisneyStudios @theneelsethi

    Well, this is clearly what courage looks like. #Disneyland with #TeamLN #d23expo

    Lupita was at D23 Expo for another project "Queen of Katwe". The film is based on a true story of a young, Ugandan chess prodigy, Phiona Mutesi. Lupita will play Phiona's mother.

    first source I second source
    third source I fourth source
    fifth source I sixth source

    the queen thanks you for your love. be blessed, children.

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    Some details about it:

    SOURCE 1& 2
    yasss, I wasn't expecting this but it sounds great!

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    Tom Hardy, his beloved dog Woody, and writer/director Brian Helgeland introduce their Kray Twins crime biopic, Legend, at a private preview screening in London on August 13, 2015. Better angle of Woody here (video won't embed).

    Hardy: "In all honesty, this is, for me, probably the hardest thing that I've tried to do in my career, trying to pull off a couple of characters in the same film...a huge risk, obviously, for Brian [Helgeland]...We had ten weeks to put it up and we didn’t have the facilities to create a CGI world. Everything is as is. We didn’t know what we were fucking doing – well, I didn’t – and I tried to pretend I did...I hope you have a lovely viewing experience, and I'll leave you with Woody."

    has your pet ever tried to steal your thunder, ontd?

    Source 1, 2

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    source: yt

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     photo 2B6251EE00000578-0-image-m-132_1439637625637_zpszfqihmyi.jpg

     photo 2B6251EE00000578-0-image-m-132_1439637625637_zpszfqihmyi.jpg

     photo 2B6251F200000578-0-image-m-134_1439638011934_zps8h3wrb36.jpg

     photo 2B5FC8DA00000578-0-image-m-141_1439638590794_zps5zl3tcfp.jpg

     photo 2B5FC95200000578-0-image-m-142_1439638609118_zpsumbn19nw.jpg

     photo 2B5FCC3500000578-3199172-image-m-161_1439640287744_zps5pqugfid.jpg

    The sign/booklet she's holding says "Fuck who doesn't like my heart".

    mods the source is a legit fansite

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    Jill and Derick recently arrived in Central America to tell local people how they aren't the right type of Christians and provide them with autographed photos of the Duggar family.

    Jill, still unable to properly wear her baby.

    Like Cortés, Pizarro, and the many white saviors who came before him, Jill's baby Israel has stunned the people of the Americas with his mysterious European features. According to Derick, "Israel seems to be adjusting to the new climate, culture, food (via mom’s milk), and language faster than Jill and I are. In fact, he has been the talk of the town. Everywhere we go, people here about and want to see and hold the, 'big blue-eyed, white baby' LOL."

    Despite begging for money in order to do their mission work, the Dillards managed to fly back to the United States after only a few weeks in Central America to attend a wedding. Though the wedding is in Tenneesee, Jill, Jessa, and Michelle were spotted sight-seeing in Times Square. The Dillards originally stated they would be away from the states for an extended period of time. It is unknown if they will be going back to do mission work or if the donor funds ran out quicker than expected.

    Sources: 1&2

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    Continuing on from (everyone's fave) ONTD user wavvy's throroughly investigated and truthful post a while ago about the most iconic Swift performances, I'm here to provide more!

    In no particular order, here we go!

    Tonight, VMAs commerical, 2009

    Truly a mess.

    Best moments: All of it really, but for the struggle of all struggles watch 0:47 - 1:00

    Trouble & WANGBT, New Year's Rockin' Eve, 2013

    Showing that she has put absolutely no effort into improving her vocals since the tragic Tonight performance, Taylor brings in the New Year in the worst way possible. She walks around boringly, and does those weird hand movements that she thinks looks good for whatever reason.

    Best moments:0:52 - 0:57 where a fan looks visibly shocked at what she's hearing, 2:43 - 3:10 for more painfully flat notes and fan reactions. 6:07 - 6:18 is absolute gold.

    Thug Story, CMT, 2009

    In which Taylor engages in stereotypes about rappers (they all have guns and rap about the club), and wears grills.

    Best moments: The entire thing is Taylor attempting to come across as dorky and relatable; "I knit sweaters, yo" at 1:08.

    Shake It Off, VMAs, 2014

    In a song about her haters, Taylor continues to prove to them that she still can't sing or perform. You can listen to the isolated vocals of this performance here.

    Best moments: Bad lip-syncing from 2:16 - 2:24, the note she tries to reach at 3:45, and her thinking she slayed it.

    Trouble, BRIT Awards, 2013

    Taylor tries to be sexy and dance.

    Best moments: Her "sexy reveal" at 1:58, the vocals and dubstep "dancing" from 2:40 -3:30.


    ONTD, would you stan somebody who is terrible live?

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    -Morgan Freeman's step-granddaughter was stabbed to death on a Manhattan sidewalk early on Sunday morning.

    -When police arrived at the scene they found E'Dena Hines, 33, unresponsive with stab wounds to her torso outside a building in the Washington Heights area of New York City just before 3:00 a.m.

