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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    I know he turned out to be a bit of a problematic fave, but he's leaving so you can be sad or rejoice today.

    From the article:

    Jon Stewart stopped by "The Daily Show Podcast Without Jon Stewart" for an exit interview about food? The 26-minute chat is available to stream at the Daily Show website.

    "I remember after 9/11, Jen (Flanz) saying, 'Everything has changed. We should have Thursday lunch from restaurants just to boost the spirits. Because, if not – and I remember this clearly in a meeting, Jen stood up and said, 'The terrorists win.'"

    Give her all the awards!


    What were your moments of Zen, ONTD? How did food and/or Jon change your life, ONTD?

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    New Rita Ora single feat. Chris Brown, Body on Me out tomorrow on itunes.


    weak on first listen but then those hay-oh--hay-ohs get stuck in your head.


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    Rupert Penry-Jones says that he was thought to originally play a much larger role but because some big wigs at the network "freaked out" over his gay romance with Flint, they scaled back the story.

    "I knew that it would be a big deal," he said. "Can you imagine… the lead character in a show about pirates - with a famous character like Flint, and you're going to basically say that he's gay - that's kind of massive!"

    "I was certainly led to believe [Hamilton] was a more major character than he ended up being, so I think what happened was, they started seeing [the storyline] and what a major effect it was having and it freaked a few people out, like: 'No no no, we can have lesbian pirates but not gay ones!'"

    "For a lot of guys, they just can't get their head around it," he said. "But then most of the guys that had cried out against it, by the end of [the storyline], they had come round again."

    Well don't hold back, Rupert!


    i hope the show only gets gayer next year.

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    -pic was taken while BK was in hospice
    -was sold to un-named media outlet for over $100,000
    -the Houstons and the Browns are blaming each other for the leak
    -Another pic of BK in her casket was taken and sold

    i won't post the pic here. please go to the source to be linked to the pic


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    Britney Spears hasn't completely forgotten about the night terror dressed as a daydream that is (was?) Pretty Girls. Kicking off her latest string of shows at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas last night, Britney made some changes to the show in order to keep it "cool" and "fresh" and "cool" (Spears, 2015). This is likely the only place that Pretty Girls will be performed this summer, as Iggy Azalea is having trouble booking that stage she speaks of.....

    Here is the full performance:

    Here is the dance break that us Britney stans will describe as "lifechanging", and the general public will describe as "not bad".

    In addition to Pretty Girls, Britney added a new outfit and a new dance break to Me Against the Music.


    Before anyone is mean to our very own Pop Princess (now Queen of Vegas), take this mashup to the gym and let your endorphins level out your negative energy :D

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    • Mariah got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday.

    • Mariah's twins, Monroe and Moroccan were there.

    • Moroccan wanted to cuddle with mom for photo, which didn't bother her.

    • Someone deemed that was unacceptable for her official photos and dragged the him off her.

    • He wasn't having it that.

    Instagram Video


    Mariah to son: It's okay

    Source: VHI, Vine, Instagram

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    -Busta Rhymes was arrested last night at a gym in NYC for throwing a protein shake at a gym employee.

    -The protein shake that he threw at the gym employee was a 17-ounce strawberry-flavored protein drink.

    -The fight with the employee allegedly began the day before when Busta was told he couldn't film his workout.

    -The employee was hit with the drink in the back of the head. Busta was released from jail this morning.

    Source: https://twitter.com/ENews/status/629311858206339074

    Fitness post! Have you ever experienced "roid rage"?

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    Henry Cavill's on the cover of the new issues of Men's Health and Men's Fitness but he dropped some interesting quotes about movie sex scenes and erection accidents in the Men's Fitness interview.

    I ask him what every guy who’s ever watched a movie sex scene has wondered: Has he ever found himself, er, unintentionally aroused on set?

    “It happened to me once,” he admits, ” and it was very embarrassing. A girl had to be on top of me, she had spectacular breasts, and I hadn't arranged my ... stuff into a harmless position. She’s basically rubbing herself all over me and, um, it got a bit hard. I had to apologize profusely afterward. It’s not great when you’re in a professional acting environment and somebody gets a boner, is it? No, not acceptable."

    And he also talks about showing skin on film.

    No longer fat–in fact, in remarkable shape–Cavill had his chain yanked mercilessly by his brothers over these scenes.

