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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 08/03/15--09:00: ONTD Roundup
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    Fifth Harmony's vocalist Lauren Jauregui and her backups have a new tune which is made for the upcoming film Hotel Transylvania 2. It's called "I'm In Love With A Monster". And it's surfaced on the Internet for your listening pleasure.

    The tune is a actually bop about being a sexy independent lady who ends up with a deadbeat douche. Listen to it here.


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    So far, he's brought out Skepta, Future and Kanye is performing. It's rumored that he's dropping his final diss track tonight. I'll update as people keep posting on social media


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    -Oliver and Felicity may have literally gone off into the sunset together at the end of last season but the couple's problems are just beginning.
    -Oliver will be happy for all of three acts in the season premiere, maybe into episode two, before Damien Darhk is introduced and he becomes the Green Arrow and is a jerk to everyone again.
    -Balancing heroism and love will not be easy. "We really wanted to explore the ups and downs of a traditional TV relationship, like we've established with Oliver and Felicity, and pretty much throw everything at it that we can and see if they'll make it through," says executive producer Wendy Mericle.
    -Felicity is finally given a friend not introduced to her through Oliver in Curtis Holt, fellow tech genius and future Mr. Terrific.
    -"He's going to fill the void that Ray left, not as a romantic interest for Felicity, but as someone who is an equal intellectually to her and that we can have fun scenes between her and Curtis Holt in Palmer Tech," Mericle says.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    roy wasn't even a fully fleshed out character. i missed him but now idc as much if he comes back to visit~ or not

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    soooo ready for this considering how cute willa and emily are together on social media

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    this olicity post brought to you by:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    tv guidemarc's tumblr

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    In a interview with Time, answering the same questions over and over again, Aidan Turner shared his thoughts on his shirtless scything scene which British press made a huge deal about it.


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  • 08/03/15--18:57: The Fosters 3x09 Preview
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    "Hopefully, this special Beanie Baby will raise awareness for animal conservation and give comfort to all saddened by the loss of Cecil," said Ty Warner.

    What's your favorite beanie baby, ONTD? How big was your collection during the height of Beanie Baby Mania?


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    the cover leaked


    ONTD, do you want to be apart of taylor's girlsquad?

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    More @ the source

    ngl. i ship it.

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    -When responding to rumors about directing Black Panther, Gray said "I would love to direct a superhero movie, we'll see what happens. If it's right, I'm there!"
    -He was one of the top contenders to direct Captain America: The Winter Soldier but decided to drop out to direct Straight Outta Compton

    Since Ava DuVernay is out of the running, who do you want to direct Black Panther?

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    Allure Magazine uses a white model in their afro hairstyle tutorial

    Allure Magazine responded to the backlash: "The Afro has a rich cultural and aesthetic history. In this story, we show women using different hairstyles as...individual expressions of style. Using beauty and hair as a form of self-expression is a mirror of what’s happening in our country today. The creativity is limitless — and pretty wonderful."

    source: 1, 2

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    liam's twitter

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  • 08/03/15--21:31: Teen Wolf 5x08 promo
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  • Caitlyn regurgitates misleading information about the poor because apparently poor people can't get enough of being poor and living in comfort, off of $35 worth of government handouts a week
  • Her more informed friends corrected her and are concerned about her conservative politics being an impediment to her advocacy for the trans* community


    The episode aired last night. Didn't see a post on it.

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  • 08/03/15--22:26: It's time for #LG5
  • Lady GaGa officially announced she is working on her new album on Instagram with the simple phrase...

    LG5 time

    SourceSource</a> SourceSource

    Added the missing source, mods!

    Are you looking forward to new Lady GaGa music, ONTD? What is your favourite Lady GaGa song/video/album?

    Is the biggest impact of #R8 the new naming system for pop albums?

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    - Famke Jannsen is rumored to be playing a defense attorney who takes her job very seriously and is very good at it

    - Sneak peak at the blooper reel from the season 1 DVD is at the source
    - Matt McGorry reveals that Alfred Enoch is the worst at holding it together at a scene, often bursting into laughter during them

    - Yes, you read correctly. Season 2's premiere will reveal Rebecca's killer. We will not be having another Lila situation for this character no one cares about.

    How to Get Away with Murder will return to ABC Thursday, September 24th at 10 PM.

    Sources: 123

    ontd, who is this woman? is she good

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    - Last month Mac Cosmetics announced the collaboration between MAC and Selena.

    - Aaliyah fans saw that it was possible, and an Aaliyah fan launched a petition to get Aaliyah a collection with Mac.

    - The Aaliyah fans want to "reintroduce her legacy" through a collaboration with Mac Cosmetics.

    - Missy Elliott retweeted a tweet about #AaliyahForMAC, confirming she was on board with the idea of the campaign.

    - Aaliyah's brother Rashad responded to a fans tweet. He thought it was a dope idea. He said she was a "Big" MAC Fan. Fans started the petition and tweeting him. He saw that and it prompted him to say he will work with her licensing team. This is the first time since 2002's "I care for you" cd release that the family has said "Yes" to. They've passed on all other projects. They aren't in this for the money. Fans are sensitive for family's approval.

    - Would you buy an Aaliyah inspired makeup collection from MAC?

    Follow: @aaliyahformac on Instagram and Twitter
    Sign the Petition: https://www.change.org/p/mac-cosmetics-estee-lauder-to-release-a-aaliyah-for-mac-limited-edition-collection-aaliyahformac

    Monie Love Speaks on it this morning on 107.9 Boom Philly :

    Mods paraphrased it.
    Madame Noire:

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    Fake SWAT team comes in at 3:00

    - League of Legends player and Twitch streamer Trick2g put on a 24-hour marathon to celebrate hitting 800,000 followers
    - His channel was banned for following the event. Length unknown
    - He decided to stage a fake SWAT raid as a joke with two men dressed as SWAT members with assault rifles
    - Cher Gambino, his manager, confirmed it as fake in a post on his website

    "Trick is an entertainer and that is just how it is, he streams 12 – 14 hours a day and brings constant laughter throughout each and every stream. Trick is known for his MY WAY streams and off the wall attitude. Now, I know some of you are saying…'Cher it is not funny to make a joke about being swatted' There is always someone that thinks only their sense of humor is what matters and if they don’t think it is funny then it couldn’t possibly be. That is why our Country is in the shape it is now, because we fear making light of anything that might be thought of as controversial.
    To take that stream ending serious is absurd, Trick was laughing, the person used was NOT in disguise and was the same person who was on the stream all day yesterday setting up cameras and assisting the stream. The ending was scheduled for 3PM which again if thought process was used in any way, one would know that a swat team would not wait until the end of a stream to engage.
    We don’t have to always be politically correct to have a sense of humor and we don’t have to hide the fact that we think something is funny simply because someone might not. We will not live in fear of our sense of humor but we will apologize to those who feel theirs is the only sense of humor to have. To those of you who enjoyed the theatrics throughout the 24 hour stream, we thank you. To those of you who were offended by the ending we apologize but together we thank you for supporting the stream and look forward to the 1 million follower 24 hour stream. I am thinking of a whale jumping out of the water to eat him and I will check first to see if this would offend anyone."


    edit: some say the ban is one day and some say it's four months so who knows

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    - Bloodraven recast

    - he's at Winterfell set and they are shooting with a lot of horses;
    - bless his teleportation skills


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    source: mbk entertainment

    coming for that song of the year title once again

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