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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    -Discusses how happy she is about marriage equality and how people should be able to be themselves and marry who they want.
    -Discusses Tinder and Grinder for the 100th time.

    -Hilary says she will be going on tour after Younger finishes shooting it's second season, filming will wrap up in Decemeber.
    -Hilary says that she will be doing a world tour, she says she wants to do a month on the road and then take a break because of Luca. She says that she wants to tour in her biggest markets, which include South America, Australia, and Asia.
    -She says she would be accepting of Luca if he ever came out to her.
    -Says that Miley Cyrus is "wickedly talented" and prasies her for being who she is and not giving a fuck about what people think.
    -Lizzie McGuire talk.
    -Says she gets drunk on occasion because she has to let her hair down every once in awhile.
    -Says that she is really grateful that "BI.BO." debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 because of the break that she took. She says that she needs to do things that fulfill her and make her happy and that hopefully the fans connect with it on a certain level.
    -Is grateful for everything that she has in her life (her child, her TV show, and her music career), she says she knows she cannot be at the level that she used to be at in her career and that she has to be who she is now and she is happy with that.

    Tweet x Source
    I love how self aware she is.

    Mods, this is a brand new interview and it has not been posted!

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    #1 on iTunes! :)

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    Are You a One or a Zero?

    Elliot must choose between job offers from Evil Corp, and fsociety.


    watch tonight on USA.  Support this prince

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    • The movie will be 'about a boy's (who will be from Baltic Avenue) quest to make his fortune (by using Chance and Community cards) and avoid jail time'.

    • The screenplay will be written by Academy Award nominated Andrew Niccol, who was nominated for 'The Truman Show'


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    Today, Front Porch Step showed up on the acoustic stage of the Warped Tour. The problem with this is that the man behind FPS, Jake McElfresh, has been accused by multiple girls (some of whom are/were underage) of sexually harassing them via text.

    From the all-knowing Wikipedia: "Jake Mcelfresh has been accused by several young people of sexual harassment through mobile phones, including sending nude pictures of himself to underage girls[...]On 3 April 2015, Mcelfresh issued a public statement via Facebook. In it, he described how growing up, he had self esteem issues and "certainly was not a ladies man", and when he finally got his breakthrough with music, he was surprised at how much attention from female fans he received. He admitted that he did indeed correspond with women through text messages, some of which were underage, but reinforced that they were "not as one sided as they seem", also revealing that no charges had been brought up against him. He also stated that even though some of the conversations were sexual in nature, "(he) only had conversations with willing participants". He described how for the past months, when allegations were brought up, he "wondered if (he) wanted to be alive anymore", and took a break from social media after being dropped by his label and removed from all tours, considering it the "greatest thing (he) could have ever done".

    When these allegations originally surfaced, Kevin Lyman (i.e. the man behind Warped Tour) confirmed that FPS would not be on the tour this summer.

    That appears to have changed. FPS showed up today on the Acoustic Basement stage to play a short set and may or may not be on the rest of Warped Tour. Here's a collection of pictures/tweets about today grabbed from various sites as well as some clips from an excellent op-ed by Kelly Doherty from AbsolutePunk.net on the issue as a whole.

    Warped Founder Kevin Lyman's Weak Ass Response
    "Lyman met with Mcelfresh's personal counsellor who recommended that performing a set at Warped (the singer now lives in Nashville) would be part of his current therapy. Mcelfresh was not paid for his performance, nor will he be appearing on any other dates of the tour.

    "He was only supposed to be here long enough to play his show," Lyman told AP, "but the weather today has been putting us behind schedule. He wasn't added to the tour, so those claims that he was added to sell tickets are completely groundless." Lyman also said only two security guards were near the stage, not five as altpress had reported earlier.

    Lyman also stressed that because Mcelfresh has still not been formally charged with any misconduct, he agreed to have him perform. "If he was a legitimate danger to anyone, he simply would not have been here."

    Brandon from Handguns:

    Just watched the most bullshit set I've ever seen anyone play in my life

    — Brandon Pagano (@brandonpagano) July 1, 2015

    Watching someone who shouldn't be here get escorted around with 6 security guards and his own golf cart is absolutely insane.

