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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    -French magazine Oops! had a story about Leo getting Rihanna pregnant but not wanting the baby

    -Leo won a lawsuit against the magazine so now they have to print a condemnation of their story

    -The ruling was based on an amalgam of defamation and privacy where the truth or falsity of the story wasn't essential to the court's verdict.

    -Oops! tried to argue that Leo's never denied being in a relationship with her, but the court says that the story was likely to cause harm to Leo, it's an interference of privacy, and there was no solid evidence either way

    what's your favorite celebrity tabloid story?

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    - Days before Fantastic Four opened, director Josh Trank sent an email to some members of the cast and crew to say he was proud of the film, which, he wrote, was "better than 99 percent of the comic-book movies ever made."

    "I don't think so," responded one castmember.

    - article highlights the multiple issues on set, from trank's dogs shitting up the hotel to the numerous, messy reshoots
    - says that the studio and the director are both to blame

    SOURCE has a lot more, thanks to idontwannago55 for linking it in the roundup.

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    Preorder starts tomorrow and you get a free track called "Fly Away" immediately.

    Also, their EP "She's Kinda Hot" comes out on August 28th (as does BADLANDS!1!!!!1)


    i'm not expecting much comments on music (that are positive or on topic) from ontd tbh

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    - at 15 she was wearing size 32F (she's only 5'1)
    - Award shows were tough because she was very aware of the "she's dressing age-appropriate" comments
    - She had a lot of back and neck problems
    - Her screen mom Julie Bowen has been very supportive
    - She has no contact to her biological mother
    - After surgery she's a 34D now

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    ONTD fav Nick Jonas is obviously a perfectionist! Not only does he deliver angelic studio vocals every time he opens his mouth but he also throws the best birthday parties. Nick rented out the Stubhub Center in LA for a star-studded surprise birthday soccer match against the LA Galaxy. Famous faces included 2 (out of 3) Jonas Brothers, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Taylor Swift!

    Paraphrased from @POPSUGAR. Instagram, 1, 2. YouTube.

    ONTD: Who would you invite to your bday party??

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     photo hailey-baldwin-kendall-jenner-tattoo-inline_zpsd15dk5s7.jpg


    Tattoo Post!! I actually think this is really cute, whatever. SHOW ME YOUR TATTOOSSSSSS.

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  • 08/12/15--14:51: Tabloid Cover Wednesday
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    He will come as a fully-formed character from his own show
    He is just there for one episode and the writers are almost certain they won't keep him

    oh of course that's why Laurel will interact with him....why does everything revolve around Sara ffs why can't Laurel have nice things


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    Written by John McNamara, directed by Jay Roach, and starring Bryan Cranston, Helen Mirren, Diane Lane, John Goodman, Elle Fanning, and Louis C.K.

    Trumbo will premiere at TIFF in September, with an official release date of November 6, 2015.


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    - August 9 was the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki
    - Disney Japan tweeted that day saying the equivalent of its "Alice in Wonderland" line, "A very merry unbirthday to you," which in Japanese is "なんでもない日おめでとう" [roughly: congratulations on an unnotable day]
    - Japanese netizens were understandably outraged
    - Disney later took down the tweet and apologized saying they would take greater care with the account in the future


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    -On Donald Trump: "We've had characters like Trump in American politics forever, characters who trade on xenophobia. I don't have to remind you of the "Irish Need Not Apply" signs at the end of the 19th century. This happens in waves, and I'm trying to take the long view and not make Trump a part of my life; it's bad enough we have to endure his ugly buildings."
    -People at Universal were afraid they didn't have a big enough Latino star to bankroll In The Heights movie, were concerned about it not performing well internationally.
    -Still into the idea of a Hamilton movie, but will demand that the diversity he has on stage remains the same on film.

    Source has a lot more interesting/intelligent stuff about his views on Hamilton and representation in theater/film.

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    • happened this morning around 7 am

    • he came out of nowhere and started yelling at her

    • an onlooker asked khloe if they should call the cops; lamar responded that nobody was going to call the cops on LAMAR ODOM

    • khloe screamed at him to stop and to get away from her & didnt understand how he knew exactly where she was

    • she drove away


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    let's see what the white people on facebook have to say

    you can see the full pic at the source

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    I Saw the Light opens in  limited theaters on November 27 before expanding wide.

    I was thinking of Hank Hill tbh

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    After the abysmal Pretty Little Liars finale that is now the lowest rated episode of the entire series on imdb and numerous complaints everywhere, PLL executive producer has taken to twitter to defend herself from any and all criticism.


    really I just wanted an excuse to complain about the finale some more and how terrible these writers are.

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    • The tv show will be written by Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle.

    • It's still on development, so not much is known about the plot.

    Twitter/Bloody Disgusting

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    some interesting tidbits from the ew article:

    - kylo ren's real name isn't kylo ren (according to the article, ren is a surname for the new sith lords just like "darth" was in the previous movies)
    - he also designed his own lightsaber aka the infamous crossguard lightsaber
    - han solo is one of the film's leads but the screentime for luke and leia is unknown.
    - remember the lightsaber that was handed to leia in the second trailer? yeah, that's the same one luke had before darth vader cut off his hand in esb.
    - finn and rey's last names still being unknown is intentional (rey being han and leia's daughter maybe??)


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