    -Her ex-boyfriend was standing over her body screaming and the knife was recovered at the scene. Police arrested the man and took him to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

    -Police have not yet said if the man is facing any charges nor do they know what made him ‘snap.’

    -E'Dena Hines is the granddaughter of Freeman's first wife Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. She is sometimes referred as Freeman's goddaughter in addition to his step-granddaughter.


    jesus fucking christ.. this is horrifying! that poor woman.. :( RIP.

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    Follow up to this flop, troll post.

    Selena talking about Chris Brown not being on her new album “Revival” in her interview with Max from Capital FM


    So it looks like they were just following each other because they attend the same Church (cult).


    Did you guys rush to believe the Chris Brown rumor? Are you still loving GFY? Are your ready for Same Old Love?

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    badgalriri #bishwhere #thedevilisaliar #shesnotthatintoyou #shesnotintoyouatall #shesneverevenmetyou #thisactuallyhurtmyfeelings #defamationofcharacter

    -Matt Barnes, presumably an NBA player for the Memphis Grizzlies was apparently rumored to be dating Rihanna
    -His ex Gloria Govan even went as far as to say Rihanna could have him
    -Rihanna has responded via instagram to deny the rumours.

    Source // Source

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    The Broad City battle is on! Abbi Jacobson starts us out with a soulful performance of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" by Jennifer Hudson (from the Dreamgirls Original Soundtrack). Ilana Glazer closes us out with an electric rendition of "It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls.

    ROUND 2:

    WHO WON???

    source 12

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    -Janelle Monáe performed "Tightrope" and "Yoga" on NBC's Today Show

    -Savannah Guthrie began to talk over Janelle's performance as Janelle showed her support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement

    -Janelle's full statement can be seen at the source, or behind the cut:

    -Janelle appeared on Hot 97 with Jidenna to talk about "Classic Man"

    -Talking about Iggy Azalea, Janelle said "Hey, she steal from us, we steal back."


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    Last week, Matt Bomer’s brother from another mother chatted with Men’s Health UK about bums and boners and how unsexy it is to flash your junk to a room full of gaffers and best boys and the dude holding the boom mic during the filming of a sex scene. Well, he’s talking about sex again, but this time it’s about how playing Superman is like fucking. Lay down a tarp, and get ready for your brain to imagine a 7″ rod of kryptonite being used in a truly nasty way. Henry tells The Guardian:
    “It’s like shagging someone for the first time. Sometimes it turns out to be amazing. Mostly you’re trying to get each other’s rhythm going. It’s on the next go that you start to expand.”

    “If you were to meet a bird out in a bar and bring her home, she’s expecting Superman. This is not Superman and she’s going to be mega-disappointed. There’s a blessing in being Superman. You get more attention. But there’s also a curse, which is that you’d better fucking look like Superman any time you need to get your kit off.”
    What do you thin


    If you had the option, would you have sex with Clark Kent or Henry Cavill? 👀

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    Trisha Paytas doesn't understand why she has to pause when the n-word comes on in a song she's jamming out to. In the video, Trisha feels like our culture is too sensitive, and that white people have become the enemy. She claims her love for black culture, and she has tons of black friends.

    Here are some quotes:
    - Referenced MTV's recent documentary White People: "I'm scared to say anything because I don't want to offend. It's come to this point where, if you're straight, white; you're the enemy. This is white racism."
    - "I literally thought I was supposed to be black. Like, just cause I like the culture, I like the men. I like the way the women look. My body is definitely built more of the African American stature. With the hips..."
    - "I would just throw that word around. Because to them it was nothing. So to me it was nothing. It wasn't meant to offend. Our culture has become soooo sensitive."
    - "We should not censor ourselves. I'm not gonna censor myself."
    - "I am not a bad person if I want to sing along to a Nicki Minaj song. I am not a bad person for watching Quentin Tarantino movies."


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    Source: Instagram

    lmao, she cannot be serious

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    Madonna abuses dancers, pays very little and expects a lot

    - Madonna's diva behavior has gotten so bad during tour rehearsals that people are walking out!

    - One of the dancers has had her arm broken during rehearsals and instead of showing concern, Madonna had a meltdown about her rehearsal not being on time.

    - Everyone is forced to wear head-to-toe black at all times and there is a ban on "fat people" around her

    - She expects dancers to drop every other jobthey have and work for minimal pay because "they are lucky to be in her presence"

    - The dancers are complaining that Madonna is overworking them and now declared mutiny on her. It all started when one dancer took off his credentials, threw it in her face and said,‘F*ck you. I quit!'”


    happy birthday, Madonna!

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    #FullClubhouse http://t.co/1MkMdGfuUZ Starring @bcraw35 @mm_duffy @JeremyAffeldt @hunterpence Javier Lopez @JoePanik and Bruce Bochy

    — San Francisco Giants (@SFGiants) August 14, 2015


    Which early 90s corny ass tv shows have your favorite teams parodied, ONTD?

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