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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    At a studio in Sherman Oaks 7/3




    I don't know why this make-up look is so popular now...looks like a mask rather than a real person.

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    Come on Netflix, I need to know if Lito finds his flipflop.

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    America Ferrera, a Honduran-American actress, is not too pleased with Donald Trump's recent comments on Mexican immigrants.

    Some highlights:

    - Thanks Donald Trump for energizing Latino voters and making them more likely to go to the polls
    - Comments on how immigrants make up the backbone of this nation, how Latinos are the fastest growing demographic, and are a critical demographic to win over for any candidate
    - Trump has no chance now that he's lost the Latino vote

    Read America Ferrera's article at The Huffington Post!

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    Despite claiming in an interview recently she'll be joining Taylor's festivities for this holiday weekend, Selenita had different plans.

    Selena Gomez must've seen Taylor's insta feed cause she avoided that trainwreck and instead went on a cute roadtrip with her
    "best" friends. Looking fresh, flawless and classy.

    She captioned it:
    My best friends and I took a road trip. We stopped to get fruit. Prayed for our soldiers fighting for our freedom. Remembering what today is about and giving thanks before we 🎉🍸Happy 4th everybody!


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  • 07/04/15--17:44: Harry Styles, Actor

    • His record label bosses have apparently okay-ed him to pursue acting.

    • Harry is now represented by movie agent Nick Styne at CAA and they've been told to look for offers.


    Would you go out and watch a Harry Styles movie ONTD?

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    - feige says it will be like a classic john hughes movies. (op hopes that this will be without the racist stereotypes.)
    - there's gonna be a new villain that hasn't been in the movies.
    - the kid playing spidey "held his own" against the blackhole that is RDJ so he got the part


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    ...he shaved his beard.

    Henry was in Ireland and these lucky people were graced with his presence.
    Pulled up pants aside, methinks Mr. Cavill is looking hella good!

    I cannot wait for Comic Con pictures!

    In memoriam, may I present you all with:

    Sources: H. E. N. R. Y. isbae

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    -Britney wasn't able to properly promote the single due to her Vegas contract

    -Pretty Girls only had one televised performance during its promotional run

    -Britney didn't do any television or radio interviews to promote Pretty Girls

    -Britney's team used the backlash against Iggy as an excuse for Pretty Girls flopping

    Source: The Daily Telegraph

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    Chile beated Argentina 4-1 on penalties to win Copa América for the first time and Arsenal star Alexis Sánchez converted the winning penalty. Messi was the only one who scored a penalty for Argentina 😬

    - Paolo Guerrero (Perú) and Eduardo Vargas (Chile) were the top scorers with 4 goals each one
    - Jeison Murillo (Colombia) won best young player of the tournament
    - Javier Mascherano (Argentina) became the first player to lose 3 Copa América finals: 2004, 2007, 2015. Also lost 2014 WC final (source: SportingStudio)
    - A fan hit Messi's brother and his whole family was moved to a cabin after half time (source:goal)

    FIFA x iKhoStyle7i Football x Picture
    Did you watch it? Did Chile deserve to win? Do you think Messi is cursed with the Argentina NT?

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    The song was originally supposed to be an interlude. It was released in 2012 and a year later some record guy heard the song on the radio and after signing Omi in 2014 they had it remixed and re-released. It was first popular in Sweden and then spread across Europe. Omi's overwhelmed by its success and plans on continuing to make music.


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    British authorities have officially stopped trying to find the person or persons who gave 25-year-old Peaches Geldof heroin before she died on April 7, 2014, saying they have "exhausted all lines of inquiry" as to who it may be.
    They also said that if more evidence emerges, they will review the case again.

    After Geldof died, the police found heroin and syringes in her home.

    Geldof's mother, Paula Yates, also died of a heroin overdose in 2000, when Geldof was 11 years old.


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  • 07/04/15--20:44: Messi family attacked

  • Members of Argentina star Lionel Messi’s family were attacked by Chile fans during the first half of the Copa America final.

    The 28-year-old’s brother Rodrigo was hit by one fan after an angry exchange and the whole family were moved to a television cabin at half-time for their own safety.

    The family of striker Sergio Aguero were also insulted by a sector of the Chilean fans.


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    Takei wrote this on his Facebook on July 3rd.

    I owe an apology. On the eve of this Independence Day, I have a renewed sense of what this country stands for, and how I personally could help achieve it. The promise of equality and freedom is one that all of us have to work for, at all times. I know this as a survivor of the Japanese American internment, which each day drives me only to strive harder to help fulfill that promise for future generations.

    I recently was asked by a reporter about Justice Clarence Thomas’s dissent in the marriage equality cases, in which he wrote words that really got under my skin, by suggesting that the government cannot take away human dignity through slavery, or though internment. In my mind that suggested that this meant he felt the government therefore shouldn’t be held accountable, or should do nothing in the face of gross violations of dignity. When asked by a reporter about the opinion, I was still seething, and I referred to him as a “clown in blackface” to suggest that he had abdicated and abandoned his heritage. This was not intended to be racist, but rather to evoke a history of racism in the theatrical arts. While I continue to vehemently disagree with Justice Thomas, the words I chose, said in the heat of anger, were not carefully considered.

    I am reminded, especially on this July 4th holiday, that though we have the freedom to speak our minds, we must use that freedom judiciously. Each of us, as humans, have hot-button topics that can set us off, and Justice Thomas had hit mine, that is clear. But my choice of words was regrettable, not because I do not believe Justice Thomas is deeply wrong, but because they were ad hominem and uncivil, and for that I am sorry.

    I often ask fans to keep the level of discourse on this page and in comments high, and to remember that we all love this country and for what it stands. even if we often disagree passionately about how to achieve those goals. I did not live up to my own high standards in this instance.

    I hope all of you have a wonderful, safe and joyously free July 4th, the first where all married couples in the U.S. can enjoy the full liberties of matrimony equally. It is truly a blessing to be an American today.


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    are you nervous for tomorrow's rematch with japan ontd?

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    They also performed Wings, Move, Salute and Black Magic.

    Jade is a big fan of Drag Race and planned this surprise

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    *Gif replaced for iconic gif*

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  • 07/05/15--13:56: Marina defends Rihanna

  • Marina tweeted about Rihanna's new video not being anti-feminist. Fans on Twitter are happy she's a stan and hope they make a song together.

    source + my eyes.

    ONTD, do you agree with Marina?

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    This is it y'all! We're almost home. 😔 Shoutout to buzzybhn, ms_mmelissa, and dull_and_wicked for holding down the viewing posts and everyone who participated! See y'all again at the Olympics.


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