    “You don’t think of sex scenes as showing your bum to the nation,” Cavill says. “It’s actually acutely uncomfortable being naked in a roomful of people. The very last thing it is is sexy.” He starts laughing. “The actual physicality is very uncomfortable. All you’re doing is smacking your nuts against someone, and nothing is going in.”



    Have you ever found yourself unintentionally aroused?

    Go To Source For Full Article

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    Basically no details about this have been released all morning, except that it began at a bar in Buffalo, New York. But now there are some reports coming in that it's a rape investigation. The police are saying if charges are filed, they'll release an official statement.

    UPDATE: The incident happened last week. The woman who is accusing Kane went to the hospital to have a rape kit performed. No charges have been filed(yet).

    Buffalo news journalist now reporting that it's a rape investigation.

    Do not go on twitter right now unless you want to get angry. We don't even have details yet and people(MEN) are jumping to defend him and saying "no way he did it".


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    Jen tricked people into thinking they were coming to a birthday party but instead they were there for the wedding.
    Chelsea Handler, Sia, Lisa Kudrow, Howard Stern and John Krasinski were there.


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    Shit is getting real!

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    Meet deaf actor Nyle DiMarco who is one of the contestants in this season of ANTM. He didn't audition like other people, he sent in an audition tape. This is what he says about photographers:
    "I love working with photographers, I love it when I surprise photographers that, despite the fact that I am deaf, I am capable of meeting their vision. I love it that I can read their body language and know what they do not like and what they do like."


    Did you watch the premiere, ONTD?

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  • 08/06/15--10:00: Empire 2.0 ?

  • https://twitter.com/tvrecapsreviews/status/629329172352012290

    - "Star" is set in Atlanta, and chronicles three grils' rise to the top as they form a band.
    - it will be co-write by the creator of "the Whole truth", Tom Donaghy.

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    • The show is called The Deuce, and it follows the story of the legalization and subsequent rise of the porn industry in NYC from the early 70s through the mid 80s.

    • The pilot if from The Wire creator David Simon, and it will be directed by Breaking Bad‘s Michelle MacLaren.


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    - a source (lbr; Ben's publicist) told PEOPLE that the ultimare reason for the breakup was Jen's "constant nitpicking"
    "When you are made to feel like an inadequate husband over and over again, your friends are going to say maybe this isn't working out."

    -from the same source: all the false nanny rumors are really hard on Ben but he is concentrating on the most important thing now: his family

    - and this: People - Ben Affleck Nanny Hides Away at Hotel Bel-Air – and Source Says Affleck Is Footing the Bill


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    Abigail Breslin

    Rob Lowe

    Melissa Fumero

    Michaela Conlin

    Morena Baccarin

    January Jones

    Christina Milian

    Emma Roberts

    Meagan Good

    Matt Bomer

    Nikki Reed

    Lea Michele

    Tamara Taylor

    Taraji P. Henson

    Paula Abdul

    Keke Palmer

    Terry Crews

    Gordon Ramsay

    Kether Donohue

    Josh Peck

    Lee Daniels

    Ted Danson

    Nick Kroll

    Andy Samberg

    Will Forte

    Wilmer Valderrama

    source | source | source

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  • 08/07/15--12:08: A Meagan Good Post
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    At Fox Summer Tca Tour

    With Keke Palmer


    A spin-off of Empire is in work, it will be about Young Cookie !

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    tumblr nspdrly4 FY1sm8319o1 1280

    Gigi Hadid says she is no 'cookie cutter' model

    "My thighs were huge, they were like rock! I had like crazy muscles and I [ate] like a man – more than the man that I eat like now, like a bigger man – and it was crazy but at the time I didn’t care what my body looked like, I just wanted to be the best volleyball player I could be so it didn’t really matter to me."

    tumblr nsowwv O5 KD1uxe2g9o1 1280

    tumblr nspdrly4 FY1sm8319o2 1280

    tumblr nspdsumo4x1sm8319o1 1280

    tumblr nspdsumo4x1sm8319o2 1280

    tumblr nspdsumo4x1sm8319o3 1280

    tumblr nspgwg GYIa1sm8319o1 540

    tumblr nsnntc YZlc1sm8319o1 500

    New blue dip-dyed hair!

    tumblr nsozur YGTU1u5vdr7o1 540

    Gigi Hadid's Burger Addiction and Celebrity Girl Crush.

    Gigi Hadid Explains How She's Related to Kendall Jenner.


    Sources: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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