    — Brandon Pagano (@brandonpagano) July 1, 2015

    Not to mention disheartening because I see people out here working at full potential every day and this mothefuckergets to just hop in?

    — Brandon Pagano (@brandonpagano) July 1, 2015

    Grey Gordon, performer on the same stage
    A few people have asked for my thoughts concerning Front Porch Step's inclusion in the Acoustic Basement Tent today, so I'm going to do my best to address my concerns and ideas about this. As a preface, I want to be clear that Brian Marquis had absolutely no part in the decision to add FPS to today's lineup. The staff at the Basement are nothing but the most hardworking, honest and thoughtful people, and Brian would never facilitate an environment he felt was unsafe for show goers. Sadly, everyone on this tour has someone to answer to, and the final decision simply does not fall on him.

    Some of my friends on the stage have decided to not perform today in protest. While I'm not included in that group, I fully support that decision. Personally, I felt obligated to take the stage in order to voice my concern, frustration, sadness and confusion about the situation. In my 25 minutes on the stage, I managed to play about three songs, and took the rest of the time to speak about this matter.

    The truly maddening part for me is that this issue is complex. Way more complex than my heart tells me it should be. My heart says that when a person does something as predatory and ethically objectionable as what FPS did, that person should be outed, ostracized and destroyed. That's what I feel in the bottom of my heart. But my brain tells me that I owe myself, the world and the very young kids at this tour a better, more constructive message than that. I wish more than anything that I had the maturity, the presence of mind and the calm to turn this into something positive, but the fact is, I couldn't be more ill equipped to do so.

    I don't know how to have a dialogue about this. For as much as I know in my head that there are massive, deeply rooted systemic issues that cause people to act out in these ways, and as much as I'm uncomfortably close to the struggles of teetering mental health, I'm not a big enough person to feel anything but resentment for Jacob for what he did. That doesn't make me right or wrong, it just makes me honest, and I guess what it really means is that I don't feel as if I can contribute to this dialogue in a constructive way. I know what I feel, but I don't think knee jerk reactions and gut instincts should guide what is necessarily a nuanced and multifaceted conversation that needs to be taking place in our culture.

    All I can say with certainty is that I'm not a leader and I'm not strong. I don't know how to navigate the intricacies of reconciling my feelings with what I feel I should do. I wish I could add something to this beyond another voice in a chorus of hate, but I don't know how. I know that I did the right thing by playing and by speaking honestly, just as I know my friends are doing the right thing by not playing. I truly hope that, as a community, we can come to a place of peace and healing in this, but I'm not a guiding light on that path. I'm too petty to be that, maybe. I just know that my heart hurts today, and I know that this situation is not right, and I feel deeply conflicted about being on a tour that feels it appropriate to include Jacob on their lineup. I don't know what to do with those feelings, but I know I need to share them. So here I am. I just hope that something better than this desperation that myself and a lot of my compatriots are feeling comes out of this. I really do. I'm sorry that I'm not better at this shit.

    From a bitter and hurting heart, much love to everyone.

    Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years (who canceled his set in protest):

    Nashville: The Wonder Years at 6:30. I won't be a part of the acoustic basement today and I encourage… https://t.co/MfQfve7j6p

    — Dan Campbell (@headabovewater) July 1, 2015

    Knuckle Puck recommending other bands to watch during FPS' set:

    That being said, @ManOverboardNJ& @ThisIsPVRIS play at 1:15 and we urge that you watch one of those bands as long as weather permits.

