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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    You ain't getting any younger, Yoshiki...

    X Japan, the biggest rock band in their home country that has made some waves in the U.S., is preparing its first album in 20 years. The band formed in 1982 and is considered one of the founders of the visual kei movement, although it dropped that look before 1996's "Dahlia" album, it's last.

    The band broke up a year later and its popular guitarist hide committed suicide in 1998. It traumatized the nation even more than Kurt Cobain's suicide. Three fans killed themselves in the same manner as hide (hanging) and 50,000 people attended his funeral.

    X Japan reunited in 2007 and has done multiple tours in Japan and the US, including a gig at Madison Square Garden last October.

    The new album is due on March 11, 2016, and after the album arrives in stores, X Japan will debut a new documentary film chronicling their music career, including the MSG show. The film will be part of what’s being dubbed as the #XDAY celebrations taking place on March 12.

    SOURCES: 1, 2, 3

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    -Talks about Ross Poldark and how he's well-respected by working-class and aristocracy.
    -On Eleanor Tomlinson(who plays Demelza):“Eleanor is a brilliant actor. Everyone was fantastic, but she just had something. We just kind of clicked. It didn’t feel like she was acting. It felt like she was reacting, and that we had something going on.”
    -He studied paintings from 18th century. He also researched King George III, mining and hard lifes of miners.
    -On dancing: “We learned the Gavotte and Allemande. All these dances really depict how you hold yourself. Everything I knew about dancing is for the man to be strong, the weight is in the legs, and he leads. But this is completely opposite. All the weight is in the toes, and it’s kind of like a poker-in-your-back thing, wearing pumps and tights. It just didn’t seem very masculine to me. But then again, that’s what they did and that’s when men were men.”


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    The Campaigner of the Year has cast a spell over the HeForShe campaign, which calls for a million men to sign up for gender equality.

    Runners-up: Bez; Shami Chakrabarti; Leonardo DiCaprio; Bianca Jagger; Naomi Klein; Lewis Pugh; Mary Robinson; Boyan Slat; Carry Somers; Orsola de Castro


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  • 07/05/15--15:29: Queen of the Universe post
  • See Kat Dennings transform into her Beauty Icons

    Kat as Sophia Loren


    Katharine Hepburn
    Eddie Vedder

    Anjelica Huston
    Full article here

    Kat designed a shirt for charity
    Kat w her cat x3

    That's it <3

    Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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    poor demi :( pic.twitter.com/AYTc4lLr5n

    — zach (@sighzach) July 5, 2015

    Enjoy, ONTD!


    this post is dedicated to fka

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    im gonna need something more rip (young jeezy), 2 on (tinashe) than la love (fergie) tho.

    thisismaxExclusive #DjMustard has been in the studio with #BritneySpears #wireless #Capital

    britneyspears Happy 4th of July from the happiest place on earth #Disneyland!!

    britneyspears The boys and I doing our best #Oops album cover pose!

    some fan pics:

    when's the last time u went to disneyland, ontd?


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    - hello kitty is getting a movie and is slotted for 2019
    - the budget is slotted for $162-$242 million.
    - no info if it will be animated or live action

    who's your fave hello kitty character, ONTD?

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    -Singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha ran into Rihanna twice and Rihanna ignored her both times

    -The first time was before Bebe Rexha wrote Rihanna & Eminem's hit single "Monster"

    -The second time was at Lollapalooza, after Bebe wrote Rihanna & Eminem's hit single "Monster"

    -Bebe wanted to see Rihanna perform "Monster" (the song she wrote) but Rihanna blocked her entry

    Source: New York Post

    Have you ever been treated like shit by somebody you look up to?

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    Omi has been announced as the fifth and final performer at Isle of MTV! He joins Jason Derulo and others. The concert will be held in Malta and broadcast across 20 MTV stations in Europe.


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  • 07/05/15--19:22: Jai Courtney Mega Post
  • Jai Courtney Is So Hairy, He Had to Shave His Chest For 'Terminator Genisys'

    Alert! Jai Courtney Does NOT Have a Butt Double in 'Terminator Genisys'

    Terminator Genisys Interview: Jai Courtney

    "what about my instagram is so bad boy?"

    Jai Courtney Discusses New Role in Terminator Genisys

    Terminator Genesys Stars Get Weapon Hands

    Terminator Genesys Stars Talk Ahnold
    "having arnold check your package and saying you're not enough" lolwut

    ET @YouTube 1 / 2 * SR Trailers and Interviews
    GMA/world news * rottentomatoes.com

    The tomatometer is at 27% but the audience score for Terminator Genesys is 68%.
    Taylor Kitsch WHO? There's a new Flop King in town. <3PoisonBae

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    • [Banned Source] confirms that Ashton and Mila had a private wedding this weekend where guest didn't know until 24 hours the place and time of the wedding ceremony

    • A possible location of the wedding was at Guy Oseary home (he's Ashton and Ron Burkle’s partner in venture capital firm A-Grade Investments)



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    Taylor Kinney came to see her while she was in Monaco, and they were affectionate on stage...

    Something in the air? Lady GaGa also fell on stage recently while performing, much like Demi Lovato!

    New stage outfit:

    Around Monaco July 3/4:

    Arriving in Nice, France:

    Physical therapy session:
    It took over 2 years after my surgery to be able to correct my alignment and continue working. I am so grateful that it's returning and so thankful to my manager and everyone around me for helping me to feel like myself again. 💗


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    -Demi is continuing her promo tour of 'Cool for the Summer' by only playing pool parties
    -She decided to wear these harem shorts with a matching flannel tied around them
    -The shorts retail for $495
    -She also wore a tie-dye one piece and black heels


    I hope she gets the fashion help she needs :/

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    John Logan says that he is "proud" of this upcoming episode and that everything will "come crashing together". The relationships between the Dreadfuls will be altered in some way due to the events in this episode.

    He also talks about the season overall and about how much he enjoyed writing the "lighter moments" between the the characters. Out of all the episodes this season John says that his favorite is the "Cut-Wife" episode.


    This is a finale viewing post.

    Hopefully my wifi will actually allow me to watch the episode. It's been really shitty all day :(

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    - 25 year old Seattle resident who works in a plant shop and had no prior experience in acting/videos
    - Says Rihanna followed her on instagram out of the blue. Rihanna then unfollowed her, then two weeks later followed her again. Rihanna DMed her and said she was "fucking rare" and had an idea and wanted to see if she was interested. She got another message from the production company and they told her about the video and flew her out to LA a few days later.
    - Said Rihanna was really sweet and showered them with compliments and that she's down to earth(she said it's corny to say, but it's true)
    - Asked Rihanna how she found her, and Rih told her she found her on her instagram explore page but hesitated to message her cause she didn't know if she'd want to work with her
    - Sanam states it's cool that she gets to do this cause you don't really see Desi girls doing this kind of stuff.
    - Says she's been painting and drawing since she was young and it's hard for a WOC's art to get respected and that hopefully being in the video will give her some platform to talk about it.


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    Our contest have come to an end and we finally have a winner!

    Congrats to who_love for her Black Panther fancasting!

    Please send me a private message so we can arrange the whole prize thing, and thank you so much to everyone that participated! I will definitely make another contest in the future.

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