    — Knuckle Puck (@KnucklePuckIL) July 1, 2015

    Hayley Williams from Paramore (This is also connected to a Falling in Reverse shirt):

    I still believe in you, scene. Demand better bc you deserve better. No more excuses for boys just "being boys". https://t.co/iafnf78Vyw

    — hayley from Paramore (@yelyahwilliams) July 1, 2015

    Confirmed from the press area that @Frontporchstep being allowed to play today was a decision straight from @KevinLyman

    — Dead Royal☥y(@ChrisHamptonII) July 1, 2015

    I'm counting five security guards at the acoustic basement right now to protect @Frontporchstep from the crowd. #frontporchstep

    — Dead Royal☥y(@ChrisHamptonII) July 1, 2015

    There is security for @Frontporchstep at the acoustic basement. the crowd is buzzing #frontporchsteppic.twitter.com/M7bl7BPdno

    — Dead Royal☥y(@ChrisHamptonII) July 1, 2015

    Opening Remarks

    “I know who I am and I am fucking very proud of it. Tnx for the ticket money dude, appreciate it” - @Frontporchstephttps://t.co/kSkoGU9o9g

    — PropertyOfZack (@PropertyOfZack) July 1, 2015

    Anyone who spoke out/tried to interrupt was (respectfully) removed by security. https://t.co/R2Bmcg3bVj

    — Brandon Pagano (@brandonpagano) July 1, 2015

    .@LeeCoreyOswald is making an effort (every day) to pass out information on rape culture/consent/race issues. https://t.co/mXP30AVdaE

    — Brandon Pagano (@brandonpagano) July 1, 2015

    Confirmed that there will be an open forum with all @VansWarpedTour bands about @Frontporchstep playing today.

    — Dead Royal☥y(@ChrisHamptonII) July 1, 2015

    Instagram Promo post from Warped that has since been deleted.

    "Today, Front Porch Step is playing the Warped Tour and may possibly play the rest of its run. This comes in the aftermath of Lyman denying (here and here) that he would be playing. This year, rather than simply refuse to represent women accurately and passively engage in systematic patriarchal oppression, Lyman has opted to support an artist who has manipulated the blind trust of his underage female fans for his own sexual gratification. He has given this artist the seal of approval and is willing to attach his name to the actions of Jake McElfresh. By allowing him to play today, Lyman is saying that, on balance, the more important aspect of McElfresh’s character is his ability to play shitty three minute songs as opposed to the active harms he has caused against others."

    "Furthermore, this is a message from Lyman that he does not care about your behaviour, no matter how morally reprehensible it may be - you can still get on his stage, he will still look after you. Given the past 12 months and the constant awful behaviour we’ve seen, with multiple figures from the scene either being involved in sexual assault claims or engaging in victim-blaming, this serves to show that if young bands act that way, Lyman will still back them."

    "The darkest thing about McElfresh playing Warped, however, isn’t just message based. His actions involved young female fans that he established contact with through shows and festivals: festivals like Warped Tour. Lyman is placing McElfresh straight back into a position where he has access to young girls and could easily start the cycle once again. Whether or not he does, I find it both disgusting and dangerous hat Kevin Lyman is willing to put the young people who fund his festival, and his life, at risk when he knows fully what he is doing."

    "It’s time that we stand up and say a resounding ‘fuck you’ to the Warped Tour and all that goes with it. Our mistakes last year came from trying to engage with and ask the likes of Kevin Lyman to change their actions and become fairer and more accepting. That’s never going to happen. Scene culture that goes hand-in-hand with Warped Tour 2015 is never going to change. It has no interest in changing because that would mean those in control would have to loosen their grip."

    Taking this out from under the cut because, while it's long, people should really read this:
    Jake's ex-girlfriend, Autumn, wrote a very long, very good blog post explaining the extent of her relationship with Jake and the things that she learned. As it's very long, I'm not going to pull too many pieces but one of the reasons why her statement is so important is that is it a first hand account of events. She said that she originally wanted to post it to try and prevent him getting on Warped. She says that Jake appearing on Warped was part of a deal that involved him going to treatment but he has not followed through on his part of the deal, hence her post. She also confirms that many of the alleged incidents with girls, including those that are/were underage, did happen and says that Jake showed concerning behavior (such as stalking) towards them as well as her.

    This is disgusting and I hope that they remove him from the tour asap. I'm glad that other bands have/are possibly going to speak up about it.

    Huge Source List:

    Grey GordonDan CampbellKnuckle PuckHayleyConfirming PlayingSecuritySecurity 2Opening RemarksRemarksBullshitGolf CartHard workSpeaking OutHanding out infoOpen Forum

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    Both teams had scored on penalty kicks and the score was 1-1 in the 92nd minute. They were literally one minute from going into overtime when Laura Bassett tried to clear the ball and it ended up going into the English team's net. This gave Japan the 2-1 lead and their spot in the World Cup final against the United States. That game will be played this Sunday.


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    • Gave an interview to [BANNED SOURCE]

    • Claims he never "engaged in anything"

    • tried to buy some pot, used the restroom and then found two transgender women making out

    • claims a transgendered woman fondled him through his shorts

    • tried to pay money to silence her, but failed

    • Says he was ashamed to admit his wrongdoing and says he "messed up big time"

    • Kendra doesn't call it "cheating"


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    Apparently, some people didn't enjoy Kanye West's short rendition of the iconic Queen classic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in the Glastonbury Festival last Saturday. Proof? A New York radio station shared a video of Kanye's cover with a clip of Queen's late frontman, Freddie Mercury, laughing and finally performing the song and showing a stunned rapper how it is actually done. The video was posted to Facebook and has received over 20 million views.


    And talking about Bohemian Rhapsody, the two members of Queen who still represent the band decided to  their own beer, the Queen Bohemian Larger, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of their biggest legendary hit. The Bohemian Lager is a handcrafted Czech beer brewed in the Bohemian region.

    A 12-pack of 330ml bottles are priced at £20 and a crate will cost £36.

    This is not the first time the British band puts its name to an alcoholic beverage - they'd previously launched the vodka Killer Queen, for the 40th anniversary of the successful single taken from their third album Sheer Heart Attack. Queen also has an Argentinan Malbec, 'Millionaire Waltz' (named after the song from their album A Day at the Races).


    In other anniversary news, Queen's album 'The Game' turns 35. Released on June 30, 1980, the band's eight studio album was a turning point from their 70s style. And a controversial one among their fans, considering it was the first album where Queen used synthesizers.

    Despite everything, The Game became the most successful Queen album in the United States and it produced the best selling single of Queen's career: Another One Bites the Dust. Another One Bites the Dust was written by bassist John Deacon and became the album's first single by Michael Jackson's suggestion.

    The album also included the second (and last) US #1 hit for the band, 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love.' Other notable songs are Play the Game, Save Me, Dragon Attack and Need Your Loving Tonight.

    1, 2, 3, myself

    Queen post? Drinking post? I don't really like Freddie Mercury comparisons so I'm 'meh' on the video. Favorite 'The Game' song/Queen album?

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    In her Rolling Stone interview, Kim says that her dad "explained to me that he's had a lot of interracial friends, and it might not be the easiest relationship. He said I should prepare myself for people to say things to me. . . When I was in high school, I'd get magazines and see interracial couples and think, 'They are so cute.' I've always been attracted to a certain kind of look."


    Are you attracted to a certain look, ONTD?

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    1297476960303 ORIGINAL jpg?quality=80&size=420x

    Mimi told 'em -

    1. I do all of my own stunts in videos. The Jet Ski scenes, the fight scenes, all of them! (the jet scene is in Honey, the fight scene is in Heartbreaker)

    1. Time is irrelevant to me. I never wear a watch. (gurrrrl you were 5 hours late to that interview!)

    2. I swim in evening gowns and heels.

    3. I smoked quite frequently from the time I was 12 to when I was 18. I gave up smoking in one day and never went back. I absolutely detest cigarette smoke now.

    4. My favorite things are vintage chandeliers and sconces. I have them everywhere decorating my Tribeca penthouse apartment.

    Bonus facts from OP-

    • One Sweet Day holds the record for time spent at #1 on the Billboard 100 at 16 weeks! (what kinda longvegity?)

    • We Belong Together comes second at 14 weeks! (Wentworth Miller, ha impacT!)

    • The heartbreaker music video is one of the most expensive, costing around $2.5million in 1999

    • has nodules and refuses to remove them in fear they might fuck up her voice

    • Patti le Belle is her godmother, for reals!

    Source. us weekly wiki 12345

    what is your fav Mimi factoid?

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    Two new Charlie Puth songs came out this week: A remix of 'Marvin Gaye' that features Wale, and a collab with Lil Wayne from the soundtrack of the documentary "808".

    Sources: YouTube 1 / YouTube 2

    'Marvin Gaye' is getting so much play on the local Top 40 stations!

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    Former CNN Headline News anchor Lynne Russell and her husband were involved in attempted robbery at an Albuquerque motel that turned into a gunfight.

    The two were passing through New Mexico and stopped at a Motel 6. While her husband Chuck de Caro took a shower, she went to the car to get something. That's when a thug put a gun to her head, dragged her back into the motel room and demanded her valuables.

    Her husband jumped out of the shower, grabbed his gun and the two men had a shootout. Russell was not hit. She said the suspect fired first. Her husband was hit three times. He underwent surgery at University of New Mexico Hospital and is expected to recover.

    Officers found the would-be robber in the parking lot. He died at the hospital. (Good)


    (Don't fuck with Lynne! Although I sure wanted to back in the day.)

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    According to RadarOnline, Holly Madison might be facing some legal troubles due to a NDA she signed before she began working as a photo editor for Playboy. This contract, prevented her from revealing "personal, social and/or business activities of Playboy…and various members of the Hefner family."


    TBH this is an excuse to have discussion post about Holly's book, now available on Amazon!
    What did you think of her book, ONTD? Which past shocked you the most? Would you ever agree to be one of Hef's girlfriends if he ever ditches Crystal?

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    We thirsted over the (mostly basic white) men in last year's World Cup, and now it's time for the women to get their shine. As the tournament comes to a close, let's take a look at a few of the fine ladies in this year's Women's World Cup (in no particular order).

    Wang Fei (China)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    her cheekbones cut right into our hearts

    Fabiana (Brazil)

    my #1 world cup bae and Australia took her away from me :(

    Christen Press (USA)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
    There were several candidates on the USWNT, but I'm gonna show Christen love here since she's not getting any from Jill Ellis.

    Ali Riley (New Zealand)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    oop at me missing all of NZ's matches and missing her face as a result. Points for actually being American.

    Raquel Rodriguez Cedeño (Costa Rica)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Costa Rica brought both talent and this stunna in their first World Cup appearance. Also her voice is super hot imo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kf8BoTFVEo

    Cho So-hyun (South Korea)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    her beauty shone through the ridiculous amount of sunscreen that the Korean team was wearing

    Alex Scott (England)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    I volunteer to console her after that tragic loss to Japan.

    Laure Boulleau (France)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
    People will argue that it should be Necib here instead but she ain't that cute to me sry. Anyways the French team brought out the thirst in everyone and it was sad to see them go.

    Nataly Arias (Colombia)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
    wins the award for most glam profile shot on the fifa website

    Jonelle Filigno (Canada)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
    happy canada day

    Honorable Mention: Amelia Valverde (Costa Rica's coach)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
    for being best dressed

    Sources: 1, 2, 3 and Google basically

    sorry for the shitty formatting but w/e. who would you add?

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    Is this bitch even capable of writing a bad song????

    Are you ready to open your heart to Carly, ONTD?

    Happy Canada Day, ONTD!

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  • 07/01/15--20:21: more pics from BBHMM video

  • "my henchmen!"



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    Paraphrased from @AustinMahone.

    Changing the music industry with a surprise single!

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    Directed by Rihanna


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    -Hilary states it took a while to get the album where it needed to be, I took 8 years off. I'm really proud of the record, and excited to get it in people's hands
    -Talks Tinder, how she didn't want to shoot another choreographed beautiful pop video. She said they were very normal guys, she wished one of them would have exposed themselves for a better video.
    -She says it was a whole learning experience discovering herself as an artist again, she states she's more conscious and little more aware but doesn't know if that's a good thing or bad thing
    -She says she's slightly nervous, and she's rebuilding all over again. She states it's exciting and a challenge.
    -She states when she was rehearsing and stuff for fittings and packing and traveling, "it's a fucking lot but it's an awesome job.


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